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Title Screen


Developer: Double Fine Productions
Publishers: Majesco Entertainment, THQ, Double Fine Productions
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Xbox, PlayStation 2
Released in US: April 26, 2005
Released in EU: February 10, 2006

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article
BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

To do:
  • Document the Debug Menu.
  • Add prototype page.
  • There's some test levels and early maps that were accidentally shipped in the PS2 port. They can be ported to PC to be made playable and in some cases can be restored further by fixing up scripts from the 2013 Steam build

Psychonauts is a cult-classic, underselling game about a psychic boy that infiltrates a psychic summer camp. Using several kinds of psychic powers, Razputin must try to stop the children's brains from being stolen. In his adventure, he'll navigate inside other people's minds and help them with their psychological turmoils. It's mostly humorous, but some small details may prove to be... incredibly terrifying. Some of them might have actually been considered too extreme, so parts of the script got left in the cutting room floor.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
February 2013 Steam Build
A build of the game pushed to Steam that included not only texture sources, but also the original, uncompiled versions of every Lua script in the game, revealing countless secrets.
Unused Dialogue

Li-Po Backstory Document

The Li-Po Backstory Document is a leaked backstory document accidentally placed inside the files of the Psychonauts Steam port, though it was quickly removed.

Unused Animations

To do:
Clean renders

Lungfish Deaths

Linda the Lungfish has 3 different death animations, but only one of them is used ingame (and it can barely be seen). The first, "lungfishdeathold", is incredible simple and rough and most likely temporary. What seems to be a more completed variation of it is present as "lungfish_death". These animations were likely both at some point used as part of the scrapped boss battle with Linda in Brain Tumbler Experiment.

The final death animation is called "driftwooddeath" and it actually is used when you shoot the shadow lungfish in the final game, but the visual effects on her make it almost impossible to see it unless you know what you're looking for. The strange name suggests it may have had some other purpose originally, but this is just speculation.

Hypnosis Animations

Various characters have animations relating to hypnosis present in the game files. These are part of an incredibly old concept where the player (probably still as D'artagnan at this stage) would enter minds by hypnotising the characters with a gold watch.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Need pictures of some of these

"Sound Page" background

30 seconds in MS Paint.
Inside the game's files is a simple background for a "sound page". It's not clear what exactly this background was for, probably an early version of the sound options menu or possibly some kind of sound test.

A still image of Double Fine's logo, likely a placeholder before the animated one was put in.

Early Main Menu

To do:
Screenshot/footage of this menu in action

Psychonauts-titlescreen background.png

This image is used as the background for an early version of the main menu, presumably from before the 3D brain menu was implemented. This early menu still exists in the game's code, however the menu is dummied out and the code to show it is replaced by the code that normally shows intro videos and loads the final menu level.

Psychonauts-titlescreen eyeclosed.png Psychonauts-titlescreen eyeopen.png

An eye that closes and opens, bunched in with the placeholder title screen.

Demo splash screen

A leftover splash screen, shown at the end of demo versions of the game.

Placeholder inventory item

An unused inventory item icon labelled "unnamed object". It's nothin', g.

Unused badge icons

Badge Purpose
PsychonautsMeritBadge1.png Unknown. Possibly related to the health regeneration granted when reaching rank 90.
PsychonautsMeritBadge2.png Early version of Telekinesis.
PsychonautsMeritBadge3.png Most likely an early oarsman badge.
PsychonautsMeritBadge4.png Pyrokinesis. Can be seen on early screenshots.
PsychonautsMeritBadge5.png Unknown, but bears some resemblance to the early clairvoyance seen below.
PsychonautsMeritBadge6.png Early PSI-blast.
PsychonautsMeritBadge7.png Unknown, but something related to keys or opening something.
PsychonautsMeritBadge8.png Unknown, but could be alternate Levitation, or be related to cut usage of your "Thought Bubble" (AKA inventory) as an actual item.
PsychonautsMeritBadge9.png Invisibility.
PsychonautsMeritBadge10.png Unknown. Possibly Mental Cobweb Duster.
PsychonautsMeritBadge11.png Confusion.
PsychonautsMeritBadge12.png Old Clairvoyance.
PsychonautsMeritBadge13.png Unknown.
PsychonautsMeritBadge14.png Unknown, but most likely Dowsing Rod.
PsychonautsMeritBadge15.png Unknown.
PsychonautsMeritBadge16.png Unknown.
PsychonautsMeritBadge17.png Shield. Can be seen in the prototype. Curiously, there's also a version of this badge in folder for learner's permissions, alongside with early Psi-blast and early Levitation, suggesting that it was intended to be learned from a mentor
PsychonautsMeritBadge18.png Early version of Basic Braining. While in the final game it does basically nothing, originally it would've been in place of the Psycho Portal to enter minds of people.
PsychonautsMeritBadge19.png Levitation. Can be seen in a few clips in the Color of the Sky in Your World documentary.

