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League of Legends

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Title Screen

League of Legends

Developer: Riot Games
Publishers: Riot Games (INT), Tencent (CH), Garena (AS)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: October 27, 2009
Released in EU: October 27, 2009, June 1, 2012 (RO), July 13, 2012 (GR), September 26, 2012 (TR), March 22, 2013 (IT)
Released in AU: June 26, 2013
Released in RU: April 15, 2013 (RU/CIS)
Released in KR: December 12, 2011
Released in BR: September 12, 2012, June 4, 2013 (LatAm)
Released in CN: 2010
Released in TW: 2010
Released in AS: October 8, 2013 (ID)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

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League-of-Legends-AlphaOrderNexusTurret Square.png
Historical Assets
Assets that predate Closed Beta 1, or are leftovers.
League-of-Legends-ClosedBetaShop Square.png
Closed Beta 1
The oldest beta around.
League-of-Legends-ClosedBetaOrderBaseTurret Square.png
Closed Beta 3
EU Beta 3. Starting to resemble the first public release.
League-of-Legends-PlantKing Square.png
Canceled Champions
Champions in development, but never quite made it in-game.
League-of-Legends-HumanDrMundo Square.png
Canceled Skins
Skins players loved but Riot didn't.
Unused Assets
Placeholders and assets that found their way into the game data.
Removed Data
Sometimes things are better removed than saved. OP.TGA
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Regional Differences

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A number of changes were made in the Chinese version due to various reasons:

  • Splash arts and profile icons are different with the latter using "chibi" versions of the champions.
  • Karthus's face was removed due to skulls being forbidden in media.
  • Free champion rotations are different.

Additionally, also present in Korean servers, are different lobbies.

Unused Images

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Apparently there's more.

Old Corki Splash Art


League of Legends Corky Splash 0.jpg

For some reason his name is mispelled as "Corky".

"Web" Images

League of Legends Shen Web 0.jpg League of Legends Vladimir Web 0.jpg

Present in \deploy\assets\images\champions\ are two images that end in "_Web_0.jpg": Shen_Web_0.jpg and Vladimir_Web_0.jpg. Their purpose is unknown.


Present in deploy\assets\images\abilities are some unused icons for unused abilities. They are unlike other icons as they have multiple sizes within the image.


League of Legends BantamSting temp.png


League of Legends EagleEye temp.png


League of Legends Fear.png


League of Legends Jester Circle.png


League of Legends SecondSight temp.png


League of Legends Taunt.png

Unused Champion Ability Icons


Tabu is a champion which was in development during the game's beta but was scrapped. Visual and gameplay similarities seem to indicate he might have been reworked into who is now Swain. His ability icons still remain in game files. Tabu is referred to as "48th Slave" in game's files, it is unknown why.

League-of-Legends-48thSlave Enfeeble.png
Enfeeble (passive) - Tabu's voodoo vibes disrupt his enemies' powers, sapping their strength.

League of Legends-48thSlave RenderingCry.png
Rendering Cry


Averdrian is an unreleased champion. He was cancelled because his concept didn't fit League of Legends' theme.

League of Legends-Averdrian AstralBarrier.png
Astral Barrier

League of Legends-Averdrian ConsumeSpirit.png
Consume Spirit

League of Legends-Averdrian Detonate.png

League of Legends-Averdrian Lockdown.png

Blind Monk

Blind Monk is actually Lee Sin. He was one of the first 6 champions ever designed. However, Riot met some difficulties and Blind Monk was officially cancelled. Eventually, due to community demand, he was fully redesigned and released in April 2011. His original ability icons still remain in the game's files.

League of Legends-BlindMonk BlindingStrike.png
Blinding Strike

League of Legends-BlindMonk CripplingBlow.png
Crippling Blow

League of Legends-BlindMonk ExploitWeakness.png
Exploit Weakness

League of Legends-BlindMonk FistsOfFury.png
Fists of Fury

League of Legends-BlindMonk Hardiness.png

League of Legends-BlindMonk MysticMeditation.png
Mystic Meditation

League of Legends-BlindMonk SightUnseeing.png
Sight Unseeing


Ashe's pre-alpha ability icons.

League of Legends-Bowmaster AimedShot.png
Aimed Shot

League of Legends-Bowmaster ArchersMark.png
Archer's Mark

League of Legends-Bowmaster BullsEye.png

League of Legends-Bowmaster CrazyDance.png
Crazy Dance

League of Legends-Bowmaster DoubleShot.png
Double Shot

League of Legends-Bowmaster PierceArmor.png
Pierce Armor

League of Legends-Bowmaster Sprint.png

League of Legends-Bowmaster VelocityShot.png
Velocity Shot


Probably icons of abilities that were scrapped early in Singed's development.

League of Legends-ChemicalMan AcidSpray.png
Acid Spray

League of Legends-ChemicalMan BurnResistance.png
Burn Resistance

League of Legends-ChemicalMan CausticWake.png
Caustic Wake

League of Legends-ChemicalMan ExplosiveFlask.png
Explosive Flask

League of Legends-ChemicalMan LaunchGoo.png
Launch Goo

League of Legends-ChemicalMan RejuvenationPotion.png
Rejuvenation Potion


Probably icons of abilities that were scrapped early in Zilean's development.

League of Legends-Chronokeeper Chronoblast.png

League of Legends-Chronokeeper Haste.png

League of Legends-Chronokeeper MindTwist.png
Mind Twist

League of Legends-Chronokeeper Recall.png
Recall - Zilean channels temporal energy to refresh an ally’s ability.

League of Legends-Chronokeeper Slow.png

League of Legends-Chronokeeper TimeStop.png
Time Stop

League of Legends-Chronokeeper Timetwister.png
Timetwister - Zilean unleashes an area of effect debuff on enemy units in a single location. Every 2.5 seconds, Time Twister stuns targets for 1 second while dealing damage.


Tryndamere's old ability icons.

League of Legends-DarkChampion FrenziedStrikes.png
Frenzied Strikes

League of Legends-DarkChampion MightyCleave.png
Mighty Cleave

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo's old ability icons.

League of Legends-DrMundo InciteRage.png
Incite rage

League of Legends-DrMundo KissOfDeath.png
Kiss of Death

League of Legends-DrMundo Nethershade.png
Nether Shade


Teemo's pre-alpha ability icons.

League of Legends-Teemo Bombardment.png

League of Legends-Teemo EagleEye.png
Eagle Eye

League of Legends-Teemo ExhaustiveDart.png
Exhaustive Dart

League of Legends-Teemo Mechnobot.png

League of Legends-Teemo Sharpshooter.png

League of Legends-Teemo TacticalStrike.png
Tactical Strike

League of Legends-Teemo TranquilizingShot.png
Tranquilizing Shot

Well Soterios

Well is a cancelled Water-Wizard-like champion. It is believed he was later redesigned into Nami. His ability icons still remain in the game's files.

League of Legends-WaterWizard Entrench.png

League of Legends-WaterWizard SoothingAura.png
Soothing Aura

League of Legends-WaterWizard Typhoon.png

League of Legends-WaterWizard WaterElemental.png
Water Elemental

Gavid, the Plant King

Gavid is a cancelled champion.The reasoning for Gavid's cancellation was that he didn't fit with the game's artistic theme. He was later redesigned into Zyra. His ability icons still remain in the game's files.

League of Legends-PlantKing AnimateThornspitter.png
Animate Thornspitter

League of Legends-PlantKing AnimateVitalis.png
Animate Vitalis

League of Legends-PlantKing Entrench.png

League of Legends-PlantKing Sprout.png

League of Legends-PlantKing Thorns.png
Thorns (probably passive)