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LSD: Dream Emulator

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Title Screen

LSD: Dream Emulator

Developer: Asmik Ace Entertainment
Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: October 22, 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

LSD: Dream Emulator is an eccentric exploration game based on a dream journal. The person who created the game was also responsible for the equally-strange Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics


Lsd door2.png

Among Bright Moon Cottage's textures is a door. It's the WC door without letters.

Other Door

Lsd door.png

A completely different door can also be found in the same texture.

Bath Tub

Lsd tub.png

Also within the same texture is a bathtub. Probably would have been seen behind the WC door.


Lsd curtains.png

Once again within the same texture are some curtains.

Unused Lion

Unused textures for a lion are present in Bright Moon Cottage. While lions exist in-game, they only appear in The Natural World and cannot spawn anywhere else. Even then, there is no associated lion model in Bright Moon Cottage.

Notably, the unused lion textures look completely different from the lions in the final game, aligning with Bright Moon Cottage's texture motifs instead of The Natural World's.

The unused lion.

The unused lion.

The final lion.

The used lion.


An unused Japanese variation of Asmik Ace's logo can be found in the game's files. The text says "Asmik".

Unused Models


Lsd doormodel.png

A model for a 3D door can be found in Bright Moon Cottage.


Lsd dog.png

SYMDOG.MOM is a model of a grey dog. The Grey Man is in SYMSPY.MOM, so this dog might have played a similar role. It has two animations: one is for walking forward, while the other seems to be for turning.

Unused Areas



Bright Moon Cottage has a small room behind the WC Door. The side of the room has a small extrusion, possibly by mistake or to accommodate some unknown object. This room is likely where the unused bathtub, curtain, and possibly the WC door without text would have been.