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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Late 1997 Overdump/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Late 1997 Overdump.

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A Link To The Past OOT Overdump OOT Final
ALTTPHookshot.png THE LEGEND OF ZELDA-3F88157F-0-3 all.png Hookshot OoT Icon.png

The Hookshot's early design lacks a handle and more resembles its look in A Link To The Past. It's more purple in coloration, akin to the final game's Longshot.

Lens of Truth

Overdump Final
Zelda64-LensEye.png OoTLensofTruth.png

The early design (which this build's text calls "Magnifying Glass of Truth") is blue with a yellow eyelid, and the lens part is more eye-shaped than the circular lens of the final design.


Overdump Final
Zelda64-Mine.png FinalOoT-Bombchu.png

A scrapped item that was presumably reworked into the Bombchu.


Overdump Final
Zelda64-Boomerang.png OoTBoomerang.png

The Boomerang icon's orange colors appear to be more saturated compared to the final game's icon. Additionally, the gem is green in the prototype version.


Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-Slingshot.png FinalOoT-Slingshot.png

The Fairy Slingshot's icon was redrawn slightly as well as recolored. The slingshot's string was wrapped around the ends, while the final version has red tips.


Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-Bow.png FinalOoT-Bow.png

The Fairy Bow's icon was redrawn slightly as well as recolored. The grip was green and brown instead of blue and orange, the drawstring was grey instead of white, and the tips are not red.

Magic Arrows

Overdump Final
ProtoOoTOcarinaofTimearrows.png FinalOoTOcarinaofTimearrows.png

Early graphics for the Fairy Bow with different magic arrows. The green (Wind), black (Shadow), and yellow (Soul/Spirit) arrows were cut from the final game, while the white (Light) arrows were recolored to yellow. The lighting on the early arrows is horizontal, while the final has them in line with the arrow shaft.

Ocarina of Time

Overdump Final
Zelda64-Ocarina.png OoTOcarinaofTime.png

The Ocarina of Time icon shows it as having what appears to be blue, green, and red buttons in the three holes going towards the tip, and there is no metal band at the base of the mouthpiece. In a 1997 interview, Miyamoto stated that the Spiritual Stones would have to be inserted into the Ocarina.

Bottled Items

Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-Bottles.png FinalOoT-Bottles.png

The bottles were redrawn to be slightly bigger. The fairy was originally white with small wings, whereas the final version is a glowing pink ball.

Chicken Egg

Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-Egg.png FinalOoT-Egg.png

At this point in development, the player could buy chicken eggs that could be eaten (to restore health) or hatched. The final version limits the eggs to just two, both event items. There does not seem to be an icon for the hatched chicken/Cucco.

The chicken egg is much smaller than the final's eggs, and does not have a nest.

Horse Grass

Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-GrassWhistle.png N/A

In this build, the player used a special flute made of "horse grass" to summon Epona, a concept later used in Twilight Princess. The final game replaces this with Epona's Song.


Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlysword.png OoTOcarinaofTime-finalsword.png

The Kokiri and Master Sword icons went through a revision before the final game. Surprisingly, the Biggoron's Sword/Giant's Knife icon wasn't changed between here and the final release.


Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlyshield.png OoTOcarinaofTime-finalshield.png

The early Deku Shield icon is more saturated, while the early Hylian Shield icon is more blocky. The shading, drop shadow, and the area around the star on the Mirror Shield were slightly cleaned up.


Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlyboots.png OoTOcarinaofTimebootsfinal.png

The early boots have a more cartoony-looking design, and the Iron Boots are literal iron boots (whereas the final version is only partly made of iron).


Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-Bracelets.png FinalOoT-Gauntlets.png

The Silver and Golden Gauntlets were originally bracelets.

There is no early version of the Goron Bracelet due to the item not existing at this point. Instead, the player simply needed Darunia's permission to pick the Bomb Flowers.


Overdump Final
ProtoOoTOcarinaofTimequiver.png OoTOcarinaofTimequiverfinal.png

Early designs of the Quiver and its upgrades. The final upgrade in the prototype is able to hold more arrows than the final game's Biggest Quiver, with a 64-arrow capacity compared to the 50-arrow capacity of the final game.

