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Prerelease:Crash Bandicoot: Warped

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

To do:
  • Clean this page up. It desperately needs a cleanup.
  • There are blog posts from one of the developers detailing the development of the original Crash Bandicoot titles - these include aspects such as the length of development time as well as technical details.
  • Josh Mancell has "pre-console mixes" of tracks from this game on his SoundCloud.

Earliest Build

Total Play n°8 Promotional Video

In September 1998, the Total Play magazine released a promotional video called Découvrez les futurs hits PlayStation 98 VHS (16:15) containing gameplay previews of a lot of games, including Crash 3. This might be the earliest Crash 3 footage to ever surface, and features lots of differences.

  • A lot of elements present in this build are incomplete and use placeholders lifted from the previous game.
  • There is no music at any point in the game.
  • The footage starts with the Naughty Dog screen from Crash 2, except Crash itself is not present.
  • There is no title screen. Instead, a level select will boot with seven available options: WARP ROOM, GREAT WALL1 ("Orient Express"), GREAT WALL2 ("Midnight Run"), MEDIEVAL1 ("Toad Village"), MEDIEVAL2 ("Gee Wiz"), ATLANTIS1 ("Under Pressure"), and PREHISTORIC1 ("Bone Yard"). None of the levels have proper names at this point.
  • Crash uses the warp sounds from the previous game.
  • The warp room is in a very primitive state and with a very early design. The floor has Cortex's face on it, and only the first time travel area is available. The load/save monitor has an extremely different design.
  • The buttons have a completely different style. Instead of a boss button, there is a number 6 button. When Crash stands on a button it lights up from below, followed by the warp area lighting up, instead of a warp orb. No level information is displayed as well.
  • The normal spin sound effect is used underwater.
  • Under Pressure lacks the city background.
  • The Crash 2 game over screen is re-used as a placeholder.
  • The exit warp is also re-used from Crash 2 as a placeholder.
  • A lab assistant that didn't make it to the final game was supposed to be riding the triceratops that chases Crash.
  • A TNT beep sound effect plays for no discernible reason.
  • Bone Yard has a T-rex nest with an egg in the side-scrolling area in front of a lava pit, the baby T that comes out being used for the chase sequence that follows right after, though no triceratops appears in the video.
  • Baby T vanishes when taking a hit instead of running away.
  • A lot of sound effects are missing.
  • Checkpoint boxes are re-used from Crash 2.
  • The drop shadow is a dark circle instead of the more accurate shadow used in the final game.

Press Kit Images

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: What are the dates for these screenshots?

The following images were taken from perhaps the most primitive version of the game.

Crash 3 Early Warp Room.jpeg
This is the old appearance of the first Warp Room. The buttons have a completely different style. Notice also how instead of a boss button, there's a number 6 button, and not in the center either. The button where Crash stands on emits a light around him, something that doesn't happen in the final version. The most noticeable difference is the presence of a light beam instead of the Warp Sphere (which doesn't have a picture). The background is also much too plain.

Crash 3 Early Water Mine.jpeg
The underwater mine is completely different, both in color and design. It also appears to emit a small light beam from its top. The final mine is yellow and red, and has small bulbs.

Crash 3 Early Warp Vortex.jpeg
The prototype used the same warp portal from Crash 2 instead of the Time Twister.

Crash 3 Early Orient Express.jpg

  • The barrel carts in Pura's levels used to have a row of 3 barrels. The final game adds 2 barrels on top.
  • There are two extra buildings at the beginning of the level.
  • Pura has a round shadow.

Crash 3 Early Gee Wiz.jpg

  • The sky background of Gee Wiz has a different color.
  • There is a checkpoint crate behind the wizard.
  • The wizards have an extra hit point. When you hit them for the first time, their robes and beard will disappear and they'll stay in their underpants, similar to when you shoot them with the bazooka in NTSC-U (this was re-added in PAL version).
  • The wizard has no shadow.
  • Crash has a round shadow.

