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Parasite Eve II

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Title Screen

Parasite Eve II

Developers: Square, Squaresoft, Square USA
Publishers: Square (JP), Square EA (US), Square Europe (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 16, 1999
Released in US: September 12, 2000
Released in EU: August 25, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
Get some more of the graphic rips Kuro-chan did up here.

Parasite Eve II goes the Resident Evil route and is an excellent source of "subtle" Coca-Cola advertising.


Parasiteeve2 31323.png
Unused Backgrounds
The game developers left out a lot of background images. Some complete and some... not quite.

Daytime Rooms

All the day versions of the locked rooms are (normally) inaccessible. You are not supposed to get a key for them until after dark, though it is possible to use cheats/hacks to obtain one and get early access to the rooms.

  • All of the rooms can be entered and exited.
  • All of the rooms use a daytime version of pre-rendered backgrounds, though one room has incomplete visuals (Motel room 5).
  • They all have some form of basic path structure, allowing Aya to move around the room.
  • None of the rooms are named. The game's internal data includes a set of room names with each area. Given Dryfield, daytime is Area 2 and Dryfield, nighttime is Area 3, they have 2 separate sets of names, despite the overlap.

Room 3

The day and night versions of this room have some different angles used for the bedrooms. A green door is pretty visible here. There is no layer separation here, so it is easy to walk on top of beds and through walls.

Room 4

As with Room 3, there is no layer separation. The bed light is in a different position and a lamp is added to the desk for the night version.

Room 5

Parasite-Eve-Room-5-Day Pic 1.png
The least complete of all the inaccessible areas. Not only does this lack anything besides simple shapes, but there is also a model representing the exit/entrance. The lighting in the room is poor. Most of the time, Aya appears as a black blob on the screen with a shadow underneath.

Motel Loft

Bizarrely, the door exit trigger is not at the door, but near the left side of the laundry cage. The Jerry Can can be picked up here in nearly any spot in the room and counts towards triggering the Zebra Stalkers crashing through the glass ceiling, though this will not happen until Aya enters the room at night.

Motel Lobby

This area cannot be accessed from the game map; it will crash the game. Most of the flavor text was included, except for the register puzzle. Saving in this room results in a save file which leaves the player trapped in a loading screen with nothing to do but read some flavor text.

(Source: Kuro-chan)

Unused Items

Unknown Weapon, Item #133
The weapon looks like a P229 without the silencer and flashlight. It is possible the silencer and flashlight were intended to be add-ons, much like the Snail Magazine for the P08. It has no attached ammunition, stats or attacks, making it ineffective in combat. It uses the P229's reload animation if you manage to win a battle while it is equipped.

PE2-ammo poison.png

44 Poison, Item #168
Only the Mongoose can equip this ammo. This has the same critical rate as the 44 Magnum / 44 Maeda SP ammo and shares the 44 Maeda SP's unique properties (Poisons targets, knocks No.9 back, etc.).

PE2-ammo paralizer.png

Paralizer (sic), Item #175
The M4A1 (With any attachments) and the M249 can use this. It has the same critical rate as 5.56 Rifle Ammo. While not in the specifications, the Paralizer does inflict PARALYSIS on a single target.

PE2-ammo flashbomb.png

Flashbomb, Item #176
The M4A1 (with any attachments) and the M249 can use this. This tends to knock down targets, but many are immune to its effect.

Parasiteeve2 unused clipboard.png

Clipboard, Item #200

Agent Baldwin always carries this.

In a way this item is used since it is handed to Aya in a cutscene, but what appears in your KEY ITEM page is all the stuff that was attached to the clipboard, not the item itself.

Going unused are items 51-53, which have the letter R for their picture, and item 230 which has the letter Z. Both the Japanese and North American versions use this, though the R is in different positions.

(Source: Kuro-chan)

Unused Icons

Unknown Status Effect
Aya has eight status effects, six are used in the game. The effects are: Blindness, Paralysis, Poison, Unknown, Silence, Unknown, Confusion and Berserk.

  • #4 appears to be an empty effect that turns Aya's HUD red, but does not appear to have any effect on the player's HP/movement/abilities.
  • #6 behaves like #3, but it also attaches a status icon underneath the HUD. This one could be related to the IMPACT effect.

