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Midway Arcade Treasures 2

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Title Screen

Midway Arcade Treasures 2

Developers: Backbone Entertainment (PS2/GCN/Xbox), Midway Games (Windows)
Publishers: Midway Games (PS2/GCN/Xbox/US Windows), Zoo Digital Publishing (EU Windows)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Windows
Released in US: October 11, 2004 (PS2/GCN/Xbox), February 17, 2006 (Windows)
Released in EU: October 29, 2004, (PS2/Xbox), March 17, 2006 (Windows)
Released in AU: November 15, 2004 (PS2)

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Midway Arcade Treasures 2 is the second collection of classic arcade games published by Midway. It was later released on Windows as part of Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition, which was merely just a bundle of Midway Arcade Treasures 2 and 3.

Developer Comments

A few commented error messages are present in the PS2 version's SLES file.

ASSERTION FAILED: Description:WTF should not assert here!
ASSERTION FAILED:     Description:WTF? Invalid state, or dont care about this Expression:0

Some working file locations such as:


Debug Menu

To do:
Codes for the rest of the versions.

A simple debug menu can be accessed using one of the below codes.

--- Debug menus (GameCube) ---
000C2567 00000004 - APB
000CFE27 00000004 - Arch Rivals/Spy Hunter II/Xenophobe
000BD5E7 00000004 - Championship Sprint
000D1BC7 00000004 - Cyberball 2072
000CEF07 00000004 - Gauntlet II
00144087 00000004 - Hard Drivin'
00108FC7 00000004 - Kozmik Krooz'r/Timber/Wacko
000E8487 00000004 - Mortal Kombat II/Mortal Kombat 3/NARC/Rampage World Tour/Total Carnage
00104E37 00000004 - Pit-Fighter
00275BA7 00000004 - Primal Rage
000D1827 00000004 - Wizard of Wor
000CD967 00000004 - Xybots

--- Debug menus (PlayStation 2 US) ---
00256E88 00000004 - APB
00913FE8 00000004 - Arch Rivals/Spy Hunter II/Xenophobe
00243808 00000004 - Championship Sprint
001AE438 00000004 - Cyberball 2072
001BD798 00000004 - Gauntlet II
004A0558 00000004 - Hard Drivin'
00444D28 00000004 - Kozmik Krooz'r/Timber/Wacko
00259218 00000004 - Mortal Kombat II/Mortal Kombat 3/NARC/Rampage World Tour/Total Carnage
0021AEF8 00000004 - Pit-Fighter
005F82E8 00000004 - Primal Rage
001AF718 00000004 - Wizard of Wor
001ADF08 00000004 - Xybots

--- Debug menus (Windows) ---
Using Cheat Engine, change one of the below bytes to 03 when the game is paused.
004997F4 - APB
004A6014 - Arch Rivals/Spy Hunter II/Xenophobe
00497DAC - Championship Sprint
004AA96C - Cyberball 2072
004CC84C - Gauntlet II
0050DBF4 - Hard Drivin'
0051E7F4 - Kozmik Krooz'r/Timber/Wacko
004B187C - Mortal Kombat II/Mortal Kombat 3/NARC/Rampage World Tour/Total Carnage
00578334 - Pit-Fighter
008CB84C - Primal Rage
004A9F2C - Wizard of Wor
004A17BC - Xybots

The first option returns you to the pause menu. The second option displays a graph. The third option toggles v-sync. And the fourth option displays some player status icons at the bottom of the screen.

(Source: Ferrox)

Early Game Selection Menu


The following executable files contain a very basic game selection menu if loaded directly: jarvos, mcr2_3, and mcr68k.

(Source: Ferrox)