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Madagascar (PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Windows)

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Title Screen


Developer: Toys for Bob
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in JP: August 11, 2005
Released in US: May 24, 2005
Released in EU: June 30, 2005

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Madagascar is a game based on the animated film of the same name. It is a linear 3D platformer with a variety of challenges and minigames.

Unused Music

A slightly compressed version of Frank Sinatra's "Summer Wind" can be found in files for Shuffleboard. Likely a placeholder track for the pool board.

A shortened version of Pigbag's "Orangutango" can be found in the files for Marty to the Rescue. The song was later used in the game's sequel.

Early version of the Power Card jingle found in Marty's Escape.

Unused Voice Clips

King of New York

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
marty_general_pen2 /
Marty: Good thing these doors are here. Otherwise, I'd have 5-year-olds all up in my face. Ambient dialogue for Marty's Pen.
marty_general_pen3 /
Marty: I know a shortcut right through here.
marty_trash00 /
Marty: What is all this stuff? Marty dialogue for kicking trash around.
marty_trash01 /
Marty: None of this junk seems very useful.
marty_trash02 /
Marty: Sometimes it's just nice to kick something!
marty_tm_howhightimer1 /
Marty: The timer's max is ten minutes, FYI. Dialogue for running on Marty's treadmill, supposedly for running on it for over ten minutes.
marty_tm_howhightimer2 /
Marty: Okay, I lied! The timer goes higher than ten minutes, now let's get off this thing!
powerstone_marty_thrid /
Marty: Alright! Something's keying in, so to speak. Dialogue for collecting Marty's third Power Card. RWS name suggests that Power Cards were once called Power Stones.
marty_coin1 /
Marty: If I collect enough of these coins, I may be able to buy something at the Zoovenir Shop! Hint for Monkey Money. In the final game, a textbox is used instead.
alex_general_pen06 /
Alex: Sure earning my steak tonight! Dialogue for running around in Alex's Cage.
marty_jumpthruringsskipped /
Marty: Jump through the rings. There's no skippable tutorial for jumping through rings, so this reminder goes unused.
alex thanksforpsyching /
Alex: Yep, I'm about to go on. Thanks for psyching me up! Cut dialogue from the Alex Outro cutscene. Meant to go between the two used lines.
marty anytimealextakeiteasy /
Marty: Anytime, Alex. Take it easy.
marty_janitor /
Marty: There's that goofy janitor again. He must get bored sweeping the same cages over and over. Ambient dialogue for Melman's Ward.
melman_don't sweep /
Melman: Hey! Don't just sweep your dirt into my cage! I got your badge number, pal!
ostirch_race_02 /
Ostrich: I'm on your tail! Ostrich dialogue during Gloria's race.
ostirch_race_03 /
Ostrich: The age of ostriches has begun!
ostirch_race_13 /
Ostrich: No!
ostirch_race_14 /
Ostrich: Whenever you're ready, hippo.
ostirch_race_15 /
Ostrich: Use your feet!
marty_racestuff01 /
Marty: Looking good, Gloria, as always. Gloria's race is likely too short to trigger this dialogue.
marty_racestuff03 /
Marty: You can catch 'em! Keep going!
fishing_instructionsskipped /
Skipper: Catch the fish with the Action button. Doesn't get triggered by skipping the fishing tutorial.
fishing_getyellow /
Skipper: Well done, soldier. For an additional challenge, let's move on to the yellowtail fish. Hint for fishing for Yellow Fish. There are no yellow fish.
fishing_getkeys /
Skipper: That's the kind of smarts we're looking for. Now see if you can get the keys. Hint for fishing for Keys. There are no keys.
fishing_ambient_bullykid02 /
Little Boy: Look at those stupid penguins! They have mental problems! Ambient dialogue meant to have played during the fishing game.
melman_garbagegame_00 /
Melman: Ick! Ugh! Major ick! The Garbage minigame is too short to trigger this dialogue.
melman_garbagegame_03 /
Melman: Is there a doctor in the zoo?
melman_garbagegame_04 /
Melman: This is just totally gross.
melman_garbagegame_05 /
Melman: This is seriously vile!
melman_garbagegame_06 /
Melman: You disgust me!
melman_garbagegame_09 /
Melman: So dirty! So so dirty!
pigeons_poopingonhim /
Not Pigeon 1: Well I was thinking we would start by poopin' on him. We talked about this. Placeholder pigeon cutscene dialogue.
pigeons_howarewegoingto /
Not Pigeon 2: How are we gonna go about doing that, Boss?
marty_roar /
Not Marty: Use your roar, Alex. Get rid of those pigeons! Placeholder hint for roaring in Alex's Cage.
ostrich_its_a_simple_task /
Not Ostrich: Uh… as in, tell us when to start the race. Placeholder Ostrich cutscene dialogue.
fishing_cs_penguin01 /
Not Skipper: Nice to see you again, Marty! Placeholder fishing cutscene dialogue of scrapped Skipper line.
fishing_sodacan /
Not Skipper: Now a soda can! Placeholder hint for fishing a Soda Can. Likely replaced by the bucket.
marty_endlevel /
Not Marty: Either the air is too thin up there to hit his brain, or Melman's just out of control. But the zoo does funny things to us. That's why I wonder what life would be like in the wild! Placeholder ending cutscene Marty dialogue.
marty_zoohunter_intro /
Not Marty: Ugh, the Zoo Hunter! I don't like the cut of his jib. And if he sees me walking around like this, he'll probably freak! Placeholder Marty dialogue for introducing the Zoo Hunter.
marty_zoohunter_is_whacked /
Not Marty: Woah! That dude is whack!

