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Proto:Crash Bandicoot: Warped/"Alpha Demonstration"

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

To do:
  • Screenshots and footages.
  • Add details on how to bypass the copy protection.
  • Details on the remaining levels, as well as more details on what's already here.

The Alpha Demonstration prototype of Crash Bandicoot: Warped is a preview version of the game dated around two months before the final NTSC release version. It was leaked to the public on October 25th, 2019. The exact date for the build is currently unknown, however some speculate it is from August 15th, 1998.

The game will crash shortly after the Universal logo screen when checking for special memory card data, therefore a patch is needed to play the game properly.

Debug Features

Debug menu

This build contains a small menu that can be accessed by inputting Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle while the game is paused. There are four features to be seen: GET ALL, OPEN LEVELS, ALLOW CAM, and NO CHEATS.

  • GET ALL: Allows you to gain 25 Crystals and 20 Silver Relics from the start, as well as all colored gems and all abilities for Crash.
  • OPEN LEVELS: Unlocks all areas of the Warp Room. Logically not available if you're not in the Warp Room.
  • ALLOW CAM: Enables a free camera with the second controller. The pause menu is disabled on the first controller, but you can access it by holding down R2 and pressing Start. Full instructions below.
  • NO CHEATS: Ditto. This only appears if a toggleable cheat is enabled.



Freecam Controls

These controls are specific to the DualShock controller. D-pad and left analog stick are interchangeable.

  • Left/Right: Modify X position.
  • Up/Down: Modify Y position.
  • L1/R1: Modify Z position.
  • Triangle/X: Modify X rotation.
  • Square/Circle: Modify Y rotation.
  • L2/R2: Modify Z rotation.
  • Start (in controller 1): Toggle frame advance mode.
  • R2 (in controller 1): Advance frame.
  • R2 + Start (in controller 1): the only way to bring up the start/pause menu ever again.
  • Select: Snap back to trail.
  • Any controller 2 button: detach and freeze from trail (if attached). Certain levels, such as the game over screen, will freeze the game if this is enabled. Note that this freezes the camera trail, which is used by the game to control what to load, what to display, player movement, etc.. If you want to progress in a level, press Select to snap the camera back to its trail and continue.

Debug values

Holding R2 and opening a portal lets you see Time Trial times without the level's Crystal, but also shows a fourth value set under the times. Applies to all levels that can show times, including Dingodile and N. Tropy. This fourth set displays the playtime on the last level played and another unknown value.

General Differences

Crash 2 Leftovers

Unsurprisingly, a lot of elements present in this build are incomplete and use placeholders lifted from the previous game. These are:

  • Crash's idle animations.
  • The load/save system, although the bosses do not display appropriate icons.
  • The crystal and gem particle effects and sounds.
  • The warp out sounds.
  • The Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment system.
  • The game over screen.
  • The title screen, barring the intro slideshow, the logo and the background.
  • Movement speeds while in third mask invulnerability.
  • A huge portion of sound effects which were newly created for this game are missing at this stage, with the majority of sounds present in this build being leftovers.