Bomb Bag

Overdump Final
ProtoOoTOcarinaofTimebombsbag.png OoTOcarinaofTimebombsbagfinal.png

Early designs of the Bomb Bag and its upgrades. The final upgrade in the prototype is able to hold more bombs than the final game's Biggest Bomb Bag, with a 64-bomb capacity compared to the 40-bomb capacity of the final game.


Overdump Final
ProtoOoTOcarinaofTimewallet.png OoTOcarinaofTimewalletfinal.png

Early wallet designs, complete with their maximum Rupee capacity. Notably, the Adult's Wallet and Giant's Wallet could hold far more at this point, whereas in the final game they hold a mere 200 and 500 Rupees respectively.

Interestingly, the smallest wallet is also present (albeit unused) in Majora's Mask.

Warp Songs

Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlynote.png 96px

Graphics of musical notes for warping songs.

Spiritual Stones

Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlyspiritstone.png OoTOcarinaofTimespiritstoneefinal.png

Early icons for the Spiritual Stones. Their designs differ significantly from the final versions, resembling musical symbols (a natural, flat, and sharp respectively). Possibly meant to coincide with the fact that they were originally more closely linked to the Ocarina of Time, as they would be inserted into this one.


Overdump Final
ProtoOoT-Medallions.png FinalOoT-Medallions.png

Early icons for the Medallions. Their designs are the same as the final version, but the Spirit, Shadow, and Light Medallions have different colors. These colors correspond with the six magic arrow types (three of which are unused in the final game) as well as the six colored keys (see below).

These icons are larger than the final versions, as they were originally C-button items used to cast spells, while the final versions appear only on the Quest Status subscreen.

Unknown Icon


An unknown blue icon, possibly a placeholder for something else in Quest Status.

Quest Status Medallions

Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlymedals.png 48px

Map Screen

Dungeon Map

Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlymap.png OoTOcarinaofTimemapfinal.png


Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlycompass.png OoTOcarinaofTimecompassfinal.png

Key Icons


These graphics appear to show that the Temples used to have unique key icons, as the colors match up perfectly to the Medallions' colors (including the Light Medallion, making this one of the only proofs of a possible Light Temple). Whether these represented Small Keys or Boss Keys isn't clear, but it's a neat idea all the same.



Overdump Final
OoTOcarinaofTime-earlyheart.png OoTOcarinaofTimeheartfinal.png

Menu Assets


Quest Status




A type of icon or item that would be part of Quest Status, but in the final version the graphic is rendered together with the entire panel.

Heart Pieces


Pieces of Heart from the Quest Status screen. Per in-game text, 8 Pieces would have been required for a Heart Container rather than the 4 required for a Container in A Link To The Past, Link's Awakening, and the final OOT. They were probably thinking about doing a lot of sidequests for this game.

Twilight Princess would later require 5 Pieces to make a Heart Container, which is still an outlier for the series but not as insane as needing 8.

Equipment Screen




Labels to describe menu items and screens.


Prerendered images of Link as an adult and child. They served as placeholders for Link on the Equipment screen until a copy buffer had been added.

Map Screen

Map (Field Map and Dungeon Map). Perhaps the label would be changed depending on where it is?


World Map

Overdump Image SpaceWorld '97 Kiosk
ZeldaOverdump worldMap.png OOTspaceworld1997map.png

This beautiful work of cartography was only previously seen through a tiny photo from a booth at SpaceWorld '97.

The upper portion of the map reads "Hyrule was a land of fabulous palaces and magic.", while the bottom-right appears to say "It was also a troubled land, and the divisions of Light and Dark were tearing it apart." Both sentences originate from the A Link To The Past Player's Guide.

Texture Address: 0x01063F40

Format: CI8

Palette Address: 0x0106A340

Select Item/Save

The screen used for selecting items and saving. Almost identical to the final version.


Pause Menu Text

Starting at offset 010A33E0 in the overdump ROM are a series of IA8 textures.

Below are translations of each name. Titles in bold are unused. Official translations are used if present in the released version.

