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Prerelease:Yume Nikki

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Yume Nikki.

Development Timeline

While little official information is available, a limited timeline can be produced based on what is currently known about Kikiyama and Yume Nikki.



  • January 13: Kikiyama uploads KALIMBA to their music profile, featuring the same characters that would later be found in Yume Nikki's "KALMIBA TV Channel" event.[3]
  • February 2-June 23: Kikiayama continues working on assets for Yume Nikki.
  • June 26: Yume Nikki Version 0.00 is released. The game is consistently updated during 2004 and 2005.



  • February 10: Yume Nikki Version 0.10a is released on Playism. There are no differences from v0.10 with the Yumesyuusei patch applied other than the title screen now showing "ver. 0.10a".

Kikiyama's Music Profile

As mentioned above, Kikiyama had a profile on the now-defunct website "players.music-eclub.com", which hosted some of the music that they made prior to Yume Nikki's release. While the Internet Archive has several iterations of the page captured, the songs uploaded (see below) were not.

The artwork made for some of the tracks even uses assets that would be found in Yume Nikki later on.

Interestingly, Kikiyama's avatar on this site was a smaller version of Madotsuki's room with no door. It's possible that this version of the room was present in v0.00, as according to Kikiyama's changelog loading a save file from v0.00 into v0.01 will start you in a different position.

Kikiyama's Avatar In-Game
Yn-KikiyamaAvatar.jpg Yn-MadotsukiDreamRoom.png

Listed Music

Eight songs were uploaded to Kikiyama's profile, but since the site is defunct, some of them are currently lost. Despite this, some information is available about each of them.

It's also possible that more songs existed on their profile, but were removed. Cicada Drums is an example of this, as it is nowhere to be found on later captures of their profile.

Artwork Title (Japanese) Title (Translated) Date Description (Japanese) Description (Translated) Notes Audio (If available)
Yn-KikiyamaBK5.jpg BK5 BK5 August 4, 2003 僕が音楽を作り始めて最初のころに作った曲ですが、気に入っていくつもREMIXしたうちのひとつです。ぜひ聞いてみて下さい。【04/09/18 ビットレート112→64に変更致しました】 This is a song I made from when I first started making music, but I like it and it's one of several remixes. Please listen to it.
  • (September 18, 2004 - The bitrate was changed from 112 to 64 kbps.)
This is the first song uploaded on their profile, and is probably unrelated to Yume Nikki.

It uses a generic image from "players.music-eclub.com" for its artwork.

It has been re-uploaded to YouTube by another user.

Yn-KikiyamaCicadaDrums.jpg せみドラム Cicada Drums September 4, 2003 ミニマルな感じのテクノ曲です。リバーブがせみの鳴き声のように聞こえます。ループさせてトラックのミュートでつくった曲で、あまり激しい展開はしない曲です。 It's a minimalist techno song. The reverb sounds like the cry of a cicada. This song was created by looping and muting the tracks, and is a song that doesn't intensify much. This song can only be found on the oldest archived capture of their profile on Internet Archive, and is absent from all available captures afterward.

It uses a generic image from "players.music-eclub.com" for its artwork.

Yn-KikiyamaDisChildArt.jpg ディス子供 DisChild September 4, 2003 ディスコミュージックな感じの勢いのある曲です。RS7000のマスターエフェクトをかけながら録音しました。【03/10/10 ビットレート128→64に変更致しました】 It's a song with the momentum of disco music. I recorded it while applying the RS7000's master effect.
  • (October 10, 2003 - The bitrate was changed from 128 to 64 kbps.)
Two Medamaude are on the art, long before the release of v0.00. One of them is the unused variant.

The title seems to be a portmanteau of "Disco" and "Kodomo" (for "Child"), sounding like "Disukodomo" when read.

This song was re-uploaded into a compilation video on Niconico.

Yn-KikiyamaOldSeries1Art.jpg 古シリーズ1 Old Series 1 November 18, 2003 昔RM1xで作ったポップで優しい感じの曲です。(10分以上ある内の転調後の後半を録音したのでイントロがぶつぎれています)【2005/04/30 ビットレート96→64に変更致しました】 It's a gentle pop song I made with the RM1x back in the day. (The intro is rushing because I recorded the second half after about 10 minutes of modulation.)
  • (April 30, 2005 - The bitrate was changed from 96 to 64 kbps.)
The text in the image, 古い曲, translates to "Old Song".

The RM1x is a groovebox manufactured by Yamaha from 1999-2002.

This song was re-uploaded into a compilation video on Niconico.

Yn-KikiyamaNEONArt.jpg NEON NEON December 2, 2003 昔作ったパターンを見つけて、気に入ったので1曲の長さに作り直したものです。今回はアドリブやめて全部打ち込みで作りました。【2004/2/13 ビットレート64→40に変更致しました】 I found a pattern I made before that I liked, so I remade it into song length. This time I stopped doing ad-lib and put my heart into making it.
  • (February 13, 2004 - The bitrate was changed from 64 to 40 kbps.)
Contrary to the name, it doesn't sound anything like Neon World's music.

This song was re-uploaded into a compilation video on Niconico.

Yn-KikiyamaKALIMBAArt.jpg KALIMBA KALIMBA January 13, 2004 ミニマルな感じのテクノ曲です。カリンバの音がメインの曲です。【2004/2/13 ビットレート96→64に変更致しました】 It's a minimalist techno song. The sound of kalimba is the main tune.
  • (February 13, 2004 - The bitrate was changed from 96 to 64 kbps.)
This is a long version of the music used during the "KALIMBA TV Channel" event in Yume Nikki, which didn't appear in the game until sometime after v0.06.

It has been reuploaded to YouTube and Niconico by other users, with the latter confirming that it came from Kikiyama's profile.

Yn-KikiyamaWAVEArt.gif WAVE WAVE May 11, 2005 ポップな感じの曲です。QY70とRS7000を繋げて作りました。
  • ※以前公開していた同名曲の別アレンジです。
It's a song with a pop feel. I made it by connecting the QY70 and RS7000.
  • It's a different arrangement of a song that had been released before under the same name.
This is the first song uploaded after Yume Nikki's release, with the artwork featuring lamps from Lamp World. The current version of Yume Nikki at the time was v0.07.

The description implies that an earlier iteration of the song exists, but no captures of this original version are available on the Internet Archive.

Both manufactured by Yamaha, the QY70 is a MIDI sequencer while the RS7000 is a groovebox.

This song was re-uploaded into a compilation video on Niconico.

Yn-KikiyamaYouthShadowArt.jpg 青春の影 Youth's Shadow October 4, 2007 N/A N/A The final song uploaded on Kikiyama's profile, just three days after v0.10 was released. Unlike the prior tracks, the genre of this one is listed as "Game Music" rather than "Techno". Unfortunately, its page wasn't archived, so the description can't be seen. The cover art uses a generic image. N/A
(Translations: Dasutein)