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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.


Map Icons

PokemonHGSS-Unused PokéGear Icon for Kris.png

An unused map icon for the Pokégear. It resembles the female player character from Pokémon Crystal.

PKMN HGSS dummylist.png

A Pokégear phone number list filled with placeholder characters.

Early Pokégear

PKMN HGSS earlypokegear1.png PKMN HGSS earlypokegear2.png
PKMN HGSS earlypokegear3.png PKMN HGSS earlypokegear4.png
PKMN HGSS earlypokegear5.png

An early, unused version of the Pokégear, with a different UI and color palette.


PKMN HGSS unused 4 9.png

A happy little leftover!

PKMN HGSS dummy monster.png

A happy little monster!

PKMN HGSS unusedcountdown1.png PKMN HGSS unusedcountdown2.png PKMN HGSS unusedcountdown3.png PKMN HGSS unusedcountdown4.png PKMN HGSS unusedcountdown5.png A series of drawn numbers ranging from 1 to 5.

PKMN HGSS icon1.png PKMN HGSS icon2.png PKMN HGSS icon3.png PKMN HGSS icon4.png Four multicolored squares. Put together, the white characters inside spell "アイコン" ("Icon").

PKMN HGSS unusedpokeathlondesk.png A group of (used) Pokéathlon graphics, with a handwritten comment left over.

PKMN HGSS unusedpokeathlon1.png Some small sprites, with a developer comment on the bottom.

Two unused backdrops, two extended versions, and a placeholder grid.


PKMN HGSS 0-29.png

Boxes filled with the numbers 0 through 29, presumably representing the Pokémon displayed when placing one in the Pokéwalker.

Overworld Menu

PKMN HGSS unused1.png PKMN HGSS unused2.png

Two unused menu graphics.

PC Box Graphics

PKMN HGSS pokeball.png A pixel Pokéball, found with the PC Box sprites.

Diploma Graphics

PKMN HGSS dummy trainer.png A placeholder sprite, possibly representing a trainer.

PKMN HGSS dummy monster2.png A circular placeholder sprite resembling Jigglypuff.

Wi-fi Plaza

PKMN HGSS 9 57 0.png PKMN HGSS 9 57 1.png PKMN HGSS 9 57 2.png PKMN HGSS 9 57 3.png

Four images found with the Wi-fi Plaza games' graphics.


PKMN HGSS unuseddesign.png

An unused design featuring Pokéballs, including some sort of instructions at the top of the image.

PKMN HGSS unusedelectrode.png

A slightly-jumbled drawn image of an Electrode.

PKMN HGSS dummy.png

Some written text.

PKMN HGSS poke1.png PKMN HGSS poke2.png

More written text, stating "ポケー" ("Poké") and "ポケモン" ("Pokémon"), respectively.

PKMN HGSS 0-29 2.png

Another series of boxes containing the numbers 0 through 29.

PKMN HGSS icon 2.png

One more group of squares that spell out "アイコン".

(Source: Rikan)