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Jet Set Radio Future

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Title Screen

Jet Set Radio Future

Developer: Smilebit
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Xbox
Released in JP: February 22, 2002
Released in US: February 25, 2002
Released in EU: March 14, 2002

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Jet Set Radio Future is the sequel to the original Jet Set Grind Radio on the Dreamcast.

To do:
  • Many voice lines went unused - extract the rest of them from the game and document here.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Character Icons


JSRF char23.png
JSRF char27.png
JSRF char28.png
JSRF char31.png
JSRF char33.png
JSRF char36.png
JSRF char37.png

Seven crudely drawn placeholder character icons are present in charicon.

Early Icons

JSRF char25 1.png
JSRF char25 2.png
JSRF char26 1.png
JSRF char26 2.png
JSRF char32 1.png
JSRF char32 2.png

Additionally, three early icons for Gum, Corn, and Yoyo are present in the same directory.

Stage Textures

These files were found in the Stage folder.


JSRF-stg20 03 1060052.png

Two placeholder billboards can be seen in this texture found in stg20_03.dat, stg22_07.dat, and stg51_00.dat.

Text Translation
カブト印 コンテナ
カブト印 ドラ厶缶
カブト印 パレット
Helmet stamp - container
Helmet stamp - Dorare can
Helmet stamp - pallet
絶やすな炎 次世代への希望
Industry's 100 year revolution
The fire that won't go out. The hope of ??? future generations.
Not yet open for business
Now taking advertising sponsor applications.
Musashi real estate (???)

Rokkaku Ju-kou can be translated as "Rokkaku Heavy Indusries", and "Kanban" translates to "billboard".

(Source and JSRF asset extraction tool: jsrf-inside.blogspot.com)

Hardware Store

JSRF-stg22 07 273404.png

This hardware store texture can be found in stg22_07.dat. The text translates as follows:

Text Translation
2nd floor
Billboard Texture
1st floor texture

Construction Signs

JSRF-Stg32 00 2010690.png

Two placeholders can be seen in this set of construction signs found in Stg32_00.dat and stg54_00.dat.

Menu Textures

These files were found in Garage and Title.

Old Character Select Texture

JSRF-Garage41-dat-MULT-NORM-5--1-Texture .png

An earlier variant of the English character select texture is in Garage41.dat. The spaces in some of the character's names were missing for some reason.

Old Main Menu Texture


An earlier variant of the main menu texture is in TitleS.dat. The versus mode was originally separated by the number of players present rather than having it just be one option on the menu.

Unused Models

An unused model of a sword is within Hayashi's flies, seeing as it is fully modeled it was most likely cut late into development.

An unused green spray can is present within Misc.dat. According to this video, it acts as a placeholder and doesn't add any cans to your total.

Very similar to the unused green can mentioned above, most likely just another placeholder.

