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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Alpha

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

The alpha build of A Hat in Time was distributed to Kickstarter/slacker backers from February 20, 2014 to February 28, 2015. Identified by the words ALPHA BUILD: FAR FROM FINISHED at the bottom of the screen while in-game.

Unused Text


None = No Description
Ch1HarborRest = Enter the Harbor Resturant
Ch1MafiaTie5 = Collect 5 Mafia Ties

Text for what appears to be a scrapped checklist system.


custom0 = [custom0]
custom1 = [custom1]
custom2 = [custom2]
custom3 = [custom3]

BadgePart = Part

UnknownName = ??? Badge
UnknownDescFun0 = No description.
UnknownDescTech0 = This badge does not seem to have any purpose.

UnknownName = ??? Cosmetic
UnknownDesc0 = No description.

WitchHatName = Witch Hat
WitchHatDesc0 = Dark magic powers! No wait, it's just a costume...

FoxMaskName = Dweller Mask
FoxMaskDesc0 = You're a sly fox! See the world from a dweller's perspective!

Unused text related to the collectibles. The Witch Hat would later appear in the game's Beta, and while the Dweller Mask does appear, there's no way to check its description.


settings = The settings menu is currently unavailable. However, you can modify graphical options in the game ini files at[br]Steam/steamapps/common/HatinTime/HatinTimeGame/[br]Please excuse this lack of in-game settings.

Text that appears to be for an earlier build that lacked a settings menu.


SleepWakeUp = Wake Up


WorkshopBrowser=Steam Workshop

WorkshopName = Workshop Item Name
WorkshopLastMod = Last Updated
WorkshopStatus = Status
WorkshopStatus_NotSubmit = Not Submitted

ConversationTreeEditor_F=Gears for Breakfast ConversationTree Editor: `~
ConversationPlay = Play Conversation
ConversationResetState = Reset Conversation States
ConversationSnapGrid = Snap To Grid

Text that appears to be for an editor.


teleport0 = What? Where am I?!
teleport1 = Hey, it's that girl!
teleport2 = What's going on?!

Text for a Mafia being teleported.



learn0 = The problem with all the enemies in this world is that they never learn! Never!
learn1 = There are thousands of Mafia, but they all do the exact same attack! Every single one of them!
learn2 = I, on the other hand, know everything about you! Everything you've gone through!
learn3 = No attack will come as a surprise, bring it on, I'm ready!!

intro0 = Aha!! Let me take care of this little thing for you!
intro1 = Oh what's that? You want it back? Hahahaha!!
intro2 = You're nothing without this thing! Give up!

Text that appears to be for a fight with Mustache Girl. No such scene is present in the Alpha.


divejump0 = Look at this girl. Look at how small and incapable she is at platforming.
divejump1 = She doesn't look like she's with the mafia.
divejump2 = She probably doesn't even know she can crouch using [button]Right Trigger[/button] ([button]CTRL[/button]) in mid-air to do a dive move.
divejump3 = [scream]Hah![/scream][wait] She'll probably fall in the river.
river0 = Told you she'd fall in the river.
river1 = Looks like the little fool forgot she can do a dive in mid-air by pressing [button]Right Trigger[/button] ([button]CTRL[/button]).
river2 = Everyone saw it coming.

Text leftover from the prototype, where two seagulls taught the player about crouching and diving.


ticket0=Ey! Whatcha think yer doing? Show me ye ticket first!

intro0=Eh! Show me ye ticket!
intro1=Ain't got no ticket? Then yer not getting on me train! Yer getting off next station young lady!
timehit1=WHATCHA DAT?!?
timehit2=Stupid sky thing! Get this thing outta me face!!
timehit3=And don't come falling down on me head again!

mu_q0=It's Mustache Girl!
mu_q1=I needed that object!
mu_q2=You're grumpy!
mu_q3=Open the door!