E3 Demo

There isn't much information about the build seen at the booth, but from what we can see, it was also the earliest build given to the press and magazine previews. It is not known how many levels were actually playable, but given all the info gathered from videos and preview articles, at least 8 levels were seen in some format.

Level Order
Gee Wiz Level 1
Under Pressure Level 2
Bone Yard Level 3
Midnight Run Level 4
Makin' Waves ?
Tomb Time ?
Hog Wild ?
Bye Bye Blimps ?

E3 Footage

This footage starts 5 minutes into the full recording and showcases gameplay of level 1 Gee Wiz (level 6 as of the final game), level 2 Under Pressure, level 4 Bone Yard, and level 9 Tomb Time.

  • Crash has a round shadow.
  • Checkpoint crates make no sound when opened.
  • The purple gem path in Tomb Time was very different, without a hole separating the paths and without the gem door. Instead, there were only hazards, but it's difficult to know what was further ahead because of the poor quality of the footage.
  • Crash already has his super powers (like Tornado Spin) even in the first levels.
  • Gee Wiz had a different sky background.
  • Gee Wiz also appears to have previously an unknown, unreleased music track that was never used in the final game.
  • A lab assistant rides the triceratops that chases Crash.
  • When Crash was killed trampled, the triceratops kept walking without stepping on Crash.
  • Under Pressure has no background.
  • The blowfish has a purple color.

E3 MARO Videospiele VHS Messevideo

  • Starts at 1:46:17.
  • Again at 2:07:11.

Early Trailer

This trailer was found on multiple European demo discs.

  • An early logo of the game can be seen.
  • Crash has a round shadow.
  • The knights and Egyptian flamers have an extra shadow because of the swords and flames, to make them look more real. All shadows in the final game are much more realistic.
  • Gee Wiz's sky background is different. It also shows an Aku Aku Crate that isn't usually there (though it does appear in Time Trial mode) and a single Locked Crate, in place of the usual 8.
  • It can be seen in an early version of Time Twister's Warp Room.
  • Under Pressure has no background.
  • The blowfish has a purple color.
  • The medieval levels used to have an underground bonus theme filled with advanced machinery (this theme was probably taken off because it didn't make sense in the medieval era). The entrance to the bonus stage is a lid that opens down, making Crash fall. These were commonly used in Crash 2 but were replaced in Crash 3 with the hovering platforms. The bonus entrance is also wooden and doesn't appear in the final game. Then there's the bonus stage itself, which is fairly odd considering that the medieval era wasn't supposed to have technology. Finally, we see Crash exiting the bonus stage in a platform that has a different style from the entrance, something that is never seen. Though it resembles the future levels' platforms, it's actually different and isn't used in the final game.
  • The bonus levels didn't show a total box counter.
  • Gee Wiz originally had 87 crates.
  • Crash would tap his left foot after being sliced by a knight and before his legs walked away.
  • A lab assistant rides the triceratops that chases Crash.
  • Bone Yard also used to have the Baby-T egg at first. It ended up being placed in Dino Might! and Eggipus Rex only.
  • The flames of the Egyptian Flamers were small and simple.

Computer and Video Games Issue 202

Load/save monitor

Crash 3 Early Load-Save Monitor.png

  • This is the earliest known monitor. It's the same used in the early Time Twister.
  • This monitor used to be very detailed. Notice there is no text or the presence of Coco.
  • The screen used to be black.

Extreme PlayStation Issue 09

Warp Room

Crash 3 Prerelease WarpRoomE3.png

  • There is no HUD showing the collectibles and level's name upon selecting a level.
  • Midnight Run is level 4 here.
  • Some of the buttons are facing the wrong way.

"Orient Express"

Crash 3 Prerelease PauseMenuE3.png

  • "Orient Express" was the original name for Midnight Run.
  • The Pause Menu is based on Crash 2, having crystals and gems all in the same screen instead of separete sections for each collectible.

