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Proto:Crash Team Racing/August 14th, 1999 build

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The August 14th, 1999 prototype of Crash Team Racing is a preview version of the game dated over a month before the final NTSC release version. It was released on May 1st, 2021.

Audio Differences

Unused Audio
Unused voice clips/dialogues and music present within the files.

Startup / Menu Differences

  • There are no startup screens, the game boots straight to the main menu.
  • The checkered flag background is set up slightly to the left. A black spot can be noticed at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • There are no sound effects in the menus, with the exception of the name entry screen.
  • The trademark symbol next to the game's logo is missing.
  • Crash's model has bigger pupils and his eyes have a darker tone. He also doesn't blink.
  • There is no transition between menus.
  • The cup mode in Arcade and Vs. modes wasn't implemented yet.
  • Only X and Square buttons are used to select and go back in menus, respectively. In the final game, Circle and Triangle can also be used for the same actions.
  • The demo mode and the intro cutscene are absent, not playing if idle in main menu.
  • Cheat codes weren't implemented yet, so holding L1 and R1 doesn't lock the inputs. Thus it's impossible to unlock Penta Penguin without hacking the game. Consequently, the secret demo for Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! isn't present.
  • 2, 3, and 4 player options are always available regardless of how many controllers are plugged in.
  • There is no unlockable Scrapbook menu option. The video file is also entirely missing from the game.


  • The New/Load menu is positioned higher.

CTR-Aug14 CharSelectAdventure.png

  • The character select screen for Adventure mode is just a basic list containing the eight starter character names instead of a full 3D environment for each character.
  • Character names use a very basic naming:
    • Crash instead of Crash Bandicoot
    • Cortex instead of Dr. Neo Cortex
    • Tiny instead of Tiny Tiger
    • Coco instead of Coco Bandicoot
    • Ngin instead of N. Gin
    • Dingo instead of Dingodile
  • The name entry screen is the only part of the menu that actually has sound effects. Still, they are very limited, as the "menu confirmation", "key deletion" and "menu locked" sounds are missing.
  • The background of the character icons in the save files are totally black.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 NoData.png CTR-Final NoData.png
  • All warning instances call the memory card as just "card".
  • There is no background box surrounding the warning messages screens.
  • The title here says "Unformatted" instead of "Warning:".
  • In order to format the memory card, you have to press X instead of Circle.
  • The message doesn't inform you about using Triangle to go back - which in this case, you have to press Square.
  • The message uses the letter X to represent the button instead of the actual icon.

Character Select

Aug 14 Final (4P)
CTR-Aug14 SelectCharacter.png CTR-Final SelectCharacter4P.png
  • Most of the character icons are starting to get closer to their final counterparts, but there are still noticeable differences: Crash's icon has more detailed pupils, his ears and muzzle textures were changed, his teeth and nose are peachy, and part of his body is present. Polar and Pinstripe icons were totally redrawn. Tiny Tiger uses a less detailed version of his boss portrait from Cortex Strikes Back but the muzzle color has been changed to yellow, matching his in-game appearance. Coco uses a very similar version of her Warp Room portrait from Warped. N. Tropy's headgear textures were simplified, and his facial expressions were modified. Papu Papu's facial textures were redrawn, his mask cloth is lighter, his hair is black and he has a collar under his neck. Penta Penguin's mouth was redrawn and part of his body showing a black scarf is present.
  • Regardless of how many human players are chosen, the character menu always uses the 4-player layout, containing four player slots.
  • The 3D models rotating are absent. Instead, it shows the character names inside the blank slots once they are selected.
  • Character names use a very basic naming:
    • Crash instead of Crash Bandicoot
    • Cortex instead of Dr. Neo Cortex
    • Tiny instead of Tiny Tiger
    • Coco instead of Coco Bandicoot
    • Ngin instead of N. Gin
    • Dingo instead of Dingodile
    • NTropy instead of Dr. N. Tropy
    • Penguin instead of Penta Penguin
  • A small font is used for both character names and Select Character strings. That string is also not disabled after all characters are unlocked in the 4-player screen.
  • The icons don't turn black after choosing a character. The colored outlines stop blinking instead.
  • Compared to the final 4-player screen, Penta Penguin and Fake Crash have swapped places.

Level Select

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 SelectLevel.png CTR-Final SelectLevel (1).png
  • The track previews are static thumbnails instead of a full track showcase video.
  • The pictures were taken from earlier revisions of the tracks, causing some of them to have differences no longer present in this build:
    • The unique start line in Roo's Tubes was totally scrapped.
    • The hill right after the start line has "COCO" written with flowers in Coco Park.
    • The checkered line texture is very stretched in Sewer Speedway and Dragon Mines.
    • The checkered line is missing in N. Gin Labs. Some extra directional arrows are also present in the left wall.
    • Oxide Station's textures are heavily unfinished.
    • Turbo Track has an unfinished background.
  • Slide Coliseum was originally an unlockable track along with Turbo Track.


  • Parking Lot, Lab Basement, and The North Bowl are already available from the start.
  • On the other hand, Skull Rock was originally an unlockable arena.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 SetupBattle.png CTR-Final SetupBattle.png
  • The "Type:" and "Lenght:" strings were moved further down in the final game.
  • The warning messages use a small font.