mu_q0_a0=Mustache what? Whatcho talking about girl?
mu_q0_a1=An intruder? Up to trouble? Not on my train!
mu_q0_a2=Control room! Control room! This is conductor five here!
mu_q0_a3=I've been told we have an intruding little girl, and she ain't paid her ticket!
mu_q0_a4=There, now Control room knows!
mu_q0_a5=Now I've gotta get ahold of that darn girl, but I can't leave my post.
mu_q0_a6=You! Kid. Go fetch that other girl and tell her she needs a ticket or she's outta here!
mu_q1_a0=Yeah? Well I need you to get outta my face about it!
mu_q2_a0=And you're annoying! Get outta my face about it!
mu_q3_a0=You got a ticket? No? Then ya not getting in!
get_mu0=Go out and get that girl! Tell her she needs a ticket!

intro0=Ey! Ye bunch of peck necks! Show me them tickets or yer not getting on board!
intro1=Eck, alright get on board!
intro_pre0=Next station be coming up soon! If ye wanna get off then ye can get off then.

Text for The Conductor. While he does appear on the main menu, he never speaks in the Alpha.



CAW Agents never speak in the Alpha, and their text consists only of this.


linecounter0=One Line!
linecounter1=One Line![br]Two lines!
option0=Option A
option1=Option B

mumbletest=Igem bugem I am a mafia blah blah bleh!

A file likely used while working on the text system. Interestingly, the Mafia's "mumbletest" line was changed in later builds.


jonas_outsidewall0=The outdoor wall posed an interesting dilemma as it would overlap the player at times. We fixed this by manually hiding it along with the window when the player would be in a certain position.
jonas_meet_queen0=Our biggest worry with the Queen encounter was that players would try to confront her. We quickly realised that no amount of effects would prevent the player from going head first.
jonas_meet_queen1=Instead we decided to punish Hat Kid by adding the scared animation. The player would then feel sorry for her, and try to rescue her.

Text for developer commentary for the level Vanessa's Manor. This feature is absent from the Alpha, and the file is completely blank in the final.


sign0 = Left: Invisible mosquitoes[br]Right: Under accomplishment
sign1 = Left: Unappreciative Pets[br]Right: Always-Clogging Toilet
sign2 = Left: Loans and Dept[br]Right: Dead Marshmellows

rabbit = [shake]I used to be a rabbit.[br]At least... I think I did...[/shake]
toiletlock0 = [shake]We're spirits, we don't use the toilet. But the other forest creatures do, so we locked it up to prevent them from taking a chaotic visit to our town.[/shake]
toiletlock1 = [shake]Last time a Fire Spirit used the toilet, the whole town was set ablaze.[/shake]
captain0 = [shake]I came here on my ship, I'm a captain of the sea![/shake]
captain1 = [shake]Once my men return from town with supplies, we'll sail off again. It has taken them five thousand years to get back, but I'm sure they're just handling the supplies with extra care.[/shake]
villageintro0 = [shake]This is the Subcon Village. We're all lost souls, hiding in shame behind these masks.[/shake]
villageintro1 = [shake]Run away, Kid. I am planning an escape myself, as soon as-[/shake]
villageintro2 = [shake]I... really... like it... here...[/shake]
villageintro3 = [shake]Welcome to the greatest place in the world, The Subcon Village. It's great here...[/shake]

Text for the Subcon Village. This location is absent from the Alpha, rendering this text unused.


exit0 = Thank you!

freed_civ0 = You're free!
freed_civ1 = All clear!
freed_civ2 = Suckers!
decline_offer0 = You suck!
decline_offer1 = Bah!
decline_offer2 = Nu-uh!
hi_five0 = Yeah!!

An early version of the line used in the Bookstore level. While Hat Kid does say several of the lines listed here, no text bot is shown, making this text unused.


wakeup0 = Oh hello missus. You are up quite early aren't you?
wakeup1 = Would you like some tea?
tea0 = (stomach rumble)
tea1 = Oh my, hungry are we?
tea2 = If I had known you'd be awake I would've made the missus something to eat!
tea3 = You can probably find something in the fridge though.