Unused Sounds

DJ Professor K Dialogue

Audio Transcription Usage
"Yeah..." Unused take from the first cutscene.
"Whoaǃ Someone's kidnapped the goddessǃ? That's bad karma, man. Bad karma." This audio was supposed to accompany the text that appears on Dogenzaka Hill, yet it strangely goes unused.
"They gotta be the ones that stole the statue at Dogenzaka Hillǃ" A removed line from the second Professor K cutscene.
"The Rokkaku Police just joined the party!" "Looks like they want to come out and play." Unused cop encounter.
"These, right here, are statues of Rokkaku Gouji's ancestors. Check this: heads are gonna roll if you bust them up." The dialogue is used, but the audio doesn't play.
We got a party now, baby! Rokkaku Police just showed up." "I hear that freak Hayashi ain't slept in a week. All he wants to do is round up the boys as quickly as possible and head home to bed. Wahhhh!" "Put 'em to sleep right where they are." Unused cop encounter somewhere for Chapter 2.
"Where is the hideout of these freaks of nature?" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Yo, bust your butt! Get over to 99th Street and get the 411 on Poison Jam, move it!" The audio was supposed to be played after the line "Rapid 99 has been seen on 99th Street."
"Is your heart pounding and blood pumping to the beat? We're sending our signal out to the entire city, yo! Are you ready to ride the waves?" "Yo! It's time to head off to Poison Jam's hideout, the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility under Rokkaku-dai Heights!" The dialogue is used, but the audio doesn't play. The reason why these voice clips don't play is because their filename inside game's executable has a typo.
"Here we go, this monster jam's just getting started." "Woah, it looks like the master of the Poison Jam house party is Cube!" "Who's gonna be the one to become sewer trash? Not me, y'all!" "Spray the backs of all the Poison Jam members." Possibly could have been used for Poison Jam fight in Chapter 3.
"They've come back to life thanks to some ancient Egyptian mumbo jumbo and now they'll stump on Tokyo, but why Tokyo of all places?" The audio was supposed to be played during Immortals fight in Pharaoh Park.
"I'd like to know what they've got inside those helmets. Nah, they're probably empty anyway." The audio was supposed to be played during Death Ball match against Doom Riders.
"The Noise Tanks may look tough, but their bodies are weak." A cut line from Noise Tank cleanup intro in Chapter 6.
"They're coming out the woodwork, yo! Exterminate those cyborg cockroaches!" Possibly could have been used during Noise Tank cleanup.
"Someone's battling with Yoyo at 99th Street. Get over there, now! Hurry!" This line was cut because Yoyo is at Sky Dinosaurian Square.
"Follow Clutch, and get those Graffiti Souls back." Possibly could have been used during search for Clutch in Chapter 7.
"Look, I'm warning y'all fellas! Someone's after you and they're watching your every move. Trust your instincts and don't let your guard down or else it's game over, baby!" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"And according to him, the Golden Rhinos are now targeting this show, Jet Set Radio, and yours truly, DJ Professor K as part of their diabolical plan. What's up with that, baby?" A cut line from the eighth cutscene.
"Man, low-life punks are rampaging through Chuo Street! 99th Street is in a sea of flames!" The Golden Rhino fight at Highway Zero was originally going to take place at 99th Street.
"The Golden Rhinos have turned 99th Street into a sea of flamesǃ Take down that pyromaniac." The Golden Rhino fight at Highway Zero was originally going to take place at 99th Street.
"Golden Rhinos are laying waste to the street and showing no mercy. You gotta stop 'em!" Unused take from Chapter 8.
"Who in the world could that be?" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"SAYONARA TOKYO!!! MY LOVE!!!" A cut line from unused cutscene for Train fight in Chapter 8.
"Who's gonna rise to the call, huh? The streets don't wait for no one!" Unused take from ending cutscene.
"Looks like they sent in attack planes." The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Woah, these guys ain't pushovers like the Rokkaku Police, baby!" "Be careful!" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Hey, if you're gonna be in the spotlight, you might as well put on a show, right?" "Give 'em a performance they'll never forget!" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"The Golden Rhino assassins? Man, I know they're mixed up in here somewhere." "Watch your back, don't let 'em catch you by surprise!" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Touch that, and you'll gonna end up a human BBQ!" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Hold your butts! it's time for jet set classic." The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"This track ain't seen the light of day in close to thirty years." The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Once I dust it off a little, I'm gon' let her rip, so listen up!" The purpose of this sound is unknown.
"Buckle up kitties 'cause now everybody's favorite extreme sport, the game where everyone risks their lives for a shot at street stardom--Death Crash!" Possibly an early name for Death Ball or an unused game mode.

Golden Rhino Dialogue

Audio Transcription Usage
"Communication center to all Golden Rhinos, the chairman has initiated Plan R. All groups head immediately to the Tokyo area. If you encounter any resistance, dispose of them immediately." Intended to be used in one of the Golden Rhino fights.
"Communication center to all Golden Rhinos, resistance is more than was anticipated. The chairman has grown rather irritated. Disposal of all those who resist has been given top priority." Intended to be used in one of the Golden Rhino fights.
"Communication center to all Golden Rhinos, use all necessary force to exterminate those punks." Intended to be used in one of the Golden Rhino fights.
"Communication center to NT-3000, exterminate the targets as planned." Scrapped dialogue for the NT-3000 fight.
"Communication center to NT-3000, use all necessary force to dispose of the targets." Scrapped dialogue for the NT-3000 fight.
"Communication center to NT-3000, reinforcements are on the way. Do whatever you can to exterminate the targets." Scrapped dialogue for the NT-3000 fight.
"Communication center to NT-3000, come in. Are you there? NT-3000, what is wrong?ǃ" Scrapped dialogue for the NT-3000 fight.

Gouji Dialogue

Audio Transcription Usage
"Take it away, kids." Unused line from Zero Beat fight intro.
"That's the way I like it, baby!" Unused line from A.KU.MU fight intro.
"Little punks, it ain't over yet. It's time for the grand finaleǃ" There might have been another phase to the A.KU.MU fight that got scrapped.

Unused Music

An unused credits song, titled ending.adx, is present in the directory Z_ADX/BGM. It's basically just Sweet Soul Brother (BB Rights Remix) with some crowd cheering at the end. The credits medley in the original Jet Set Radio ended on this track with cheers as well. The theme used in this game is also a medley of various Hideki Naganuma tracks, this time ending with Concept of Love.

Unused Text

Localization Placeholders

Starting at 0x1BBBAC and throughout the executable are some placeholder text from an incomplete localization of the game in other languages.

