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Marathon Trilogy Box Set

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Marathon Trilogy Box Set

Developers: Bungie, Double Aught
Publisher: Bungie
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: May 1997

BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

The Marathon Trilogy Box Set was the definitive Marathon release from Bungie, containing the three games and their predecessor Pathways Into Darkness, over a thousand user-made maps, and a treasure chest of accessories, tools, and curios.

One of the curios is a little harder to access than the rest.

Home Movies

Hidden in the "Gnop" folder on the black Marathon Trilogy CD is an invisible 192 MB QuickTime movie called "Marathon Home Videos". The 26 minutes of footage were shot by Inside Mac Games founding editor Tuncer Deniz over the last few months of Marathon development (a date of 26 August 1994 is given early on).

At 00:47, there's a brief glimpse of the Hound, one of the monsters cut from the game. The frontal close-up doesn't make its size or shape clear; the Hound was a pet to the Hunter that would have been unable to climb stairs.

At 20:53, Jason Jones appears to be using the cheat codes that were disabled prior to release. He takes his hand off the movement keys and types in some words, triggering the flashes and chimes associated with picking up items even as his avatar stands still in front of a health recharger.