Marty's Escape

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
penguin_02_explaination_04 /
Skipper: The first gate we need to open is Gate Hippo. The Hippo Key is located in the Janitor's shed, but the only way in there is a small crawl space. Meant for the Escape Plan cutscene. Implies Gate Hippo (Gloria) was considered for the level. The final game partially uses this line, and "ostrich" is awkwardly edited in.
penguin_02_explaination_06 /
Skipper: Once you open the main gate, you'll be able to make a break for freedom in the wild! Meant to be the final line before the end of the Escape Plan cutscene.
cs_elephant_tiki_01 /
Skipper: Before we can go any further, we're gonna have to bring your stealth skills up to par. Some of our undercover agents should be able to help you. Dialogue meant for the beginning of the Darnel cutscene.
cs_elephant_tiki_02 /
Marty: You mean Darnel? The elephant?
unskippable_1stpowercard /
Skipper: Get the Power Card from the elephant. It's impossible to talk to Skipper prior to talking to Darnel for this to trigger.
01_delbert_overhere00 /
Darnel: Over here uh… Marty! Darnel calling out to Marty. RWS filename implies that Darnel was once called Delbert.
01_delbert_overhere01 /
Darnel: Come talk to me! Duh…
01_kowalski_seecamel_01 /
Skipper: There's another Power Card waiting for you in that camel cage. Find him, and let's get going. Camel Power Card reminder.
01_kowalski_seerhino_00 /
Skipper: Find our rhino operative for the third and final Power Card necessary to acquire the Stealth ability. Rhino Power Card Reminder. Implies that the Crawl ability was once called the Stealth ability.
cs_rhino_tiki_05 /
Marty: Thanks, man! I really do appreciate the help. Meant to be said at the end of the Rhino cutscene.
01_marty_becareful_01 /
Marty: Those guards really can't see me unless I'm in their beam. Huh, guess I'm one of those animals with night vision! Marty comments about guards. One clip explains why the guards seem so blind.
01_marty_becareful_02 /
Marty: Better stay away from those guards unless I want to get tasered, and I don't want to.
01_marty_becareful_03 /
Marty: This place is crawling with rent‑a‑cops!
01_marty_becareful_04 /
Marty: These guards sure are dumb! If they catch me, I don't deserve to see the wild!
penguin_09_guardsthencloset /
Skipper: Fine work! You've earned the Crawl ability. Skipper only tells you to "crawl through this hole" upon earning the Crawl ability.
unskippable_gogetkeycard /
Skipper: Press the Action button to crawl.
01_kowalski_hassneakgoshed /
Skipper: Marty! Get yourself over to the rondevu point ASAP! Skipper calling out to Marty.
unskippable_getthekeycard /
Skipper: Get the Key Card. Reminder to get a key. Clip implies keys were once some sort of card.
01_kowalski_positive_02 /
Skipper: That is an excellent display of skill! Skipper praising Marty.
01_kowalski_positive_03 /
Skipper: Top notch work, soldier!
01_kowalski_positive_04 /
Skipper: Good job, Marty!
01_kowalski_positive_05 /
Skipper: Outstanding work!
unskippable_skip_goostriches /
Skipper: Talk to the ostriches. Ostrich reminder.
01_kowalski_guardnowatbird /
Skipper: We've learned that the guard is now patrolling the area near the gate to Zone Bird. We're going to either need to get rid of the guard or sneak past him when it is safe to do so. Tutorial for the Patrolling Guard.
01_guards_koguard_01 /
Patrolling Guard: C'mon, Taylor! How many times I gotta tell ya? No more naps by the sound poles! Dialogue for the Patrolling Guard.
01_guards_koguard_02 /
Patrolling Guard: I told you to stop working those double shifts, Jimmy. Just seems to tire you out!
01_guards_koguard_03 /
Patrolling Guard: Johnny? Johnny? Oh no! It's happenin' again!
01_guards_koguard_04 /
Patrolling Guard: Wake up, Johnson. Nap break isn't for another hour or so.
01_guards_koguard_05 /
