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Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day/ECTS Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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Compiled on 25 August, 2000, this build was demonstrated for the ECTS. Given how radically Conker's Bad Fur Day was changed during development, starting with a happy, colorful world and then becoming a darker and more vulgar game, it should be no surprise that this game not only has a prototype, but it actually has two! This page is specifically for the (hugely different) ECTS demo prototype.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Conker ECTS map 43.png
Map Changes
Someone was picky with their texture mapping.
ConkersBFD TedizsEverywhere-ECTS.png
Text Changes
The editor had a bit too much to drink...
Conker ECTS map 15.png
Unused Maps
Quite a few test maps present within the demo.
ConkersBFD ColorsTedizWins-ECTS.png
Cutscene Changes
Pikachu tail? Check. More gruesome cutscenes? Check.

Cheat Codes


Due to the limited scope of the ECTS demo, many of the things mentioned here cannot be reached by normal means. Use the following GameShark codes to surpass these limitations.

800A679F 00xx
  • Cutscene Skip; xx refers to any cutscene in the demo.
8107716A 0000
  • Disable Reset Timer. By default, the game resets after reaching a certain time, likely to prevent one from getting too far into the game and to allow other people to play the game at ECTS.
D00D0D18 0004
800D0D18 0000
  • Disable all instances of game overs. Even with the timer disabled, there are still areas that the player might reach that automatically end the game regardless of whether time has run out or not. Very useful for actually playing levels for extended periods of time.
800D0BD3 00xx
  • Selects a portion of the main menu and bypasses locked menus, as by default, both chapters and options cannot be selected. Changing xx to 01 goes to the options screen, while 02 goes to the chapters screen. As soon as you select one of the available options, turn on the cheat and the game will take you here instead.
 800A679F 00XX
  • Warps to a map upon game boot (but may incorrectly not load setups right). Please see the notes page for the list of maps the player can load.
D00D1055 0020
810B3E08 41CB
  • Enables levitation/moonjump by holding down L. Useful for exploring parts of the maps.
80083DA1 00XX
800B3FA9 0002
  • Replaces Conker's model. Good for testing/viewing models.
810828D0 00XX
  • Replaces Conker's (or whatever model you swapped) idle animation. Useful for testing animations.
D00D1054 0001
800D0B60 0002
  • Enables access to the locked Setup in Multiplayer mode by pressing Right on the D-Pad.
D00D1054 0002
800D0B60 0004
  • Enables bypassing the lock by pressing Left on the D-Pad to access character select on the only locked map in Deathmatch: Temple.
(Cheat Codes: ConkerGuru, Coolboyman, Subdrag)

Cheat Menu Stuff

Note that since the cheat menu is nonfunctional in this build, a cheat code device or hacking is needed to get these working. There are a few cheats with known effects, what would be the cheat itself and the GameShark code that is needed to enable it. The following cheats are functional when forced to work:

  • BEELZEBUBSBUM (800DE623 0004) - "Hitler" Easter egg.
  • SPUNKJOCKEY (800DE623 0008) - Slow motion kills with katana/chainsaw.
  • EASTEREGGSRUS (800DE623 0010) - Unlock Neo Conker in multiplayer.
  • WELLYTOP (800DE623 0020) - Unlock Conker in multiplayer.
  • NUTBINGCOEDS (800DE623 0040) - Unlock weasel guard in multiplayer.
  • BAPHOMETSVAN (800DE623 0080) - Unlock cavemen in multiplayer.
  • BEEFCURTAINS (800DE622 0001) - Unlock zombies in multiplayer.
  • BOVRILBULLETHOLE (800DE622 0002) - Conker with caveman afro.
  • DRACULASTEABAGS (800DE622 0004) - Conker with caveman mohawk.
  • DUTCHOVENS (800DE622 0008) - Conker with caveman spiky hair.
  • KOJACKSROLLNECK (800DE622 0010) - 1 Player Multiplayer Resolution Option.
  • WELDERSBENCH (800DE622 0080) - Unlock all chapters.
  • RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE (800DE621 0001) - Unlock Squirrel Sergeant and Tediz Leader in multiplayer.
  • BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT (800DE621 0002) - Unlock Gregg in multiplayer.

