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Postal 4: No Regerts

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Title Screen

Postal 4: No Regerts

Developer: Running With Scissors
Publisher: Running With Scissors
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 14, 2019 (Early Access), April 20, 2022 (full release)

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The Postal series is back with Postal 4: No Regerts! A proper new installment this time, after the absolute mess that was Postal III. Running With Scissors definitely regerts nothing.

To do:
  • Check the early public builds - As this game is obviously still in development, it has changed quite drastically since, especially when it started as a Postal 2 remake.
  • Datamine the game - It’s an Unreal Engine game, which seems to have an un-encrypted .PAK assets file. Better check what’s inside it.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Videos

All of the game's intros remain in the Content\Movies folder. However, some unused ones remain:

Borrowed from Postal Redux, likely used as an internal placeholder.

Another loading screen, this time from 2018. It showcases an early Postal 4 logo, much more akin to the logo for Postal 2 and without the "No Regerts" subtitle. It also shows what appears to be concept art for Edensin's town hall.

A copy of the showcased Running With Scissors advertisement for their online store, in a 640×360 resolution.

Prior to v0.1.3.25, an early version of game's intro was present that was dated August 2019 and in a considerably lower resolution of 512×288. The two main differences it has are the different soundtrack that plays on the background and an early version of the game logo with the subtitle "No Regrets" instead of "No Regerts".

Unused Levels

Prior to v0.1.3., three test maps were accidentally shipped in the public builds and could be loaded in-game via the game console. A fourth map known as TestMap.umap was also in the files, but couldn’t be loaded. According to Marphy Black (lead designer for Running With Scissors), TestMap was "just a few rooms that has all our weapons and items, a few objects, some terrain to test scooter driving, a room with bystanders, and a few other things".[1]