Parasiteeve2 unknown status.png

Tonfa Equipment
There is an unique icon for the Tonfa that remains unused. The palette for this icon is unknown but it is possible the grey icon palette would have been used, given that Tonfa's final icon is a grey gun.
Parasiteeve2 unknown icon.png

Unused Inventory Slots

Parasite Eve II has 256 slots available for inventory. Aya normally only uses 120 of them:

#0-19 - Personal equipment
#20-29 - Shooting Gallery 
#50-79 - Aya's Sedan
#80-89 - Bronco Rm.
#90-109 - Mine Entrance Truck
#130-149 - Sterilization Room
#160-169 - Laboratory

The other 136 slots remain unused. Slot #s 30, 31, 40 and 41 have a Recovery1 and Slot #32 has a Stim. They remain unavailable during the game and are removed from your inventory when the player starts their trip to Dryfield.

Unused Enemy Encounters

Several rooms in all areas of the game contain unused combat data. These can be accessed through memory editing, but are never enabled within the game. Many of the enemy compositions are similar to enabled encounters, but their layouts will be different and never include any item drops.

Location ID Enemy EXP BP MP
Patio 0x05 Lesser Stranger x2 84 164 8
Cafeteria 0x05 Bone Suckler x5 30 100 15
0x07 Rook GOLEM (Gun) x1 250 400 8
Hallway 0x02 Odd Stranger x1 34 34 3
0x03 Odd Stranger x1 34 34 3
Forked road 0x09 Odd Stranger 34 34 3
0x0A Moth x5, Rat x6 34 222 11
0x0B Green Amoeba x3, Red Amoeba x3 84 1518 114
0x0C Scorpion x6 120 48 6
0x0D Maggot x4 64 272 4
0x0E Bat x6 30 108 6
0x0F Mind Suckler x2 24 72 4
0x10 Beetle x6 90 318 6
0x14 Scavenger x1 10 62 2
0x15 Skull Stalker x1, Sucklerceph x1 8 44 4
0x16 Slouch x1, Creeping Stranger x1 27 84 2
Observatory 0x0B Lesser Stranger x1 42 82 4
0x0C Bone Suckler x1 6 20 3
0x0D Bone Suckler x6 36 120 18
0x0E Blood Suckler x2 16 56 8
0x10 Odd Stranger x1 34 34 3
0x11 Grinning Stranger x1 42 48 4
Fire exit 0x02 Lesser Stranger x1 42 82 4
0x03 Lesser Stranger x1 42 82 4
Location ID Enemy EXP BP MP
Gas Station 0x09 Mad Chaser x4 80 160 4
0x0A Chaser x1 75 50 4
General Store 0x0A Blood Suckler x5 40 140 20
Back Street 0x0A Mind Suckler x2 24 72 4
Motel room 1 0x0A Bone Suckler x2 12 40 6
Saloon G & R 0x02 Mind Suckler x2, Bone Suckler x5 54 172 19
Water Tower 0x0A Chaser x1 75 50 4
Breezeway 0x0A Chaser x1 75 50 4
Garage 0x0A Chaser x1 75 50 4
Driveway 0x03 Chaser x1 75 50 4
Junkyard 0x0A Chaser x2 150 100 8
Dryfield, Nighttime has no unused encounters.

Location ID Enemy EXP BP MP
Mesa 0x04 Mind Suckler x3, Scorpion x3 96 132 9
0x0B Bat x3, Scorpion x3 75 78 6
Cavern 0x03 Stalker x2 212 72 10
0x11 Unknown Enemy Type x1
Tunnel Entrance 0x02 Scavenger x5 50 310 10
0x0B Stalker x2 212 72 10
Tunnel 0x02 Scavenger x5 50 310 10
0x0B Bat x3, Scorpion x3 75 78 6
Gorge 0x04 Mind Suckler x4, Moth x8 64 288 16
Forked Tunnel 0x04 Mind Suckler x3, Scorpion x2 76 124 8
0x0B Bat x2 10 36 2
Secret Entrance 0x02 Stalker x2 212 72 10
Location ID Enemy EXP BP MP
Elevator Hall (B1) 0x04 Watcher x10 (Red Laser #1) 150 0 0
North Maintenance Walkway (B1) 0x04 Brute x1 152 102 5
Pod access tunnel (B1) 0x02 Watcher x4 (Red Laser #1) 60 0 0
Control room 0x02 Watcher x3 (Red Laser #1) 45 0 0
0x03 Watcher x3 (Red Laser #1) 45 0 0
Control room access tunnel 0x03 Brute x1 152 102 5
Elevator Hall (B2) 0x02 Brain Stinger x2 210 316 16
South maintenance walkway (B2) 0x03 Creeping Stranger x2, Skull Stalker x1, Mad Chaser x1 52 168 4
Operation Room 0x02 Green Amoeba x4 48 344 32
Pod access tunnel 0x02 Brute x2, Watcher x2 (White) 334 204 10
Reservoir 0x02 Creeping Stranger x2, Mad Chaser x2 54 168 4
0x03 Green Amoeba x1, Slouch x1, Sucklerceph x1 30 134 12
Water supply 0x02 Creeping Stranger x2, Slouch x2 54 168 4
0x03 Green Amoeba x3 36 258 24
Pod Bottom 0x02 Brahman (All Parts) 5000 20000 200
Location ID Enemy EXP BP MP
North promenade 0x02 Brain Stinger x2 210 316 16
Forest zone 0x0A Horned Stranger x1 115 200 5
Pavilion 0x02 Beetle x3, Bog Diver x2 185 335 9
Garden 0x04 Green Amoeba x4 48 344 32
Power plant 1 0x03 Beetle x7 105 371 7
Savanna zone 0x04 Chaser x1, Scorpion x5 175 90 13
South Promenade 0x04 Beetle x6 90 318 6
Shrine 0x02 Scorpion x4 80 32 4
0x03 Scorpion x4 80 32 4
Bridge 0x04 Bog Diver x2, Mossback x1 344 328 12
0x0C Rook GOLEM(Blade) x2 500 800 16

