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Quest 64

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Title Screen

Quest 64

Also known as: Holy Magic Century (EU), Eltale Monsters (JP)
Developer: Imagineer
Publishers: Konami (EU), THQ (US), Imagineer (JP)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: July 9, 1999
Released in US: June 1, 1998
Released in EU: September 30, 1998

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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To do:

Quest 64 was the first RPG for the Nintendo 64, with a lot of hype before its release. The game was rushed before its release and it shows, given the lack of many features that are core elements in other RPGs such as money and shops, though it does have some innovative elements as well.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Regional Differences
Go forth, on your 64th Holy Quest against the Eltale Monsters.

Unused Music

This game has a bunch of unused tracks, many of which are remixes of used ones. Using the GameShark code 8008FCC1 00??, one can play a desired song by replacing the question marks with the values below that are in bold and parentheses.

(1C) A short jingle.

(1D) You can also use the GameShark code D008FCC1 001E 8008FCC1 001D to replace the game over music with this song. By doing so, you can see it fits perfectly with the timing.

(04) A much slower variation of Melrode's theme with a more melancholy instrumentation.

(10) A slower variation on the Melrode Monastery theme, using percussion instruments.

(11) A sinister tune resembling a minor-key version of the Melrode Monastery theme.

(13) Limelin's theme played on flutes.

(20) An alternate version of Mammon's theme.

(28) A very upbeat version of the ending theme when you talk to Shannon.

(2A) A song that does not loop and sounds like it was meant to be for a credit sequence especially at the ending. This song was later used for the added Japanese ending despite it not looping, resulting in some awkward silence.

Unused Maps

Several unused maps were left in the game, including two that were meant to be part of the World of Mammon.

World of Mammon Monastery

Quest64-World of Mammon Monastery.png

This map is a copy of the Melrode Monastery outdoors map but with the World of Mammon's creepy atmosphere applied to it. It would seem that prior to creating the concept of the "Floating Monastery" which exists in the final game, the developers simply copied over the original monastery exterior and adjusted the scenery to place it within the World of Mammon environment. The door to the Monastery leads to one of the forest areas in the World of Mammon.

This map can be accessed with the following GameShark codes:

80084EEF 0004
80084EF3 0000

World of Mammon Windmills

Quest64-World of Mammon Windmills.png

These maps are similar to the interiors of the Normoon windmills except they were given a World of Mammon makeover as well. These maps feature different geometry from the final windmills, which suggests that prior to release, this is what the windmills in Normoon looked like (except without the World of Mammon lighting). These maps also don't have any collision data or doors and play the music for being indoors.

These two maps can be accessed with the following GameShark codes:

Windmill 1

80084EEF 0013
80084EF3 0000

Windmill 2

80084EEF 0013
80084EF3 0001

Celtland Map

Quest64-Celtland Map Room.png

This map is completely empty except for a model of a map of Celtland floating in space. This is an early version of the map model that can be found in Brannoch Castle. This map can be accessed with the following GameShark codes:

80084EEF 001E
80084EF3 000B

Unused Text

Quest Escape from battle unused.png Quest won battle unused.png

Two unused strings of text are found stranded at the following addresses. These do not appear anywhere in the game, and the escape text has incorrect grammar in it. The pictures show the Grand Abbott's text modified to show the unused text in-game.

Address Text
0x0004DE50 "Brian escape from battle..."
0x0004DE74 "Brian won the battle!"

Unused Japanese Text

Present in the English ROM starting at address 0x00D4B3C0 are the Japanese spell names. No other Japanese text appears in this ROM.