Consolemania Issue 77

Load/save monitor

Crash 3 Prerelease MonitorE3.png

Another shot of the early load/save screen.

Warp Room

Crash 3 Prerelease UnderPressureLevelE3.png

Under Pressure was the second level of the demo.

Promotional Trailer

The trailer present with the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 14 and Test Drive demo.

  • The game now uses the final logo.
  • Crash has a round shadow.
  • Gee Wiz has a different background.
  • Crash would tap his left foot after being sliced by a knight and before his legs walked away.
  • Crash was a playable character in Bye Bye Blimps instead of Coco.
  • Instead of Crash's face, the health bar used to have an icon of his plane.
  • A lab assistant rides the triceratops that chases Crash.
  • Motocycle levels don't show the race position.
  • Under Pressure doesn't have a background.
  • The blowfish has a purple color.
  • Crash was riding on Baby-T on the final chase part of Bone Yard.
  • It seems that Crash didn't need to go on accelerators to make wheelies on the bike levels.

Iron Clock Box Build

The first known build having Time Trial mode. It appears to be from a version of the game earlier than the first demo of the game, as the iron clock design has an even earlier design.

PlayStation Zone CD Vol. 1

  • Golden stopwatches were originally an iron box (outline box before collecting a crystal).
  • 0:01 Under Pressure doesn't have a background.
  • 0:02 The Time Trial box in Under Pressure is placed before the first two crates, instead of being higher up.
  • 0:12 The blowfish has a purple color.
  • 0:27 The Time Trial box in Orient Express is placed at the center, right before the first two crates, instead of being after the second.
  • 0:37 Orient Express has extra buildings.
  • 0:45 Coco respawns in the air.
  • 0:53 The Time Trial box in Toad Village is placed at the center, instead of being more to the right.
  • 0:55 Medieval music theme is a beta version (less instruments behind the main theme).
  • 1:08 There is no Super Powers tab in the pause menu.
  • 1:08 The pause screen shows a total of 40 gems in the game instead of 42.
  • 1:37 Checkpoint crates make no sound when opened.
  • 1:39 A lab assistant rides the triceratops that chases Crash.
  • 1:40 The triceratops makes a different animation when Crash dies.
  • Triceratops seems to have issues with its model (black line at the center).

Official Website Trailer

  • The menu background on the title screen was black.
  • Tiny used to have his icon from the previous game.
  • There is no boss intro in Tiny's battle.
  • Cortex is not present in the coliseum.
  • The background behind where Cortex would be is black.
  • There is no clock icon next to the timer in Time Trial mode.
  • There are some weird pillars on the sides of Hang'em High.
  • The bonus levels didn't show a total box counter.

Templo dos Jogos

Starts at 12:32.

  • Build shown at the ECTS event.

Starts at 10:34.


Crash 3 Prerelease Iron Clock Box Build Bye Bye Blimps.png

Crash 3 Prerelease Iron Clock Box Build Tiny Tiger 1.png

Crash 3 Prerelease Iron Clock Box Build Tiny Tiger 2.png

(Source: PSM Issue 14)

Crash 3 Early Sapphire Relic.png

  • Sapphire relics used to be Silver, with a white color.
  • N. Gin is using his icon from the previous game.

Crash 3 Early Future Frenzy.png

  • The lasers fences have a different design.
  • The floor ahead is reddish.

Crash 3 Early Future Frenzy Bonus.png

  • The bonus round doesn't have the Super Powers icons in the background to guide the player.
  • The crate counter doesn't show a total.

Crash 3 Early Mad Bombers.png

  • The plane HUD uses an icon of Crash's plane instead of a drawing of his face wearing a pilot outfit.
  • The right side of the HUD shows a blimp icon instead of a red plane one. It oddly displays "0/0".

Unofficial Guide

The following monochromatic screenshots come from an unofficial guide (Brady Games Guides) released a long time ago. It shows several screenshots and information from an even more late prototype version.