High Score

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 HighScore.png CTR-Final HighScore.png
  • Only the eight starter characters are shown in the default scores. In the final game, Ripper Roo, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, Pinstripe, and N. Tropy are also present.
  • The default CPU scores are always 3:00:00, while in the final NTSC version is 9:59:00.
  • Best Lap Time names use the standard font color instead of the character's unique color.
    • The default Best Lap Time will always show the score of the first character in the Best Track Times ranking.
  • There is no visible Time Trial and Relic Race options. Instead, pressing Up/Down will switch between "Standard Mode" (Time Trial) and "Relic Race".
  • Default Best Lap Time scores are also present in Relic Race mode. They were removed in the final game since there is no lap score in this mode.
  • The directional arrows next to the track names are missing.
  • The small font is used for the character names. The dark drop shadows are also further down.
  • Pressing X will return to the main menu.
  • Dr. Neo Cortex and N. Gin name abbreviations are the same placeholder ones used in the rest of the prototype. In the final game, characters with longer names have unique abbreviations for the rankings.
  • Slide Coliseum and Turbo Track scores are accessible even if the tracks aren't unlocked.
  • Komodo Joe uses a blue color, which was later changed to mustard.

Loading Screen

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Sep3 Loading.png CTR Final Loading.png

There is no Loading... text during the loading screen.

Gameplay Differences

  • At this point in development, the voice recording sessions have just started, but they weren't implemented throughout the gameplay yet.
  • The screen doesn't turn black and white during the pause screen. In the final game, the game takes a monochromatic "screenshot" of the game everytime the game is paused, while that doesn't happen here.
    • You can hear the developer's voice impressions for Crash, Cortex and Coco used as a placeholder. Tiny Tiger, N. Gin, Ripper Roo and Pinstripe already have their voices present, however Tiny's one has a different pitch. N. Tropy has only one voice implemented in the menu, which is also never heard in the final game. All other characters are just silent.
    • You can switch between minimap and speedometer during the pause.
    • The controller option lacks the "vibration" text.
  • The racing wheel configuration menu wasn't present yet.
  • Pressing Triangle to skip the race intro will also switch between minimap and speedometer.
  • The lap counter is separated by a hyphen, whereas in the final game, it's separated by a slash.
  • The lap time is registered once the lap is finished, while in the final game the player can see the time of each lap in real time.
  • There is no checkpoint sound effect after crossing the finish line on each lap.
  • The CTR start banner has a different design. The yellow and black checkered pattern is thinner in the edges.
    • The other side lacks the green edges and has a hole where the "Я" letter is drawn.
  • There is no checkered flag transition when retrying a race. Instead, the race resets instantly.
  • Restarting a race while the race intro fanfare is playing will cause the following race to start without the fanfare music.
  • You can already pause the game while the checkered flag is still uncovering the screen.
  • Restarting a game will play the key confirmation sound effect right before the race resets.
  • The start lights will disappear from screen from a brieft second when selecting Restart or Quit options.
  • After finishing a race and leaving it, the race and camera will freeze while the checkered flag appears to cover the screen.
Aug 14 Final
  • The Final Lap! warning is absent, and the jingle is very different.
  • Losing a race will play the victory fanfare instead.
  • The track music doesn't replay after the victory fanfare ends.
  • Selecting the "Quit" option will make you instantly leave the race. In the final game, there is an extra confirmation with "Yes" and "No".
  • The PS1 button icons have a golden color due to a texture bug, although only the X one is used in this build.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 StartLights.png CTR-Final StartLights 2.png
  • The start lights are smaller and less detailed.
  • Aku Aku's mouth is closed.
  • Uka Uka's eyes lacks a red texture in the edges.
  • The Super Turbo Pad contains a scrapped feature which allows the player to maintain the maximum speed for the entire race, just like Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. That happens because you don't lose "reserves" when getting any type of boost. A piece of code limiting this action was added in the final game.


  • There is no exhaust gas coming out of CPU karts.
  • The weapon fire function is also mapped to the R2 button, in addition to the Circle button. Therefore, there is no backward view.
Aug 14 Final
  • A different sound effect is heard when the player gets a power-up.
  • Activating another Mask power-up while the current one is almost disappearing will make them reappear without the trail effect.
  • Hitting a TNT while spinning or crushed won't instantly blow it up in the player's head.
  • The Warp Orb is very glitchy in this build, as it gets stuck in many sections of the tracks.
  • The red beaker can cause seven different effects to the player by default:
    • Randomizes item until the stormy cloud is gone
    • Unable to pick power-ups until the stormy cloud is gone
    • Make the kart slippery
    • Make the kart unable to hop
    • Shake the kart + slow down
    • Shake the kart if it hops + slown down
    • Drain Wumpa fruits (removed status effect)

In the final game, the status effects aren't totally random: if the player isn't holding any item, shake the kart + slown down and shake the kart if it hops + slown down effects are used. If the player is holding any item, randomizes item until the stormy cloud is gone effect is used. The rest of the effects can only be active if the player hits another red beaker while the current effect is still being played.

  • Touching an opponent with the Power Shield won't flash the screen.
  • CPU racers aren't affected by crushing hazards, such as Sewer Speedway and N. Gin Labs rolling barrels, Blizzard Bluff's rolling boulder, and Dragon Mines minecarts.
  • Crashing while being crushed will make the kart flip with the crushed animation. In the final game, the kart automatically returns to a normal state during the flip.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 RaceResults.png CTR-Final RaceResults.png
  • The position numbers after finishing a race are red.
  • The menu placement is further down the screen.
  • The character icons in the race results appear very quickly after the second race onwards.
  • During the icons transitions, pressing a button to skip the HUD animation before all of them appear will cause the rest of the icons to spawn on the screen, one by one.