While the names of most of the locations are the same as the released version, the labels for the locations are meant for the Map Screen. This implies the Map Screen would've had more location dots, but locations were likely cut because it would crowd the Map Screen with dots.

Texture Text Translation Notes
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-001 Bombs.png バクダン Bombs
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-002 Deku Nut.png デクの実 Deku Nut
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-003 Land Mine.png 地雷 Land Mine Removed from the final game, possibly replaced by Bombchus (ボムチュウ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-004 Fairy Bow.png 妖精の弓 Fairy Bow
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-005 Slingshot.png パチンコ Slingshot Renamed to Fairy Slingshot (妖精のパチンコ) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-006 Boomerang.png ブーメラン Boomerang
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-007 Deku Stick.png デクの棒 Deku Stick
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-008 Hookshot.png フックショット Hookshot
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-009 Magnifying Glass of Truth.png まことの虫メガネ Magnifying Glass of Truth Renamed to Lens of Truth (まことのメガネ) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-010 Ocarina of Time.png 時のオカリナ Ocarina of Time
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-011 Megaton Hammer.png メガトンハンマー Megaton Hammer
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-012 Horse Reed Pipe.png 馬の草笛 Horse Reed Pipe Removed from the final game, with the functionality replaced by Epona's Song.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-013 Chicken Egg.png ニワトリタマゴ Chicken Egg Changed to "Weird Egg" in the final version (ふしぎなタマゴ). The in-game text of this build mentions that Chicken Eggs could be purchased, then eaten (to restore health) or hatched.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-014 Zelda's Letter.png ゼルダの手紙 Zelda's Letter
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-015 Fire Medallion.png 炎のメダル Fire Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-016 Ice Medallion.png 氷のメダル Ice Medal Renamed to Water Medallion (水のメダル) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-017 Wind Medallion.png 風のメダル Wind Medal Renamed to Forest Medallion (森のメダル) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-018 Spirit Medallion.png 魂のメダル Spirit Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-019 Light Medallion.png 光のメダル Light Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-020 Shadow Medallion.png 闇のメダル Shadow Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-021 Empty Bottle.png からビン Empty Bottle The released Japanese version uses a different word for "Empty".
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-022 Red Potion.png 赤いくすり Red Potion The released Japanese version has "Potion" in katakana (クスリ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-023 Blue Potion.png 青いくすり Blue Potion The released Japanese version has "Potion" in katakana (クスリ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-024 Green Potion.png 緑のくすり Green Potion The released Japanese version has "Potion" in katakana (クスリ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-025 Fairy's Spirit.png 妖精の魂 Fairy's Spirit Simply known as Fairy in English, although it is called Fairy's Spirit in the Potion Shop.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-026 Fish.png さかな Fish The released Japanese version has this in katakana (サカナ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-027 Lon Lon Milk.png ロンロン牛乳 Lon Lon Milk
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-028 Wind Medallion.png 風のメダル Wind Medal Renamed to Forest Medallion (森のメダル) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-029 Fire Medallion.png 炎のメダル Fire Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-030 Ice Medallion.png 氷のメダル Ice Medal Renamed to Water Medallion (水のメダル) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-031 Spirit Medallion.png 魂のメダル Spirit Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-032 Shadow Medallion.png 闇のメダル Shadow Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-033 Light Medallion.png 光のメダル Light Medal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-034 Knife.png ナイフ Knife Renamed to Kokiri Sword (コキリの剣) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-035 Master Sword.png マスターソード Master Sword
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-036 Giant's Knife.png 巨人のナイフ Giant's Knife
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-037 Deku Shield.png デクの盾 Deku Shield
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-038 Hylian Shield.png ハイリアの盾 Hylia Shield Known as the Hylian Shield in English.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-039 Mirror Shield.png ミラーシールド Mirror Shield
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-040 Kokiri Tunic.png いつもの服 Normal Tunic Known as the Kokiri Tunic in English. The Japanese name likely refers to the tunic being what Link normally wears.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-041 Goron Tunic.png ゴロンの服 Goron Tunic
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-042 Zora Tunic.png ゾーラの服 Zora Tunic
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-043 Kokiri Boots.png いつものブーツ Normal Boots Known as the Kokiri Boots in English. The Japanese name likely refers to the boots being what Link normally wears.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-044 Iron Boots.png ヘビイブーツ Heavy Boots Known as Iron Boots in English.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-045 Hover Boots.png ホバーブーツ Hover Boots
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-046 Small Quiver.png 小さな矢立て Small Quiver "Small" was removed for the final version so as not to make the Quiver (矢立て) feel bad.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-047 Big Quiver.png 大きな矢立て Big Quiver
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-048 Bigger Quiver.png もっと大きな矢立て Bigger Quiver Renamed to Biggest Quiver (最大の矢立て) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-049 Small Bag.png 小さな袋 Small Bag Renamed to Bomb Bag (ボム袋) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-050 Big Bag.png 大きな袋 Big Bag Renamed to Big Bomb Bag (大きなボム袋) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-051 Bigger Bag.png もっと大きな袋 Bigger Bag Renamed to Biggest Bomb Bag (最大のボム袋) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-052 Silver Bracelet.png 銀のブレスレット Silver Bracelet Early version of the Silver Gauntlets (銀のグローブ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-053 Gold Bracelet.png 金のブレスレット Gold Bracelet Early version of the Golden Gauntlets (金のグローブ).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-054 Child's Wallet.png こどものサイフ Child's Wallet
