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MrL314's Avatar

Also known in other places as: @LF_MrL314 (because somebody took "MrL314")

Hello all! I'm MrL314, a Super Mario Kart hacking expert. I do a lot of projects involving Super Mario Kart reverse engineering and hacking, as well as creating many tools for the community to use in their efforts. My work has been featured by VGC, Kotaku, NME, NintendoLife, ScreenRant, and Supper Mario Broth, and I have aided in providing information for multiple videos and projects! (see Accreditations)

Where to Find Me


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SMK Hacks/Mods

"F-1 Intro"-Style DEMO1

SMK Prototype Work


  • Credited by SethBling for creation of SMK Pathing AI display (link)
  • Credited as "Super Mario Kart/Luigi Enthusiast" (link)
  • Featured in RETROGAMING NEWS #11 by Recalbox (link)
  • Featured by multiple articles for the restoration of the SFX-DOS functionality for Super Mario Kart! Here are a few:
  • Featured by Wrestling With Gaming for Super Mario Kart prototype research! (link)
  • Featured by RetroGamingBros for SMK Nov'91 revival (link)
  • Featured by multiple articles for the revival of the SMK Nov'91 Prototype. Here are a few:
  • Disassembly of the NBT driver code for SMK in Abyssoft's video (link)
  • Featured by Supper Mario Broth for “MARIO” debug option in the SMK Nov’91 Prototype (link)
  • Assisted in the research and creation of The Gaming Historian's video: "The Story of Super Mario Kart" (link)