The non-functional cheats are:


General Differences

  • Throughout the demo, a rotating Rareware watermark can be seen on the upper left corner of the screen at all times. This was likely to identify the cart in the event it was stolen.
  • There are set playtime limits in the demo that cannot be surpassed without the use of cheat codes.
  • At several points, the subtitles are censored, but the actual audio is not.
  • Most of the Rumble Pak features are still a work in progress. The only ones that have been found so far are the machine gun shots.
  • Conker's walk animation is more exaggerated than the final, likely a remnant from Twelve Tales: Conker 64.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD ConkerWalk-ECTS.gif ConkersBFD ConkerWalk-Final.gif
  • Hi-res support is included automatically if an Expansion Pak is present, changing the display size from 292x213 to 450x337 (confirmed on Angrylion). This causes graphical bugs on graphics like the overlay for turrets, and might be why it was cut.
Hi-res mode Standard display
Conker ECTS hi-res enabled.png Conker ECTS hi-res disabled.png
  • The Revolver shot sound effect is different.
Prototype Final
  • When you splash and swim in the "brown water" in such levels as Sewage Sucks/The Bluff, it uses the clear water drops and trails instead of brown ones. However, like in the final version, it uses brown water drops when you're out of water.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD SewageSplash-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD BluffSwim-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD SewageSplash-Final.png
ConkersBFD BluffSwim-Final.png

Title Screen

ConkersBFD TitleScreen-ECTS.png

In the final game, it goes straight to Conker walking into a bar after the logos. The closest thing the final game has to a title screen is the opening sequence. However, enabling the following code and pressing Up on the D-Pad enables a semi-working version of a title screen.

D00D1054 0008
800D0D18 0002

In it, some demos play in the background, but they seem to have been made for an earlier build. There is also blinking text with the words "Press Start".

Level Differences


Scaredy Birdy

  • The music that plays when you talk to Birdy is absent.
  • Conker's animation when he meet Birdy is different.
  • The shortcut gate does not open in the demo. You're expected to walk all the way to the other side.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BirdyGate-ECTS.png ConkersBFD BirdyGate-Final.png

Pan Handled

  • The thought bubble has a glowing A button below Conker's thought. In the final version, it is replaced by "more...". It only appears on the first part of the basic moves instructions.
  • Conker's thinking expression is missing. His eyes are not looking above.
  • The answer choice below is missing.
  • Pressing B cannot re-listen to the basic moves instructions when you're at the end or just skip it.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD AreYouSure-ECTS.png ConkersBFD AreYouSure-Final.png
  • The key's footstep sound is different.
  • In the cutscene where Conker unlocks the door, the part where he put the key in the keyhole is missing.


  • The skybox is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD HungoverSkybox-ECTS.png ConkersBFD HungoverSkybox-Final.png
  • When Conker hits the Gargoyle with the frying pan, the sound he makes when he begins to stands up is missing.
  • The sound effects of Gargoyle's grunting and Conker's screaming, when the former grabs and throw the latter off the bridge, are missing.
  • The blood splatters, when Gargoyle grabs Conker, are also missing.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD GargoyleGrabsConker-ECTS.png ConkersBFD GargoyleGrabsConker-Final.png
  • When you enter in the hole leading to the Windy chapter, the cutscene of the Professor is missing.


  • You cannot get to the Barn Boys or Hungover areas via Windy, probably a catch-all for the public.
  • If the Expansion Pak is enabled, it displays more decoration on the ground, with more flowers, dandelions and visible grass. In front of the hole which leads to the Hungover area has a dancing smiling yellow flower that is absent from the final version.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD WindySunflowers-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD WindyHungover-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD WindyBButtonArea-Final.png
ConkersBFD WindyHungover-Final.png
  • Crows are present flying around the windmill if one uses moonjump to reach the top. Other then decoration, their purpose is unknown, and they were removed in the final game.

Mrs. Bee

  • The aiming crosshair overlay for the turret is different.
Prototype Final
Conker ECTS overlay.png Conker ECTS overlay final.png
  • The thought bubble when Conker is reading the manual has a glowing A button below Conker's thought. In the final version, it is replaced by "more..."
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD Manual L&B-ECTS.png ConkersBFD Manual L&B-Final.png


  • The skybox is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD PrunedSkybox-ECTS.png ConkersBFD PrunedSkybox-Final.png
  • Speech bubbles and animations are missing.
  • When you swim on mud or prune juice, you will take damage.
  • The white arrow on the prune juice faucet is missing.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD PrunedFaucet-ECTS.png ConkersBFD PrunedFaucet-Final.png

Yee Haa!

