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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Debug Version/Map Select

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Debug Version.

Using Map Select, players can navigate Majora's Mask's locations without having to travel to them on foot. It also allows users to set the cutscene, time of day, and Link's age.

Accessing Map Select

Debug ROM

To access Map Select in the Debug ROM, press L + R + Z at any point during the game. The Map Select is still present in the retail versions in the game but needs a GameShark code to be accessed, for which see Notes:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


Buttons Effect
D-Pad Up Scroll backward through maps.
D-Pad Down Scroll forward through maps.
A Select destination.
B Change Link's form.
Z Scroll forward through Stage options.
R Scroll backward through Stage options.
C-Right Scroll forward through Day options.
C-Left Scroll backward through Day options.
C-Up Decrease OPT.
C-Down Increase OPT.

Stage Options

Japanese English Effect
あさジャラ Morning-jara Spawn at 6 am.
おひるジャラ Afternoon-jara Spawn at 12 pm.
よるジャラ Night-jara Spawn at 6 pm.
デモXX Cutscene XX Spawn in cutscene XX.

Players can select cutscenes 00 to 0A for each map. Trying to select a non-existent cutscene will generally freeze the game, but sometimes spawns Link in strange places.

Jara is a phrase used by the Kokiri.

Day Options

Japanese English Effect
さいしょのひ The First Day Spawn on The First Day.
つぎのひ The Next Day Spawn on The Second Day.
さいごのひ The Final Day Spawn on The Final Day.
くりあーのひ Clear Day Spawn at The Dawn of a New Day.

The new day is devoid of any actors that have time-dependant pathing. The game will freeze if you attempt to speak with anyone who has time-dependent dialogue. Time passes, but the skybox doesn't change.

Age Options

Japanese English Effect
5(こども) 5 (Child) Spawn as Link.
12(デクナッツ) 12 (Deku) Spawn as Deku Link.
78(ゾーラ) 78 (Zora) Spawn as Zora Link.
30(ゴロン) 30 (Goron) Spawn as Goron Link.
17 (おとな) 17 (Adult) Spawn as Fierce Deity Link.

Map Select List

Most map select entries are written in Japanese. A translation by GlitterBerri and Playtendo is available below.

