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Notes:WarioWare: Touched!

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This page contains notes for the game WarioWare: Touched!.


Game number Debug menu title Game title
001 NINE_PUZZLE Quite Puzzled
002 PICK_UP_MONEY Greedy Hands
003 BORDERLINE Long Division
004 RESCUE_ANIMAL Free Range
005 FISH_CATCH Catch of the Day
006 PASTURE_TALE Farm Fresh
007 CAT_PANIC Pet Peeved
008 ANIMAL_HUNTER Cage Match
009 CLOCK Good Times
010 GAME_GAME Gold Digger
011 MY_BACK_ITCHES You Scratch Mine
012 ROLLING_BALL Where's Wario
013 BALLOON_CRASH Party Popper
014 FRUIT_CUTS Steel Chef
015 BLACKBOARD Chalk Full
016 COIN Impressionism
017 SEQUENCE_NUMBER Number Cruncher
018 PENMANSHIP Write On, Dude
019 MANICURE Finger Painting
021 DIAL_TOWER Straight Faces
023 MATCHES On Strike
024 NICE_CATCH Basket Case
025 TELESCOPE Luna-see
026 RED_DRAGONFLY Goin' Loopy
027 NOSE_SNEEZE Sneeze, Please!
028 CANDLE Don't Blow It
029 ARROW Running of the Bull's-eye
030 CARESS Pet Petter
031 WINDOW_WIPE Drama Clean
033 SEARCH_HOUSE Housewares
034 CALCULATOR Accountant Assault
036 SNAIL Swamp Things
037 FLOWER No Love for You
038 GONDOLA Flower to Tower
039 PELMANISM Perfect Match
040 SUPER_MARIO Super Mario Bros. (Stomp)
041 OMRICE Feeling Saucy
042 LIGHT_BULB Bright Idea
043 SNOWMAN2 Heads Will Roll
044 SPIN_DISH Dish It
045 SUPER_MARIO2 Super Mario Bros. (Grab coins)
046 ZELDA_LEGEND The Legend of Zelda
047 MARKING Corrections Officer
048 HAMMER_THROW I'm Gonna Hurl
049 SHARP_PEN Waste with Haste
050 SHOWER Taping a Leak
051 ZATSUGIDAN Fatapult
052 CRACKER Blowin' Up
053 SNIVEL_GIRL Snivel Disobedience
054 WAKE_UP Sleepy Head
055 ROOT_OF_HAIR Tuft It Out
056 SOAP_BUBBLE Bubble Head
057 SLALOM Finish Line
058 HORSE Rump Roast
059 SCULPTURE Lose Your Marble
060 TUMBLEDOWN Sweeping Victory
061 TICKLE Oh, Snap!
062 MANIKIN_PISS Chance of Showers
063 MAZE Track and Field
064 BASKETBALL Pass Aggressive
065 CALENDAR Daily Grind
066 WANAGE I'm #1!
068 FISHING Big as a Whale
069 ESCAPE Early Release
071 TRUCK Public Transportation
072 GET_ACROSS Sinking Feeling
073 FAUCET Watered Down
074 LEAK Drop in a Bucket
075 RADIO Catch a Tune
076 LANDING Touchdown
077 SLICE Got the Chops
078 TREE Shakedown
079 FIND_HIM Midnight Weirdo
080 AIR_CAP Wrap Sheet
081 SWIM Stroke of Genius
082 FOO Sweet Nothings
083 CHI_CHI Fresh Squeezed
084 NINJA2 Star Struck
085 PIZZA Wanna Slice?
086 ROLLING_AGB Pushing Buttons
087 DARUMA Middle Management
088 BARGAIN_SALE Cheap Thrill
089 PIANIST Tune Out
090 GAME_WATCH_BALL Game & Watch Toss Up
092 DOMINO Domino Theory
093 GITAI Bug Eyed
094 LONGANIMAL Zoooooooo
095 PUNCH_RUSH Into the Sunset
096 STICK_CATCH Up for Grabs
097 THREE_D_QUIZ Profiler
098 BLACK_HOLE Space Buffet
100 SPARRING Spario
101 MUSTACHE Hair Supply
102 TABERO Sugar Rush
103 STRONG_BOX Gym Locker
104 MICROSCOPE Rock Fever
105 DONKEY_KONG3 Donkey Kong 3
106 FUSE The Proud, the Fuse
107 PINWHEEL Spindy Day
108 BLOWN_OFF Crowd Control
109 NEEDLE_THREAD Domestic Issue
110 BUNDLE_UP Hot Flash
111 CONSTELLATION What's Your Sign?
112 FUSEN Rising Inflation
113 BABY_PENGUIN Birdcicle
114 ROLLING_DS Drop the Ball
115 DOT 8-Bit Hero
