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Papa's Pizzeria

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Title Screen

Papa's Pizzeria

Developer: Flipline Studios
Publisher: Flipline Studios
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: August 7, 2007

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Papa's Pizzeria is the first entry in the long-running Papa Louie series of restaurant time-management games, in which Papa Louie bails on his employee Roy for unexplained and possibly suspicious reasons.

Default Text

Various places in Papa's Pizzeria uses game generated text instead of image text, usually when the text is mostly the same except for minor changes like names of things and numbers.

Customer Profile

PapasPizzeria Default Customer Profile.png

Cooper has been shown to be the first created customer for this game, so it makes sense that he would be the default customer name; however, the Favorite Toppings listed are incorrect, as he only orders pepperoni in the final; it is unknown if this was a previous potential order for Cooper (as concept art shows his favorite toppings to be pepperoni, mushroom and sausage) or if it was just a default pizza order.

Cooper also would normally be served on Day 1, making it impossible for the Customer Since to be 8 and once again it is unknown if this was an intended day that Cooper was supposed to appear on or if this is just a default value.

The red square seems to be an overlay to help cut-off the customer full model so that it fits within the profile frame. In editor the Star Customer! badge will flash between not being there, bronze, silver, and gold.


PapasPizzeria Default Leaderboard.png

TCapital555 doesn't appear to connect to any specific customer from this game, though it might be a reference to Tony Solary, one of the developers of the game. Concept art shown off in the 5th anniversary image shows an Employee of the Month plaque with the name "TCapital5" written on it.

JojoButters doesn't connect to any characters in this game, but in the third game Papa's Taco Mia!, a character called Jojo would be introduced as the food critic; however, it is unknown if these two are connected.

Shady D and SargeKILLA are most likely references to Sarge, the main antagonist of the previous game Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack and BigPauly24 being a reference to the pepper bomb salesman from the same game, Big Pauly.

Papa Man obviously is a reference to the namesake of the series, Papa Louie.

FranklinRoo, IC3 UC4, and DarkKeeper365 appear to have no reference at all and ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP is clearly a filler entry.

Customer Unlock Screen

Default Name.png

This is the only place the name Lisuch appears and there has never been a character in this series under this name. It is unknown why this name was chosen, as it doesn't appear to be one of the developer's names and it's a rather uncommon name in general.

Save Files

PapasPizzeria Default Save.png

Not only is Chef Extraordinaire not a real rank that can be achieved, but Rank 33 isn't a rank that awards anything new, as the intended ranks end at 31 and even the glitch Undefined rank is only for Rank 32 before switching back the previous ranks title. It is unknown if Chef Extraordinaire was meant to be a rank title, the game's ranks were meant to go on to 33 or beyond, or if these are just default values with no meaning.

Start Day Counter

PapasPizzeria Default Day Counter.png

It is unknown why this day was picked to be the default.

Pizza Grading Scores

PapasPizzeria Default Scores.png

It is unknown why these scores were picked to be the defaults.

Blank Graphics

Mixed in with all the customer body parts are some completely empty sprites that are meant to be certain body parts for specific customers who in the game, lack those body parts.

Back Hair

Cooper, Wally, Marty, Mindy, Cecilia, Clover, and Gino Romano were all supposed to have separate sprites for back hair. Some customers like Cooper, Wally, Marty, and Gino don't have any back hair in the first place, so it's unknown why they have these files. Other customers like Mindy, Cecilia, and Clover may have had their ponytails and hair buns separated from the rest of their hair to be animated like back hair but they were merged into one sprite in the final game.


Kingsley and Olga were supposed to have neck sprites, but in the final game their necks cannot be seen. This implies that at some point they may have had visible necks.


Only one customer has a blank hair sprite and that is Little Edoardo. Interestingly, Little Edoardo does actually have hair in the final game but it's merged with his head sprite, presumably it was originally supposed to be animated separately before being merged with the head.

Obscured Graphics

Multiple instances of Roy's full body are heavily cut off due to screen boundaries or other graphics being in the way. Some images reveal his lack of feet due to the fact they would be so off screen that it would be rather useless to animate them.

