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Papers, Please

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Title Screen

Papers, Please

Developers: Lucas Pope, 3909 (iOS)
Publisher: 3909
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS
Released internationally: August 8, 2013 (Windows/Mac OS X), February 12, 2014 (Linux), December 12, 2014 (iOS)

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Papers, Please is pretty much a border check simulator. It's way better than it sounds. Plus, shooting people with darts and sometimes actual bullets when they try to cause chaos. It started off as Windows/Mac OS X game, and was ported to Linux and iOS some time after. Welcome to Arstotzka, glory greatest country.

Unused Text

To do:
There's many more.

A decent number of unused headlines can be seen in the game's data. Some of these are extensively detailed or mention subjects not brought up in the game.

Arson At Ministry Of Agriculture HQ! Crop Output Predictions Severely Affected
Last Remaining Battleship on Southern Coast Sunk! Clear Act Of Sabotage, Kolechia Blamed
Head Minister Of Finance Found Dead! Markets React With Fast Selling, Instability
Critical Orvoch Vonor Power Plant Shut Down! Coolant System Sabotaged, On Brink Of Meltdown 

There are also a couple of lines for Day 10 that would have been used upon detainment.

This place will be covered in tiger hair from my extreme actions.
It will be over in a single eye blink. 

Unused Rules

The game files list rules that are not currently used in the release version. They mostly reflect ideas abandoned during the game development.

No entry from Antegria
No entry from Kolechia
No entry from Obristan
No entry from Republia

(The previous four are in force but not directly listed on day 1)

Detain all Kolechians
Fingerprint all Kolechians
Foreigners must be 18 or older
Goods must have a customs permit
No entry for foreign military
Maximum visit of 14 days

(Source: Papers Please Wikia)