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Postal III

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Title Screen

Postal III

Developers: Trashmasters, Running With Scissors
Publisher: Akella
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 23, 2011

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

To do:
  • Unused Textures
  • Export Rick Hunter voice lines from Postal 2
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Postal III is a cautionary tale for why having no regrets isn't always a good thing.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Postal3-Subpage-Ui logo.png
Valve Leftovers
With so many games coming out around the time, who blames them for leaving in a couple of assets!

Development-Related Text

Original Translated
Сюда класть энвмапы, которые хочется чтобы были свои для каждого уровня

В vmt прописывается:
"$envmap" "#blablabla"

При загрузке, например, уровня level2 будет искаться текстура level2_blablabla.vtf
Если ее нет, то ищется просто level2.vtf
Ну а если и ее нет, то будет наша любимая эмо-текстура
Put the envmaps here you want to be used on each level

Write into the vmt:
"$envmap" "#blablabla"

When loading, for example, level2, the level2_blablabla.vtf texture will be searched for
If there isn't one, it'll look for level2.vtf
If even that's missing, there'll be our lovely emo-texture

A developer message in Russian telling them to put environment map directories in a .vmt file.

Unused Text


	"dir"		"maps"
	"dir"		"materials"
	"dir"		"models"
	"dir"		"scenes"
	"dir"		"sound"
	"ignore"	""
	"ignore"	"reslists"

A leftover from Portal 2. Its purpose is unknown.

Unused Models

Most unused models are from old character designs or scrapped ideas.

Early Main Menu Postal Dude


An early, surprisingly different version of the Dude's Menu model that resembles the old 2007 Postal Dude by J. Leichliter, it can be found in models/main_menu/dude_main_menu.mdl. The version found in the finished game lacks the lower half of his trenchcoat, and only has a single animation, for the main menu lazing around. The 2007 prototype of the game has the full model completely intact, including the lower half of his trenchcoat.

Unused Test Town Hotel Models

The final game still has models from the Test Town hotel. These are all still in the game files due to Postal III still technically being in development when it released.

Early Test Character


In a folder named "postal_rage", you can find a character named "Maxel", a leftover from Axle Rage, a Akella project cancelled in 2006; he looks very different to everyone else in the game. Interestingly, in a developer screenshot that came with the prototype leak, the developer is playing as Maxel, meaning Maxel was used as the placeholder player model until the Postal Dude's was properly implemented.

Unused Postal Babe Model


This unused model, F_Avg_Postal_Babe, is an untextured model of one of the Postal Babes, which are characters that originated from Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend.

Unused Female Character


The model's filename is F_Avg_SS_Skirt. It has no animations, which means it was most likely cut very early into development. This model is also in the 2007 leaked build.

Unused Video

A placeholder video in the media folder; just a white backrground with the text "cutscene in progress".

Unused Textures

Postal III has many unused textures. Many of these are either leftovers from the in-game cutscenes are leftovers from scrapped ideas.

Bloody Zealot Textures

Inside the "cutscenes" folder of the "characters" directory, there are unused bloody textures for the Zealot in both cutscenes of the AIDS-infected cat hunting mission.

Bloody UN Soldier Textures

The United Nations soldier has an unused, blood-covered texture; this is most likely a remnant from a cutscene.

Unused Spade Textures

Originally, the shovel was intended to be a spade. The textures for this original design are still in the game, with the model being found in the leaked 2007 build.

Unused Fat SWAT Textures

These textures, along with leaked concept art, are the only remnants of M_Big_SWAT, a character made and scrapped very early in development.

Unused Dev Textures

Postal III only uses a handful of developer textures in it's maps. So most of them go unused


Unused Sounds

The game's unfinished state means there's a fair few sounds that go unused, some of them from early builds of the game.

Unused Voice Actor

Shortly after the first press demos were completed, the original actor for the Postal Dude, Rick Hunter, had to leave the project due to obligations elsewhere. The stuff he recorded for the game is still present in the data files, and a good chunk of it was eventually snuck into Postal 2 Complete in a patch.

To do:
Rip, convert and upload raw files if they're still in the game

Temp Voice Acting

Used in early stages of development, these clips, voiced by Mike Jaret, are generic citizen remarks and screams. These go unused in the final game, though they can be heard in early footage.






"Oh my god he just killed that guy!"

"Look out!"

"Man down!"

*weakly* "Mommy!"

"My shirt!"




*high-pitched screaming*


"Somebody call a cop!"

"Somebody call an ambulance!"

"Somebody stop that guy!"


"What the fuck!?"

"What the hell you doing!?"

"You fucking asshole!"

Revision Diferences

After the game's release, Trashmasters released a total of three patches in an attempt to salvage the disaster the game was. One of these additions was a "free-roam" mode that wasn't much other than all the outdoor maps from the game's missions (and specific maps like Porn World and the arcade) strung together with level transitions and the mission logic removed. The Postal Dude also starts free-roam with every weapon unlocked.

To do:
Document more worth noting changes made with the patches

Before the 1.12 update the game used a remix of the song "Goodbye Almond Eyes" by Tokyo Rose for the "Porn World" and "Jen Walcott's Bodyguard" missions, but because Akella didn't own the rights for the song it was replaced by a new track.