# Name Location Translation Notes
0:0P デモよう しんりん Forest Opening Scene Woods for Cutscene Use
0-0 まよい の もり Lost Woods Lost Woods
1: タウン こうがい Termina Field Town Outskirts
1-0 てんもんかんそくじょ Astral Observatory Astral Observatory
1 - 1 てんもんかんそくじょ で ぼうえんきょう Astral Observatory - Telescope Astral Observatory Telescope
1 - 2 イカーナのはかば Ikana Canyon Graveyard Ikana Graveyard
2 ロマニーぼくじょう Romani Ranch Romani Ranch
3 ミルクロード Milk Road Milk Road
4 おもや Ranch House Main Building
5 うしごや Cow Shed Cow Shed
6 コッコごや Cucco Shed Cucco Shed
7 ドッグレースじょう Doggy Racetrack Dog Racing Area
8 ゴーマン トラック Gorman Track Gorman Track
10 やまざと ーふゆー Mountain Village - Winter Mountain Village -Winter-
10 - 0 やまざと ーはるー Mountain Village - Spring Mountain Village -Spring-
10 - 1 やまざと の かじや Mountain Smithy Mountain Village Blacksmith
11 ゴロン の さと ーふゆー Goron Village - Winter Goron Village -Winter-
11-0 ゴロン の さと ーはるー Goron Village - Spring Goron Village -Spring-
11 - 1 ゴロン の ほこら Goron Shrine Goron Shrine
11 - 2 はなれやま の ほこら Lone Peak Shrine Lone Peak Shrine
11 - 3 ゴロン の みせ Goron Shop Goron Shop
12 スノーヘッド Snowhead Snowhead
13 ふぶき の みち Path to Goron Village - Part 1 Blizzard Path
14 ゆきだま の みち Path to Goron Village - Part 2 Snowball Path
15 ゴロノレース じょう Goron Racetrack Goron Racetrack
16 ゴロン の はか Darmani's Grave Goron Grave
17 せつげん バトル ーふゆー Path to Goron Village - Winter Snow Field Battle -Winter-
17-0 せつげん バトル ーはるー Path to Goron Village - Spring Snow Field Battle -Spring-
20 ぬまち Southern Swamp Swampland Maps 18 and 19 are missing.
20-0 ぬまち そのご Southern Swamp - After Odolwa Swampland - Afterwards
20-1 ぬま の かんこうあんない Tourist Information Swamp Tourist Information
20-2 まほうおばば のくすりや Magic Hags' Potion Shop Magic Hags' Potion Shop
21 ウッドマウンテン Woodfall Wood Mountain
21-0 デクひめ の ろうや Deku Princess's Prison [Cutscene: Tatl Apologizes] Deku Princess's Prison
22 デクナッツ の しろ Deku Palace Deku Castle
22-0 クロスケ の あな0 Deku Palace Grotto 0 - Deku Baba & Butterflies, Entrance 1 Boe Hole 0
22-1 クロスケ の あな1 Deku Palace Grotto 1 - Deku Baba & Butterflies, Entrance 2 Boe Hole 1
22-2 クロスケ の あな2 Deku Palace Grotto 2 - Skullwalltula Wall, Lower Entrance Boe Hole 2
22-3 クロスケ の あな3 Deku Palace Grotto 3 - Skullwalltula Wall, Upper Entrance Boe Hole 3
22-4 クロスケ の あな4 Deku Palace Grotto 4 - Bean Seller Boe Hole 4
24 けもののみち Road to Swamp Beast Path Map 23 is missing.
24-0 もり の しゃてきじょう Swamp Shooting Gallery Forest Shooting Gallery
25 デクおう の ま Deku Palace Throne Room Deku King's Chamber
26 ふしぎ の もり Woods of Mystery Woods of Mystery
30 グレートベイ の かいがん Great Bay Coast - Entrance Area Great Bay Coast Maps 27 to 29 are missing.
30-0 かいよう けんきゅうじょ Marine Research Lab Ocean Laboratory
30-1 りょうし の いえ Fisherman's Hut Fisherman's House
30-2 とんがり いわ Twin Pillars Pointed Rock
31 みさき Great Bay Coast - River Area Cape
32 かいぞくのとりでまえ Pirates' Fortress - Exterior Outside of Pirates' Fortress
32-0 かいぞくのとりで Pirates' Fortress --- Courtyard Pirates' Fortress
32-1 かいぞくのとりで ぼうえんきょう Pirates' Fortress --- Secret Entrance (Looking Through Telescope) Pirates' Fortress - Telescope
32-2 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 0 Pirates' Fortress --- Throne Room Pirates' Fortress - Interior 0
32-3 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 1 Pirates' Fortress --- View of Throne Room, Wasp Nest Pirates' Fortress - Interior 1
32-4 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 2 Pirates' Fortress --- Tempting Treasure Chest, Leading to 32-5 Pirates' Fortress - Interior 2
32-5 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 3 Pirates' Fortress --- Zora Egg Room, One Shell Blade Pirates' Fortress - Interior 3
32-6 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 4 Pirates' Fortress --- Oil Drum Room, Leading to 32-7 Pirates' Fortress - Interior 4
32-7 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 5 Pirates' Fortress --- Zora Egg Room, One Shell Blade Pirates' Fortress - Interior 5
32-8 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 6 Pirates' Fortress --- Fenced Indoor Walkway, Leading to 32-9 Pirates' Fortress - Interior 6
32-9 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 7 Pirates' Fortress --- Zora Egg Room, One Desbreko & Treasure Chest Pirates' Fortress - Interior 7
32-10 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 8 Pirates' Fortress --- End of Secret Entrance (Telescope Room) Pirates' Fortress - Interior 8
32-11 かいぞくのとりでないぶ 9 Pirates' Fortress --- Start of Secret Entrance Pirates' Fortress - Interior 9
33 ゾーラ の ほこら Zora Hall Zora Shrine
33-0 ゾーラ の みせ Zora Shop Zora Shop
33-1 ゾーラ の ひかえしつ Mikau & Tijo's Room Zora Waiting Room
34 グレートベイ Great Bay [Cutscene: Pirates Approach Temple] Great Bay
