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Panzer Dragoon Saga

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Title Screen

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Also known as: Azel -Panzer Dragoon RPG-
Developer: Team Andromeda
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Sega Saturn
Released in JP: January 29, 1998
Released in US: April 30, 1998
Released in EU: June 5, 1998

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

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Regional differences between Japanese and international versions' game script.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is the swan song RPG for the Saturn. Its rather high production value and unusual open-ended, open world RPG aspects have allowed this title to retain a cult following. Yes, you can now fly a dragon through a fully 3D world, which is rather neat. Its low print run, partially because it comes on four CDs, and high demand for a re-issue means this game goes for a pretty penny.

Debug Mode

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At boot-up, the game checks for a save game with the file name ANDROMEDA_3. If a save game with this name is found, then the debug mode will be enabled from the get-go. However, in order to fully explore this debug mode, one must plug in a keyboard to the second port. There will be plenty of debug displays enabled, plus a debug menu that can be shown in the game.

The main menu will also now have these options.

  • TOWN - Go to a specified town.
  • FIELD - Go to a specified field.
  • BATTLE - Go to a specified battle.
  • SOUND - Go to the sound test.
  • MOVIE - View any of the game's CPK files.
(Source: Yaz0r)

Using the keyboard attachment in the second controller port. Press F1 to reveal the following options:

  • 000 Edge wounded
  • 002 Edge regains consciousness
  • 004 Dragon appears
  • 006 Go to the Excavation Site
  • 008 The captain's will "last will and testament"
  • 011 Gash found on the run
  • 014 Meeting up with Gash
  • 016 Gash tells the legend of the dragon
  • 022 Farewell to Gash
  • 024 The Rumours of the Craymen fleet
  • 029 Mel Kava is defeated ~ Atolm Dragon appears
  • 034 A request from Paet
  • 040 Seized by the Empire's armies

Untranslated Text

Item Descriptions

Original Translated
攻性生物が寄ってくる Attacking creatures come closer
未使用 Unused
A necklace retrieved by Gash, which was
given the Seekers' unique ornament.
Some kind of recording machine from the Ancient Age
that analyzed and recorded information on a companion who fought.
Finely crushed nuts for feeding
small animals and windeyes.
一人用テント A tent for one person
旅に必要な最低限の荷物が入っている This has the minimum amount of baggage needed for traveling.
The Seekers' research book on man-made creations
in the Ancient Age.

Item Names

Original Translated
カムセキ Kamuseki
ダミー272 Dummy 272
ペンダント Pendant
バトルメモリー Battle Memory
ペットフード Pet Food
テント Tent
ザック Sack
ドローンレポート Drone Report