116 MAGIC_LAMP Wishful Thinking
117 HOGANS_ALLEY Hogan's Alley
118 JOINT_MAGIC Freak Mutation
119 BLOWGUN_DART Silent but Deadly
120 DUCK_HUNT Duck Hunt
121 CLUCK Call of Nature
122 STOP Straight to Video
123 BONES Dead Simon Says
124 GUM Pop Art
125 ROCKET_FIRE Launch Line
126 VINYL_DOLL Abdominal Blowman
127 BUBBLE_UP Cup Runneth Over
129 LONG_TONE Lung Capacity
130 STOP_DISK Scrambled Egg
131 WHIRLPOOL Unwind
132 ENGLISH_PLAY Character Development
133 UNWORLDLY_MAN Light Sleeper
135 GAME_WATCH_FLAG Game & Watch Flagman
136 GAME_WATCH_OIL Game & Watch Oil Panic
137 BREATHE_GAME In Your Face
138 ULTRA_HAND Clawing for More
139 FOGGED_GLASS Winter Fresh
140 SMOKE Clearing the Air
142 DOUGHNUT Fried Goodness
143 BALLOON_FIGHT Balloon Fight
144 CAT_TONGUE Cool It
146 TAIL_CUT It'll Grow Back
147 GAME_WATCH_LION Game & Watch Lion
148 LICE Nitpicking
149 WARIO_TEASE Upper Cut
150 MARIO_PAINT Mario Paint
151 WIND_CAR Hit the Gust
152 GAMECUBE Game On
153 OCEAN_FLOOR Deep Breath
154 NAVI_CUT It Slices, It Dices
155 GIG Power Chord
156 CONTROLLER1 Button Masher
157 CONTROLLER2 Famicom
158 SAILING Admiral Blowhard
159 BUNBETU2 Separation Anxiety
160 ERASER Burning Rubber
161 SCRATCH_CARD Scratch and Match
162 AIR_PLANE Engine Trouble
163 TIME_BOMB Short Fuse
164 DIVIDE Divide and Conquer
165 TAIKO Feel the Beat
166 IRON Oh, the Irony
167 BURIED_COIN Buried Treasure
168 BYE_BYE Sweet Sorrow
169 FACE_WASH Washed Up
170 RING Ring Master
171 REVERSE Over Easy
173 LOOP In the Loop
174 GOINGMYWAY Hi, Wire!
175 PAPER_PLANE On the Fly
176 FLAT Erosion
177 PILE_UP The Crate Escape
178 PACHINKO Ramp It Up
179 CLIP Very Attractive
180 SHAMPOO Worked to a Lather
181 DONT_FOO Unnamed "Shhhhhh" microgame (Tread Carefully in WarioWare Gold)
182 METROID Metroid
183 TEST_BOSS Test Boss
184 BOSS_RC_CAR Living Room Rally
185 BOSS_DRAW Galaxy Bounce
186 BOSS_WATAGE Seedy Area
187 BOSS_MUSHI You Break It, You Buy It
188 BOSS_TRICK_SHOT Gunslinger
189 BOSS_BOWLING Pro Bowling
190 BOSS_HANA_ROAD Being Nosy
191 BOSS_SHU Global Warning
192 BOSS_MAGIC_POWDER Rainbow Juice
193 ROLLING_STAND Wario Spinner (souvenir)
194 SPIROMETER Spirometer (souvenir)
195 TOUCH_DOLL Touch Doll (souvenir)
196 PENLIGHT Light Show (souvenir)
197 KITCHEN_TIMER Kitchen Timer (souvenir)
198 AMERICAN_CRACKER Clacker (souvenir)
199 BLOWING_BUBBLE Bubble Blaster (souvenir)
200 CASTROLL Character Roll Call
201 WIND_BELL Wind Chime (souvenir)
202 SNOW_BALL Snow Man (souvenir)
203 CHAMELEON Pet Chameleon (souvenir)
204 PIPE Air Toss 2000 (souvenir)
205 STAFFROLL Game Credits (souvenir)
206 METRONOME Metronome (souvenir)
207 RECORDER Party Tooter (souvenir)
208 WARIO_PAINT Wario Paint (souvenir)
209 ENCOURAGE_MACHINE Grandma Simulator (souvenir)
210 WORLD_MAP The "travel-to-location" sequence (See Var for details)
211 WHISTLE Whistle a Tune (souvenir)
212 YOYO Yo-Yo (souvenir)
213 PROJECTOR Reel-to-Reel (souvenir)
214 SEXY_HARMONICA Play By Ear (souvenir, plays microgame music if loaded from debug menu)
215 PIANO Piano (souvenir, plays microgame music if loaded from debug menu)
216 PUDDING Custard (souvenir)
217 LIVE_HOUSE The Hawt House sequence (See Var for details)