Time Trial

  • The ghost selection menu won't appear when there is no ghost data. It will be displayed only if there is an actual ghost data in the track.
    • The "Insert any memory card with ghost data in memory card slot 1" bottom text is missing from the ghost data screen.
  • The Total Time screen doesn't have a transition between menus.
  • The end of race messages lack an exclamation mark.
  • N. Tropy's dialogues are absent, even though they are already present in the files.
  • The Enter Name screen says "Save" instead of "Save High Score". This screen can be also skipped using the Square button.
  • The character names use the small font just like the High Score menu.
  • The position numbers in the rankings are red.
  • Attempting to save a ghost without a memory card will display an error message asking to press X to continue without saving. However, pressing X won't cause any effects, so the only effective way to close the pop-up is by pressing Square instead.
  • Selecting a ghost data slot says "Choose a slot to save to" instead of "Choose a memory card slot to save to".
  • Pressing X repeatedly while the ranking and total time scores are transitioning off the screen will keep them repeating the cycle.
  • After finishing a race, the timer will reappear on-screen for a brief second while the checkered flag appears to cover the screen.
  • The time requirement to unlock a ghost is finishing it under 3:00:00 for all tracks. In the final game, each track has a specific time requirement to unlock the first ghost challenge.
  • N. Tropy originally was going to be the final ghost challenge, which was eventually switched with N. Oxide. Instead, the first ghost you would race against was the character of their home tracks. However, this build of the game will still consider you're facing N. Tropy in their place, as the text presented at the end of the race will show "N. Tropy Opened", and "You Beat N. Tropy", respectively. The minimap icon is also light-blue, color of N. Tropy's kart.
    • Crash in Crash Cove
    • Ripper Roo in Roo's Tubes
    • Pura in Tiger Temple
    • Coco in Coco Park
    • Fake Crash in Mystery Caves
    • Penta Penguin in Blizzard Bluff
    • N. Tropy in Sewer Speedway
    • Dingodile in Dingo Canyon
    • Papu Papu in Papu's Pyramid
    • Komodo Joe in Dragon Mines
    • Polar in Polar Pass
    • Neo Cortex in Cortex Castle
    • Tiny Tiger in Tiny Arena
    • Pinstripe in Hot Air Skyway
    • N. Gin in N. Gin Labs
    • N. Oxide in Oxide Station
    • Crash in Slide Coliseum
    • Crash in Turbo Track
    • N. Oxide runs out of bounds in Oxide Station. Therefore, it's impossible to beat him on this track without freezing the clock.
    • It's insanely hard to unlock Tiny's ghost in Tiny Arena, as the time requirement to unlock him is finishing the track under 3:00:00.
  • N. Oxide's ghost challenges were't present. Beating the first ghost will make you race against N. Tropy's ghost instead.
  • There is no difference when comparing the home track ghosts and N. Tropy's ghosts, as they all use the same path.
  • Beating ghosts won't add any gold/platinum stars next to the course name as confirmation.
  • Skipping the race intro will make the ghosts start moving before the green light. The sooner the player skip it,the sooner they'll move (that includes your own ghost).
  • N. Tropy can't be unlocked without hacks since the game wasn't programmed to make the change from “locked” to “unlocked” after beating his ghosts, so even if you manage to defeat all of them on every track - including Slide Coliseum and Turbo Track - nothing is going to happen.
  • Beating all the ghosts challenges won't unlock anything either.
  • Mystery Caves, N. Gin Labs, Hot Air Skyway, and Turbo Track crash in Time Trial mode due to attempting to allocate over 2MB of RAM.


  • The start banner has waving animations in 3+ player mode. In the final game, they were disabled.
  • In 2 players Arcade and 3+ players Vs. mode, finishing a race doesn't play the victory fanfare until all players finish the race.
  • The winner character stops moving and freezes in place during the transition to the Versus Standings screen. The camera will keep moving around the track.
  • The race intro jingle is enabled during the countdown in the Battle mode.
  • All battle arenas use Lab Basement's theme as a placeholder.
  • Super Engine doesn't provide any special effects, making it a useless power-up. Instead, a chainsaw sound will play when used, which is still present in the final game, but unused.
  • Losing all lives in Life Limit Mode turns the player into a headstone. This object remains on the track during the entire battle, but it could disturb other players since you can crash against it. This feature was disabled in the final game.
  • Killing a player while they are invisible will make them reappear even after the death, but they will still lack collision.
  • All battle arenas have no CPU paths programmed, so the player always stops moving after the battle is over. In the final game, only Nitro Court has no paths.
  • There is no limit to how many missiles can be on-screen at once, which can have an impact on FPS. In the final game, there is a restriction that is in Vs. mode to prevent too many rockets from being on-screen by setting that only 2 players out of 4 can have "3 missiles" weapon at the same time, while if the weapon roulette RNG wants to give more players the "3 missiles" weapon, it gets changed to "one missile".
  • The end of race comments used for Battle and Vs. has some strings changed, some missing, and others removed altogether. Most of the changed comments have been shortened to fit the screen, as the final game uses the standard large font, while the prototype uses the small font for both comments and "You Hit/Hit You" strings.
Comments Aug 14 Final
Deleted strings BLUES
Missing strings BLACK N' BLUE


  • Komodo Joe's minimap symbol is blue instead of mustard.