35 たきうえ の けいりゅう Waterfall Rapids Mountain Stream Above Falls
40 ロックビル の たてあな Stone Tower Rock Building Shaft Maps 36 to 39 are missing.
40-0 てんち ぎゃくてん Stone Tower [Cutscene: Tower is Flipped] Heaven & Earth Are Overturned
41 イカーナ への みち Road to Ikana Road to Ikana
42 イカーナ こじょう Ancient Castle of Ikana Ancient Castle of Ikana
42-0 イカーナ の こじょう ないぶ Ancient Castle of Ikana - Interior Ancient Castle of Ikana - Interior
42-B イカーナ の こじょう ボスべや Ikana King's Throne Ancient Castle of Ikana - Boss Room
43 イカーナ けいこく Ikana Canyon Ikana Canyon
43-0 イカーナ けいこく どうくつ Sharp's Cave Ikana Canyon Cave
43-1 セコム の いえ Sakon's Hideout Secom's House
43-2 オルゴール ハウス Music Box House Music Box House
50 クロックタウン ーひがしー East Clock Town Clock Town -East- Maps 44 to 49 are missing.
50-0 まち の しゃてきじょう Shooting Gallery Town Target Range
50-1 ハニー アンド ダーリン の みせ Honey & Darling's Shop Honey and Darling's Shop
50-2 たからばこや Treasure Chest Shop Treasure Chest Shop
50-3 なべかま てい Stockpot Inn Pots 'n' Pans Inn
50-4 ちょうちょう の いえ The Mayor's Residence Mayor's House
50-5 ミルクバー Milk Bar Milk Bar
51 クロックタウン ーにしー West Clock Town Clock Town -West-
51-0 ばくだん や Bomb Shop Bomb Shop
51-1 マニや Curiosity Shop Maniac Mart
51-2 ざっか や Trading Post General Store
51-3 けんどうじょう Swordsman's School Sword Dojo
51-4 ぽすとはうす Post Office Post House
51-5 たからくじや Lottery Shop Lottery Shop
52 クロックタウン ーきたー North Clock Town Clock Town -North-
53 クロックタウン ーみなみー South Clock Town Clocktown -South-
53-0 とけいとうないぶ Clock Tower Interior Clock Tower Interior
54 とけいとう おくじょう Clock Tower Rooftop Clock Tower Rooftop
55 せんたくじょう Laundry Pool Laundry Area
55-0 マニや の うらぐち Curiosity Shop - Back Room Maniac Mart - Rear Entrance
55-1 マニや の のぞきあな Curiosity Shop Back Room - Peephole Maniac Mart - Peephole
100 ウッドマウンテン の しんでん Woodfall Temple Wood Mountain Temple Maps 56 to 99 are missing.
100-B ウッドマウンテン の しんでんーボスー Odolwa's Lair Wood Mountain Temple - Boss
101 スノーヘッド の しんでん Snowhead Temple Snowhead Temple
101-B スノーヘッド の しんでんーボスー Goht's Lair Snowhead Temple - Boss
102 グレートベイ の しんでん Great Bay Temple Great Bay Temple
102-B グレートベイ の しんでんーボスー Gyorg's Lair Great Bay Temple - Boss
103 ロックビル の しんでんーおもてー Stone Tower Temple Rock Building Temple -Top Side-
103-0 ロックビル の しんでんーつらー Stone Tower Temple - Flipped Rock Building Temple -Underside-
103-B ロックビル の しんでんーボスー Twinmold's Lair Rock Building Temple - Boss
104 ソウゲン On the Moon Steppe
104-0 ラスト デク ダンジョン Deku Trial Last Deku Dungeon
104-1 ラスト ゴロン ダンジョン Goron Trial Last Goron Dungeon
104-2 ラスト ゾーラ ダンジョン Zora Trial Last Zora Dungeon
104-3 ラスト リンク ダンジョン Link Trial Last Link Dungeon
104-B ラストダンジョンーボスー Majora's Lair Last Dungeon -Boss-
119 デクナッツ の ほこら Deku Shrine Deku Shrine Maps 105 to 118 are missing.
121 ひみつ の ほこら Secret Shrine Secret Shrine Map 120 is missing.
122 オープニング ダンジョン Pond Area [Cutscene: Falling of the Cliff] Opening Dungeon
123 きょじん の ま Giants' Chamber Giants' Chamber
126 デクナッツ ミニゲーム Deku Rupee Minigame Deku Minigame Maps 124 and 125 are missing.
127-0 ようせい の いずみ 0 Fairy Fountain - Clock Town Fairy Fountain 0
127-1 ようせい の いずみ 1 Fairy Fountain - Woodfall Fairy Fountain 1
127-2 ようせい の いずみ 2 Fairy Fountain - Snowhead Fairy Fountain 2
127-3 ようせい の いずみ 3 Fairy Fountain - Great Bay Coast Fairy Fountain 3
127-4 ようせい の いずみ 4 Fairy Fountain - Ikana Canyon Fairy Fountain 4
128 ぬま の くもやかた Swamp Spider House Swamp Spider Manor
129 うみ の くもやかた Oceanside Spider House Ocean Spider Manor
130 はか の したーダンペイー Beneath the Graveyard Beneath the Graves - Dampe
131 いど の した Beneath the Well Beneath the Well
132 ゆうれいごや Ghost Hut Ghost Hut
133-0 はか の した0 Beneath the Graveyard - Part 1 Beneath the Graves 0
133-1 はか の した1 Beneath the Graveyard - Part 2 Beneath the Graves 1
134-0 かくしあな 0 Secret Grotto - Four Gossip Stones Secret Grotto 0
134-1 かくしあな 1 Secret Grotto - Four Gossip Stones, Skulltula Secret Grotto 1
134-2 かくしあな 2 Secret Grotto - Four Gossip Stones, Water Puddles Secret Grotto 2
134-3 かくしあな 3 Secret Grotto - Four Gossip Stones, Water Puddle With Bugs Secret Grotto 3
134-4 かくしあな 4 Secret Grotto - Chest with Blue Rupee, Deku Babas Secret Grotto 4
134-5 かくしあな5 Secret Grotto - Hot Spring, Deku Babas, Large Stones Secret Grotto 5
134-7 かくしあな 7 Secret Grotto - Two Dondogos Secret Grotto 7 Grotto 6 is missing.
134-9 かくしあな 9 Secret Grotto - Tall Grass With Box, Pot, Bugs Secret Grotto 9 Grotto 8 is missing.
134-10 かくしあな 10 Secret Grotto - Two Cows Surrounded by Grass Secret Grotto 10
134-11 かくしあな 11 Secret Grotto - Watery Hole Filled with Underwater Babas, Fish Secret Grotto 11
134-13 かくしあな 13 Secret Grotto - Peahat in Center Secret Grotto 13 Grotto 12 is missing.
X 1 SPOT 00 Opening [Cutscene: Opening Cutscene]
title Title Screen