218 MINI_CALCULATOR Calculator (souvenir, plays microgame music if loaded from debug menu)
219 HILL_MYNA Pet Parrot (souvenir)
220 CLADOCERA Pet Brine Buddies (souvenir)
221 RECORD Turntable (souvenir)
222 MONAPIZZA Empty pink endless microgame with the caption "Template"
223 AGGREGATE They Hunger (souvenir)
224 JUGGLING Juggle Boy (souvenir)
225 BIRDMAN Air Dude (souvenir)
226 MINI_DRAW Orbit Ball (souvenir)
227 PYORO Pyoro T (souvenir)
228 PING_PONG Pong Ping (souvenir)
229 BREATHES_SKIPPING Snore Rope (souvenir)
230 MINI_HAMMER_THROW Big Hurl (souvenir)
231 TUTORIAL_CRYGOR The wheel-turning from Dr. Crygor's opening cutscene
232 TUTORIAL_KATANA The note-writing from Kat and Ana's opening cutscene
233 TUTORIAL_JIMMY The bug-scratching from Jimmy T.'s opening cutscene
234 TUTORIAL_ASHLEY The ingredient-adding from Ashley's opening cutscene
235 TUTORIAL_NINEVOLT The '36-Volt Man'-inserting from 9-Volt's opening cutscene
236 TUTORIAL_WARIOMAN The germ-poking from Wario-Man's opening cutscene
237 TUTORIAL_MONA The guitar-strumming from Mona's opening cutscene
238 TUTORIAL_MIKE The dust-blowing from Mike's opening cutscene
239 TUTORIAL_WARIO The infection-drilling from Wario's opening cutscene
240 BREAK_ELEVATOR A break scene for the elevators
241 BREAK_NINEVOLT The break scene from 9-Volt's stage
242 BREAK_MONA The break scene from Mona's stage
243 BREAK_KATANA The break scene from Kat and Ana's stage
244 BREAK_JIMMY The break scene from Jimmy T.'s stage
245 BREAK_ASHLEY The break scene from Ashley's stage
246 BREAK_WARIOMAN The break scene from Wario-Man's stage
247 BREAK_MIKE The break scene from Mike's stage
248 BREAK_WARIO The break scene from Wario's stage
249 BREAK_CRYGOR The break scene from Dr. Crygor's stage
SEQUENCE Plays every microgame in order
RANDOM Plays each microgame at random
EPILOGUE CHECK Automatically plays the selected stage's epilogue (Bugged if an elevator stage is picked)
DEMO Quite Puzzled and Greedy Hands


Debug number Travel sequence Hawt House sequence
NOT CHANGE, 0 Wario's House Wario
1 Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic Wario
2 Mona Pizza Wario
3 The Hawt House Wario
4 Club Sugar Wario
5 Kat & Ana's House Mona
6 Ashley's Mansion Jimmy T.
7 Dr. Crygor's Lab Kat & Ana
8 9-Volt's House Ashley
9 Toy Express Dr. Crygor
10 Downtown Diamond City Mike
11 Wario's House 9-Volt
12 Monster Megamix Wario says you eat garlic
13 Hardcore Mix Jamie T. congratulates you
14 Gnarly Mix James T. congratulates you
15-127 (crashes game) Wario


Debug menu title Game title
PICTBOOK Practice (Automatically increases BPM by 20 every 3 microgames)
JUMBLE Monster Megamix
THRILLING Hardcore Mix (Will always start with 1 life that can be lost, even if the Life option is set otherwise)
VERY_HARD Gnarly Mix
WARIO Touch Training
MONA Cute Cuts
JIMMY Dance Club Rub
KAT_ANA Ninja Scribble
ASHLEY Total Drag
CRYGOR Slightly Unscrewed
MIKE Mic Rocking
NINEVOLT Retro Action
REMIX1 Jamie's Mix
REMIX2 James's Mix
OPENING Intro cutscene (EPILOGUE CHECK must be selected to work)
MONAPIZZA Mona Pizza (souvenir, EPILOGUE CHECK must be selected to work)
SKELETON Slightly Unscrewed without any "curtains"
V040824 Touch Training (again)