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-055 Adult's Wallet.png おとなのサイフ Adult's Wallet
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-056 Giant's Wallet.png 巨人のサイフ Giant's Wallet
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-057 Map.png マップ Map
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-058 Compass.png コンパス Compass
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-059 Piece of Heart.png ハートのかけら Piece of Heart
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-060 Saria's Seal.png サリアの封印 Saria's Seal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-061 Darunia's Seal.png ダルニアの封印 Darunia's Seal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-062 Ruto's Seal.png ルトの封印 Ruto's Seal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-063 Nabooru's Seal.png ナボールの封印 Nabooru's Seal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-064 Mido's Seal.png ミドの封印 Mido's Seal Interestingly, Mido is listed among the Sages but Impa is not.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-065 Rauru's Seal.png ラウルの封印 Rauru's Seal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-066 Zelda's Seal.png ゼルダの封印 Zelda's Seal
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-067 Kokiri Emerald.png コキリのヒスイ Kokiri's Jade Known as the Kokiri's Emerald in English.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-068 Goron Ruby.png ゴロンのルビー Goron's Ruby
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-069 Zora Sapphire.png ゾーラのサファイア Zora's Sapphire
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-070 Minuet of Wind.png 風のメヌエット Minuet of Wind Renamed to Minuet of Forest (森のメヌエット) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-071 Bolero of Fire.png 炎のボレロ Bolero of Fire
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-072 Waltz of Water.png 水のワルツ Waltz of Water Renamed to Serenade of Water (水のセレナーデ) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-073 Gospel of Spirit.png 魂のゴスペル Gospel of Spirit Renamed to Requiem of Spirit (魂のレクイエム) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-074 Etude of Shadow.png 闇のエチュード Etude of Shadow Renamed to Nocturne of Shadow (闇のノクターン) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-075 Prelude of Light.png 光のプレリュード Prelude of Light
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-076 Stone of Agony.png もだえ石 Stone of Agony
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-077 Stone of Agony.png もだえ石 Stone of Agony
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-077 Stone of Agony.png もだえ石 Stone of Agony
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-077 Stone of Agony.png もだえ石 Stone of Agony
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-059 Piece of Heart.png ハートのかけら Piece of Heart
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-057 Map.png マップ Map
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-058 Compass.png コンパス Compass
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-083 Green Key.png 緑のカギ Green Key
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-084 Red Key.png 赤いカギ Red Key
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-085 Blue Key.png 青いカギ Blue Key
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-086 Yellow Key.png 黄色のカギ Yellow Key
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-087 Black Key.png 黒いカギ Black Key
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-088 White Key.png 白いカギ White Key
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-089 Hyrule Plain.png ハイラル平野 Hyrule Plain The released Japanese version uses a different kanji at the end (ハイラル平原).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-090 Market.png 城下町 Castle Town Known as Market in English.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-091 Hylia Cathedral.png ハイリア大聖堂 Hylia Cathedral Possibly an early name for the Temple of Time?
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-092 Hyrule Castle.png ハイラル城 Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle is omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-093 Ganon's Tower.png ガノンの塔 Ganon's Tower Ganon's Tower is omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-094 Malon & Talan Ranch.png マロン&タラン牧場 Malon & Talan Ranch "Talan" seems to be a misspelling of "Talon" (タロン). Renamed to Lon Lon Ranch (ロンロン牧場) in the final.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-095 Lake Hylia.png ハイリア湖 Lake Hylia The released Japanese version has an additional kanji on the end (ハイリア湖畔).
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-096 Lost Woods.png 迷いの森 Lost Woods
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-097 Deku Tree.png デクの樹 Deku Tree The Deku Tree is omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-098 Forest Temple.png 森の神殿 Forest Temple Temples were omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-099 Kakariko Village.png カカリコ村 Kakariko Village
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-100 Graveyard.png 墓地 Graveyard The Kakariko Graveyard was omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-101 Shadow Temple.png 闇の神殿 Shadow Temple Temples were omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-102 Death Mountain.png デスマウンテン Death Mountain
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-103 Fire Temple.png 炎の神殿 Fire Temple Temples were omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-104 Zora's River.png ゾーラ川 Zora's River The final version refers to Zora's Domain (ゾーラの里), rather than the river area.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-105 Waterfall of Wishing.png 願いの滝 Waterfall of Wishing Same name as an area from A Link To The Past. Presumably meant for the falls near Zora's Domain, which would be a nifty callback, but it's not marked on the map in the final game.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-106 Zora's Fountain.png ゾーラの泉 Zora's Fountain The final version refers to Zora's Domain (ゾーラの里), rather than the fountain area.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-107 Water Temple.png 水の神殿 Water Temple Temples were omitted from the Map Screen in the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-108 Gerudo Valley.png ゲルドの谷 Gerudo Valley
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-109 Haunted Wasteland.png 幻影の砂漠 Phantom Desert Known as the Haunted Wasteland in English.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-110 Thieves' Hideout.png 盜賊団のアジト Thieves' Hideout Thieves' Hideout was omitted from the Map Screen of the final version.
SW97OoT-PauseMenuText-111 Desert Colossus.png 巨大邪神像 Great Evil God Statue Known as the Desert Colossus in English, it was omitted from the Map Screen of the final version.

