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Proto talk:Super Mario Kart

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Multiple protos

  • mkart.rom (this page at the time of this writing) - m5sum b892c0000fc76ec9b516e8dd9303b5f1
  • mario-kart.bin - md5sum 1647116759370d0d0d97f2c93d4759f9
  • mario-kart-02.bin - md5sum 5b15ad8529b1685141c7dfce69623ecc
  • kar4t.bin - md5sum 6a1c8c094408a92c25b227aa0160acd1

Hope this clears up the different builds.--FCandChill (talk) 12:52, 25 July 2020 (UTC)

Should download links be provided?

Due to the nature of this leak, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, so what do you think? -MisterSheep (talk) 10:43, 28 July 2020 (UTC)

Talk about a NOV 91 build

I'm seeing discussion but there seems to be a 1991 build SMK in circulation from the leaks. Seems to have an incomplete battlemode.

Source: https://twitter.com/LF_MrL314/status/1316961685924683778

Yes, the Nov'91 Proto's code-only hex file can be found in kimura/games/temp/game.hex. I am currently in the process of repairing the prototype as accurately as I can. If you'd like more verification or to discuss anything about the protos, feel free to contact me! --MrL314 (talk) 04:24, 27 January 2021 (UTC)

Feb 1992 build clarification

This prototype appears to be in the process of being built. Like the Nov 1991 build, it's missing it's proper assets, so using what can be found in the leaks within that time period is our only resort.

Here is some footage of it: https://twitter.com/LF_MrL314/status/1319959758397493249

Like above, same situation. This code-only hex file can be found in kimura/kart/mak/mario-kart.hex, file dated February 13, 1992. There is a drive-data file also dated Feb13 that indicates even earlier beta tracks, however information about those tracks must be very carefully stated, as to avoid misinformation. --MrL314 (talk) 04:24, 27 January 2021 (UTC)