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Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo/Cutscene Changes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day had quite a bit of cutscene changes in the final version. Either it be actually finishing the cutscenes, or demands of censorship by Nintendo. Either way, there was a lot changed in the couple months to release.


  • No Nintendo logo appears in the intro.
  • If the Expansion Pak is enabled, the Dolby Surround logo appears as it zooms onto Conker's face before fading out in the logo sequence. In the final game, it appears alongside a long wall of legal text before the logo sequence.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD DolbySurround-ECTS.png Conker'sBFD-legal.png

Intro Sequence

  • Barry is shown hanging from the ceiling, but hiding behind the throne.
  • The Panther King's weasel guards are missing.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD ConkertheKing-ECTS.png ConkersBFD ConkertheKing-Final.png
  • Unlike the final game, the player can press Start at any point during the sequence at any time.



  • The cutscene where Birdy sells Conker a manual is different. Conker distracts Birdy and steals his money back. While in the final version, Birdy walks away and starts farting, causing the money to escape and run back to Conker. Some of the cutscene's camera angles and positions were also changed.


Sweet Melody

  • The song's subtitles are missing.
  • Conker doesn't say "Oh! Oh!" before the Great Mighty Poo rises from the center of the stage.
  • When the Great Mighty Poo sings "I'm going to take your head and ram it up my butt! and the following parts of the music, Conker is quiet and stands still instead of saying "Your butt?" or making a disgusted noise.
  • The money doesn't make any noise and when Conker touches it, it simply disappears instead of having a cutscene.
  • When the camera switches to Conker during the flushing cutscene, he is seen taking out a gas mask, even though he didn't wear one during the fight. Furthermore, when Conker says "Now that's what I call a bowel movement.", he doesn't look at the player.
  • The Great Mighty Poo has a lot of differences.
    • He doesn't rise in front of Conker. Instead, he rises with his back turned to the glass protecting the flush rope. He also doesn't hold a corn tooth when rising. Instead, he keeps opening and closing his mouth and moving his hands left and right.
    • "Mimimimi" is very, very different.
Prototype Final
    • The camera starts in his back and slowly turns to his front while he is rising. After reaching his front, the camera keeps still, which gives the impression that the Great Mighty Poo is breaking the fourth wall. This also applies to other parts of the music.
    • When Conker throws toilet paper in the Great Mighty Poo's mouth, said boss doesn't start coughing; instead, the game skips to the cutscene where the Great Mighty Poo continues the music. You can hear the coughing at the start of this cutscene, but the Great Mighty Poo has his mouth open and looks rather odd.
    • When he sings "How d'you think I keep this lovely grin?", it plays the sound effect for his teeth shining, but they do not actually shine.
    • Conker doesn't make a grunt when he jumps to avoid being hit by Great Mighty Poo's poop ball in the second part of the music, and the poop ball can't be seen in the Great Mighty Poo's hand before he throws it.
    • When he sings the third part of the music, his hands and arms doesn't move.
    • When he sings the fourth part of the music, his mouth opens after he already started singing and the camera doesn't slowly zoom into his mouth. He also sometimes appears to be smaller; it is currently unknown why this happens.
    • When Conker flushes him, his mouth doesn't move, there isn't a speech bubble nor any flushing sounds, and the camera doesn't follow the Great Mighty Poo inside the hole.
    • The cutscene where he is flushed is a little bit shorter.

The Bluff

  • In the retail version of the first cutscene, Conker pays the guard so he can progress to the Uga-Buga chapter, but he says that Conker fits the description of a squirrel perfectly and will have to come with him, but Conker lies saying that he is an elephant and while he is leaving, another guard which was busy comes and insults the other guard for letting Conker get past. In the ECTS version, Conker doesn't pay the guard, the dialogue is slightly different, there aren't speech bubbles, most of the animations are missing, the guard which was busy say "Ah, there's nothing like a good ass." while in the final version the word "ass" was completely censored rather than being censored only in the speech bubble and it was re-recorded to sound like "shit", and the scene where Conker whistle to get his money back is absent, so the cutscene ends right after the busy guard says "An elephant. You stupid twat!".