  • This subchapter has not been implemented yet, so it uses Pruned as a placeholder, meaning you have to climb up roof tops to open the prune juice valve again.
  • The bullfight music is absent.
  • Speech bubbles and animations are missing.
  • The wall that the bull run into lacks the target texture.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BullTargetWall-ECTS.png ConkersBFD BullTargetWall-Final.png
  • The lightbulb when you hop on the bull is missing.
  • It lacks the blood splatters when you knock the cow.
  • The cutscene of the first cow getting smashed is different.
  • It lacks the cutscenes where the cow is getting smashed to pieces.
  • In the ending cutscene, the grid doesn't fall along with the Bull in the sewage so you can't fall in.

Sewage Sucks

  • The speech bubbles and animation are missing.
  • It doesn't show instructions about swimming after taking confidence pills.
  • You cannot swim in the hole at the bottom to go back to the Cabin lobby so you have to swim to the entrance instead.

Barn Boys


  • When you select this chapter, the start position is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD MarvinStart-ECTS.png ConkersBFD MarvinStart-Final.png
  • Marvin's line that was used in the demo before he farts was removed from the final.

"You're miss sure is gonna smell a big stinker out of my BLEEP ing (fucking) ass."

Barry + Co

  • Bats can only be harmed by fire in the ETSC demo.
  • Unlike the final version, you cannot jump on wood beams between the start and the B button area on the ceiling.

Buff You

  • The standard boss music plays when riding Franky.

Haybot Wars

  • The standard boss music is used here rather than the unique track present in the final.
  • Conker will continue rising while jumping if the cutscene for pressing the button plays.
  • The Haybot will continue to spin after the button is pressed, this was likely changed because it makes the fight far easier.
  • The voice line where Conker is chased by the Haybot after the final hit was changed, likely because it sounds out of place.

Frying Tonight

  • The start cutscene lacks sad music.
  • Franky's lipsync is missing.
  • When Conker fixes Franky, the former says "Hey! Hold still!" like in the final game but the latter says "Are you trying to kill me?!"
  • The music when you throw knives on electrical wires is absent.
  • It doesn't flash when you throw a knife on an electrical wire.

Slam Dunk

  • The wasps are missing.
  • It lacks a wind ambience sound when you get higher on the ladder.
  • The music that plays in the falling anvil cutscene is absent.

Bat's Tower

Cog's Revenge

The audio channels for music do not mute when the cutscene plays, which results in two tracks playing at once.

Blast Door

The game crashes after selecting this chapter.

Clang's Lair

ConkersBFD ClangsLair-ECTS.png
  • This level is either unfinished, or is being used as a test map for the demo. It features a maze-like environment with texture-less short walls which have collision and lack footstep sounds. There's water on the foot's level in the floor and what seems to be a very odd lever and a grate.


Corn off the cob

  • Speech bubbles are missing.
  • The Dung Beetle looks behind him before knocking Conker.
  • In the flashback, the cups of tea are missing.
  • It lacks the cutscene where the Great Mighty Poo calls out to Conker to bring him some sweet corn.
  • The music when the Sweet Corn being pulled under is absent.

Sweet Melody

  • Toilet paper rolls lack the unraveled end and lack collision physics, the camera when using them is placed lower, as they seem be thrown faster. Gameplay-wise, they feel more like Live and Reloaded than the final game.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD ToiletPaperRoll-ECTS.png ConkersBFD ToiletPaperRoll-Final.png

U-Bend Blues

  • Its name lacks the hyphen from the word "U-Bend".
  • The music is a little bit slower than in the final game.

The Bluff

The room that transitions into Ugga Bugga seems to have shifted a bit in development, as there is Ugga Buggas patrolling the map rather than dinosaurs like the final.

Prototype Final
ConkersBFD UgaTemple-ECTS.png ConkersBFD UgaTemple-Final.png

Uga Buga

  • Originally named "Ugga Bugga".
(Source: SubDrag)

Raptor Food

  • The skybox is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD UgaArenaSkybox-ECTS.png ConkersBFD UgaArenaSkybox-Final.png
  • After Conker managed to hypnotize Fangy the Raptor with his pocketwatch, the cutscene where he mounts and ride him is missing so you have to do it manually.