Patrolling Guard: Hey! No sleeping on the job anymore! Didn't you get the memo?
01_guards_koguard_06 /
Patrolling Guard: Huh, looks like Henry's narcolepsy is acting back up.
01_kowalski_trashcans /
Skipper: The ostriches said something about being able to use the trash cans to knock out the guards. Give it a try! Skipper reminder about trash cans.
cs_ostrich_02_01 /
Ostrich: And if you plan on getting caught, just don't do it in our zone. This place will be crawling with security guards, and then I won't be able to get any sleep. Conversation with Ostrich about getting caught.
cs_ostrich_02_02 /
Marty: Yeah… and that would be a real shame.
01_kowalski_talktotoucan /
Skipper: You're in Zone Bird, Stripes. Next objective is to gather intelligence from our toucan agent located at the opposite side of this aviary. Meant for entering Zone Bird.
unskippable_cart /
Skipper: Kick the carts. Cart reminder.
01_kowalski_janitorhaskey /
Skipper: According to our reconnaissance, the Janitor has the key to Zone Monkey. Recover it from him. Janitor reminders to get the Monkey Key.
unskippable_getjanitor /
Skipper: Kick the Janitor.
01_kowalski_kojanitor_01 /
Skipper: That Janitor is not just gonna give you his key card. You've got to take him down. Alternate version of the Janitor tutorial. The Janitor originally had the key to the security system.
01_kowalski_kojanitor_02 /
Skipper: Glad to see you're still with us, Marty. I've got it on very good authority that the Janitor nearby is holding a key card to the main gate's security system.
cs_zonebird_k_janitor_02 /
Skipper: Bingo! He's dropped the key. Grab it! Let's go back through the Ostrich Zone and into Zone Monkey! Skipper dialogue for defeating the Janitor.
01_kowalski_keygoostrich /
Skipper: Now that you've got the Monkey Key, what we've gotta do is open the Monkey Gate back in the Ostrich Zone. Dialogue for Zone Ostrich going to Zone Monkey.
01_kowalski_monkey_01 /
Skipper: We're in Zone Monkey. I should tell you that it does not smell pretty here. Follow me over to the pipe next to the Zoovenir Gift Shop. Longer version of Skipper's Zone Monkey intro dialogue.
01_kowalski_hintsmonkey /
Skipper: Remember what you've already learned, sneak behind the hedges to avoid being seen and kick the carts to take out guards. Skipper reminder of things learned so far.
01_kowalski_janitorbear /
Skipper: That janitor over there must have the key to Zone Bear. Go get it. Skipper never tells Marty to get the Bear Key, but Mason does.
monkey_comehere_mason /
Mason: I couldn't help but notice you seem to be wondering about. Don't forget about us. Mason calling out to Marty.
cs_afterpenguinend_marty /
Marty: Looks like I won't be gettin' any more help from Skipper for a while. Maybe some of these other animals around here will have my back. Meant to be said after the Balloon cutscene.
zoohunter_trytoescapenow /
Zoo Hunter: I'd like to see one of them critters try something now! (laughs) Zoo Hunter comments.
zoohunter_knowyourplace /
Zoo Hunter: Dang varmint! Know their place!
cs_elephant_tiki_03 /
Not Skipper: Elephants can be quite adept in the art of subterfuge. No one ever suspects them, except for the weasel. Lousy rodents. Placeholder from the Darnel cutscene.
penguin_01_elephant /
Not Skipper: Alright. The elephant's got the first Power Tiki, so talk to him. Placeholder dialogue for the Power Card sequence. They're called Power Tikis at this point in development.
penguin_02_explaination /
Not Skipper: Over here, Marty.
penguin_03_followme /
Not Skipper: Alright, Marty. Follow me.
penguin_04_camel /
Not Skipper: Our camel friend over here is in possession of the second Power Tiki. Go and talk to him.
penguin_07_gotorhino /
Not Skipper: That was a good kick. Now follow me. We need to go visit the rhino.
penguin_08_gotorhinoridofguards /