Camp kids

A silhouetted picture of the campers.

Unused Sound Effects


A sound loop intended for the loading screens. A similar sound is used in the sequel.


To do:
There are some more sounds I'm unsure about:
  • There are two versions of the credits music, EndCredits.ogg and CreditsLoop.ogg and the main loop of it. One of them is probably unused, I'm not sure which one it is.

The commonmusic.isb soundbank contains various snippets of music that aren't used in the final game.


Seemingly an old jingle for dying. The final game doesn't have a musical cue for death, only sound effects. Notably the filename references the original protagonist of the game, D'Artagan. The game actually does try to play this sound, but when loading the file it mistakenly calls for Sounds/Music/Dart_Death where it should just be looking for Dart_Death, meaning no sound ever plays.

This sound does work fine in the Li-Po 553 prototype.

Lungfish Death.aif

Another unused jingle. This sound was actually intended for a scrapped fight with the shadow lungfish in Brain Tumbler Experiment, where it'd play on beating the boss, but it was scrapped alongside that fight.


Musical cue for finding an arrowhead. The final game only produces foley sounds, or a different sound in case it's collected within someone's mind. The game loads this sound (or at least attempts to, it may be affected by the same bug as the above death sound) but never tries to play it.


Musical cue for finding PSI...? Could be in reference to either the PSI challenge markers or the PSI cards scattered about the world. Neither has a musical jingle in the final game, only foley sounds.


An unexpectedly long music track for finding PSI Markers. Given how long it is, it's possible that finding challenge markers was once intended to be accompanied by some kind of cutscene, otherwise this sound would have probably been very strange.


A file called SplashScreen.aif is present in the soundbank. It contains 200 milliseconds of silence and seems to be an artifact from when the game's XACT project was converted to ISACT. As ISACT does not support loop points, it splits files with them into 2 seperate tracks, an intro and a looping body. The title screen track doesn't have a real intro and loops in its entirety, so this file is essentially a dummy file.

Debugging Features

Level Select

Raz is anxious to know which level you're going to choose

Present in the game's code is this level select screen, which can be re-enabled through hacking.

The top "Start Here" option takes you to the regular menu screen. Each actual level's main heading acts as a directory, you can select the heading itself to go to the first map of that area or expand the directory to list all the maps that are part of that level. Loading into a map will update your story progression and abilities/inventory to a state that matches up with that point in the game. Using the menu to go forward updates progression, but using it again to go back to earlier levels will retain any current progression.

While the menu lacks a prompt for keyboard and mouse, keyboard and mouse can be used to navigate it without issue.

This level select can also be seen when booting up the December 14th prototype build, where it functions identically. The main difference being that no levels exist past the asylum grounds in that build, so the level select ends there. Naturally, in the final game, all levels are present and selectable.


Two-Headed Dad Monster

The Two-Headed Dad Monster's textures feature an upside-down pentagram on Raz's Dad's forehead, which is not present on Raz's dad before his transformation.

"Your Name Here" credit slide

In the Collective Unconscious, located between Coach Oleander's Basic Braining and Lungfishopolis, a developer credit slide with "Your Name Here" written on it can be seen floating out in the void. The font is different to the used developer credit slides.

Psychonauts Your name here.jpg