Adventure Mode

The game starts in Gem Stone Valley. You have access to both N. Sanity Beach and The Lost Ruins tracks at the beginning. Crash Cove, Roo's Tubes, Coco Park, and Tiger Temple are accessible from the start.

  • There are no boss cutscenes throughout the game.
  • Aku Aku's model is more flattened. The face model and facial animations were taken from the hint feature used exclusively on Japanese versions of Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bandicoot 3.
    • There is no Uka Uka model. Instead, Aku Aku will also guide the player when an evil character is selected, although the pause menu will say "Uka Uka Hints" instead.
    • The wooden mask color is darker.
    • His teeth are not rendered properly.
    • His animations are very basic and he doesn't move up and down during the explanation.
    • When Aku Aku is showing up, a ghostly effect appears on screen.
    • The smoke that appears when he shows up or goes away is multicolored.
    • The CTR Challenge and Relic Race explanations are absent.
  • After the second race, Aku Aku will give advices about the "Hang Time Hint", then after the third race, he will give advices about "TNT Hint". The order was switched in the final game.
  • The "Using a Warp Pad" and "Map Information" are missing from the hints menu section.
  • The "To hear this hint again press the Start button and choose Aku Aku hints" bottom text that appears while Aku Aku is talking is absent.
  • Switching too quickly between the hints in the menu can freeze Aku Aku's expressions.
  • The highlighted Aku Aku hint option will be remembered even after you leave Adventure mode and re-enter again.
  • The minimap lacks the Save Monitor, and the blinking waves from available levels and boss stars are missing.
  • The warp pad sound effect is absent.
  • N. Sanity Beach uses a 3D model of a Sun in a metal plate as icon instead of drawn Palmtree with a Sun in Gem Stone Valley.
  • Starting or loading an Adventure profile after having accessed it once will make the minimap and the powerslide bar disappear. This can be fixed by pausing and unpausing it, or after Aku Aku goes away.
  • The Load/Save monitor lacks the scanlines sound effect.
    • The generic "Writing to card..." message is used for both save/delete file actions. In the final game, saving a file says "Saving to memory card..." and deleting it says "Deleting game slot...".
    • The file save title says "Choose a slot to save to" instead of "Choose a memory card slot to save to".
    • There is no background box surrounding the save messages.
  • There is no sound effect when the player enters the warp pad.
  • The loading transition after entering a portal "freezes" the screen.
  • The inventory animation doesn't increase the prize number when added to the HUD.
  • You can access CTR Challenge and Relic Race right after getting a trophy of a track. In the final game, other track challenges are only unlocked after defeating the boss of the current area.
  • There is no sound effects when opening a new door.
  • You can replay a Trophy Race by pressing Square in the Choose Race Type screen. In the final game, this button doesn't cause any effect.
  • The highlighted option won't hover automatically in the Choose Race Type screen.
  • Some percentage counts are different for when completing a challenge or getting a reward:
Aug 14 Final
Trophy 1% 2%
CTR Token 1% 1%
Relic 2% 2%
Crystal Challenge 2% 1%
Gem 2% 1%
Boss Key 2% 1%
N. Oxide's Challenge 1% 2%
All Gold/Platinum Relics 0% 1%
  • In the zone transition areas, there is no back-face culling, so you can see the other sides of walls.
  • The map flickers during the pause state.
  • Loading a 0% save and quitting before Aku Aku welcomes you, then re-entering again will softlock the player by unabling to pause the game, access the load/save monitor, and Aku Aku will stop showing up.
    • Alternatively, re-entering a more complete save file can cause different effects. If the player has enough keys to open a door and do it while this glitch is triggered, a low poly version of Aku Aku will show up during the door cutscene to welcome you. While this happens, you will be able to control the kart while Aku Aku is talking, and be able to pause the game again after Aku Aku goes away. Entering a new area while Aku Aku is present will despawn him.
  • Adventure mode doesn't save the unlocked characters after beating the Gem Cups. You need to either save a Relic Race or Time Trial score while any of them are unlocked in order to keep them available, otherwise you will need to redo the Gem Cups everytime the game is rebooted in order to re-unlock them.
    • However, if you saved the Adventure file where the Gem Cups are already beaten but didn't save a high score, you won't be able to re-unlock the characters, unless you delete the entire save file and start over.
  • There are no ending credits yet, so beating N. Oxide will return you straight to the Adventure map.
