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Marble Drop

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Title Screen

Marble Drop

Developer: Maxis South
Publisher: Maxis
Platform: Windows
Released in US: February 28, 1997

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Marble Drop is a rather quiet game about dropping marbles and making sure the colored marbles go into the correct bins.

Debug Menu

Marble Drop-debug menu.png

A debug menu (conveniently labelled DEBUG_MENU) can be found by using a resource tool and can be re-added into the game using said tool. Doing so enables the following options:

  • Restart Puzzle - Would have restarted the puzzle. Made somewhat moot by the fact one can do this from the regular Game menu.
  • Demo - Controls how fast the game goes. The player can also choose which level the demo plays in, as well the seed for how the demo plays out.
  • Logging - This is supposed to log what the game is doing. However, it's unknown what these options do.

(Source: Lezlie Newlands)

Unused Level Name

String 3000 has a name for a level that is never used, The Codex Mozione. This name is associated for the high score table, as that is internally listed as level 0. However, it's likely this was a placeholder name, as it's listed before all of the used level names and as it's not even seen when hacking the game to load the high score table in place of Level 1.

(Source: Lezlie Newlands)