Crash 3 Beta Load-Save-Monitor.png Crash 3 Beta Load-Save-Monitor 1.png

The second version of the load/save monitor used to be very simple, with no levers or text. Notice also how Coco is on the right side, instead of being to the left. The monitor would later be changed to a different prototype form before ending up as the final version we're used to. The platform at the center is also different.

Crash 3 Beta Save-Slots.jpg

The save slots used to be like Crash 2's, showing the number of lives instead of the number of relics. We can also see level names on the 4 saves (maybe just as placeholders).

Crash 3 Beta Crash-Level-Icon.png

  • Crash's level icon used to be the same as his life icon, but more stretched out.
  • Dingodile's icon is different.
  • The gold relic time of Tomb Time was 1:29:00 instead of 1:10:00, which is a lower requirement.

Crash 3 Beta Sphynxinator-Relic.jpg

A sapphire was awarded in Sphynxinator for the time of 1:45:90, which is lower than the requirement in the game. Oddly, the guide states that you need 1:42:00 for it, which is the requirement in the final version. This might mean that the screenshots were taken from an older version than the one they used to write the text in the guide.

Crash 3 Beta N-Gin.png

  • N. Gin's mech has morphed into its second form, but Pura is nowhere to be seen. In the final version, his hovercraft attaches itself to Coco's ship by then.
  • N. Gin used to have his icon from the previous game.
  • N. Gin's mech lacks most textures.
  • Oddly, Coco has 0% health left. The death for this battle probably wasn't programmed yet.

Crash 3 Beta Bug-Lite-Checkpoint.jpg

There was an iron checkpoint that isn't usually there in the yellow gem passage from Bug Lite.

Crash 3 Beta Neodyne-Systems.jpg

The secret Warp Room where all the lab assistants are created used to be called "Neodyne Systems" instead of "Neo-Cor Systems".

Crash 3 Beta Hang-Em-High-Relic.jpg

  • The player managed to get a Sapphire on Hang'em High with a time of 1:28:63, indicating that the Sapphire requirement used to be lower. It also shows that the Gold requirement is about 20 seconds lower.
  • The character icons on the left are missing, probably due to a bug.

The guide references each level's crate total. A lot of them differ from the final version and match the screenshots seen throughout the guide:

  • Hang 'Em High: 81 instead of 96.
  • Deep Trouble: 88 instead of 83.
  • High Time: 89 instead of 85.
  • Road Crash: 29 instead of 25.
  • Sphynxinator: 104 instead of 105.
  • Future Frenzy: 134 instead of 133.
  • Gone Tomorrow: 88 instead of 87.
  • Flaming Passion: 76 instead of 75

Review Build

This is an almost finished version that was sent to magazine reviewers before the game's release. It's also seems to be the same version used in the instruction manual.

Crash 3 Beta Coco Icon.png

  • Coco's icon was different in this version. The art was more similar with her artworks, unlike the final version which is more cartoonish.
  • The Gold Relic time for Makin' Waves was 3 thousandths less than the final version.

Crash 3 Beta Warp Room.png

  • The Warp Room follows the same style as older versions, with a much simpler monitor. But this time, the "Load/Save" text was added.
  • The middle platform leading to the secret Warp Room had a blue color.

Crash 3 Beta Road Crash.png

The alien icon that was on a road sign leading to a secret level had only a black outline instead of its entire face being all black.


Hard path themes were composed for every level type except medieval, even levels that ended up never getting death or gem routes in the final game. Mancell's comments seem to indicate that the themes themselves were composed independently from the designing of the levels:

I'm not sure if the level was ever completed- that would be a Naughty Dog question. All I know is that I made "danger" variations of all the levels... including underwater, jet ski, etc.
(Source: Josh Mancell's SoundCloud - Crash Bandicoot: Warped - Moto Skull Route (outtake), page comments)