Buga the Knut

  • Originally named "Buga the Cnut".
  • When Buga the Knut jumps into the arena, Conker says "Oh my giddy arse" instead of "Oh my giddy aunt".
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD OhMyGiddyArse-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD OhMyGiddyAunt-Final.png
(Source: Judas Booth, SubDrag)


  • The Spooky Chapter can be setup, but not entered from Windy by using Mr. Barrel. This is because at this point in the game's development, barrel physics cannot be disabled after completing Mr. Barrel. Thus, once the scene shifts to nighttime, Conker will begin moving on his own. As he were still rolling on Mr. Barrel. There is very little control over which direction Conker can move and therefore Spooky cannot be entered without glitches or cheats.

Mr. Death

  • This subchapter hasn't been implemented yet. Instead, it uses Mrs. Catfish as a placeholder.

Count Batula

  • Count Batula is playable, but some animations (such as the blood flowing in the pumps after dropping a villager into the grinder) and camera scenes are missing. The game also hangs while naturally progressing to the Zombies subchapter.


  • Zombies is relatively easy to complete, but you cannot progress any further afterwards. There are only two known zombies out in the garden that don't obey normal physics, as they can walk on top of walls that they normally shouldn't be able to climb.
  • The ladder that leads to the bone switch and the third key is actually available at the start, despite not having completed keys one and two. As it's just invisible. Getting to the bone switch is difficult due to ladder control functioning differently, such as being able to immediately tail-spin after jumping from the ladder. Inserting the third key into the door does nothing, and you are effectively stuck.

Mr. Barrel

  • This subchapter is unplayable through normal progression and through selecting it from the Chapters menu. It loads Bullfish's Revenge instead from Bat's Tower as a placeholder. Mr. Barrel is also absent to begin with. It is unknown if either the mansion and/or Spooky can be exited with programmed warps or via cheating.

It's War

  • This subchapter hasn't been implemented yet, so it uses Great Balls of Poo as a placeholder.

Sole Survivor

  • The SHC squirrel uses the radio shown in early footage.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD TedizsEverywhere-ECTS.png ConkersBFD TedizEverywhere-Final.png

Casualty Dept.

  • The chapter was originally named "Experimenting".
  • One of the surgery "beds" in the room has some indescribable things in it. The SHC squirrel from the cutscene before this sequence is also laying down in the bed, however his eyes are closed.
  • The SHC squirrel doesn't say anything after being electrocuted.

Chemical Warfare

  • In the first cutscene, some animations are missing and there isn't any speech bubbles.
  • The skybox is different.
  • The tank makes different sounds. It lacks sounds for using the first-person sight, but it'll make a "ding" whenever you toggle it. This is the same sound used for context-sensitive light bulbs.

The Experiment

  • The music is absent.
  • The metal bridge doesn't produce any sound effect when walked on.
  • The Little Girl's model is absent during the cutscene, but she appears normally when her model is with The Experiment.
  • Rodent's voice while saying "Conker... Nooo!!!" is different.
Prototype Final
  • Speech bubbles are missing when she's describing the weapons.

Peace at Last

  • Animations and speech bubbles are missing.
  • The game crashes after Conker says "I made it!"


The Windmill's Dead

  • It uses the skybox from Spooky chapter.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD WindmillsDeadSkybox1-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD WindmillsDeadSkybox2-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD WindmillsDeadSkybox1-Final.png
ConkersBFD WindmillsDeadSkybox2-Final.png
  • Weirdly, there's a lens flare in this level despite being at night. They removed it in the final version, though.

ConkersBFD WindmillsDeadLensFlare-ECTS.png

  • The first cutscene lacks speech bubbles and animations.
  • The second cutscene is missing entirely, skipping to Enter the Vertex.

Enter the Vertex

Note: This is unfinished.

  • The first cutscene has some differences.
    • A lot of sound effects, dialogues and music are missing, and some are different in the sound effects case.
    • Speech bubbles are missing.
    • The Weasel's mouth doesn't move.
    • Instead of one of the Weasels running towards Conker, he stands still while aiming.
    • The camera doesn't change position to show one of the Weasels being shot by Berry. Instead, it stays still.
  • Conker's machine gun bullets have a different sound effect when fired while jumping.
  • In the cutscene where Berry jumps above the first barrier of lasers, various sound effects are missing, she doesn't become distorted, and the music doesn't change to accommodate the slowdown.