  • It's impossible to unlock Skull Rock, Slide Coliseum and Turbo Track without hacks, as the game wasn't programmed to make the change from “locked” to “unlocked” after collecting the track relics. Therefore, the unlock requirement for Skull Rock is unknown.
  • The max percentage you can reach is 96%. Getting all Gold or Platinum relics won't increase the percentage by 1%, and there really isn't N. Oxide's Final Challenge after collecting all 18 relics (the title string and the code to detect if he was beaten twice are already present).
  • The game will crash if you go out of bounds in the Adventure maps.
  • Loading a save file in N. Sanity Beach, The Lost Ruins, and Glacier Park can spawn the player at different placements every time the file is loaded. In the final game, the spawn point is always fixed in one spot.
  • Hot Air Skyway crashes in Relic Race mode due to attempting to allocate over 2MB of RAM.
Area Level Aug 14 Requirements Final Requirements
N. Sanity Beach Crash Cove None None
Roo's Tubes None None
Mystery Caves 1 Trophy 1 Trophy
Sewer Speedway 4 Trophies 3 Trophies
Skull Rock 1 Key 1 Key
The Lost Ruins Coco Park None 1 Key + 4 Trophies
Tiger Temple None 1 Key + 4 Trophies
Papu's Pyramid 7 Trophies 1 Key + 6 Trophies
Dingo Canyon 3 Trophies 1 Key + 7 Trophies
Rampage Ruins 2 Keys 2 Keys
Glacier Park Blizzard Bluff 1 Key + 5 Trophies 2 Keys + 8 Trophies
Dragon Mines 1 Key + 7 Trophies 2 Keys + 9 Trophies
Polar Pass 1 Key + 9 Trophies 2 Keys + 10 Trophies
Tiny Arena 1 Key + 11 Trophies 2 Keys + 11 Trophies
Rocky Road 3 Keys 3 Keys
Citadel City N. Gin Labs 2 Keys + 14 Trophies 3 Keys + 12 Trophies
Cortex Castle 2 Keys + 10 Trophies 3 Keys + 12 Trophies
Hot Air Skyway 2 Keys + 12 Trophies 3 Keys + 14 Trophies
Oxide Station 2 Keys + 14 Trophies 3 Keys + 15 Trophies
Nitro Court 4 Keys 4 Keys
Gem Stone Valley Slide Coliseum 10 Relics 1 Key + 10 Relics
Turbo Track 15 Relics 1 Key + 5 Gems
  • You were originally going to be able to navigate between areas to collect trophies. This can be noticed by starting in Gem Stone Valley, so the player will automatically have access to two different areas at the same time, each one with two available tracks from the start.
    • If the player starts in N. Sanity Beach, 4 trophies are required to unlock Sewer Speedway, however you can only get 3 in this area, forcing the player to access The Lost Ruins to continue progressing.
    • If the player starts in The Lost Ruins, 3 trophies are required to unlock Dingo Canyon, however you can only get 2 in this area, forcing the player to access N. Sanity Beach.
  • The Lost Ruins is accessible from the beginning.
  • Glacier Park requires 1 key to open, instead of 2.
  • Citadel City requires 2 keys to open, instead of 3.
  • The requirement to unlock Turbo Track is 15 relics, instead of 5 gems.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 AdventurePauseMenu.png CTR-Final AdventurePauseMenu.png
  • The menu box and the gems are bigger in the final game. The level list also uses the small font instead of the bigger one.
  • The gems are placed one after the other, instead of being in a zigzag.
  • The uncollected relics, tokens, and gems icons in the menu have "default" non-shaded forms.
  • The inventory menu doesn't change automatically according to the current area you are.
  • The directional arrows next to the titles are missing.
  • There is no transition between menus.
  • N. Oxide's Challenge gives a key instead of a star.
  • CTR Tokens are still called "CTR Coins" in the game's text - the word "Token", however, is already referenced in-game by Aku Aku.
  • When beating a boss, the earned key will be added in the wrong key slots: defeating Ripper Roo will add the key to N. Oxide's key slot, Papu Papu will add to Ripper Roo's, Komodo Joe will add to Papu Papu's, Pinstripe will add to Komodo Joe's, and Nitros Oxide will add to Pinstripe's.
  • The "Paused" text is present here. In the final game, this string isn't displayed in the inventory menu.
  • Earning the purple CTR Token in Nitro Court won't fill the slot even after collecting it. The CTR Token tab will count it, though.
Aug 14 Sep 3 Final
CTR-Aug14 WarpVortex.png CTR-Sep3 CheckeredVortex.png CTR-Final WarpVortex.png
  • The warp pads have small group of sparkles coming out of it. They also have a vertical shape.
  • The floor color is light blue, which was later changed to blue.
  • Some warp pads are surrounded by a checkered pattern. They have a different color pattern here, which was later updated in the September 3rd, 1999 build before it was completely scrapped. According to Rob Titus, former Naughty Dog developer, this was removed because it didn't look so well.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 WarpParticles.png CTR-Final WarpParticles.png
  • The warping particles create a bluish smoke coming out of the warp pad. The final game was changed to a shining light.


