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Papa's Wingeria

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Title Screen

Papa's Wingeria

Developer: Flipline Studios
Publisher: Flipline Studios
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: June 13, 2012

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Papa's Wingeria is the sixth entry in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. This game introduced the custom character creator, allowing players to play the game as whoever they want (for better or worse).

Unused Text

Unused text that can be found in the files.

Placeholder Text


Likely just placeholder text.


Likely placeholder text for the none symbol or the empty save files.


Most likely the default value for the customize section. In the final game unless you use hacks it is impossible to get 99/99.


Might have been the default value for the customer ticket, as the color and font are the same as the ticket.


Most likely the default value for money.


Most likely the default value for points, as it has the same font and color as points.

102 points to Rank 99

Most likely the default value for ranks and points until that rank.

Text About this item goes here. And more and more and some other info. And a third line!

Placeholder text probably for the upgrades shop until the final text was added.

Description of the badge goes here with more text and more and more.

Placeholder text for the badge description.


Likely used for naming new customers or for the player naming their profile.

Message Text Here.

Was probably used as a placeholder for when the game is giving instructions like how to cook the chicken.


Cheater Cheater

This was likely used when the player is cheating somehow.



Not entirely sure what the purpose of this but may be a placeholder for where the sun was going to be. In the final game the sun never appears as it is usually nighttime.

Freezer Trainee 

This is not a rank from Papa's Freezeria, but it seems like it.


May have been used for the save slots as a placeholder.


Sundae Shop Manager

Leftover text from Papa's Freezeria. Specifically rank 44.

Alerts for Medium (Yellow) Burgers

Leftover from Papa's Burgeria. Specifically the very bottom line for the medium timers in the upgrade shop.

Don't throw meat or tacos away during training!

Leftover from Papa's Taco Mia. Specifically during the tutorial when you try to throw away the meat or tacos at any point.

Don't move pans on the stove while training!

Once again leftover from Papa's Taco Mia.

Don't take this meat off the stove yet during training!

Also leftover from Papa's Taco Mia. Specifically when trying to take the meat off the stove during the tutorial.

WAIT! This pancake has not finished cooking!

Leftover from Papa's Pancakeria. This likely was a placeholder for when you tried grabbing the chicken wings until they could add new text.

Hard Taco, Chicken, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Peppers, Onions, Sour Cream

An order for a customer in Papa's Taco Mia.