Not Skipper: It's about as far as I can go with all the guards in the area. Figure a way to get rid of them. But in the meantime, go and visit the rhino for the third Power Tiki.
01_kowalski_guardswarning /
Not Skipper: There are guards up ahead. Stay out of the view code and they won't see ya. If you can, sneak up behind 'em and give 'em a good kick. Placeholder Skipper hints for knocking out guards to progress. Filenames suggest that Kowalski was meant to escort Marty or that the developers got the two names mixed up.
01_kowalski_guardsgoshed /
Not Skipper: Good, you have earned the crawl ability. There's still a guard in the way though. I can't get us over to the shed without being spotted until you knock him out.
01_kowalski_positive_01 /
Not Skipper: With this kind of efficiency, we'll be outta here in no time! Placeholder Skipper dialogue praising Marty for something.
penguin_talktoostrichmakewaybird /
Not Skipper: So talk to the ostriches and see what they know. Then make your way to the opposite end of this zone and meet me by Gate Bird. Placeholder dialogue for Zone Ostrich going to Zone Bird.
penguin_guard_into_zone_bird /
Not Skipper: Deal with that guard, and we'll be able to go into Zone Bird.
penguin_followme_otherside_bird /
Not Skipper: Alright. Follow me, and meet me on the other side.
cs_ostrich_01_01 /
Not Ostrich 1: What are you doing out of your pen, zebra? You think you're too good for this zoo or something? Placeholder dialogue for the Ostrich cutscene. The ostriches weren't so willing to help Marty originally.
cs_ostrich_01_02 /
Not Ostrich 2: Of course he does! He's been pulling this whole mopey, midlife crisis, "what does it all mean?" act for weeks now. Now he wants to leave in search of "truth". How pedestrian!
cs_ostrich_01_03 /
Not Marty: Um, hey. I actually had a question for you two guys, but now I'm thinking you wouldn't know the answer.
cs_ostrich_01_04 /
Not Ostrich 2: Oh look! He's trying to use reverse psychology in an attempt to goat us into helping him. (laughs)
penguin_gotbluekeykickgate /
Not Skipper: Good job. You got the key, but there's still a gate in our way. Kick that open. Placeholder dialogue for Zone Bird (version 1).
penguin_zb_goodkickgate /
Not Skipper: That's my boy, now let's go. Kick that gate.
peng01__kick_the_gate /
Not Skipper: Stage one of this op requires you to pull your back hooves on that there gate. Press the Square button to kick forward. Placeholder dialogue for Zone Bird (version 2).
peng02__well_need_to_get_key /
Not Skipper: Just grab the key and kick open those doors.
penguin_gotobluegate /
Not Skipper: Now that you got the key, all we gotta do is make our way over to the blue gate. Placeholder dialogue for Zone Ostrich going to Zone Monkey. (version 1)
penguin_bluegateguards /
Not Skipper: Ah, so close. There are guards in the way, but I'm sure those sound poles in the area must be of some good use.
penguin_zb_newguardatbird /
Not Skipper: That one's new. That guard must be here to investigate why the other guards are all… asleep. Go take care of him so we can move on and get on to Gate Monkey.
peng10__blue_gate_is_locked /
Not Skipper: Nice job. Now open the gate to Zone Monkey. Placeholder dialogue for Zone Ostrich going to Zone Monkey. (version 2)
01_kowalski_askostrich_blue /
Not Skipper: Key terminal that controls the blue gate is just ahead, but that guard's not going to just let us walk through. We might need a little extra help here. See if the ostriches nearby happen to know anything.
peng14__courtyard_too_crowded /
Not Skipper: My forward recon of the main courtyard is not good. The entire area is crawling with guards. Therefore, I need you to create a diversion. As undisciplined as those monkeys are, I feel they are right for this mission. Find a way to insert them from their current position in the Mess Hall into the main courtyard. I recommend you enter the gift shop through the side door and go from there into the Mess Hall.