Text for a cut robot character. This character exists only in concept art, and as a model in Hat Kid's Toybox in the final.


intro0 = Let the show...    [big][scream]begin!![/scream][/big]
sceneb0 = In this scene, we're on our honeymoon! Our love is fruitful and endless!
sceneb1 = What is this! You're having an affair!?
sceneb2 = I am fueled with endless rage and will now act irrationally with violence!!

Text for a fight with the Mafia Boss. This version of his dialogue was shown in early trailers. His lines were completely changed by the Beta.


boss_sceneb0 = Oh no. Big man will hit small girl. Someone call police. Make small scream here.
boss_sceneb1 = We are police, what is problem? Police talk with big man.
boss_sceneb2 = Even our delicate talk can not satisfy anger of big man.
boss_knives0 = Gentlemen... and fellow Mafia! In this scene, girl will be cut into many pieces. Do not attempt at home.

intro0 = Weren't us, bub. We ain't done nothin'.
intro1 = All we did was dump stuff into the water, boss orders. Said it cooled down the mountain.
intro2 = But now that we aren't allowed in there no mo', we can't dump our stuff.
beach1 = I tell you what, it's kinda nice here with the heat.
beach2 = It's too bad about the beach being covered in boiling lava though...
sign0 = Now that we no longer work for boss, we got new job now.
sign1 = We weather forecast. Today's weather: bad. Too warm. End of world? More at 11.
sign2 = People want news in one word. People no time for small talk.
sign3 = My bro running faulty business, he use two words. Too much.
kickbad0 = Kicking us outta business was a bad move child. This town needs a bully or everyone is too nice!
kickbad1 = Ya know what a nice town wouldda be? Boring. No spice in the pasta.
magic0 = This only water in town, and my magic illusion make it untouchable! What have I done!
magic2 = Who knew that my weakness would be my own abilities!
magic1 = [scream]NOOOOoooooo....[/scream]
chef0 = Volcano lava good source for cooking!

Text for several acts that are not present in the Alpha.


cutout0 = Hello, I am your handsome lover. What a pleasant surprise to run into you this fine evening.

dotdotdot = . . .


whatusee0 = Ask me, my child, what do my eyes gaze upon?
whatusee_opt0 = A girl in red?
whatusee_opt1 = A village of the dead?
whatusee_opt2 = A prize in a shed?
whatusee_opt3 = Nevermind!

Text for the Moonjumper. He does not make an appearance in the Alpha. This text was shown in a pre-release screenshot and in a development video.


float0 = Hey ehh, check this out. It's amazing, you're gonna love it.
float1 = And now I'm all da way over here.

jerk0 = Ey! Watch where you're steppin' lady!
jerk1 = This suit's worth a fortune! Tourists, I tell ya, all jerks.

dry0 = I can't enter the club with no wet suit. I've gotta get this mess cleaned up.

trip0 = The heck?!
trip1 = Hey! What's the big idea!
trip2 = You... you're after my suit?! The hell you're not, it's my cousin's!

win0 = Haha! I win!
failure0 = Where'd my suit go!

club_deny0 = You can't come in here. You're a tourist, and you ain't got no suit.
club_deny1 = Take your little dress somewhere else, cuz you ain't coming in here.
club_deny2 = I said get lost! No suit, no entry!

Unused text for the penguins found around Mafia Town.


rewrite0 = Have you ever tried using these to rewrite history?
rewrite1 = Have you ever tried using the pieces to rewrite history?
rewrite2 = You could use these to get rid of bad guys by rewriting history!
rewrite3 = Smash them into the ground... and rewrite history!

discover0 = Mystery solved, she survived the fall.

thrown0 = Argh!
thrown1 = No don't throw meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....!

hifive0 = Yeah!!

deflect0 = Go get him!
deflect1 = Quit standing around[br]get him while he's down!!
hook0 = What the!!
knifeboard0 = Whoaahh!!
knifeboard1 = Do what I did! Hit his knives back!
knifeboard2 = Hey!![br]Watch what[br]you're doing!!

waiter_intro0 = I think I have a plan.
waiter_intro1 = Do you see that door to the kitchen over there? I bet it has an alternative way of getting into the theatre!
waiter_intro2 = The waiter is moving in and out of the kitchen, if you sneak behind him you can probably get in.
waiter_intro3 = I'll be ready to grab you if he turns around, just jump up and I'll catch you real ninja-like!
waiter_intro4 = Here he comes... I'll distract him! Make sure he doesn't notice you!