Other Differences

  • Character icons are in a rather primitive state: Crash's icon is a higher-res variant of his life icon (a re-drawn version of which is in fact used in the Japanese version), Cortex, N.Gin, and Tiny re-use their boss portraits from Cortex Strikes Back as placeholders (albeit with very minor differences between the two games, such as N.Gin and Tiny's lack of shading and Cortex's eyes and head shape being a bit larger), while Coco, N. Tropy, and Dingodile all use early icons, seemingly styled after Crash 2 in terms of size. While Dingodile and N. Tropy's are largely similar to their final icons with minimal changes (Dingodile's ears and snout being redrawn, N. Tropy's clock being changed from grey to green), Coco's icon is completely different and is closest in pose to her pause screen icon, only with a green flower in her hair (as opposed to blue) and rather rough shading.
Japanese Final International Final Alpha Demonstration Crash 2 Final
Crash-icon-comparison-1.png Crash-icon-comparison-3.png Crash-icon-comparison-2.png Crash-icon-comparison-4.png
  • The portal design for entering and exiting levels is different. featuring an older design for the Time Twister Warp Room.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Portal.png Crash3-warporb-final.png
  • The controller vibration option is called "Shock" instead.
  • Sapphire Relics are known as Silver Relics instead. Logically, they are silver-colored. (Not to be confused with Platinum Relics, which are white.)
  • There are no specific music tracks for bonus rounds and alternate routes in this - the main path music is always used in both instances instead.
  • All the new music that is in the game is incomplete, usually with slightly different melodies or rhythm. The processing is much rougher and playback glitches are therefore frequent in this build, particularly at the beginning of certain tracks.
  • The vortex cutscene area, intro cutscene and outro cutscenes are all missing.
  • The gem platforms do not have the correct textures applied, and may commonly miss their solid outer edge.
  • Descriptions for the Power-Ups do not exist yet, and a life sound effect plays when grabbed.
  • No portal automatically appears after a boss fight ends, Crash is just automatically teleported out of the boss arena.
  • None of the hard or bonus paths are considered as such, meaning dying in a Death Route or bonus will still lock the Death Route platform.
  • Most levels have uniform relic requirements of 2:00:00 for Silver, 1:40:00 for Gold, and 1:20:00 for Platinum.
  • The Relics recquired to unlock the Secret Warp Room are point-based. Silver is worth 1 point; Gold is worth 1 point and Platinum is worth 2 points. You need to have a total of 25 points to unlock the platform. Once the secret warp room is unlocked, all the 3 new levels are available. However, the secondary path for Future Frenzy and Hang'Em High can only be accessed via a modded iso, although the latter have no objects, enemies or even bouncy awnings, making it impossible to make the jump that would lead to the Yellow Gem, which is not there, anyway.
  • Percentage counts are different: Crystals contribute 1%, Gems 1%, Colored Gems 2%, Relics 0%, entry to a boss level 1%, beating a boss 4%.
  • Crystals and gems don't play the choir sound effect or have any particle effects, identically to Crash 2.
  • Masks are lost upon re-entering the warp room, so they can't be taken into other levels.
  • Crash jumps in and out of Coco's levels. Neither Coco's animations for entering & exiting levels, nor Crash's animation for leap frogging under the entry platform seem to exist at this point.
  • Double-jumps cannot be chained with enemy bounces.
  • When the player gets a relic in a Time Trial for the first time, options to restart trial or going back to the warp room will appear, whereas in retail the level ends after the name input regardless.
  • There is no "Entering Time Trial" text when starting a Time Trial.
  • The stopwatches are in the same position as the iron stopwatch crates used much earlier in development.
  • Entering a Time Trial with Aku-Aku doesn't remove any Aku-Aku's in possession.
  • Time crates work in a completely different manner to the final version - when the player breaks a time crate, instead of freezing the timer for said time, it will take away the amount of time from the box. Despite this, they still cannot get the timer to go below 0 seconds.
  • Each box outside ? boxes gives them 1 Wumpa Fruit when the player breaks them in Time Trial. ? boxes makes varying amount of Wumpas to appear.
  • When the player receives a relic, the relic will go off-screen after a second just like all other items, whereas in retail it stays on-screen until you go to the Warp Room.
  • If the player dies too many times in a level during a Time Trial, the game will still provide a mask even if without losing lives.
  • If the player is currently in a darkly lit area, when you pause, the power-up icons will all be black.
  • If the player gets another mask while already in third mask invulnerability mask, its timer does not reset.
  • If the player uses the Fruit Bazooka while invincible, the invincibility will immediately be removed.
  • N. Gin, Cortex, Eggipus Rex and "Hot Coco" are missing.
  • By the end of Time Trials, whether you score a new record or not, the music volume will decrease during the "enter name" screen, just like in the original, but if you select "restart level", the music will remain lower even if you exit to the warp room, and if you keep finishing the level and selecting restart level multiple times, you can make the music volume decrease to 0% eventually.
  • During time trials, the bonus platform will still be there in all of the levels, but not accessible.
  • There is no sound effect for each letter you imput on the "enter name" screen at the end of time trials.
  • Upon standing on any level button, instead of showing the first time as 1st, each warp room has the initials of that warp's boss, except for the 6th warp room which just says "silver": TNY, DIN, NTY, NGN, CTX and SVR (silver relic).