  • Entering the warp pad while jumping causes the characters to make the big air animation.

Gem Stone Valley

  • The concrete fence around Oxide's Spaceship area is further away.
  • The sky background behind Oxide's Spaceship has clouds like the rest of the map. They were removed in the final game.
  • Oxide's Spaceship is less detailed around the boss garage area.
  • There are no invisible walls around the concrete fences of the boss garage entrance. Therefore, it's possible to go out of bounds by jumping with enough speed.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 GemCupsDoor.png CTR-Final GemCupsDoor.png
  • There is no door for the Gem Cups area.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 TheLostRuinsEntrance.png CTR Removed Sign Final.png
  • The entrance for The Lost Ruins was completely reworked.
Aug 14 Final
384px CTR-Final OxideGarage.png
  • The ship textures inside Oxide's garage are missing.
  • The floor textures have a yellowish color inside the garage area.

N. Sanity Beach

  • Sewer Speedway's decoration pipes have a dark tone.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 NSanityBeachDoor.png CTR-Final NSanityBeachDoor.png
  • There is no door linking Gem Stone Valley to N. Sanity Beach.
  • A tiki statue was removed from the sea background next to Crash Cove's warp pad.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 ExtraBridge.png CTR-Final ExtraBridge.png
  • There is an additional extension on the bridge leading to Roo's Tubes. This remained on the map in the final game.

The Lost Ruins

  • Some grass textures over the walls are missing.
  • A direction sign pointing to Papu's Pyramid is missing.
  • The shadow under the trees are missing.
  • It's possible to go out of bounds by jumping with enough speed on the right side of the scenario, located in the right ramp, next to the load/save monitor.

Glacier Park

  • Polar Pass and Blizzard Bluff warp pads are swapped.
  • The warp pad color of Dragon Mines is red instead of blue, which is incorrect here, as it should represent the color of the track token.
  • The podium and the player's kart during the inventory cutscene are faced to the Southwest direction.

Citadel City

  • Pinstripe's garage uses his full name.
  • The chandeliers in the Cortex Castle area have different textures.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 CitadelCityNitroCourt.png CTR-Final CitadelCityNitroCourt.png
  • The Nitro Court's warp pad area uses the floor textures.
  • A ceiling was removed in the final game.
  • It's possible to go out of bounds by jumping with enough speed in the N. Gin Labs area, and in the spiral segment located next to the podium.


  • There are no grunts or sound effects during the podium celebration.
  • The lose poses are just a copy of the first frame of the victory animations. Cortex and N. Oxide are the only characters to feature an unique lose pose at this point (although Oxide's one isn't even animated properly).
  • There are no victory fanfares. Instead, the current area theme plays all the time.
  • Ami does the wagging finger animation instead of the hand-waving one.
  • Megumi lacks the umbrella.
  • Liz's color scheme is purple and white, instead of purple and green.
  • Cortex uses his model from the previous game. His facial textures lacks shading and are way less detailed, his hair is brown instead of dark blue, and the "N" on his head is larger.
  • Cortex doesn't whine in his lose pose. He'll just shake his head instead.
  • N. Gin's model is unfinished.
  • Dingodile's paws are red.
  • N. Tropy isn't holding his gigant tuning fork.
  • Penta Penguin lacks a podium model for victory or defeat poses.
  • N. Oxide's lose pose animation wasn't even started at this point. His legs also clip through the floor.
  • Since there is no cup mode yet, you can't see N. Tropy, Penta Penguin, and Fake Crash in the podium via normal means.

Boss Challenges

  • There is no sound effect for opening and closing the boss garage.
  • The player and the boss start at 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. That was probably a design choice that didn't work properly, as the character icons start at the wrong positions, and the race results adds two more P1 icons to the rankings.
    • Replaying a boss race won't show extra icons in the race results.
  • The bosses don't throw any infinite weapons. Instead, they just act as a normal opponent and use random items.
  • There is no boss race music.
  • Mask, Warp Orb, and N. Tropy Clock power-ups are enabled during the boss races.
  • Boss garages are unlocked only after getting all trophies from the tracks of their own area, regardless of the number of trophies already obtained. This can be further noticed in the final game, when Aku Aku says "beat all four races in an area".
  • Keys are added into the inventory after beating a boss. In the final game, there would be a boss cutscene instead.
  • Beating Ripper Roo will spawn the player in front of his garage, instead of automatically spawning them in front of Gem Stone Valley door.
  • Beating Pinstripe will spawn the player in front of his garage, instead of automatically spawning them in front of Oxide's garage.
  • N. Oxide's battle has the most differences:
    • His hovercraft uses a silver window frame. In the final game, it was changed to black.
    • He doesn't start moving before the green light.
    • There are four kart wheels under his hovercraft.
    • Attack him using any weapons will bounce him up and down. In the final game, he will always spin around in circles when hit by any type of weapon, unless it's a Power Shield or Mask.
  • You get up to 5 keys due to N. Oxide's Challenge giving you another key instead of a star, which is useless, since the max you can unlock using keys is N. Oxide's Challenge, which requires 4 keys.

CTR Challenge

  • A Wumpa fruit sound effect plays when collecting a letter.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 TokenAwarded.png CTR-Final TokenAwarded.png
  • The token message is shown along with the race results.
  • When pressing X to continue, the CTR letters and the Token will reappear on-screen for a brief second while the checkered flag appears to cover the screen.

Crystal Challenge

  • The race intro jingle is enabled during the countdown.
  • The kart doesn't brake instantly after the challenge ends.
  • The time limits are different in some arenas.
Time limit Aug 14 Final
Skull Rock 1:15:00 1:23:00
Rocky Road 1:15:00 1:20:00
  • In Rocky Road, there are two boxes inside these two specific Nitro crates, so using a bowling bomb to explode it, you can receive free crystals ranging from 5 to 8, acting just like Wumpa crates.