peng12__shortcut /
Not Skipper: And we're in. We made it to Zone Monkey, so come and follow me. Placeholder dialogue for entering Zone Monkey.
penguin_zb_kickgateguards /
Not Skipper: These guards are blocking the way into the next section, but I see a cart on the other side, so you might be able to get rid of them that way. Why don't ya sneak around the monkey cage and see if you can get over there? Good luck.
01_kowalski_monkey_02 /
Not Skipper: Alright, so the next step is for both of us to crawl through this pipe and into the next section. I hope you don't have any fear of enclosed spaces. Placeholder dialogue for the Pipe cutscene.
cs_monkey_marty_01 /
Not Marty: Enclosed spaces? There's no way I can fit through that pipe! This is your master plan?
01_kowalski_monkey_03 /
Not Skipper: I seem to have misjudged some key parameters, but at no point did I claim to be an expert on pipes.
01_kowalski_monkey_05 /
Not Skipper: I'll go through this pipe and see you on the other side.
rwmonkeys1 /
Not Mason: I say, is this a jailbreak? If you let us out, we'll get the green key for you! The controls to open the cage are in the security booth. You'll need to find a way to get that guard out of there. Placeholder dialogue of Mason telling you to help him unlock his cage so he can get the next key for you. In the final game, Mason tells you to get the Zone Bear Key from the Janitor instead.
rwmonkeys2 /
Not Mason: Great job. The guard is out of the booth. Get in there and open our cage before he gets back.
rwmonkeys3 /
Not Mason: Try again.
monkeys1__is_this_a_jail_break /
Not Mason: I say, old boy. Is this a jailbreak? Well count us in! We heard what your friend said about climbing through that Zoovenir skylight, and we're just the chaps for the job! I'm afraid that at the moment we're a bit indisposed in this enclosure. The controls to open our door are in the security booth, but the door is locked and there's a guard in there. You'll have to find some way to get the guard out of the booth! Perhaps there's something in that shed that will help. Placeholder Mason dialogue (version 2).
monkeys2__guard_out_booth /
Not Mason: Good job, old boy! The guard is leaving the security booth and heading your way. Don't let him see you. While he's distracted, go open our cage.
monkeys4__the_cage_is_open /
Not Mason: Oh! Fine work, Marty! Our door is open! Now get the dickens out of there!
monkeys5__wrong_skylight /
Not Mason: Sorry about that, old chum, but it appears we went in the wrong skylight. We won't be able to give you the key to the gift shop, but under a jar of marmalade in here, we did happen to find a key to open the bear area gate. Cheers!
cs_bear_06 /
Not Polar Bear: Yeah. Anyway, for the guards up ahead you're gonna need to use more than one sound pole to get them into a position where you can take 'em out. Finding the right order is all you need to do, dude. Placeholder dialogue for a scrapped line from the Polar Bear cutscene.
cs_penguin_end_05 /
Not Marty: Thanks, man! I really do appreciate the help. Placeholder dialogue for the Balloon cutscene.
zoo_janitor_feetsdontfailmenow /
Not Janitor: Feets, don't fail me now! Placeholder Janitor dialogue.
guard_comebackhere /
Not Guard: Come back here! Placeholder dialogue for the Guards. The name, DG_howd_you_get_out, reveals that this placeholder was recorded by designer Daniel Gerstein.
guard_falsealarm /
Not Guard: Guess it was just a false alarm.
guard_howdyougetout /
Not Guard: How'd you get out of your crate?
guard_ibettergetback /
Not Guard: I better get back to my post.
guard_igotcha /
Not Guard: I gotcha!
guard_what'sgoingon /
Not Guard: What's going on?!
guard_where'dhego /
Not Guard: Where'd he go?
melman_heli /
Not Melman: Oh. Phew… Big words like that usually mean something terrible! Placeholder dialogue of Melman for an unknown scenario.

