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Notes:The Pro Wrestling

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This page contains notes for the game The Pro Wrestling.

Debug Menu Wrestler List

All mentions of "in-game" refer to what happens in WWF SmackDown!.

ID Name Notes
0 Stone Cold Steve Austin
1 The Undertaker
2 The Rock
3 Big Show
4 Mankind
5 Ken Shamrock
6 Triple H
7 Kane
8 Val Venis
9 Big Bossman Big Boss Man is three words in-game, per official WWF spelling (although some fan publications use two word variation)
10 X Pac X-Pac in-game, with dash
11 Mr.McMahon Vince McMahon in-game
12 Mr.Ass
13 Road Dogg
14 Hardcore Holly
15 Test
16 Al Snow
17 Gangrel
18 Christian
19 Edge
20 Chyna
21 Tori
22 Godfather The Godfather in-game
23 Debra
24 D'Lo Brown
25 Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry in-game
26 Matt Hardy
27 Jeff Hardy
28 Chris Jericho
29 Jeff Jarrett Removed from the known prototype and final game due to his departure to WCW; name removed in prototype debug rankings
30 Bah Bah Ray Dudley Buh Buh Ray Dudley in-game
31 Shane McMahon
32 Paul Bearer
33 Steve Blackman
34 Faarooq
35 Bradshaw
36 D-Von Dudley
37 Mideon CAW parts
38 Shawn Stasiak(Meat) CAW parts; removed from final game after future endavored from WWF during development
39 Droz CAW parts; removed from prototype and final game out of respect due to career-ending injury at a SmackDown! taping in October 1999
40 Prince Albert CAW parts
41 Patterson CAW parts; Pat Patterson
42 Brisco CAW parts; Gerald Brisco
43 Ivory CAW parts
44 Jackreen CAW parts; Jacqueline
45 Stephany McMahon CAW parts; Stephanie McMahon
46 Stone Cold Steve Austin2 CAW parts; version of Austin with merchandise cap and shirt
47 The Rock2 CAW parts; version of Rock with glasses and $500 shirt used during 1999 Royal Rumble I Quit match
48 Viscere CAW parts; Viscera
49 Stevie Richards CAW parts
- Blue Meanie CAW parts; not in debug menu superstar list, but is mentioned at 102B9 when the debug menu is running