Medieval Levels

  • Spinning the energy balls from the wizards will simply make them go through Crash and leave him unharmed, whereas in the final game they also get destroyed.
  • There are no blue birds at all.
  • The chickens's feathers won't appear when shot by the Fruit Bazooka.

Prehistoric Levels

  • The Triceratops doesn't break the boxes as it goes through them, unlike the final game.
  • The Triceratops has a caveman lab assistant riding it during the chase sequences (seen in concept art and early screenshots), which is completely absent in the final version. It has two poses for riding the triceratops: One on top of its head, and the other riding behind its front horn. If the same triceratops chases Crash twice, the lab assistant and the saddle will fall off at the start of a second chase.
  • During the chase sequences, the moment you pull out the Fruit Bazooka, the Triceratops will simply disappear.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3BYLAB.png Crash3-triceratop-alpha2.png Crash3-triceratop-final.png
  • The wall collision during chases is very finicky and is easy to go out of bounds on.

Egyptian Levels

  • The sliding platforms play a Crash 1 sound effect.

Future Levels

  • The UFO enemies are glowing red, similarly to the indicator normally used for "hot/fire" objects that will kill Crash upon contact. The death animation for hitting them is the same one used for the lava in the prehistoric levels.
  • The placeholder music is used.
  • The regular elevators are buggy, and it's very easy to get stuck on them. They are also colored orange, as are most of the levels.
  • The theming of the levels is different: they are more orange, there are added wooden railroads on the lower level and are more open. For the 2D sections, you actually reach the rooftop level by the end of the section within a building, whereas in the final game the buildings continue upwards out of sight.
  • The plasma gates in the 3D sections play the same sound effect as the ones in the 2D sections.
  • The bonus and death route platform models are offset upwards. The actual collision is still below the model.
  • Various crates are partially or almost fully sunken into the ground in the 3D sections.

Atlantis Levels

  • The music is slightly different. It has different mixing and glitches out at the beginning.
  • There is no background textures, just some blue colors.
  • The pufferfish are purple instead of red.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Fish.png Crash3-pufferfish-final.png

Highway Levels

  • The pre-race countdown is completely silent.
  • The start boost is automatic.
  • The music is slightly different: it has a different, slower rhythm and different instrumentation.

Baron Levels

  • You have full control of the plane during the intro segment.
  • Crates will disappear if far enough if detached from balloons, which makes the box gem far more difficult to obtain in these levels.
  • They all use Bye Bye Blimps's music.

Level Differences

Warp Room

  • A music track not used in the final version of the game plays at various areas in this build, including as the theme for the Warp Room, as well as being assigned to various levels which the music seemingly wasn't composed for yet, including. It can be heard on the game's official website, as well as in the build featured as a hidden unlockable in Spyro the Dragon upon booting it up.
  • The load/save screen doesn't have the load/save text imprinted on it, and has a much more basic design, with a blue border around it. Coco also stands in place on the right side of the screen, looking on the left instead of standing on the left side, looking in front of the camera like in the final.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-warproom-saveload-alpha.png Crash3-warproom-saveload-final.png
  • There's an oversight with the save file icons where the top right icon shares the same palette values as the bottom right one, resulting in some visual bug on the bottom right save if the player ever saves the game on the top right file.