Relic Race

Time Crates Locations
Some crates are placed in very hard locations.
  • Gold and Platinum times are placeholders, usually 5 and 10 seconds less than Sapphire times, respectively. Coco Park and Tiny Arena, however, are still using older relic time placeholders.
  • There is no time crate counter during the race.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14-RelicRace.png CTR-Final RelicRace.png
  • The relic obtained at the end of the race appears next to the track times instead of the bottom of the screen.
  • There is no sound effect during the time subtraction.
  • "Relic Awarded" and "New High Score" texts lack an exclamation mark.
  • The time crate icon is misplaced.
  • The results screen doesn't update the time requirement if getting a higher relic. For example, getting a higher relic - like Gold or Platinum - without collecting a lower one first (Sapphire) will display its time requirement on the results screen, even if a higher one has been obtained. This can be noticed in the screenshot above.
  • Platinum relics are dark grey instead of light grey/white.
  • Regardless of the relic you get, the podium and inventory animation always show a Sapphire relic.
  • Some time boxes are placed in very difficult locations to reach.
  • The game won't let you save your score if the clock passes 3:00:00, even if decreasing the final time by 10 seconds with a Perfect bonus.
  • When pressing X to continue, the relic and total times will reappear on-screen for a brief second while the checkered flag appears to cover the screen.
Level Aug 14 Final Aug 14 Final
Crash Cove 1:12:00
30 boxes 32 boxes
Roo's Tubes 1:10:00
32 boxes 32 boxes
Mystery Caves 1:50:00
40 boxes 40 boxes
Sewer Speedway 1:28:00
65 boxes 65 boxes
Coco Park 2:21:00
40 boxes 40 boxes
Tiger Temple 1:15:00
52 boxes 52 boxes
Papu's Pyramid 1:24:00
48 boxes 48 boxes
Dingo Canyon 1:20:00
38 boxes 38 boxes
Blizzard Bluff 1:25:00
36 boxes 40 boxes
Dragon Mines 1:23:00
39 boxes 39 boxes
Polar Pass 2:55:00
38 boxes 38 boxes
Tiny Arena 2:20:00
57 boxes 60 boxes
N. Gin Labs 2:10:00
70 boxes 70 boxes
Cortex Castle 2:30:00
62 boxes 62 boxes
Hot Air Skyway 3:00:00
60 boxes 56 boxes
Oxide Station 3:12:00
47 boxes 49 boxes
Slide Coliseum 1:50:00
45 boxes 45 boxes
Turbo Track 1:40:00
52 boxes 52 boxes
  • In Coco Park, the box counter says there are 40 boxes on the track, however only 38 are possible to collect.
  • In Blizzard Bluff, the box counter says there are 36 boxes on the track, however only 34 are possible to collect.
  • In Oxide Station, the box counter says there are 47 boxes on the track, however only 45 are possible to collect.
  • In Turbo Track, the box counter says there are 52 boxes on the track, however only 51 are possible to collect.

Gem Cups

  • After finishing a race, the position number suffix and total time will reappear on-screen for a brief second while the checkered flag appears to cover the screen.
  • The podium shows the winners of the final race, instead of the total standings of the cup. That means if you lose the last race but still wins by score, the character that won the last race will appear in first place in the podium instead, but you will still earn the gem.
  • Leaving a cup before finishing it, then re-entering the same cup or another one will keep the previous accumulated points.
  • Leaving a cup while the race intro is present will make the track name change to a different string for a brief second. The result vary according to the cup.
    • Red Gem Cup --> Slide Coliseum
    • Green Gem Cup --> Paused
    • Blue Gem Cup --> Blank string
    • Yellow Gem Cup --> Paused
    • Purple Gem Cup --> Paused
  • In Purple Gem Cup, the item percentage is broken, so there is a high chance to receive Masks, Warp Orbs, Triple Bowling Bombs/Missiles, and Clocks even if in first or second place.
Cup Aug 14 Final
Red Gem Cup Crash Cove
Mystery Caves
Blizzard Bluff
Papu's Pyramid
Crash Cove
Mystery Caves
Papu's Pyramid
Blizzard Bluff
Blue Gem Cup Tiger Temple
Sewer Speedway
Dragon Mines
N. Gin Labs
Sewer Speedway
Tiger Temple
Dragon Mines
N. Gin Labs
  • The track order is based on the early trophy requirements order, which also applies to the level select order. In the final game, it's based on the area order.

Track Differences

Crash Cove

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 CrashCoveGround.png CTR-Final CrashCoveGround.png

There is a low relief around the first set of crates area. It's also noticeable since the second crate is lower compared to the others.

Roo's Tubes

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 RoosTubesMushrooms.png CTR-Final RoosTubesMushrooms.png

These two mushrooms were removed in the final game.

Mistery Caves

  • The turbo pad right before the split-path is missing in the 3+ players version of the track.

Sewer Speedway

  • The ramps before the holes after the turbo pads lack boost flags.
  • The track has rendering issues in Time Trial and Relic Race modes.

Coco Park

  • The small lake has no ground floor collision in 3+ player mode, causing the player to fall straight into the void.
  • Again in 3+ player mode, there is a weird bug in which a grass tile near the grandstand floats over another player's screen when that object spawns on a different screen. The P1 shows on P2's screen, P2 shows on P3's screen, and P3 shows on P4's screen.

Tiger Temple

  • The shortcut door can only be opened by throwing a Bowling Bomb, Power Shield, Missile, or with TNT/Nitro explosions. Attempting to use a Mask or Beaker won't open it.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 TigerTempleBackground.png CTR-Final TigerTempleBackground.png
  • The right chunk of the temple's wall texture is missing in the final game, but is present in the prototype.

Dragon Mines

  • The two Wumpa crates are missing, making it impossible to collect any Wumpa fruits on this track.