N.Y. Street Chase

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
comment_alex_2 /
Alex: Maybe I should flag a taxi. Alex line for running around. MSC from the STREAM name stands for Manhattan Street Chase, which was the original name of the level.
alex_copgameintro_200 /
Alex: Hmm, tough crowd. Alex line meant for the end of the Cop Intro Cutscene.
mel_attackbutton_xbox /
Melman: Hit the Jump button twice to use my Helicopter Spin. I can glide! Heli-spin tutorial likely for getting all of Melman's Power Cards.
steam_vent07 /
Drunk Bum: Y'know, I'd have those spots looked at. Drunk Bum comment for seeing Melman gliding over steam vents on 42nd Street. The line is likely muted due to a bug as there's an awkward silence during the comment cycle.
theres marty /
Melman: Hey, unless another zebra is loose in New York and wandered down to Grand Central Station, I think I found Marty! Melman's reaction to seeing Marty.

Penguin Mutiny

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
hint_9_this looks safe /
Skipper: This looks like a safe hiding spot! I don't think anyone can see me in here. Hint about hiding inside of crate openings.
hint_15- these guards /
Skipper: These guards aren't the sharpest pencils in the box. I can sneak by them when they aren't looking my way! Hint about guards. Meant to be said prior to hinting about the cardboard box to sneak by them.
hint_16_wonder wht /
Skipper: Hmm… I wonder what this does. Dialogue meant for the "bathroom" button.
hint_23_crane2 /
Private: Good work, boys! It looks like we need to put this crane to some use. Dialogue about using the cargo crane.
hint_28_zoohunter /
Skipper: Oh no! It's that thug from the zoo that captured us! I've got to find a way to get that key over there without him noticing. Hint about getting the key in the Zoo Hunter room.
sailor 1 sees 00 /
Sailor 1: How do you get out of your crate?! Sailor 1 noticing Skipper.
sailor 1 catches 00 /
Sailor 1: I gotcha! Sailor 1 capturing Skipper.
sailor 3 sees 01 /
Sailor 3: What's that? Who brought their cattle on!? Sailor 3 noticing Skipper.
sailor 6 ambient 05 /
Sailor 6: I wonder what would happen if these animals were to escape. Nah… Sailor 6 idle dialogue.
zoo_15_hunter_i'mhit /
Zoo Hunter: I'm hit?! Well I'll be durned! Dialogue for tranquilizing the Zoo Hunter.
cheer /
(room of people cheering and whistling) Cheering sound effect likely for the ending cutscene or for use as ambience.
no door key /
Not Skipper: Everything's going according to plan. I've reached the first call-out point. Now I'll need to press the Circle button to call up the troops. Placeholder dialogue for the Trumpet tutorial.
hint_12_those cameras /
Not Skipper: Those security cameras could be a problem. I'll need to turn them off with that button over there. Then I can slide through that hole in the crates at the far side. Placeholder hint about security cameras. Cameras aren't in the final game.
hint_14_boxes might be useful /
Not Skipper: These cardboard boxes might be useful for sneaking past the cameras. Placeholder hint about cardboard boxes.
hint_29_almost /
Not Skipper: Almost to the key. Placeholder dialogue for getting closer to the Zoo Hunter's key.
hint door /
Not Skipper: Press the Circle button to open the door. Placeholder door tutorial.
cinemaic 1 /
This cinematic puts you in the lower crew area. Placeholder audio for cutscene transitions.
cinema 2 /
This cinematic puts you back up on deck.
cinema 3 /
This cinematic puts you in the crew quarters.