  • The electric gates have no sound effect for touching them.
  • The camera angle for entering Warp Room 2 is much higher up and can even partially hide Crash.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Warp2.png Crash3-warproom2-final.png
  • Warp Room 4 and 5's collision is rough, where the player can even clip out of the scenery and fall off of the Warp Room.
    • If the player dies while a portal is present, the portal's image will be used on all of the other portals in the Warp Room until the player either enters a level, or restarts the game.
  • The middle platform leading to the secret warp room is the "default" non-shaded form of the gem platform.
  • The secret warp room is called "Neodyne Systems".

Toad Village

  • The 2nd Mask Crate has now merged into the 3 stack before the bonus, and because of this, there are only 41 boxes instead of 42.
Alpha Demonstration Final
TVMask.png TVMask-final.png
  • There's an invisible life above the second pillar on the left side of the stone bridge before the bonus. Once you jump high enough to get this life, replaying the level and jumping there again, will give you a x20-wumpa, like the ones at the end of the left path of Sphynxinator aka Sphynxter.

Under Pressure

  • There is an iron crate right before the last checkpoint.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Iron.png Crash3IronFinal.png
  • There's no Aku-Aku or Slot Crate on the stack of 4 crates after the first green snakes.

Orient Express

  • The camera at the beginning pans over to an area without scenery. In the final game, the camera is adjusted so as not to show this.


  • Floating crates do not automatically give you the contents within, causing you at times to lose them when running towards one.
  • After the final checkpoint, two enemies are replaced by a stack of barrels in the final version.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Enemies.png Crash3-orientexpress-enemies-final.png

Bone Yard

  • This level is called "Dino Might!" instead, as it swapped names with the third Warp Room's prehistoric level.
  • The First Checkpoint in the red gem route is breakable instead of Iron, meaning it is impossible to get the box gem for the level. It also makes the total box count 67 instead of 66.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-boneyard-deathroute-alpha.png Crash3-boneyard-deathroute-final.png
  • The second pterodactyl in the last regular chase sequence of the level has been removed in the final version.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Tric.png Crash3-pterodactyl-final.png

Makin' Waves

  • This level is called Aye Matey in this build.
  • There's a bomb out of bounds behind the start point.
  • There is a dong sound effect at the beginning.

Tiny Tiger

  • The boss icon isn't shown on the right when its button is pressed down, as well as the portal graphic missing Tiny in the picture.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-tiny-warproom-alpha.png Crash3-tiny-warproom-final.png
  • There is no music.
  • The podium of the Colosseum is completely different in design: There's only a single trident on each side of Tiny's platform instead of the final's three tridents on each side, the blue teal texture behind Tiny is of lower quality in the Alpha Demonstration version, and Cortex's completely missing.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3Tiny.png Crash3-tiny-cortex-final.png
  • The lions cannot be jumped on in this build.
  • There are no sound effects, with the only sounds being Tiny's stomping and his roar, re-used from Crash 2.
  • Whereas in the final game Crash can hit Tiny as he lands from his final jump, in this build he will be killed instead.

Gee Wiz

  • The 2x2x2 Locked Crates found in the final game are instead a single one in the Alpha Demonstration version.
Alpha Demonstration Final
GWMask.png Crash3-geewiz-crate-final.png
  • The slot crate before the final checkpoint cycles through nothing, a ?, a life, a TNT and a Mask.
  • The crate hovering over the bottomless pit in the bonus has been moved more to the right.
  • The total box count is 105, leaving 12 boxes unaccounted for, making it impossible to get the gem. These boxes are out-of-bound remnants of the bonus stage from an earlier build, located beyond the end of the level.
  • The only time crates in the level are one 2 second and 3 second crate right at the beginning.

