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Pikmin 2/Version Differences

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This is a sub-page of Pikmin 2.

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A good chunk of Pikmin 2‍ '​s treasures are brand-name products, so it makes sense that they would differ with each region of the game. Then there are other treasures that were just too foreign to be recognized, so those had to be changed too. Anyway, prepare to raise your brand awareness of many fine consumables!

Items in blue appear in multiple regions, but were moved to different files.

Main Treasure Differences

Differences Between Japan and US + PAL

Model Name Japan US & PAL Notes
bane_red Pikmin2Bane redJP.png Pikmin2Bane redINT.png The Japanese text was replaced with a reference to Mario Paint.
       JP Treasure: National Hi-Top R20P (D) Battery
NA+EU Treasure: Duracell D Battery
       JP Treasure: National NEO Hi-Top R20P (D) Battery
NA+EU Treasure: Duracell C Battery
       JP Treasure: National NEO Hi-Top R6P (AA) Battery
NA+EU Treasure: Duracell 9V Battery
       JP Treasure: National Hi-Top R6P (AA) Battery
NA+EU Treasure: Duracell AA Battery
Pikmin2gfutadaisenINT.png        JP Treasure: Daisen-brand milk cover
NA+EU Treasure: Vlasic pickle jar lid

           JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US+EU Value: 100 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutakyodoINT.png        JP Treasure: Kyodo-brand milk cover
NA+EU Treasure: Dannon Fruit On the Bottom yogurt lid
Pikmin2gfutakyosinINT.png        JP Treasure: Kyoshin-brand milk cover
NA+EU Treasure: French's mustard bottle lid

           JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US+EU Value: 100 Pokos
kan Pikmin2kan JP.png Pikmin2kan INT.png Another Mario Paint reference was added while Japanese text was removed.
kan_b_gold Pikmin2dustkanfutabgoldJP.png Pikmin2dustkanfutabgoldINT.png        JP Treasure: Popsicle stick
NA+EU Treasure: Tube of lipstick
The Time Capsule image was changed from a cat to a dog. For some reason.
Pikmin2Tape blueJP.png
Pikmin2Tape blueINT.png
The last added Mario reference. The Japanese logo was changed to "Bowser Breath Brand",
and the original fake telephone number (090-1234-5678) was changed to 555-TROOPAS.
Pikmin2Yoyo BlueJP.png
Pikmin2Yoyo BlueINT.png
       JP Treasure: Milk bottle opener
NA+EU Treasure: Bottle opener

Differences Between Japan + PAL and US

Model Name Japan & PAL US Notes
compact Pikmin2CompactINT.png
JP+EU Treasure: "Lovely Yuuri" compact mirror
      US Treasure: Party hat

     JP+EU Value: 150 Pokos
           US Value: 100 Pokos
kan_imuraya Pikmin2kanimurayaINT.png Pikmin2kanimurayaNA.png JP+EU Treasure: Imuraya-brand can of beans
      US Treasure: Can of Underwood deviled ham
kan_iwate Pikmin2kaniwateINT.png
JP+EU Treasure: Iwate-brand ICC can
      US Treasure: Tin of Beach Cliff sardines
kan_kyokuyo Pikmin2kankyokuyoINT.png
JP+EU Treasure: Kyokuyo-brand can of shellfish
      US Treasure: Can of TreeTop apple juice
kan_maruha Pikmin2kanmaruhaINT.png
JP+EU Treasure: Maruha-brand can of oysters
      US Treasure: Container of Clabber Girl baking powder
kan_meidiya Pikmin2kanmeidiyaINT.png
JP+EU Treasure: Tin of Meidi-ya's corned beef
      US Treasure: Jar of Skippy peanut butter
kan_nichiro Pikmin2kannichiroINT.png Pikmin2kannichiroNA.png JP+EU Treasure: Maruha Nichiro-brand can of salmon
      US Treasure: Can of Sun Luck-brand water chestnuts
otama Pikmin2otama.png Pikmin2us lemon sibori.png JP+EU Treasure: Broken frying pan
      US Treasure: Lemon squeezer

Differences Between Japan + US and PAL

Model Name Japan & US PAL Notes
fire_helmet Pikmin2Fire helmet.png
JP+US Treasure: Kiwi shoe polish
      EU Treasure: Jar of Skippy peanut butter

    JP+US Value: 80 Pokos
          EU Value: 130 Pokos
Pikmin2Momiji normal.png
Pikmin2Momiji redEarly.png
The Arboreal Frippery was changed from green to red, probably because people confused it with a pot leaf. It's actually an innocuous Japanese Maple leaf. Note that the red treasure model is actually reused from an earlier set of treasures found on the JP disc!