Customer Numbers

In the files, customers are given numbers to represent them in the code; these numbers seem to correlate to when they were created/added to the game.

customer1 = Cooper
customer2 = Wally
customer3 = Rita
customer4 = Marty
customer5 = Kinglsey
customer6 = Timm
customer7 = Big Pauly
customer8 = Penny
customer9 = Maggie
customer10 = Taylor
customer11 = Sue
customer12 = Allen
customer13 = Mindy
customer14 = Chuck
customer15 = Greg
customer16 = Robby
customer17 = Mary
customer18 = Mitch
customer19 = Prudence
customer20 = James
customer21 = Cecilia
customer22 = Mandi
customer23 = Sasha
customer24 = Olga
customer25 = Franco
customer26 = Tohru
customer27 = Clair
customer28 = Clover
customer29 = Hugo
customer30 = Peggy
customer31 = Carlo Romano
customer32 = Little Edoardo
customer33 = Gino Romano
customer34 = Bruna Romano
customer35 = Sarge Fan
customer36 = Papa Louie

Customer Number Oddities

Some customer numbers appear out of order from others implying a later creation date.

Kingsley (customer5) is listed after Hugo (customer29). Penny (customer9) is listed after Maggie (customer10). Taylor (customer10) is listed after Sue (customer11). Mindy (customer 13) is listed after Bruna Romano (customer34), with Mary (customer 17) listed after that, then Mandi (customer22), and then Peggy (customer30).

For some reason Carlo Romano - Papa Louie (customer31-36) have their files separated from the others by the intro cutscene, implying they were a later addition to the game after the first 30 customers were added.

A select few customers have a full model sprite, most likely created to help show what the customer looks like when fully assembled. These customer are Rita, Marty, Gino Romano, Kingsley, Mindy, and Mary.

Debugging Text

All of these debugging texts can be found somewhere in "scripts/_Packages/roygame"


new customer1 added

A version of this text can be found in every Customer script file; the Cooper one is used for example here and they most likely have to do with adding a customer to the available roster of customers that can be brought in for a day's line up after being unlocked.


He\'s there, stop walk animation

Most likely to do with stopping the customers walking animation once they have reached their destination and transitioning into their idle animation.


Built customers..

Most likely to do with assembling the customer model for the customer portrait that appears in the customer files.



Most likely to do with removing the splash screen that appears once you have unlocked all the normal customers that informs the player that they have to collect all the gold badges in order to unlock Papa Louie.

No papa...

If so, then this would be the opposite, adding the splash screen back if you don't have all the badges yet.


Most likely to do with showing the customer unlock screen when you have unlocked a new customer.

Already earned this customer...

If so then this would be to stop an already unlocked customers unlock screen from appearing again afterwards.

Chosen Customers: 

Most likely to do with which customers have been chosen to be set to appear on that day.

stop spawning.

Most likely to do with stopping more customers from spawning in when the full customer line up has already been exhausted



Most likely to do with displaying all of Roy's different animations and reactions during the results screen.

Will Hit Rank # at

Most likely to do with how many tips it takes to unlock the next rank.

Going to upgrade.

Most likely to do with when you reach the tip requirement to rank up.

No upgrade

If so then this would be the opposite, if you don't reach the tip requirement to rank up.

tips today: 
total customers: 
max tips: 
Percentage of tips: 

Most likely to do with calculating your tips.

tipstoday frame: 
tipstotal frame: 

Most likely to do with displaying both your tips earned that day and the total tips you have.

the current tips?: 
The limit?: 
The diff?: 

Most likely to do with calculating and displaying the amount of tips needed to rank up.


Switching Modes To: 

Most likely to do with switching to different stations.

HUD Current Mode: 

If so, then this would be for telling which station you are currently on.

Loaded - myRank: 

Most likely to do with figuring out what rank you are on.


It is unknown what this has to do with, but it clearly has something to do with ranks.

***** CHEAT CODE: almostpapa *******

Most likely meant to show which section of the code has to do with the almostpapa cheat code.


draw how many in jar?: 

Most likely to do with calculating how many tips should be shown inside the tip jar.

-- The tip (c): 

Most likely to do with calculating how many tips you have, in raw form (hence the cents identifier as it would be calculated in the form of 5000 to represent $50.)

-- The tip ($): 

If so, then this would be the same thing, but instead for calculating what number would be shown visibly in the game (turning that aforementioned 5000 into $50.)

-----    WAITING ACCURACY   -----
time start: 
time now: 
time entered: 
waitlength = timenow - timestart - orderpausetime: 
waitinline = timestart - timeentered - waitpausetime: 
-- Ideal Wait Time (secs): 
-- Order Wait Time (secs): 
-- Order Pause Time (secs):
-- Difference (secs):
-- Was the order late?: 
-- Ideal Line Wait Time (secs): 
-- Line Wait Time (secs): 
-- Wait Pause Time (secs): 
-- Difference (secs): 

A ton of stuff that is most likely related to calculating the Order Station score.