Hang'em High

  • There is only one iron arrow crate at the beginning instead of two.
  • Added Wumpa fruit on the second carpet.
  • One of the ? crates in the 5 stack is spaced further apart.
  • There is an added crack at the beginning of the second monkey bar.
  • The ground where the bonus platform is is much higher up, meaning you can simply jump back on the railing, as such the arrow crate is not there.
  • The bonus entrance platform clips through one of the buildings.
  • The steel crates in the bonus and the exit platform have been lowered, which makes the slot crate harder to see as the HUD icons overlap it.
  • There are two more rows of wumpa at the end of the rail section.
  • The box formation after the last checkpoint is different. Instead of the nitro on top, it is now a slot crate, with a TNT below.
  • Two TNTs have been added right before the end of the level.
  • The level 27 button will spawn Crash at the normal beginning of the level.
  • The secret path has absolutely no objects in it, besides Crash's spawn object. Only collision and scenery are there, which also means it is not possible to complete as the last jump is too far. This also means there is no yellow gem. At the end of the path is also a small wall, whereas in the final game it's open so the player can walk onto the platform next to it.

Hog Ride

  • The first box is moved more to the right.
  • The box that is behind the cop car has been moved more to the right.
  • The gem at the end is on the right hand side instead of in the middle.
  • You can drive backwards with no restraints, though the camera won't follow you. However, there is no floor behind the start line, which results in the game getting confused on where to place you and eventually crashing if you fall down into it.

Tomb Time

  • Three of the green tiles in the first section are now red scarab tiles.
  • The corridor with the first pot monkey is narrower.
  • The first mask crate has been moved to the left.
  • The door to the hard path is a timed door instead of a purple gem door, which will lock out after a certain amount of time.
  • The second mask crate is missing.
  • The connection back from the hard path to the main path near the end of the level is different: The moving platforms will always be there, and there is more ground next to them, which makes entering the hard path from the back as easy as slide-jumping onto the platforms. There are also 4 extra crates on said new ground.
  • There is no gem at the end of the hard path.
  • The final box count is 98.

Midnight Run

  • None of the flying crates are life crates, although the final one will still give you a life.


  • The entry portal is the same as Tiny's.
  • Dingodile's HUD shows a crystal, gem and relic to be collected, despite none of these being obtainable here.
  • The music is the same as the warp room.
  • The only sound effect to play is the landing of the fire attack.
  • Dingodile has no animations while firing his gun upwards, and will just spin in place.

Dino Might!

  • This level is called "Bone Yard" instead, as it swapped names with the first Warp Room's prehistoric level.
  • The mask at the beginning has been replaced with a ? crate and the life crate stacked on top of iron crates has been replaced with a mask crate on the water, with the iron crates missing.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-boneyard-boxes-alpha.png Crash3-boneyard-boxes-final.png
  • When the Bandifish spins, it re-uses Crash's spin animation and sound effect.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-fishspin-alpha.png Crash3-fishspin-final.png
  • The walls near the end of the Baby T section are more enclosed, and you can clip through the floor.
  • You have to manually jump off Baby T at the end of the section.
  • You have to manually grab the Wumpa fruit from the locked crates at the end of the bonus, and the ? crate in the air at the end of the level.
  • Body-slamming Baby T will instantly kill it.
  • There is an invisible current at the beginning of the Yellow Gem path.
  • A locked crate is missing from the stack with the TNT in the Yellow Gem path, making the total number of crates to 111 instead of 112.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-gemroute-cratestack-alpha.png Crash3-gemroute-cratestack-final.png
  • The second pterodactyl on the Yellow Gem path is positioned more centrally and acts normally.
  • There is no special gem at the end of the Yellow Gem path, as well as some of the floor nearby having missing textures.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-gemroute-floorandgem-alpha.png Crash3-gemroute-floorandgem-final.png
  • The 5 lives in the yellow gem path in the final are instead an exit portal. It is also named obj_warp_out_secret.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-boneyard-secret-alpha.png Crash3-boneyard-secret-final.png

Deep Trouble

  • This level has the blue gem instead of the red gem.
  • The TNT+iron crate layouts are different and use more crates.
  • There is an added Nitro crate to the bottom right of the first one, with a wumpa path to go over it.
  • There was an added iron crate in the first tube section.
  • You have to manually lose the submarine to go backwards into the death route section by taking damage.
  • The checkpoint in the death route is missing.
  • There are less Nitro crates in the final downstream path of the level.
  • The texture for the exit tube is mostly missing.
  • The final box count is 87.

