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Proto:Superman (NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Superman (NES).

A Japanese prototype of Superman, with some differences.

Title Screen

Proto Final
Superman Famicom Title Screen (Proto).PNG Superman - FC - Title.png

The prototype has a chibi Superman on the title screen instead of the normal design. The logo is also differently shaded, the Kemco logo is larger, and the font is different.


Proto Final
Superman FC Gameplay (Proto).PNG Superman FC Gameplay.PNG

The Daily Planet has a darker palette in the prototype, and has a simpler design. A small "H" icon is visible in the top-right of the gameplay screen, which is mostly offscreen in the final.

Proto Final
Superman FC Gameplay2 (Proto).PNG Superman FC Gameplay2.PNG

Windows on building exteriors are shiny in the prototype, but not in the final.