Switching the score display to: 

Most likely to do with switching the different ways of viewing the leaderboard.


Show seal

It is unknown what this has to do with but it may have something to do with badges?

My customer num: 

Most likely to do with calculating what number customer is to be unlocked.

My customer name: 

If so then this would be about calculating what the actual name of the customer that is to be unlocked.

Order Screen

Force a customer out!

Most likely to do with when the game has to force a new customer to come out when all other customer are served.


*****  PAUSE COMMAND:  Manager Paused: 

Most likely meant to show which section of the code has to do with the main pausing code.

Go back to pause? I guess?

Seems to be about if the game was previously paused and you pause the game then you go to the pause menu, or something? Seems the developers are just as confused as we are when it comes to what this means.

Unpause - go back to 

Most likely to do with sending the player back to the correct screen after unpausing.

Pause with Customer File

Most likely to do with how pausing works when you're in the customer files.


...something about pausing... maybe...

ALREADY PAUSED! Um, tell the manager?

Most likely to do with what happens when you try pausing while it's already paused.


oven is full!

Most likely to do with what happens when you try to place a pizza somewhere when there isn't any room.

Total Baking Time: " " degrees: Doneness Level 

Most likely to do with calculating how the pizza is cooked.


Good Cut Line
Not Good Cut.

It is unknown what this has to do with, but it may have something to do with whether or not you made a valid cut in the pizza.


Let\'s play the mainmenu music!

Most likely to do with setting up the music to start playing.

I want to play the mainmenu music.... but I\'m muted!

Most likely to do with stopping the music from playing when it's muted.


Triggered Animation!

Most likely to do with starting Roy's animations during the start of day cutscene.



Might have something to do with how long it takes for a customer to order their food.

What is this cut?: 

Most likely to do with figuring out what which cut type corresponds to what cut image.


continuing transition

Something to do with the ad that displays in between days.

Serve Up

Most likely to do with actually presenting the ad itself.


Setting data for

Most likely to do with getting the data regarding the advert ready.

Don/t get data.

Most likely to do with something that stops an advert from playing.


If so then this would be something that makes the advert play.

Error loading data.
--- Data OK

Various things that have to do with the ad failing in an error or succeeding.


Most likely to do with formatting To Go related adverts.


Most likely to do with formatting HD related adverts.

Error parsing data.

Another error message.


[AS] Setup

Most likely to do with setting up the ad.

[AS] Show Continue

Most likely to do with sorting out how the continue button works.


Most likely to do with what happens when you click the continue button.


[MochiAd] Couldn\'t load an ad, make sure that your game\'s local security sandbox is configured for Access Network Only and that you are not using ad blocking software
[MOCHIAD rpcTestFn]
[MochiAd] DEPRECATED: showPreloaderAd was renamed to showPreGameAd in 2.0
[MochiAd] WARNING: Using the MochiAds test identifier, make sure to use the code from your dashboard, not this example!
[mochiads rpc] unknown rpc id:

Various messages relating to the now defunct Mochi service.

Revisional Differences

While there are two different versions of the game, the only major difference between them is the loading screen.

V1 V2
PapasPizzeria-Load v1.PNG PapasPizzeria-Load v2.PNG


Customers Song Name

The audio file for the song that plays in the customers menu is called "orderscreen_music", implying that it was originally used in the order station.

Johnny/Pinch Hitwell

While technically used in both this game and Papa's Burgeria, the flipping animation for the Customer Chart shows a character named "Johnny" who can be seen for a brief period of time. He does not show up anywhere else in the game, nor does he show up in Burgeria.

Papa's Pizzeria Johnny Oddity.png

The reason why he was cut is unknown, but he would make his official debut (albeit with some changes like a mustache) as the Closer Pinch Hitwell in Papa's Hot Doggeria, five years later with his name changed due to the addition of another Closer named Johnny in Papa's Pancakeria who looks nothing like this Johnny (being a brown haired lumberjack with large chest and a scowl,) as Pinch's Flipdeck card states that he "had his name changed from Johnny to avoid confusion." (It was probably a coincidence, however, that Johnny and Pinch are both closers as Johnny from Pancakeria was created for a beta tester of the game whereas Pinch is very clearly based on this unused Johnny.)

Internal Project Name

According to a lot of scripts in the game the internal project name of the game is roygame probably because Roy is the chef in the game. Also, the 5th anniversary image shows an in-development screenshot of the game where the title is Delivery Boy Roy's Pizzeria Panic, which leads credence to this theory.