High Time

  • The entry portal is the same as the one for Hang'em High.
  • The level has the red gem instead of the purple gem.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-hightime-gem-alpha.png Crash3-hightime-gem-final.png
  • The first upwards section isn't split properly, allowing Crash to stand on the vertical wall halfway through.
  • The fires have no sound effects.
  • There are two more bounce crates right next to the bonus platform.
  • The mask crate near the Death Route platform is instead a standard crate in the Alpha Demonstration version.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-hightime-crates-alpha.png Crash3-hightime-crates-final.png
  • The death route platform carries you into the death route seamlessly without a cut.
  • There is additional scenery where the iron arrow crates are located.
  • A sword-throwing lab assistant is present in the monkey bars area of the death route, which is removed in the final version.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-hightime-deathroute-enemy-alpha.png Crash3-hightime-deathroute-enemy-final.png
  • There is no burned up floor near the end of the death route.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-hightime-burn-alpha.png Crash3-hightime-burn-final.png
  • There are two added basic crates to make a line of three next to the TNTs at the end.
  • The total box count is 89 instead of 85.

Road Crash

  • The alien sign that leads to Hot Coco in the final game is absent, as is the level itself (technically).
  • The box near the barricades has been moved to the left.
  • A lot of the box placements are different, including some stacked crates. Crates are never stacked in these levels for the final game, as it is very easy to miss the higher ones.
  • Some of the ramps are angled to the right, and some of their crate formations are impossible to break.
  • The final box count is 36 instead of 25.

Double Header

  • There is no invisible barrier blocking Crash at the beginning of the level, meaning he can just walk backwards and fall into the void and die.
  • There is no death animation for the giant lab assistants.
  • There is no lightning in the background.
  • The giants have no swinging sound effect.
  • The pit of water after the bonus is more grey than blue.

N. Tropy

  • The entry portal is the same as Tiny's and has the crystal, gem and relic collectables on the top left. The box gem corresponds to the second gem in Sphynxinator, however.
  • The music is the same as the warp room.
  • The texture of the spawn platform on both sides is different.
  • His orb attack is much harder to dodge, since it homes in on you and follows you around for a few seconds.
  • The patterns of the laser attacks are always the same, in the final game they are partially randomized.
  • The patterns of the platforms that appear to reach Tropy on the other side are also always the same.
  • Tropy will not automatically kill Crash if he's on the same platform as him.
  • The lighting isn't complete for the second and third portions of the boss fight.


  • This level is known as Sphynxter in this build. How cheeky.
  • There is an extra patch of 2x2 red scarab platforms after the first checkpoint not present in the final game.
  • The gem path in this level requires the green gem instead of the blue one.
  • There is an added hole at the end of the oil section before the last checkpoint.
  • The box after the last checkpoint is now gone.
  • The bonus platform is slightly clipped into the main platform on both sides.
  • There are added arrow traps right before the 16 wide box section.
  • There are 103 boxes.
  • The collision for the walls in the gem path is extremely rough, it is very easy to fall off through the walls, the stairs at the beginning have a hole in them and there is a small square-shaped hole next to the first iron checkpoint.

Bye Bye Blimps

  • There are only 5 blimps instead of 7, and the first one is right under your start point.
  • There are no health balloons.

Tell No Tales

  • The crystal replaces the life in the final game on the final ramp at the end.

