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Papa's Burgeria

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Title Screen

Papa's Burgeria

Developer: Flipline Studios
Publisher: Flipline Studios
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: August 7, 2010

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

To do:
  • Check for debug text. There is a "preload assets" button.
  • Revision Differences: There is a "Mochigames" version where you get to play as Papa Louie. Version 2.0 has it unlocked anyways.

After you receive a golden ticket in the mail, you head off to the location of Papa's Burgeria to claim your prize: employment!... Regardless, this game's got improvements over its predecessor, like actually being able to use your earned money to buy upgrades.

Johnny/Pinch Hitwell Oddity

While technically used in both this game and Papa's Pizzeria, the flipping animation for the Customer Chart shows a character named "Johnny" who can be seen for a brief period of time. He does not show up anywhere else in the game, nor does he show up in Pizzeria.

Papa's Pizzeria Johnny Oddity.png

The reason why he was cut is unknown, but he would make his official debut (albeit with some changes like a mustache) as the Closer Pinch Hitwell in Papa's Hot Dogeria, five years later with his name changed due to the addition of another Closer named Johnny in Papa's Pancakeria who looks nothing like this Johnny (being a brown haired lumberjack with large chest and a scowl,) as Pinch's Flipdeck card states that he "had his name changed from Johnny to avoid confusion." (It was probably a coincidence, however, that Johnny and Pinch are both closers as Johnny from Pancakeria was created for a beta tester of the game whereas Pinch is very clearly based on this unused Johnny.)

Unused Order Ticket Cook Meters

By modding the game, it is possible to make customers order patties that are cooked at levels that aren't normally ordered. These all have unique dial icons.

Default Text

Various places in Papa's Pizzeria uses game generated text instead of image text, usually when the text is mostly the same except for minor changes like names of things and numbers.

Customer Profile

PapasBurgeria Default Customer Profile.png

Just like in the previous game, there's placeholder text on the customer profile page. However, the Favorite Toppings listed are leftover from Pizzeria, as you can't order pepperoni, sausage, or mushrooms in this game.

The red square seems to be an overlay to help cut-off the customer full model so that it fits within the profile frame. In editor the Star Customer! badge will flash between not being there, bronze, silver, and gold.

Blank Graphics

Mixed in with all the customer body parts are some completely empty sprites that are meant to be certain body parts for specific customers who in the game, lack those body parts.

Back Hair

Cooper, Wally, Marty, Mindy, Cecilia, Clover, Gino Romano, Claire, and Edna were all supposed to have separate sprites for back hair. Some customers like Cooper, Wally, Marty, and Gino don't have any back hair in the first place, so it's unknown why they have these files. Other customers like Mindy, Cecilia, Clover, and Edna may have had their ponytails and hair buns separated from the rest of their hair to be animated like back hair but they were merged into one sprite in the final game.


Kingsley, Olga, Big Pauly, and Vicky were supposed to have neck sprites, but in the final game their necks cannot be seen. This implies that at some point they may have had visible necks.


Four customers have a blank hair sprite; Little Edoardo, Hugo, Papa Louie, and Roy. Interestingly, Little Edoardo does actually have hair in the final game but it's merged with his head sprite; presumably, it was originally supposed to be animated separately before being merged with the head.

Site Lock


Earlier versions of the game were site locked to Mochigames. In which this screen would be shown to users who played the game off-site, this screen was later unused in later versions.

Unused Text

Some unused text.

Site Lock

This game will be available for all sites on December 3rd, 2010

This would have let people know that until December 3rd 2010 the game is not available for all sites.


Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, other

Leftover from the previous game Papa's Pizzeria

Placeholder Text

Text about the item goes here. And more and more and some other info. And a third line!

Likely a placeholder description for items in the shop.


Not entirely sure what this means, but it may be a name of one of the developers or one of the play testers to thank them for helping. Also the text is in a pretty crude font not used anywhere else in the game.

Unused Rank?


Just like Papa's Pizzeria Chef Extraordinaire is not a real rank. It is unknown if the ranks were meant to go beyond rank 44 which is better than papa.

Internal Project Name

According to a lot of scripts in the game the internal project name of the game is "burgerGame".