Placeholder Text

Inside SLUS_010.42 at 0x57B00 is the string "Where am I?", which is set for a handful of rooms, but never displayed in them. This was likely a piece of placeholder text before the name was entered into the game. It's also not located with the regular resource files.

(Source: Kuro-chan)

Unused Text

In the inventory commentary, two lines are not used when handling inventory:

I don't no how to use this.
AS12 required.

"I don't no" is spelled incorrect and the AS12 does not have any attachments.

Unused Graphics

Parasite Eve 2 uses their version of a GPS system to show areas the player has explored. On some occasions, the player can access a map of the area and fill it in with areas which have yet to be explored (They will appear dark). However, some rooms cannot appear dark since the player must explore certain areas before they can update the whole map.

The game engine handles which areas are explored by adjusting multiple address values. A single address value (per map) handles all the unexplored areas. It appears the game engine first checks the single address, then replaces unexplored areas with explored ones where appropriate.

Below is a list of rooms that will never appear dark during normal game play:

Parasiteve2 maprooms tower.png Parasiteve2 maprooms dryfield1.png Parasiteve2 maprooms dryfield2.png

Unused Video

On both discs, there is a really odd cinematic of sorts. Its file name is DUMMY.DMY and is physically at the end of both of the discs. It's very primitive visually and appears to be a DOGA animation contest entry. It also plays twice.

(Source: Kuro-chan (video rip))

Regional Differences

Japan North America
Parasiteeve2 diff page en.png

Parasiteeve2 diff supportless jp.png

Parasiteeve2 diff deadly jp.png
Parasiteeve2 diff page jp.png

Parasiteeve2 diff scavenger en.png

Parasiteeve2 diff nightmare en.png

Changes made from JP to NA Version:

  • Some changes were made in the naming of the two hardest difficulty modes in the game: Supportless and Deadly became Scavenger and Nightmare.
  • The selection page saw a change from stars to circles marking the difficulty level plus changing SICKNESS to SICK in the CONDITION category.
  • The Supportless page was re-labeled, image quality was reduced slighty, edges appear sharper, Aya's head was made a little wider and a 'touch' more of the source image can be seen along the bottom (You can see a little more of Aya's foot).
  • The Deadly page was re-labeled, image quality was reduced slighty, edges appear sharper and tint is slightly less red.
Japan North America
Parasiteeve2 item 001 jp.png Parasiteeve2 item 001 na.png

The JP version of 1st-level Recovery is misspelled "Pain Reliver" and is smaller in size than the NA version.

Japan North America
Parasiteeve2 item 007 jp.png Parasiteeve2 item 007 na.png

The JP version used a bottle of Perrier, rather than a generic carbonated water bottle like the NA version uses.

Japan North America
Parasiteeve2 item 008 jp.png Parasiteeve2 item 008 na.png

The JP version uses a full-blown medkit with a syringe and two bottles. The NA version loses the case and syringe. This may account for (In the NA version) the item being called a Medkit when it has not yet been identified as Penicillin.

Japan North America
Parasiteeve2 item 015 jp.png Parasiteeve2 item 015 na.pngParasiteeve2 item 024 na.png
Parasiteeve2 item 033 na.pngParasiteeve2 item 042 na.png

The JP version of purchasable spells all use the same inventory image, which happens to look like the Medkit image, but with different colored labels. The NA version uses color-coded vials to indicate what element the spell is.