Future Frenzy

  • This level re-uses Gee Wiz's Warp Room portal.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-futurefrenzy-portal-alpha.png Crash3-futurefrenzy-portal-final.png
  • The blue conveyor belts are much faster.
  • The mask crate was moved to slightly after the iron crate section and is now in the air
  • The glass behind the final checkpoint is non-existent.
  • Some of the backgrounds near the end of the level are different
  • There are no power-up hints in the bonus
  • The box formation at the end is different, with the boxes being higher
  • The plasma formation after the last checkpoint is different, with the 2nd one being higher and the 3rd one being removed entirely.
  • There is an added red-green disc after this section where the hole is
  • The nitro detonator is not present, despite the level having Nitro crates.
  • The final box count is 130.
  • The level 29 button sends Crash to the normal beginning of the level.
  • The secret path is mostly the same, with the exception of the start being at the same height of the rest of the path and with no gap in between, all green-red platform sections being replaced with conveyor belts, and the last stack of crates surrounded by two overlapping UFOs, which produce a terribly loud noise.
  • The secret gem is placed slightly lower, while the platform out of the secret path is misplaced half-sunken and in front of the gem.
  • The platform back into the main path - not the one out of the secret path - is a death route platform, which in the final game goes unused.
  • It is not possible to backtrack from the 2D section back to the beginning of the level as the platform will not be there, making the box gem impossible to get through normal means.

Tomb Wader

  • The portal is the same one used for Tomb Time and Sphynxinator.
  • The camera angles for spawning in the level are more erratic.
  • Crash will automatically crouch jump if he's deep enough into the water.
  • The blue gem has been replaced with the purple gem.
  • There is an extra hole in the rising water section after the bonus cut out of the final game.
  • The last mask crate has been replaced with a ? crate.
  • The stacks of iron crates that are used as safety platforms for the water have 4 basic crates on them, bringing the total box count to 96 instead of 88.
  • The nitro formation at the beginning of the death route is different.
  • The crates behind the shield lab assistant after the final checkpoint are now TNT crates instead of Nitro crates.

N. Gin & Cortex

  • These boss fights are completely absent and thus neither of their buttons will do anything when stood on. The game automatically awards the Fruit Bazooka upon acquiring 20 Crystals and the Speed Shoes after beating N. Tropy. Cortex's button is also not normally accessible as only up to 24 crystals can be obtained without glitches.

Gone Tomorrow

  • This level reuses Tomb Time's and Sphynxinator's warp portal.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-gonetomorrow-portal-alpha.png Crash3-gonetomorrow-portal-final.png
  • The missile firing robots are colored red with green eyes instead of olive with red eyes, and shoot 4 fireballs from a random side each.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-robot-alpha.png Crash3-robot-final.png
  • Similarly to Bug Lite, the crystal for this level is not available.
  • The mask crate was removed.
  • The first crate bridge in the 2D section consists of 2 sets of ghost crates. Hitting the ! crate will fill in the top row, which is supposed to make the bottom row inaccessible. The bottom row is triggered by a ! crate in the gem path. The bottom row can still be broken by tornado-spinning and jumping out of the spin.
  • The bonus is a placeholder one: a straight line with 2 life crates. The bonus box count is 0, however. It is also not accessible as the platform is locked.
  • True to its internal name, the gem platform in this level is purple instead of green. Consequentially, the gem path has purple shading on the floor instead of green.
Alpha Demonstration Final
Crash3-gonetomorrow-gemplatform-alpha.pngCrash3-gonetomorrow-gemroute-alpha.png Crash3-gonetomorrow-gemplatform-final.pngCrash3-gonetomorrow-gemroute-final.png
  • There is a box removed in the final section.
  • There is a total of 75 boxes.

Orange Asphalt

  • It shares the same portal graphic as Road Crash.
  • The level name is misspelled as "Orange Asphault" in this build.
  • A lot of the box placements are different.

