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Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now

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Title Screen

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now

Developer: Stainless Games
Publishers: SCi (EU), Interplay (US)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: November 30, 1998

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Carmageddon II is the sequel to Carmageddon. The graphics, physics, items and a lot more have been updated, but the goal is still the same: race, wreck, or wreak havoc amongst the populace. For the most part.

To do:

Ron Dumpster

Who wouldn't like to kill pedestrians in a digger?

After completing the game, the player is rewarded with all the cars in the game, including some extra ones that never show up as opponents. However, one of them, the Digga (supposedly driven by Ron Dumpster), is a bit different - It doesn't exist! While it's selectable, it doesn't have a driver portrait, car picture, status icon, textures or model! As a result, it'll crash the game if you attempt to drive it. It does however have a description, a short name ("Ron"), a cost and a strength value. Due to SCi forcing Stainless to finish the game ahead of schedule, the Digga simply wasn't finished.

What was completed was later leaked out to the Carmageddon community, who finished it as a fan-mod.

(Source: Carmageddon Forums)

Unused Powerups

These powerups cannot be obtained normally, but can be obtained with the cheat mode, or by writing their cheat code, if there is one.


Carmageddon II was likely designed to have cops that follow you around, much like the original Carmageddon. Two unused power-ups remain, leftovers from the first game. Frozen cops and Turbo cops, which would freeze the cops in place for 30 seconds, and make them faster for 30 seconds, respectively. These power-ups have no effect, not even on the cop opponent, and can only be accessed through cheats.


  • Got 'im in the bollocks: Grants you 20,000 credits, and writes this text twice on-screen, the first time with the number of credits (hardcoded) after it. It has a filename for an icon, but its icon doesn't exist in the game, and its effect is instantaneous. It appears to be a leftover from the Splat Pack, which would reward you thusly for piledriving your car into the Devil's beanbag in Hell. Who said videogames aren't art?
  • Cloaking Device: Only gives credits in singleplayer, but does what it's supposed to in multiplayer. It's simply called 'Invisibility' on the Nintendo 64, and makes the car translucent for 20 seconds.
  • 8-bit Mine: Behaves just like in the Splat Pack, like a mine but weaker. Presumably unused.
  • Timer Frozen: Freezes the timer completely. Activating it again will thaw it.

Steel Gonad o' Death

Hehe... "gonad"...

This weird mode can only be accessed via a cheat code, though that code was never published. Through community efforts, some cheat codes have been found that trigger this mode, with the most appropriate one found being EZPZKBALLXXEWAZON. When activated, it turns the player's car into a giant invulnerable ball of pain. It's very large, a pain to control, does huge damage to opponents, and is noticeably unfinished, as it tends to crash the game if you activate it too close to a wall or activate it too many times. The text related to it is hardcoded inside the executable, strangely.

Neil "Nobby" Barnden over at Stainless recently elaborated on the origins of this weird mode: "The Steel Gonad o' Death was a physics test of spheroid physics shapes, it was a bit buggy IIRC and so never made it into the released games".

(Source: Carmageddon 2 Cheats RE, Carmageddon Reincarnation AMA on Reddit)

Unused Sounds

To do:
  • Confirm this. These are unused in the regular uncut version (at least in the one I have). They might be used in the censored versions, so put that on the #Censorship section.
  • Upload them.

The sound files can be found in the DATA/SOUNDS, all in .wav format. The following ones aren't used:

  • AHH_02, ahh_03, AHH_04: Male screaming.
  • ALIENGETHIT_A3: An alien getting hit. Aliens make the same noise as humans in the game.
  • alienscreem_0216: Alien screaming.
  • CAFE_01, CAFE_03, CAFE_04: Bar ambiance.
  • citiyamb_01a, citiyamb_01b, citiypolice_0116: City ambiance.
  • CLANK!: Metal clanking.
  • clunk_01, clunk_02: Gears clanking.
  • CREDITS_U, CREDITS_D: Only used in Carmageddon when the score is being calculated at the end of a race.
  • CRUSHER: Some big engine.
  • DEEPHULL8: Possibly for the hull of USS Lewinsky.
  • distantchat_01: People talking.
  • doordown_01: Door closing.
  • down_01: Some gear closing.
  • DRILLING: Pneumatic drills.
  • DRUMS: Drums beating faintly.
  • enginroom_01: Ambiance inside an engine room.
  • eriamsoill: A pedestrian saying "Uhh, I'm so ill...".
  • fCROWD_02, fCROWD_03, fCROWD_04: Crowd ambiance.
  • FFall1, FFall2: Female falling.
  • FGetUp2: Female getting up. Sounds weird.
  • GOTBEER: A gulp and a burp.
  • help_01, help_02, help_03: A male screaming "Help!".
  • iamsick: A male grunting "I'm sick! Ooh..."
  • illsound_02: A male coughing.
  • IRONGROWN, IRONGROWN_02: Possible USS Lewinsky growling.
  • JETEN, jetflyby_01: Jet engines.
  • LEAVMEALONE_01: A male ped saying specified line backwards.
  • liftdown_01, liftend, liftr, liftup_02, liftupair_01: Lift sounds.
  • lightchatter_01: Chatting.
  • malegethit_02: Male getting run over.
  • MAXPAD1: Unknown.
  • mercie: A male saying "Peace out!".
  • MERCIE_02: A male saying "Mercy!".
  • MFall1, MFall2: Male falling.
  • MGetUp1: Male getting up. Sounds weird.
  • minehit: Something bopping.
  • NO_01: A male saying "One!" or "Woah!", really shouting "No!" in backwards.
  • off_hinge: Unknown.
  • ohshitfall: A male saying "Oh shiii-".
  • PARTBUY: Sound in Carmageddon when an APO part is bought.
  • PRATWHIR: Carmageddon's pratcam whirring, the demo indicates that this game was intended to keep the prat-cam.
  • QUARRY_01: Quarry ambiance.
  • RANKUP: Sound in Carmageddon for when moving up one rank.
  • runwatfast_02: Fast running water.
  • SAWMILLAMB_01: A saw.
  • scieren16: A siren.
  • seashore_01: Beach ambiance.
  • snap: A snap that sounds like a slap.
  • spaceship_01: Spaceship hovering.
  • TRAIN_01: Train passing by.
  • underdeckamb_01, UNDERWAT3, underwat_02: Underwater ambiance.
  • VERTIGO: A male saying "I've got vertigo!".
  • waafalllong_01: Male screaming.
  • warpcore_01: Ship core radiation?
  • weld: Welding of some sort, can be heard when repairing is "obstructed".
  • WELLOIL: Unknown.

Also, it should be interesting to note that the penguins in the game make cat sounds. Maybe cats were meant to be implemented at one point? Reindeer also make cow noises. Both the penguins and the reindeer might have been implemented too late to have sounds.

Unused Text

These are unused strings inside TEXT.TXT:

  • Let the carnage continue... (line 25): First used in censored versions of the first game, in case uncut mode is active.
  • No other cars to choose from yet, Original driver was, Your original car, Car added to change car list (lines 35, 36, 37 and 171): Leftovers from Carmageddon, in which cars were 'stealworthy'.
  • WRONG TEXT.TXT (lines 135 to 139 and 170)
  • In lines 195 to 201, one can find descriptions to the multiplayer modes.
  • This car already taken by (line 205): Players can't choose their car in multiplayer, so it doesn't care about a car already being taken.
  • Tried to cheat!, Tried to cheat! (lines 225 and 226): You can't cheat at all in multiplayer.
  • Ped Cam, Drone Cam (lines 268 and 269): Two unused camera modes.

Bloody Penguins


The penguins have a bloody texture for when they die, same as every other pedestrian. In the final game, when you kill them, their heads and limbs get bloody, but not their stomachs, for some reason. The gore textures are all in the same file, the game probably doesn't load this texture due to programmer oversight.


In several countries, the pedestrians are replaced with zombies, that have green blood to make it look less offensive. In Germany, the pedestrians are even aliens. A patch was eventually released to restore the game's violence.

Other Things

  • There is data for the credits per rank for each difficulty, found in GENERAL.TXT. Carmageddon II doesn't use ranks.