Mysterious Jungle

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
bat_not the best job /
Bat: Good work, my friend! Now, hold still and try not to make any sudden movements. Dialogue for the end of the Mushroom minigame. In the final game, the bats silently carry Alex to the swamp.
marty_alex /
Marty: Alex! During the final cinematic, this was meant to be said before Gloria's callout for Alex.
alex_melmanumceiling /
Alex: Melman, umm… I think the ceiling touched your head. Line of Alex responding to Melman's head touching something, and it would've been before Marty said "You are kinda tall, y'know".
alex_super-roar 02 /
Not Alex: Hmm. I guess my Super Roar only lasts a little while. Better not waste it. Placeholder audio for the Super Roar Plant tutorial. A text box with similar wording is used instead.
csroach_wow /
Not Alex: Wow, that's a huge cockroach! Placeholder of Alex commenting on the size of the Mushroom Patch cockroaches.
melman_butimdirty /
Not Melman: I'm happy for you all, but you have to help me! I'm dirty! Placeholder dialogue of Melman during the final cinematic.

Jungle Banquet

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
unskippable‑introcinematic /
Julien: Collect the fruit and vegetables. Reminder for skipping the Intro cutscene. Might not play due to the Totem Pole tutorial interrupting it.
unskippable‑slidelimesintro /
Maurice: Collect the fruit. Reminder for skipping the Mudslide tutorial. Doesn't play because the tutorial isn't a cutscene.
cherry_alexpowerstone /
Not Maurice: Alex, you won't be able to begin this goal until you collect your three Power Stones to get your Throw ability activated. Placeholder Power Card reminder. Also suggests that Alex's Throw move was meant to be unlocked for the Onion minigame instead of in Mysterious Jungle.
cherrylose /
Not Julien: Now we shall have no Marvelous Savory Fried Blossom Spectacular… Placeholder dialogue for losing the Onion minigame. Also suggests that the onions were once cherries during development.
simon_nowyougo /
Not Julien: Now you go. Placeholder dialogue for the Repeat the Tune minigame.
simon_no /
Not Julien: No.
melons_cs_intro /
Not Wilbur: Uh… I heard you were looking for some fruit! Well this field here is just full of a special species of huge juicy melons! I love huge juicy melons, and when I think of them, I can't help but start thinking about pie, melon pie! Help me smash these melons as they ripen, and we'll have some tasty melon pie for the Grand Jubilee! Oh yeah, but we have to be quick because they spoil fast! Placeholder dialogue for the Melon Intro cutscene.
jump_round1 /
Not Frog: So, you wish to challenge me to a jumping contest. You dare challenge The Lord of the Toads? Champion of Jump? Prince of "Patata"? King of "Kwang"? Uh… very well, but you will not best me in this contest of leap! See if you can jump this far! Placeholder dialogue for the Frog Intro cutscene.

Back to the Beach

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
hintmarty_peppercharge /
Marty: Hey Gloria! See if you can figure out a way to destroy those boulders! Marty hints for Gloria and Melman. Marty doesn't gives hints to other characters in this level.
hintmarty_melmanglide /
Marty: Melman! Don't forget that you can use those gangly limbs to glide around like a helicopter!
hint_melman_lemurthrow /
Not Wilbur: If you can track down Maurice, I think he and his friends can help you secure an important piece of the beacon. Placeholder hints for various characters.
They were likely spoken by Wilbur unlike the Marty hints seen above. There's hints directed towards Marty, Gloria, and Melman using the same voice. One hint even mentions Maurice, so the hints are likely by Wilbur.
hint_marty_platformjump /
Not Wilbur: Try Long-jumping from platform to platform to grab that one!
hint_gloria_bouldersmash /
Not Wilbur: You'll help your friends track down important pieces if you look for boulders to smash. Grab a hot pepper and get to it!
hint_gloria_boulderrun /
Not Wilbur: Don't forget how those hot peppers make you crazy! If you blast through those boulders, you'll be able to grab that piece!

