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Proto:Carmageddon (Game Boy Color)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Carmageddon (Game Boy Color).

Unreleased American Localization

The September 2020 lot check leak included an unreleased version of Carmageddon intended for the American market. While it was released in the US, that release is identical to the European release. This version was to be published by Interplay, while Titus ended up publishing the released version. The released version has English, French, Spanish and Italian while the unreleased version only has English and Spanish.

Final Prototype
CarmageddonGBC Final.png CarmageddonGBC Proto.png

Some of the level names were toned down. The last one also applies to the track of the same name.

Final Prototype
nice beaver beaver city
eye of the beaver eye of the tiger
seaman splat sailor splat
uss lewinsky uss dakota