Differences Between All Versions

Model Name Japan US PAL Notes
JP Treasure: Beigoma toy
US Treasure: Sunrise 8x magnifying lens
EU Treasure: Lobster claw

    JP Value: 120 Pokos
    US Value: 120 Pokos
    EU Value: 150 Pokos
JP Treasure: National NEO Hi-Top R20P (D) Battery
US Treasure: Tree Top apple sauce lid
EU Treasure: Tin of Beach Cliff sardines

    JP Value: 300 Pokos
    US Value: 300 Pokos
    EU Value: 130 Pokos
JP Treasure: National Hi-Top R20P (D) Battery
US Treasure: Ragu pasta sauce lid
EU Treasure: Pschitt! soda bottle cap

    JP Value: 140 Pokos
    US Value: 140 Pokos
    EU Value: 100 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutahirosimaNA.png Pikmin2kannichiroNA.png JP Treasure: Kurimoto-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Can opener
EU Treasure: Can of Sun Luck-brand water chestnuts

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 130 Pokos
JP Treasure: Hiruzen-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Carmex lip balm
EU Treasure: Vitamalz non-alcoholic beer bottle cap

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 60 Pokos
    EU Value: 100 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutakajiwaraEU.png JP Treasure: Kajihara-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: ChapStick lip balm
EU Treasure: Hawesta-brand can of herring in tomato sauce

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 90 Pokos
    EU Value: 130 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutakitaamaNA.png Pikmin2gfutakitaamaEU.png JP Treasure: Kitaama-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink bottle cap
EU Treasure: Fristi yogurt drink bottle cap

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 100 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutakoiwaiEU.png JP Treasure: Koiwai-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Lobster claw
EU Treasure: Connéctable sardine tin

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 150 Pokos
    EU Value: 130 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutakyusyuNA.png Pikmin2gfutakyusyuEU.png JP Treasure: Kyusyu-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Yoo-Hoo Cola bottle cap
EU Treasure: Bag of Haribo Tagada candy

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 100 Pokos
JP Treasure: Mainichi-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Wilson tennis ball can lid
EU Treasure: Tizer soft drink twist cap

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 30 Pokos
Pikmin2gfutasakotaniNA.png Pikmin2Fire helmet.png JP Treasure: Sagotani-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: A&W root beer bottle cap
EU Treasure: Kiwi shoe polish

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 80 Pokos
JP Treasure: Rakuren-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Squirt soft drink bottle cap
EU Treasure: Container of Clabber Girl baking powder

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 130 Pokos
JP Treasure: Chichiyasu-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: RC Cola bottle cap
EU Treasure: Sinalco Cola twist cap

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 100 Pokos
    EU Value: 30 Pokos
milkcap Pikmin2milkcapJP.png Pikmin2milkcapNA.png
JP Treasure: Ohayo-brand milk cover
NA Treasure: Snapple push cap
EU Treasure: Breitsamer forest honey jar

    JP Value: 30 Pokos
    US Value: 30 Pokos
    EU Value: 50 Pokos
toy_lady Pikmin2funny toy lady.png Pikmin2otama.png Pikmin2us lemon sibori.png JP Treasure: Broken metal spoon
NA Treasure: Broken frying pan
EU Treasure: Lemon squeezer

    JP Value: 80 Pokos
    US Value: 90 Pokos
    EU Value: 90 Pokos


e-Reader Support

The Japanese game had e-Reader and GBA link support that was removed from all other releases. By this point (Summer 2004) the e-Reader was dead in North America and had never really been introduced in Europe. With e-cards, 3 new minigames could be uploaded to the Game Boy Advance, with additional levels being unlocked with different cards.

In the North American version of the game, the mode can still be accessed using Gecko code 049FBC8C 00000006, then choosing any option in the Bonuses menu. Most of the text was blanked, and the code for communicaton with the e-Reader was likely removed.

