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Welcome to the wiki! TCRF began as a site dedicated to unearthing and documenting version differences, unused content, and debugging material found in video games.
We've since expanded to include articles on prototypes, unreleased games, prerelease images and information, and bugs.

¡Bievenidos al wiki! The Cutting Room Floor, abreviado como "TCRF", es un sitio dedicado a desenterrar y documentar diferencias entre versiones, contenido no usado, y contenido de depuración (debug) encontrados en videojuegos, y prototipos de éstos.

Finding Content

Finding Content
Learn from the pros! This page has a variety of helpful tools, guides, and tips for finding unused content.

Editing Help

Creating Articles
Creating articles, choosing titles, adding descriptions, making bobs, and uploading title screens.
Editing Help
Everything you need to know about editing an article, including text formatting and links.
Article Talk Pages
A guide to using article talk pages.
Article Note Pages
The purpose of article note pages.

Encontrando Contenidos

Encontrando Contenidos
¡Aprende de los pros! Esta página tiene una variedad de herramientas útiles, guías, y consejos para encontrar contenidos no usados.

User Spaces

User Pages
An introduction to creating your own user page.
User Talk Pages
How to interact with other users.

IRC Help

IRC Chat
How to join and participate in TCRF's chatroom.