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Proto:Dead or Alive (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Dead or Alive (PlayStation).

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Four prototypes of the PlayStation Dead or Alive were found during the Hidden Palace PlayStation Community Group Buy that happened in February 2020. Two builds are early in the porting process, while the others are prototypes of the PAL release.

January 10, 1998

Very early, with many key features not implemented yet.

General Differences

  • There is no intro movie, just text that says "MOVIE SECTION".
  • No music is present.
  • While pressing Start does make the game pause, the pause menu hasn't been implemented yet.
  • The character select has "#P" instead of "#C" text, likely meaning Player 1. The character roster was also rearranged slightly.
  • Losing two rounds does not result in a game over.
  • The options menu is completely absent.
(Source: Hidden Palace)