The Vault

  • This subchapter cannot be loaded from the Chapters menu. Instead, you must progress through Enter the Vertex normally to reach the vault. However, it is not possible to enter the vault itself to progress to the end cutscene without cheating.
  • The game begins to significantly lag at this point for an unknown reason. Further investigation is needed, especially on actual N64 hardware or a more up-to-date emulator.

End Cutscene

  • This subchapter has not been implemented in the menu yet.


Button Icons

Some button icons used in speech bubbles in the prototype are different:

Prototype Final
ConkersBFD AButton-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD BButton-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD AButton-Final.png
ConkersBFD BButton-Final.png
  • A and B buttons are seen in a vertical point of view, while in the retail version they are seen in an oblique point of view.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD StartButton-ECTS.png ConkersBFD StartButton-Final.png
  • The Start button has an S on it, while in the final game, it has START written on it.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD Joystick-ECTS.png ConkersBFD ControlStick-Final.gif
  • The joystick used on the dialog thought bubbles is a 3D model in the ECTS demo! It uses up two textures, and was replaced with a pre-rendered 2D animated version in the final. The final version is used in some UI elements for the ECTS demo, though.


  • The intro of the game in the ECTS demo lacks the Panther King's servants and features Barry, which was only present in the Barry + Co. subchapter.
  • It can be skipped by pressing Start, likely to get into the demo faster.



  • This map is very bizarre. As it contains random villager sprites scattered around getting close to them they will follow you it's unknown what purpose it would serve. Since it cannot be accessed within the menu, you can access it using GameShark code 800A679F 0024.

ConkersBFD MultiTankVillagers-ECTS.png

  • The chemical weapon from the central silo area is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD ChemicalWeapon-ECTS.png ConkersBFD ChemicalWeapon-Final.png


  • The "WAR" logo is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD WarGFX-ECTS.png ConkersBFD WarGFX-Final.png
  • Total War and Colors have a unique skybox, which was replaced by a gradient in the final.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD TotalWarSkybox-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD ColorsSkybox-ECTS.png
ConkersBFD TotalWarSkybox-Final.png
ConkersBFD ColorsSkybox-Final.png

Total War

  • Called Blitzkrieg in the ECTS demo.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD MultiDeathmatchTotalWar-ECTS.png ConkersBFD MultiDeathmatchTotalWar-Final.png


  • Map data exists, but the game mode cannot be played in the ECTS demo without cheats.
  • It has no cutscenes at all.
  • In Team Select, Raptors can be set more than two, unlike the final game.
  • They use a baseball bat as a melee weapon instead of bone club.
  • There's no fire under the frying pan.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD Temple BatPan-ECTS.png ConkersBFD Temple BonePan-Final.png
  • Crossbows and throwing knives uses their original models instead of their prehistoric ones.
  • When you stand on a frying pan, you won't get burned.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD Temple StandOnFryingPan-ECTS.png ConkersBFD Temple BurnOnFryingPan-Final.png
  • It uses canisters from "Total War" instead of eggs.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD Temple Canisters-ECTS.png ConkersBFD Temple Eggs-Final.png
  • There are two red baby raptors. If you get close to them, they won't bite you.
  • If you hit the baby raptor 15 times with a baseball bat, it will disappear.
  • The sky was blue instead of orange.
  • It uses grenade box instead of bomb box.
  • Bombs are black instead of grey. They're the same as from "Heist/The Vault".
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD TempleBomb-ECTS.png ConkersBFD TempleBomb-Final.png
  • In Deathmatch, the CPU characters are Tediz instead of Ugas.


  • Team select HUD icon for the SHC was replaced with a more appropriate villager HUD icon in the final.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BeachTeam-ECTS.png ConkersBFD BeachTeam-Final.png
  • The skybox is different.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD BeachSkybox ECTS.png ConkersBFD BeachSkybox Final.png
  • When the villager finds the explosive button, it uses the SHC squirrels voice.