Marty to the Rescue

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
mort_gettohigherground /
Not Mort: Oh no! You've fallen under the spider's web! Get to higher ground quick or those spiders will eat you right up! Placeholder Mort dialogue likely meant for Tarantula Town.
mort_fallingdurian /
Not Mort: Be careful in here, Marty! It looks like there's durian fruits falling from above! Don't let those disgusting things hit you!
marty_vine /
Not Marty: Looks like these are the unmovable kind of vines. Better just slide under them. Placeholder vine tutorial.

Final Battle

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
cs_arena_bat_wellbringtikis /
Not Bat: Oh don't you worry, Alex. We'll ferry in some these uh… thingamajiggers! Placeholder bat dialogue for the Intro cutscene suggesting that the bat was planned to speak in this level.

Tiki Minigolf

RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
instruct_10 /
Mort: Plus I’ve enlisted the help of some of my native… During the Instructions, this dialogue is skipped. It was meant to be used after Mort talks about the gizmos he installed.
instruct_11 /
Mort: …friends to spice up the play a bit.


RWS / STREAM Filenames Audio Dialogue Comments
blueisthevictor /
Announcer: Blue is the victor. Placeholder announcer for winning a game.
redisthevictory /
Announcer: Red is the victor.
launchahh /
Announcer: Ahh… Placeholder likely meant for launching a puck.
allcoinscollected /
(imitates sound) The developers likely never removed this placeholder because Shuffleboard doesn't have the player collect coins.

Development Messages

To do:
Check for any more noteworthy/amusing messages.

Many of the scripts in this game have developer comments with them to specify what code has what function. While there's way too much to document here, here are some of the interesting bits.

Comment(s) Level Notes
ED DG - If I have a mango in my hand, I better damn well get rid of it! Any level where you can throw Mangoes This message is above the code where Alex throws the mangoes (and thus gets rid of them). "DG" likely refers to designer Daniel Gerstein, and "ED" remains unidentified.
GF - We need to turn these suckers on before we can calculate their widths None (general files) "Suckers" seems to be referring to button prompts. It's currently unknown who "GF" is.
HERE IS THE PROBLEM! None (general files) Found within code for "Generic Slider Menu Sprites".
I AM TOBY'S UNCOMMENTED MASS OF DEFINITIONS None (general files) Likely referring to Toby Schadt, the lead designer.
DG - You can't trust anyone nowadays

Someone stole dishwashing detergent from my car
I mean, come on

Marty's Escape Those darn kids.
okay, enough of this crap - ATTACK! Save the Lemurs! Referring to the Foosas. This was snuck in after correcting errors in the "hurt" values.
Player beat first segment - this is a sucky way to do it but oh well. Final Battle The way the cutscene was animated didn't seem to satisfy the animator.
THE BPM CHANGES HERE... AW SHIT Lemur Rave This message is above the code which increases the song's BPM and when the button commands come in faster.
HOLY SHIT - JUICY SWEET JUICY SWEET JUICY SWEET Lemur Rave "Juicy Sweet" is a point bonus you can receive during the level if 100% "Perfect" is achieved.
(FRED STOPPED MY MUSICAL TRAIN OF THOUGHT) Lemur Rave Possibly referring to Fred Ford, the technical director.

Cutscene Identifiers

For the game's cutscenes, each separate camera shot is given an identifier to specify what it is. While most are simple descriptions, some of them are quite amusing.

Melman - we're fucked

This is for Melman's last line of dialogue for the ending cutscene in N.Y. Street Chase . He actually says "Guys, hey, uh, I hope those needles have been sterilized."

longer shot of marty looking at his ass

This is used in the ending after Marty lands on the Foosa boss...just before he talks to the latter's rear end. It should be noted that there are two versions of the animation for this cutscene, both with this same identifier.

melman my immune system blah blah I'm a wuss

Used for the ending when Melman says "My immune system is started to get used to the indigenous bacteria in all of your fur!"

skipper antarctica SUCKS

This is used for the game's ending when Skipper says "Antarctica; nothing but a bunch of ice!" It definitely gets the point across.