Pikmin2 eReader main.png Pikmin2 eReader details.png Pikmin2 eReader games.png

Pikmin Plucking

Olimar must pluck every Pikmin from the ground before time runs out.

Pikmin Parts

Lead all Pikmin to the goal and out of harm's way.

Pikmin Path

The object is to move pieces around (a bit like a sliding puzzle) to get all Pikmin to the ship pod.

Yield Sign

Japan International
Pikmin2YieldJP.png Pikmin2YieldINT.png

Japanese Stop signs are triangular in shape. Rather than changing the shape of the Stop sign in the Wistful Wild, the North American and PAL versions changed it to a Yield sign.

Decorative Goo

As scary as Totaka's Song in Mario Paint.

On the Treasure Hoard, the Decorative Goo shows up differently depending on the version, and on the area selected. In the Japanese version, everything is fine. In the US version, it floats gently above the ground. In the European version, it visually shows up at floor level, but it doesn't have a shadow – however in the Perplexing Pool in the European version, it looks exactly the same as in the US version. All of these changes are reflected in the equivalent New Play Control! Pikmin 2 versions.

Technically, the models are different between the Japanese version and the US version (and this is likely where the visual offset that makes it appear to float was introduced), on the account of the treasure itself visually changing. The model is the same between the US version and the European version, but since the European developers wanted to fix the problem, they've changed the treasure spawn coordinates for the Valley of Repose, Awakening Wood, and Wistful Wild. The Perplexing pool might've been overlooked because the treasure is underwater, making it hard to even notice there's a problem in the first place.

Minor Things

  • The Silencer's treasure value was changed from 666 Pokos to 670 Pokos in all non-Japanese releases. The reason why should be obvious. If not, consult your local numerologist.
  • The Beady Long Legs' feet can be damaged normally in the Japanese version. In the other versions, only a Purple Pikmin's stomp can cause any damage.
  • On the Piklopedia, if you petrify a Volatile Dweevil while it is about to explode, the game freezes in the Japanese version, but causes the enemy to explode its petrified self in the overseas releases.
  • Like most other Japanese Nintendo games, there is an option to enable or disable katakana and hiragana text atop the normal kanji symbols, which helps younger readers understand the in-game text.
  • For the title screen, there is actually a setting that controls what the size of each Pikmin's flower should be (under /user/Ebisawa/title/title.szs/param/param_pikmin.txt). In Japan, this is set to 2.6, but it's 2.4 everywhere else.
  • The Japanese area selection screen has some bubbles between the word 地上 ("Above Ground") and the number of treasures. The other versions of the game moved these bubbles off-camera below the scene, since there wouldn't be enough space for them.
  • The Spherical Atlas's model was rotated in each version of the game such that the "front" matches the same region. This means that, for instance, in the Japanese version, during the treasure's discovery cutscene, Japan faces the camera. Something similar happened to the Geographic Projection, but it shows Australia in the European version and shows South America in the other versions.
  • On the opening cutscene, there's a scene that shows the Hocotate Freight banner. In the Japanese version, the word "Hocotate" is stylized like "Hokotate". It's spelled with a stylized "c" in the US and European releases.
  • On the saved game selection menu, there are two labels that explain what X and Y do when pressed. The Japanese version has a normal-text "X" and a "Y" inside bubbles, but the US and European versions use icons that represent the buttons. In the New Play Control! versions, the icons for the 1 and 2 buttons are nearly identical, but a bit simpler in the Japanese release.
  • Normally, the sunset mix for the Wistful Wild uses a music box for its main melody, like the other areas. In the US and European versions, on the first loop of the song, it actually plays with flutes and other instruments used in the main Wistful Wild theme. After the first loop (which can be heard by pausing), it reverts to the usual music box. This alternate instrumentation does not exist at all in any New Play Control! release.
  • If there are 100 Pikmin on the field, including wild Pikmin, and the game needs to pop out a new seed due to an extinction, it will have to forcefully stow away one Pikmin in order to not go over the 100 Pikmin limit. In the Japanese version, wild Pikmin are eligible to be stowed, but not in the US and European versions.
  • The journal entry for the Flare Cannon uses the word "monstrous" in the US version, but has the misspelling "monsterous" in the European version. The exact same thing happens in the Wii release...but with both regions having swapped the term.