Text for scenes that do not appear in the Alpha. Several of these scenes do appear in the Beta and Final, albeit with rewritten dialogue.


Hookshot0 = You got the [name]HOOKSHOT UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] near a hook point to swing!
pogo0 = You got the [name]POGO UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] in the air to ground pound!
pogo1= Keep holding [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] to bounce around and avoid harmful stuff on the floor!

The Hookshot and Umbrella Pogo are not present in the Alpha, rendering this text unused.


intruder2=We have no other choice! We gotta stop her before it's too late!!

While two Science Owls do appear on the title screen, there are no acts in the Alpha featuring them.


limited_to_free = This sequence is not available in the act you're currently in... but we've made it available in Free Roam mode! Free Roam is unlocked after completing the two acts available in this Alpha Build. Please check it out later!


intro0 = Oh no, this is terrible! The volcano this city is built on has suddenly erupted!
intro1 = I bet it has something to do with the Mafia of Cooks' headquarter applying pressure to the water stream for so many years.
intro2 = It sounds more likely that all the dumping has caused this mess.
intro3 = Hat Kid, do you see the cracks that have spawned around the city?
intro4 = If we [hint]close them up[/hint], we could probably apply enough pressure to reverse the effect and get water flowing again!
boiling1 = Watch out for the water, it's boiling hot!

Thor is not present in the Alpha, nor is the act where Mafia town is covered in lava.


capture0 = Ha ha ha! Oh my what's this I've found? An umbrella?
capture1 = This thing is so weird! How does it work I wonder?
capture2 = And look how far up we are! Everything is so tiny up here! It's so funny!
capture3 = [wave]Hahahahaha!![/wave]
capture4 = .[waitlong].[waitlong].
capture5 = Oh... I feel like I've dropped something...
capture6 = [scream]Hah![/scream][wait] Got it!
capture7 = Hey, kid with the hat! Let's play a game!
capture8 = [hint]Catch me[/hint] and I'll give back your umbrella!

Tim is not present in the Alpha. This text was used for his appearance in the Prototype.


race0 = Wanna race me? My record is [x] by [y]!
race1 = No current record set!
race_yes = Yes
race_no = No
race_record = [Record]
race_record_cosmo = [Record Cosmo]

No such mode is present in the Alpha.



The Train Operator isn't present anywhere in the Alpha.


welcome0 = Welcome to [hint]A Hat in Time prototype[/hint]! This game is a collect-a-thon platformer, which means we've left [hint]goodies[/hint] all over the level!
welcome1 = ... so basically we made a game for Becky. Yay!
welcome2 = [hint]Explore[/hint] a little! [hint]Talk[/hint] to people! ...Or breeze through it if you're impatient!

This text was used in the Prototype. One line was used exclusively in the build sent to farfromsubtle.

Inaccessible Areas

Mafia Town

  • Hidden on an inaccessible island is a chalkboard inside a tent, chiding the player for snooping around.

Lava Mafia Town

  • Remains of the prototype Lava Mafia Town existed in earlier builds of the Alpha.

Spaceship Hub

The alpha's Spaceship Hub is mostly incomplete, and can't be roamed around normally. Many of its rooms are very clearly unfinished.

  • An early version of Hat Kid's bedroom that uses Vanessa's bed as a placeholder. Fixed to the bed is what appears to be a clock face, along with a sign that reads "ACT 1 TOILET OF DOOM". This room would later become the Subcon Forest hub room in the beta onwards, with the clock face removed from Hat Kid's bed.
  • A green room with a table in the center and a mysterious purple ghost. This ghost isn't present anywhere else in the alpha. This room would later become the Mafia Town hub room in the beta onwards.
  • An early Trainwreck of Science hub room that borrows machinery assets from the chapter, unlike the beta onwards.
  • A domed room whose sole furnishing is a slide, which leads back into the main room of the Spaceship Hub.
  • A room that, sans viewport and doors, is entirely empty.