  • The Setup of this mode in the demo has a direction option to switch to "Forwards" or "Backwards", which was removed from the final version.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD_SetupRace-ECTS.png ConkersBFD_SetupRace-Final.png
Forwards Backwards
ConkersBFD RaceForwards-ECTS.png ConkersBFD RaceBackwards-ECTS.png


  • The Weasels are missing in the bar. Some drinking army squirrels are in their place.
Prototype Final
ConkersBFD MenuGame2-ECTS.png ConkersBFD MenuGame2-Final.png
  • Selecting any of the menus used for save files in the final game allows the player to jump to twelve of the selected highlights.
Any Save File (Final)
ConkersBFD SaveFile-Final.png
Game 1 (Prototype) Game 2 (Prototype) Game 3 (Prototype)
ConkersBFD SaveFile1-ECTS.png ConkersBFD SaveFile2-ECTS.png ConkersBFD SaveFile3-ECTS.png
  • The chapters menu does not have sophisticated headers.
Prototype Final
ConkerBFDcheatsproto.png ConkerBFDcheatsfinal.png

The cheats menu is incomplete. The keyboard in the "Cheats" menu is almost untextured, having only blank buttons with letters or characters on them (except for the space button, which is untextured). These letters and characters are also different, most notably the "." and "DEL" button. Cheats also don't seem to be working at this point.

Crash Screen

To do:
Actually detail what additional details are present.

Far more features are present here than in the final version's.

Unused Audio

To do:
Compare the audio files from the demo to the final game for differences. The demo also has less .mp3 files.

Using the Universal N64 Compressor to decompress the game's files, some of the demo's sounds (specifically, the cutscene audio) can be found in .mp3 file formats. There's some sounds that are unused, and are not present in the final game at all.

Player One

Player Two

Player Three

Player Four

Possibly multiplayer related, since there's sounds for all four players.








Many sounds related to the chapters and multiplayer game modes names. Possibly played when they were selected?

Game Over

To Be Continued

These last two were possibly used when the player got a game over, and when the demo was finished.

Audio Differences

"Ah yes, now I remember! Hold Z down and I should crouch."

Prototype Final

The Z was pronounced "zed" instead of "zee".

"And if you need it again, then press L and B at same time."

Prototype Final

The L button was called the left trigger.

"Let's see now. Use Control stick to aim."

Prototype Final

The Control stick was called "Joystick".

"And Z to fire."

Prototype Final

The Z button was called "zed trigger".

Unused Models

To do:
Check anims + make pics. Some models have LODs such as Teddiz and Bugga the Knut. Are these unused?

Blue Rat

ConkersBFD BlueMarvin-ECTS.png

A blue version of Marvin can seen by replacing Conker's model with the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 000B
800B3FA9 0002

Corn Bag

The Corn Bag, which is still unused in the final game, can be loaded using the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 000E
800B3FA9 0002

Naked Gobling

ConkersBFD NakedGobling-ECTS.png

The Clang Gobling without armor can seen by replacing Conker's model with the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 002A
800B3FA9 0002

This model has only two animations below.

Animation 00 Animation 01
ConkersBFD NakedGobling Anim00-ECTS.gif ConkersBFD NakedGobling Anim01-ECTS.gif

Bird on a Bi-Plane

An unshaded, textureless, and UV-lacking model of an unknown bird riding a bi-plane can be loaded using the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 002F
800B3FA9 0002
In-game Ripped model (for geometry reference)
Conker ECTS unused plane.png Conker ECTS unused plane wireframe.png

Baby Bulldog Fish

ConkersBFD BabyBullfish-ECTS.png

A version of the Bulldog fish modeled to look like a cartoon-ish baby can be found using the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 0043
800B3FA9 0002

Early Hoverboard

ConkersBFD ModelEarlyHoverboard-ECTS.png

An early version of the hoverboard which was seen from the promotional clip can be found using the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 0062
800B3FA9 0002

Claw Crane

CBFD Crane.png

An unused Claw crane could be loaded by using the following GameShark code:

80083DA1 0055
800B3FA9 0002


To do:
Find another offset to replace that isn't Conker head.

CBFD Bar Chandelier.png

A Chandelier that was only seen inside the E3 Build Could be seen by replacing offset 0x126F9C1 with 0x126F999

Unused Skybox

To do:
Find out if it's possble to fix the skybox, By using the sky color settings: 8106FD94 0800 8106FD96 0400 8106FD98 FF0F 8106FD9C 0001 8106FD90 0102
CBFD Unused skybox.png

A unused glitched skybox that was partially seen inside of this early preview could be restored by using the following GameShark code:

8106FD2A 1D63
8106FD26 1D1b
8106FD22 1CD3
8106FD1E 1C8b
8106FD1A 1C42