CTR-Aug5 DragonMinesMinecart.png

  • The first two minecarts at the beginning of the track move upside down. The first one moves before the green light and the second one during the first seconds. This glitch only happens after loading the track once, as restarting the race won't repeat it.

Polar Pass

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 PolarPassSign.png CTR-Final PolarPassSign.png
  • The three yellow signs are missing.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 PolarPassTurboPads.png CTR-Final PolarPassTurboPads.png
  • There is only one turbo pad at the end of the U-turn.


  • The track has rendering issues in Time Trial and Relic Race modes.
  • Leaving the track or retrying it after completing all laps in Time Trial mode will crash the game.

Tiny Arena

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 TinyArenaTurboPads.png CTR-Final TinyArenaTurboPads.png

A trio of turbo pads is missing at the end of the track.

Cortex Castle

  • The mask doesn't rescue the player if they access a different chunk of the track in the big jump segment.

CTR-Aug5 CortexCastleSignpost.png

  • The signposts don't have collision.
  • The final turbo pad before the big jump keep your "reserves" during the rest of the race, so it's possible to play the entire track at maximum speed.

N. Gin Labs

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 N.GinLabsGizmos.png CTR Final N.Gin Labs Gizmos.png
  • These tall, yellow laboratory devices could be seen in N. Gin Labs. They're not present in the final game, but they can be seen in the track preview.
  • There are three directional arrows in this part of the track instead of two in the final.
  • The turbo pad before the blue tunnel and the final turbo pad before the big jump keep your "reserves" during the rest of the race, so it's possible to play the entire track at maximum speed.
  • In 3+ player mode, there is a bug when transitioning between mipmap levels, most likely because certain mipmap levels for certain textures are not written, or overwritten.

Hot Air Skyway

Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug14 HotAirBanner.png CTR Final HotAirBanner.png
  • The start banner is placed at the wrong position.
  • The mask doesn't rescue the player if they access a different chunk of the track.
  • A Wumpa crate is missing at the beginning of the level.
  • There are a lot of Wumpa fruits throughout the track that have been removed.
  • If you fall down during the big jump, the fall lasts a lot longer until your mask comes to rescue you.
  • The final turbo pad before the big jump keep your "reserves" during the rest of the race, so it's possible to play the entire track at maximum speed.

Oxide Station

  • The mask doesn't rescue the player if they access a different chunk of the track.
  • The camera rotates around the character after the race ends.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 OxideStation2.png CTR-Final OxideStation2.png
  • A brown surface was added.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 OxideStation3.png CTR-Final OxideStation3.png
  • An invisible floor was added to the first hole, preventing the player from falling until the bottom.
  • The turbo pad doesn't give enough speed, which sometimes can make the player unable to reach the platform and fall of the track.
    • There is a bug in this section that sometimes makes the CPU unable to reach the platform and fall off the track.
  • Finishing the race in Time Trial and Relic Race, the CPU of the player doesn't gain enough speed to cross over the hole of this specific turbo pad, causing the character to fall.
    • If the CPU is following the left path, they will go out of bounds everytime they pass, causing the character to be stuck forever.
Aug 14 Final
CTR-Aug5 OxideStation.png CTR-Final OxideStation.png
  • The tunnel leading to the big fall is entirely covered in turbo pads.
  • There are a lot of turbo pads that keeps your "reserves" during the rest of the race, so it's possible to play the entire track at maximum speed.

Slide Coliseum

  • There is an extra object suspended on mid-air.
  • One of the CPU paths is unfinished, causing some of them to go towards the wall and keep going out of bounds forever.

CTR-Aug14 SlideColiseumGlitch.png

  • The lap counter checkpoint is misplaced, causing it to trigger slightly before crossing the finish line.

Turbo Track

  • The turbo pads don't scroll.

CTR-Aug14 TurboTrackMisplacedCrate.png

  • This Wumpa crate is misplaced.
  • The camera just follows the character after the race ends. In Time Trial and Relic Race modes the camera isn't programmed, causing the game to crash before crossing the finish line.

Unused Strings

These Adventure mode strings are stored along with other hint texts, but aren't used along with their audio counterparts. Both are used in the final game. The texts are also using lowercase letters, while in the final game all letters are capitalized. This doesn't affect how the strings are displayed in-game, though.

Collect the letters C, T, and R on each track and come in first place to win a CTR Token.  Beware, some letters are hard to find!
Get the lowest time you can by racing fast and breaking time crates.  Each time crate you break will freeze the clock.  If you achieve a low enough time, you will be awarded a relic.

Soundtrack Differences

The following themes have a cut extension at the end of the track. These segments were present in the original pre-console versions.

Level Aug 14 Final
Mystery Caves
Tiger Temple
Polar Pass
Tiny Arena
Hot Air Skyway
Oxide Station

Save Information

The information stored on a memory card when saving the game differs in this version compared to the final release. The save icon is the default of a Psy-Q sample.

Info Aug 14 Final
Save icon CTR-Aug5 SaveIcon.gif CTR-Final SaveIcon.png CTR-Final SaveIconGhostData.png
Title CTR Saved Games and Scores CTR:Saved Games and Scores
Product Code SCUS-12345 SCUS-94426

Dongle's Internal Name

This build is dongle protected with the use of a memory card dongle, so attempting to run it via normal means won't boot the game. It seems this dongle was made specifically for E3 demo but was later reused in subsequent builds.

E3 dongle Copyright 1999 Naughty Dog, Inc.