What appears to be a test room that was used for testing collectibles and music. Contains a red vault code, 4 Electro Shock badge pieces, 4 Owl's Brew badge pieces, a Mafia tie, a Time Piece, and two buttons. One button plays the cutscene that plays when a Time Piece is spawned, and the other plays music from Vanessa's Manor.

Unused Music

Chapter 1 Intro

Leftover from the 2013 prototype intro cutscene for Mafia Town. Goes unused as this cutscene was removed and the track was composed by Eric Gleiser who has since left Gears For Breakfast. As his musical contributions have been almost entirely replaced by Pascal Stiefel's compositions, it's unlikely that this track will see use in the final game.

Welcome to Mafia Town (Lava)

Mafia Town overworld music from the 2013 Hat in Time prototype, intended to play when Mafia Town is submerged in lava. In the alpha build this level is inaccessible, leaving this track unused. This track was also composed by Eric Gleiser. The Lava Mafia Town theme will be replaced with Pascal's version as with all of the other Mafia Town themes in the final game.

Mafia Battle

Miniboss music from the 2013 prototype. Like the above example, this track was replaced with Pascal's miniboss music yet left in the alpha game files, unused.

Time Race

More remnants from the 2013 prototype. In the prototype, this track played when chasing Tim in Mafia Town, and in secret level staff ghost races. As neither Tim nor staff ghost racing is present in the alpha, this track goes unused. As this track was composed by Eric Gleiser, it's unlikely to see use in the final game.

Hat Adult Masked Song

A vocal track of a girl singing, likely intended to be layered over TheSubconForest_Masked.ogg as heard below:

While TheSubconForest_Masked is heard in the alpha's epilogue, the singing is unused.

Unused Audio

Sound(s) Speech Description
"Two minutes and zero seconds until self-destruct. Oh no!" An announcer warning the player of an imminent self-destruct. These audio files are from Trainwreck of Science, which is unplayable in the alpha.
"One minute and twenty seconds until self-destruct. Better hurry!" -
"Forty seconds until self-destruct. We're doomed." -
"Ten seconds until self-destruct." -
"Nine." -
"Eight." -
"Seven." -
"Six." -
"Five." -
"Four." -
"Three." -
"Two." -
"One." -
"Goodbye!" -

Unused NPCs

Hatintime Moonjumper.png

  • The Moon Jumper has textures and even rudimentary animation, despite making no appearances in the alpha.

Hatintime Firespirit.png

  • A Fire Spirit, an NPC that's only ever been seen publicly in pre-release footage.

Hatintime thor.png

  • Thor the inventor, also Thor the unused.

Hatintime tim.png

  • Tim the Time Lord, mostly unchanged from his appearance in the 2013 prototype.

Unused Textures

Hatintime Scream yo.png

  • A texture that saw use by a rapping mafia member in the 2013 prototype. The rapper, his stage, and his audience were all removed in the alpha version of Mafia Town, leaving this texture unused.

Hatintime Deathtimer0.png

  • This graphic would go on to become the countdown timer in Trainwreck of Science, but is unused in the alpha.

Hatintime Timeadded 20s.png

  • A texture titled timeadded_20s.tga. Would later be used in beta for Trainwreck of Science's race against the clock, but sees no use in the alpha.

Unused Models

Hatintime clockpickup.png

  • A stopwatch with +20s printed on it, intended to be used as a pickup. Would later find use in the beta build for Trainwreck of Science.

Revisional Differences

Moon Jumper's Theme

Prior to March 26, 2014, the main menu used an early version of Moon Jumper's Theme as placeholder music. Once the main menu music was added, Moon Jumper's Theme was removed from the alpha game files entirely. Note that this early rendition lacks a bit of the instrumentation heard in the finalized version below.