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Minecraft: Java Edition/Unused Graphics

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The original bell textures from the snapshots before it became a block entity.

Old Bell New Bell
100 100



Banner overlay minecraft.png
Banner base minecraft.png

banner_base and banner_overlay item textures exist but are unused, suggesting that banners may have had a two-step crafting process once, or it was once going to use an item model instead of the original entity model. (May be used for pre-existing small sprites of colored banners, like they'd color the overlay separately.)


Guardian Insides

Guardians have a meaty looking inside texture that isn't normally seen in-game unless you manage to get inside the model. The Elder Guardian, despite being a bigger model, is missing these meaty textures. As of 1.14 the unused parts of the texture were removed. Jens Bergensten, one of the game's lead developers, added his username in the bottom right corner as a signature.

Hidden Alex Skin Overlay

Early textures can be accessed in the file for Alex's skin, but the pixels for them have their transparency set to 0, rendering them invisible unless converted back manually. The overlay features glasses, a nice reference to Jeb, a Mojang developer. The arms are unfinished, and seem to be going off of Steve's skin.

(Before 1.14 Update) Villager Hoods

The Priest, Librarian and Nitwit villagers have an unused hood texture in the upper right corner. The Evoker, a hostile mob based off the Villagers, has an unused hood seen in a pre-release article.


Debug Block Textures

Minecraft-Block-Debug.png Minecraft-Block-Debug2.png Two block textures named "Debug" and "Debug2". The second texture shows the cardinal directions.



Early Peony

Minecraft PeonyEarly.png Peonies were going to be single flower blocks before being replaced with the double-tall model. This sprite can be found in /blocks/flower_paeonia.png.




This was actually used in early Indev, but is no longer in use. Because the player can carry arrows without a quiver, it wouldn't be very useful. The item was going to be added in 1.9, but it was removed along with the texture itself as Dinnerbone said holding arrows in the offhand "feels more natural".

The quiver texture itself was used in one of Notch's older games, along with the old leather armor textures.



Rubies were going to be used instead of Emeralds, but they were changed at the last minute because Dinnerbone is colorblind and had a hard time distinguishing Ruby Ore from Redstone Ore. The texture was fully removed from the game in update 21w13a.


Zombie Pigman


The Zombie Pigman texture contains the words "THX XAPHOBIA", crediting the original creator of the skin.

Zombie Villager

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Minecraft-Zombie villager.png

The old Zombie Villager texture has the normal Zombie head left unused and instead moves the new head to the bottom. Oddly enough, the Zombie skin here are actually greener than normal. Despite it being unused, the texture was updated to match the Texture Update in update 18w43a. The texture was fully removed from the game in update 21w13a.



Looking in Indev's terrain file, there is an unused chair and table texture. The table is possibly the front of the chair which is unknown if it is. This was mentioned in Notch's blog a couple of times.

Purple Arrow


Bundled with the standard arrow graphics are these odd purple arrows. These are actually a leftover from Survival Test, where the Skeleton's arrows were purple. In all subsequent versions, Skeleton arrows use the same graphics as the player's arrows. In 1.9, the arrow.png was moved, abandoning the purple arrow texture. The texture was fully removed from the game in update 21w13a.

Footprint Particle


A footprint. It is unused but can be seen in-game by using the /particle command. The command to have this particle is /particle footstep ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0. The texture was fully removed from the game in update 21w13a.

Early Irritated Villager Particle


Most likely an early version of the bubble that would pop up above a Villager when you hit them. It is located in particles.png.

Unused Map Icons


Some extra icons for maps. The white and green arrows in the top left corner are the only ones used normally, though the colored arrows are used for multiplayer in the console versions.

Trading Speech Bubble

Help, I need some chicken. Preferably raw.

A speech bubble in the container folder's villager.png, with 2 raw chicken in the balloon. Likely used for an early trading system. The graphic is partially overwritten with another graphic.

Selected and Unselected


Squares labeled "SEL" and "UN SEL" (likely "SELECTED" and "UNSELECTED") can be found in textures\gui\container\creative_inventory\tabs.png. Purpose unknown, though they could possibly be used as a template for the selected tabs and unselected tabs with the rest of tabs.png.

1.6 and Earlier


Blue Square

What the hey is this!? A blue square used to mark where the Nether portal texture is to be rendered by the game. This was replaced by the actual Nether portal animation in the Redstone Update, when block and item textures were moved into individual images.

Placeholder Fire Texture

I have a hard time believing this is the fire texture. Placeholder graphics for the fire texture, which is overwritten in VRAM with the true fire texture. Text reads "FIRE TEX! HNST", which means "Fire texture! Honest!". This was replaced by the actual fire animation as part of the Redstone Update.

Old Lava Texture

Remember me? The old lava texture from Alpha. This was replaced by a different lava animation in the Redstone Update.

Village Border

MinecraftPuddle.png A texture previously used by Mojang to mark the borders of villages, as seen at PAX. This was removed in the Redstone Update.

Duplicate Cake

MinecraftUnusedcake.png While this cake graphic is technically used, this duplicate in terrain.png isn't. This was removed in the Redstone Update.


MinecraftSnow.png Unknown, though it could be related to the snow weather effect. This was removed in the Redstone Update.


Horse Saddles

Well, that overcomplicates things. In 1.6 snapshots prior to 13w18a, horses used a unique saddle, separate from the pig saddle. This was changed in 13w18a, rendering this item unused. Its previously-used ID (416) was taken up by the Armor Stand in 1.8.


Gray Dragon

dragon.png body.png
With scales.
Without scales.

The preliminary textures for the Enderdragon boss, seen in older screenshots. The used file is ender.png. The only difference between dragon.png and body.png is that the latter lacks the scales.


SkiFree: Minecraft Edition A texture for skis was added in 1.4.6 by Dinnerbone as a red herring.

Steve the Testificate


The default player skin remapped to fit the Villager model, presumably as a template. Actually loading it in-game produces a less than desirable appearance. Note that this texture is separate from the actual villager textures, which are in their own subfolder.


Minecraft Pigman.png

A variation of the now-defunct Zombie Pigman that...isn't a zombie. It was planned to be used as an NPC mob before villagers were introduced. The texture was removed in 1.6, and nowadays the role of "Non-zombie Pigman" is fulfilled by the Piglins.

Windowless Door

MinecraftWindowlessdoor.png MCPC-Old Door Icon.png A windowless door can be found with the rest of the game's graphics. It's unclear where this would have been used, unless Mojang wanted to add windowless doors to the game. It also matches up with the old door icon from Infdev.

Minecart Textures

Minecraft-Unused-Minecart.png These textures from the minecart model are only visible in rare occasions. The first texture is on the bottom of the minecart. It can only be seen on drops in repeating minecart tracks. The second texture appears to be dirt, which is an artifact of when the minecart used to act like a portable chest. The "dirt" level used to raise when items were put into it. The texture still appears inside minecarts, but it's blocked by a different texture. It can only be seen in spectator mode.