Play Time:(Esp) Chapter:(Esp)   You wanna overwrite this file?(Esp) Wanna create a new file?(Esp)   You wanna load this one?(Esp)   Pick a File,already(Esp)    File 3(Esp) File 2(Esp) File 1(Esp) New File(Esp)   Play Time:(Ger) Chapter:(Ger)   You wanna overwrite this file?(Ger) Wanna create a new file?(Ger)   You wanna load this one?(Ger)   Pick a File,already(Ger)    File 3(Ger) File 2(Ger) File 1(Ger) New File(Ger)   Play Time:(Fr)  Chapter:(Fr)    You wanna overwrite this file?(Fr)  Wanna create a new file?(Fr)    You wanna load this one?(Fr)    Pick a File,already(Fr) File 3(Fr)  File 2(Fr)  File 1(Fr)  New File(Fr)
Connect Pad Port 4(Esp) Connect Pad Port 3(Esp) Connect Pad Port 2(Esp) Connect Pad Port 1(Esp) Connect Pad Port 4(Gr)  Connect Pad Port 3(Gr)  Connect Pad Port 2(Gr)  Connect Pad Port 1(Gr)  Connect Pad Port 4(Fr)  Connect Pad Port 3(Fr)  Connect Pad Port 2(Fr)  Connect Pad Port 1(Fr)
Change graffiti to use(Esp) Is this what ya want?(Esp)  Change graffiti to use(Gr)  Is this what ya want?(Gr)   Is this what ya want?(Ger)  Change graffiti to use(Fr)  Is this what ya want?(Fr)
Continue?(ESP   Continue?(GR)   Continue?(FR)
Score Rank(Esp) Time Rank(Esp)  Jet(Esp)    Nitoro(Esp) Turbo(Esp)  Engine(Esp) Motor(Esp)  Pedal(Esp)  Score Rank(Gr)  Time Rank(Gr)   Jet(Gr) Nitoro(Gr)  Turbo(Gr)   Engine(Gr)  Motor(Gr)   Pedal(Gr)   Score Rank(Fr)  Time Rank(Fr)   Jet(Fr) Nitoro(Fr)  Turbo(Fr)   Engine(Fr)  Motor(Fr)   Pedal(Fr)
Which is chosen?(Esp)   Which is chosen?(Ger)   Which is chosen?(Fr)
Retry(Esp)  RETURN TO TITLE?(Esp)   Retry(Gr)   RETURN TO TITLE?(Ger)   Retry(Fr)   RETURN TO TITLE?(Fr)
item(Esp)   spray can(Esp)  HP(Esp) score(Esp)  item(Gr)    spray can(Gr)   HP(Gr)  score(Gr)   item(Fr)    spray can(Fr)   HP(Fr)  score(Fr)
Are you ready?(Esp) Are you ready?(Gr)  Are you ready?(Fr)
Press the B Button to go back.(Esp) Press the B Button to go back.(Ger) Press the B Button to go back.(Fr)
You wanna go for a test run?(Esp)   Change your Garage BGM here.(Esp)   All things graffiti, right here.(Esp)   I'll teach ya the basics.(Esp)  You can pick any character!(Esp)    Save your game and stuff here.(Esp) You wanna go for a test run?(Ger)   Change your Garage BGM here.(Ger)   All things graffiti, right here.(Ger)   I'll teach ya the basics.(Ger)  You can pick any character!(Ger)    Save your game and stuff here.(Ger) You wanna go for a test run?(Fr)    Change your Garage BGM here.(Fr)    All things graffiti, right here.(Fr)    I'll teach ya the basics.(Fr)   You can pick any character!(Fr) Save your game and stuff here.(Fr)
Jet Flag(Esp)   Jet Dash(Esp)   Jet Tech(Esp)   Jet Graffiti(Esp)   Jet Flag(Ger)   Jet Dash(Ger)   Jet Tech(Ger)   Jet Graffiti(Ger)   Jet Flag(Fr)    Jet Dash(Fr)    Jet Tech(Fr)    Jet Graffiti(Fr)
SE Volume(Ger)  BGM Volume(Ger) Vibration(Ger)  SE Volume(Fr)   BGM Volume(Fr)  Vibration(Fr)
Select a Media for Data Loading(Esp)    Select a Media for Data Saving(Esp) Select a Media for Data Loading(Ger)    Select a Media for Data Saving(Ger) Select a Media for Data Loading(Fr) Select a Media for Data Saving(Fr)
Change Settings(Esp)    Save game data(Esp) Change Settings(Ger)    Save game data(Ger) Change Settings(Fr) Save game data(Fr)
Back(Esp)   Back(Gr)    Back(Fr)    2P Only(Esp)    One or Two Players(Esp) 2P Only(Gr) One or Two Players(Gr)  2P Only(Fr) One or Two Players(Fr)
City Rush(Gr)   Tagger's Tag(Fr)    Graffiti Wars(Fr)   Flag(Fr)    Ball Hog(Fr)    City Rush(Fr)
Plactice mode(Esp)  Battle mode(Esp)    Plactice mode(Gr)   Battle mode(Gr) Plactice mode(Fr)   Battle mode(Fr)
Connect Pad.(Esp)   No Pad Connect.(Esp)    Connect Pad.(Gr)    No Pad Connect.(Gr) Connect Pad.(Fr)    No Pad Connect.(Fr)

Build Dates

Beginning at 0x1CF075 in the executable are build dates for several game components.

ADXT/XB Ver.7.49 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:33
ADXXB Ver.1.14 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:30
CVFS/XB Ver.2.23 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:34
RNA Ver.3.14 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:38
SJ Ver.6.02 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:36
WXCI/XB Ver.1.15 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:36
MFCI/XB Ver.1.02 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:35
RNADS Ver.3.05 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:38
SVM/XB Ver.1.06 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:36
LSC Ver 2.04 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:35
ADXF/XB Ver.6.21 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:30
RNADMY Ver.3.01 Build:Dec 10 2001 17:51:38