Bat's Tower

Brass Monkeys

  • When The Big Big Guy is self-destructing, the voice saying "Warning! Warning! Self-destruct in one second!" sounds like a woman's voice, not a robotic voice like in the final.

Ugga Bugga


  • In the cutscene where Conker hatches the giant egg, some animations, various sound effects and musics are missing, some camera positions are different, "Some time later..." doesn't appear when the screen goes black, Conker doesn't say "Ah! Here it comes, whatever it is." when the egg is cracking, instead, he says that when the baby dinosaur is approaching him and the baby dinosaur makes some noises before revealing himself to Conker which were removed in the retail version.


  • Many of the cutscenes for Spooky exist in the game's data already as seen in this video:

  • Note how speech bubbles aren't implemented, catfish are missing, water animation is unpolished, and many actions and facial animations are currently missing. In the very first scene, Conker doesn't make mention that he "won't be going back that way" when the pathway caves.
  • Camera and motion paths are well-defined for Mr. Death and Conker, but Mr. Death has only one instance of defined body and facial movement throughout the scenes, with his arms outreached at all other times.

It's War

Casualty Dept.

Prototype Final

Originally named Experimenting, instead of the first cutscene having two Tedi Surgeons smoking and breaking the fourth wall, it originally was far more gruesome; when Conker arrives at the room, he soon discovers that there are two Tedi Surgeons operating a SHC squirrel while he is still alive, likely a reference to the various historic German and Japanese experiments on live subjects. After that, the sequence where Conker has to kill the Tedi Surgeons start. It was removed because Nintendo forced the developers to, as revealed in a developer's commentary gameplay. The cutscene used in the retail version was actually originally supposed to be part of a redesigned end credits, which would have gone through various cutscenes and events of the game and shown blooper-like cuts of them, similar to the credits of the movie Toy Story 2 that was influential at the time. Various leftovers consisting of music tracks and animations can still be found in the final version's data.

  • One of the surgery "beds" in the room has some indiscreet things in it. The SHC squirrel from the cutscene before this sequence is also laying down in the bed, however his eyes are closed.
  • The SHC squirrel doesn't say anything after being electrocuted.
(Source: Celice)

Saving Private Rodent

  • In the first cutscene, there are two tied-up SHC squirrels, one of which says "Could you untie me, and just let me go?" In the final version, they were removed and Rodent says something very similar. They were reintroduced in the Xbox remake, as seen here.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD SavingPrivateRodent-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD CouldYouUntieMe-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD SavingPrivateRodent-Final.png
ConkersBFD CouldYouUntieMe-Final.png


Total War

  • The Tedi instructor stand on a podium and the cutscene ends with the Nazi salute.
  • If you enable the following GameShark code (800DE623 0004) before starting the game, the Tedi will baring a resemblance to Adolf Hitler.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD TotalWar TedizIntro-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD TotalWar TedizIntroEnd-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD TotalWar TedizIntro-Final.png
ConkersBFD TotalWar TedizIntroEnd-Final.png


The Tediz victory cutscene is far more gruesome in the ECTS Demo than the Final:

  • In the Final version, the Tediz march as they're taking over the Squirrel base.
  • But in the ECTS Demo, one Tedi executes three blindfolded SHC squirrels off the bridge. When the Tedi is about to kill the last soldier, his gun is jammed then angrily hit the latter with, pushing and killing him.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD ColorsTedizWins-ECTS.png ConkersBFD ColorsTedizWins-Final.png


Teddiz introduction cutscene is unfinished and lacks dialog subtitles and voice clips.

Deleted Cutscene

The only cutscene included that was removed in the final game on Nintendo's request. The cutscene involves a squirrel beating Pikachu from Pokémon. The model for Pikachu's tail and the voice clips are still in the final game, albeit unused.