Flaming Passion

  • This level is known as "Crash Kabob" in this build.
  • Like with High Time, this level re-uses Hang'em High's level entry portal.
  • The death route is nearly fully incomplete. Both platforms to and from it are locked, and the only aspects of it in the game are the 4 wumpa fruit at the beginning, and the collision around that area, meaning no green gem either. Similarly to High Time, however, the transition would have been seamless, whereas in the final game a cut is used instead.
  • There are 4 fire traps after the first checkpoint instead of 3.
  • The sword enemy has been replaced with a pot carrying monkey.
  • The bonus is a placeholder one: a straight line with 2 life crates. The bonus box count is 0, however.

Mad Bombers

  • Instead of giving you the crystal automatically, you're required to obtain it from an (unsurprisingly stretched and broken) balloon once all 5 planes are shot down.
  • There are no regularly-placed crates in the levels, instead, three ballooned crates come out from each of the first 4 planes destroyed. However, crates may go downwards making it impossible to hit them.
  • The enemies deal 1% damage in this level instead of 2% in the final game.

Bug Lite

  • There is no wall at the beginning of the level to prevent Crash from running backwards and falling down.
  • The portal is the same as the one used in Tomb Time and Sphynxinator.
  • The crystal for this level is not present.
  • There is an added 2x2 stack of crates at the beginning, and no wumpa fruit.
  • The section before the first checkpoint has no shadows or lighting.
  • The blue gem platform is missing, making it impossible to get the gem.
  • There are 4 Nitro crates scattered after the barricade of locked crates which are removed from the final game.
  • The special lighting and the bazooka do not function properly in the bonus, making it extremely difficult to complete without at least 2 masks going into it.
  • The bonus design uses iron crates for its solid platforms like all other Egypt bonuses, whereas in the final game Bug Lite is the only bonus to use Egypt scenery. The layout of the bonus is largely the same as final, with the beginning having twp added 4x1 crate bridges, the second one under 3 Nitro crates.
  • While the gem path is completely non-existent, an iron checkpoint crate belonging to it which can be seen in old magazine pictures is the only remnant present, and is actually drawn by the game in its real position near the section with the first set of scarab platforms and the first real checkpoint.

Ski Crazed

  • It is actually Hot Coco in everything but name. All of its data was moved onto new files for the final game. It is the only level in the entire trilogy to behave like this.
  • With the exception of checkpoint crates and nitros, every crate is a 3 second time crate instead of 2 second.
  • During time trial, from the start point, there's a life inside a "? crate" next to a 3 second time crate among the set of six bombs, but once you take this life and restart the level, that crate becomes another 3 second time crate.
  • One of the bomb formations was changed: the bombs form a U-shape in this build, whereas in the final game it's only the 2 parallel lines.
  • If you pause the game, the level is called "SKI3".
  • The pause menu says this is level 27.

Area 51?

  • There's only one UFO in the level.
  • The UFO model is untextured.
  • The final jump in the level has Crash jump over (untextured) trucks, which in the final game are replaced with police cars.
  • You are given a crystal for winning the race instead of a gem.
  • There is only one other enemy racer who you encounter very early on.
  • The crates are placed in more inconvenient paths.
  • Even after getting the crystal, it is impossible to do the time trial for this level.
  • Pause menu says this is level 26.

Rings of Power

  • The portal is the same as Mad Bombers
  • There is no Death Tornado Spin icon on the first ring to hint the player on how to gain extra speed.
  • Level entrance HUD shows a Crystal, a Gem and a Relic. The Crystal is unobtainable normally, and the Gem is the box Gem, winning the race gives another of Future Frenzy's Gems.
  • Pause menu says this is level 28.

Internal Oddities

As said before, the game over and title screen files contain even older menu code, in which is present all of the text used for them including level names:

  • Future Frenzy is referred to as Fast Forward.
  • Gone Tomorrow is referred to as Future2.
  • Bug Lite is referred to as Egypt4.
  • Area 51? is referred to as Highway4.