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Proto:Jet Set Radio Future

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Jet Set Radio Future.

This article is a work in progress.
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A prototype from December 4, 2001 was released as part of Hidden Palace's Project Deluge. It is dated almost two months before the final build and has quite a few differences.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Graphical Differences

Character Icons

The character icons either have a cartoony look or use a render of the in-game model albeit taken at a different angle than the ones used in the final.


Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char00.png JSRFRetail Char00.png


Proto Final
JSRF char26 1.png JSRFRetail Char02.png


Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char07.png JSRFRetail Char07.png

DJ Professor K

Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char19.png JSRFRetail Char19.png


Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char05.png JSRFRetail Char05.png


Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char01.png JSRFRetail Char01.png


Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char24.png JSRFRetail Char24.png

Rokkaku Police

Interestingly, there's two unique icons for the Armored Division and the spotlights, which were changed to icons of the officers in the final.

Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char20.png JSRFRetail Char20.png
Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char22.png JSRFRetail Char20.png
Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char38.png JSRFRetail Char38.png


Proto Final
JSRFDec4 Char35.png JSRFRetail Char35.png


Proto Final
JSRF char32 1.png JSRFRetail Char08.png

Early Models


Prototype Final
JSRFDec4-CubeProto.png JSRFDec4-CubeFinal.png

Text Differences

Chapter 1


Proto Final
Go to the yellow triangle, and pull
the "right trigger".
Go to the round-shaped mark, and pull
the "right trigger".
Proto Final
The piece is done when there are
no more yellow triangles.
The piece is done when there are no
more the round-shaped mark.

Gum refers to the graffiti marks as triangular instead of round-shaped. This is most likely due to the dialogue not being updated after the design of the mark changed.

Proto Final
You gotta get 10 spray can. Collect 10 Spray Cansǃ

The objective text was updated in the final to improve the translation.

Proto Final
Get 10 spray cans, and press the "B button". Collect 10 Spray Cans and perform a
Boost Dash with the "B button"ǃ

The text for this objective was later updated to refer to the Boost Dash.