Action Texts

Texture Text Translation
SW97OoT-ActionText-01 Check.png チェック Check
SW97OoT-ActionText-02 Open.png ひらく Open
SW97OoT-ActionText-03 Jump.png ジャンプ Jump
SW97OoT-ActionText-04 Decide.png けってい Decide
SW97OoT-ActionText-05 Whip.png ムチ Whip
SW97OoT-ActionText-06 View.png みる View
SW97OoT-ActionText-07 Return.png もどる Return
SW97OoT-ActionText-08 Throw.png なげる Throw
SW97OoT-ActionText-09 Navi.png ナビィ Navi
SW97OoT-ActionText-10 Climb.png のぼる Climb
SW97OoT-ActionText-11 Ride.png のる Ride
SW97OoT-ActionText-12 Put.png おく Put
SW97OoT-ActionText-13 Down.png おりる Down
SW97OoT-ActionText-14 Reset.png リセット Reset
SW97OoT-ActionText-15 Save.png セーブ Save
SW97OoT-ActionText-16 Examine.png しらべる Examine
SW97OoT-ActionText-17 Talk.png しゃべる Talk
SW97OoT-ActionText-18 Next.png つぎへ Next
SW97OoT-ActionText-19 Grab.png つかむ Grab
SW97OoT-ActionText-20 Quit.png やめる Quit

Text Box

ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlytextbox1.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlytextbox2.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlytextbox3.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlytextbox4.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlytextbox5.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlytextbox6.png


ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlyminimap1.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlyminimap2.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlyminimap3.png ProtoOoTOcarinaofTime-earlyminimap4.png

Inside the Deku Tree

Dodongo's Cavern

Gerudo Training Grounds