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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Late 1997 Overdump

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The F-Zero X test cartridge that contained data from Ocarina of Time.

An unsuspecting F-Zero X development cartridge from NoA Product Testing was released on January 19, 2021 by Forest of Illusion. The cart is decidedly more notable for containing a substantially-large amount of an Ocarina of Time build from late 1997, starting at 0x1000000 in the slack space (0x19A4470 onward is empty).

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this build was either the one seen at SpaceWorld '97 or was built very soon after the event.

(Cart photo: Forest of Illusion)


OoT-Poster Art 2.jpg
The story structure at this point in development, as suggested by the resources gathered.
Proto OoT Hyrule 0 ov.png
3D Maps
A lot of early stuff in here, some of which was seen in prerelease screenshots and footage.
Unused Textures
Early weapon icons, menus, and more.
A dump of the build's text boxes.
Differences between IDs in the final version and the prototype, for objects and actors.


The assets revealed the existence of Landmines, a previously-unknown scrapped item. It was presumably replaced by Bombchus.

Icon In-Game Text Translation
Zelda64-Mine.png 地雷を手に入れた!
You got some Landmines!
Set them to C, and they'll explode on contact!
They'll also go off if you throw them with B!

Map Prerenders

OoT-overdump-kokiri-prerender-1.png OoT-overdump-kokiri-prerender-2.png

At the very beginning of the zelda data you can find these two faces of a cubemap for a prerendered Kokiri Village interior, more precisely Know-It-All Brothers' House, one of which has been partially lost. These images use the last two of four palettes stored immediately after the second image, hinting that two more faces of the cube are missing due to be overwritten by F-Zero X.

Title Screen Cutscene

Within the overdump is data for a cutscene that was apparently used for the demo's title screen. It is an earlier take on Link's nightmare at the beginning of the game. This particular version can be found within the final build, albeit in a more refined state.