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Ragnarok Online

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Ragnarok Online

Developer: Gravity
Publisher: Gravity
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: December 1, 2002
Released in US: June 1, 2003
Released in EU: April 14, 2004
Released in KR: August 31, 2002
Released in BR: February 2005
Released in CN: May 20, 2003
Released in TW: October 2002

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Ragnarok Online is one of many Korean massive multiplayer online role-playing games (or MMORPGs, if you prefer that). This one, unlike others, is based on the manhwa Ragnarok (what else did you expect?) by Lee Myung-Jin.


Unused Maps

RO testmap tankt2rsw.png Test Maps
They made test maps, tooǃ A few of them actuallyǃ
Ragnarok-online-prontera-early-map.png Early town/minimaps
Maps from the early alpha versions!?

Early Images

Ragnarok-online-beta-doppelganger-card.png Beta Cards
More leftovers from ancient versions!

Hidden SFX

MusicIcon.png Unused Sound Effects
Ancient sounds, now with 100% more moaning upon death.


This opening sequence is from the alpha phase. It was ultimately disposed of when the majority of testers thought it was too tedious to sit through it every time they opened the game client.

Unused Classes

There are three unused classes: Death Knight, Dark Collector, and Munak. Interestingly, Munak is a female undead monster. Perhaps at some point, you could play as Munak (female) and Bongun (male)?

These three classes use a placeholder sprite from a used class: Knight for Death Knight, Sage for Dark Collector, and Acolyte for Munak. None of these classes have skills upon using the @jobchange command as they are disabled.

Death Knight also has a ranking system listed in the game files similar to Alchemist, Blacksmith, and Taekwon. This suggests that Death Knight and Dark Collector may have been a part of Taekwon extended classes at some point in development.


To do:
Document their ID, and their uses.

Gravity has an array of unfinished skills. Some have icons, others have descriptions, and the rest have... gibberish names.

2-2 Alchemist

RO Unused Am biotechnology.png Biotechnology (Skill IDː 239)


Increases the chance of successful Homunculus creation and its Max HP.

RO Unused Am createcreature.png Creature Creation (Skill IDː 240)


Creates an Embryo. Skill level affects success chance.

RO Unused Am cultivation.png Cultivation (Skill IDː 241)


Creates a Homunculus. Skill level affects success chance. Cannot be used if the caster already has a Homunculus present.

RO Unused Am flamecontrol.png Flame Control (Skill IDː 242)


Increases the success rate of Cultivation and Fire resistance of the user.

RO Unused Am drillmaster.png Drillmaster (Skill IDː 245)


Raises the Attack Power of the player's Homunculus.

RO Unused Am healhomun.png Heal Homunculus (Skill ID 246)


Enables the Alchemist to Heal their Homunculus. Skill power is that of an Acolyte's Heal.

2-1 Assassin

RO Unused Skill As poisonzone.png Poison Zone

  • Poison Zone likely turned into Venom Dust as they are identical in icon and skill functionality.

2-1T Assassin Cross

RO Unused Asc hallucination.png Hallucination Walk (Skill ID 377)

Create mirror images while enabling the player to Cloak freely without walls. Hallucinations have twice your Max HP and last for the set duration or until their HP is gone. When all the images disappear, the player will be uncloaked. The player can be detected via Detection skills as well.

2-2T Creator

RO unused Cr alchemy.png Alchemy (Skill ID 392)


Allows the player to craft Medicine Bowls, Empty Bottles, Empty Test Tubes, etc.

RO Unused Cr synthesispotion.png Potion Synthesis (Skill ID 393)


Combine many different potions to create new potions. You can create potions that weigh less but have the same effectiveness or create heavier potions that heal for far more. For potions that summon creatures to attack, they might have a better attack rate, or have a new skill to use.

2-1T Lord Knight

RO Unused Lk fury.png Fury(Unimplemented version. Skill ID 360)


Same effect as Frenzy.

2-2 Rogue

RO unimplemented skill Rg flaggraffiti.png Piece (Skill ID 221)


Paint graffiti on a Guild Flag to replace the guild emblem with an image of your making. This skill`s level affects the amount of graffiti that the Rogue can paint.

RO unimplemented skill Rg cleaner.png Remover (Skill ID 222)


Cleans graffiti from the targeted Guild Flag. Each cast consumes 1 Wet Duster.

  • Piece and Remover is obtainable in-game. They are a part of the Rogue's skill tree and can even be used. However, they do nothing other than using up the player's SP. Wet Duster is non-existent. Giant Paint Brush is simply called Paint Brush. Does nothing.

2-2T Stalker

RO unusedskill St stealbackpack.png Steal Lunch Money (Skill ID 391)



To do:
Needs confirmation if Steal Backpack/Steal Lunch Money is an event skill.

2-1 Hunter

RO Unused Ht poisonslow.png Slow Poison

This skill exists within the skilltree of a Priest. It seems like Hunter was considered to gain the usage of this ability.

2-2 Bard/Dancer and 2-2T Minstrel/Gypsy

RO Unused Bd ragnarok.png Ragnarok (Skill ID 314)


Range of the skill was 7x7 cells from the caster, and it lasted for 60 seconds and cast one of the spells once every 2 seconds. This means that 31 spells were cast in those 60 seconds.

2-1 Wizard

RO Unused Wz fireivy.png Fire Ivy (Skill ID 82)

Offensive(Fire Magic)

Damage enemies by summoning ivy vines of flame from the ground.

  • Only the effect animation remains, which is just a singular flame rising up awkwardly with a fire sound before disappearing again.

2-1T Whitesmith

RO Unused Ws createcoin.png Coin Craft (Skill ID 385)


Create a coin that gives you a random amount of Zeny when it is used. You can receive many different coins depending on the item you use to create. Sometimes you can even receive a Money Pouch!

  • This skill can be enabled through hacking methods. It seems like you were supposed to have a chance of obtaining a RO Unused Skill Coin Material­.png Bronze Coin, a Silver Coin, a RO Unused Skill Coin Mat Gold­.png Gold Coin, a RO Unused Skill Coin Mat Silver­.png Platinum Coin or a RO Unused Skill Coin Mat Platinum­.png Mythril Coin when using the skill. It may have been possible to use these bags — RO UnusedBagofBronzeCoins.png RO Unused SilverBag.png RO Unused GoldBag.png — to gain even more amounts of "valuable" coins since they are under the Usable item table. It is unclear whether you dug up money by random chance or if you needed certain materials to use Coin Craft as most of the code is omitted from the final version.

RO Unused Ws createnugget.png Nugget Craft (Skill ID 386)


Create a gold piece using Iron Ore, Gold Ore, or Silver Ore, then combine it to create a nugget. This nugget will be used to create specific weapons, or it can be sold to NPCs for a high price, or to create coins with. It can also be used to increase your chance of making a weapon.

  • As above, it is possible to make this skill usable. Nothing happens when you cast it. Though most of the code is gone, there are graphical leftovers of both the ores and the Bullions.

RO Unused SilverOre.png Silver Ore. RO Unused GoldOre.png Gold Ore. RO Unused MythrilOre.png Mythril Ore. RO Unused GoldBullion.png Gold Bullion. RO Unused SilverBullion.png Silver Bullion. RO Unused PlatinumBullion.png Platinum Bullion.

RO Unused Ws systemcreate.png Battle Machine Craft (Skill ID 388)


Create a small tower that attacks enemies for you. You can install up to 3, and even if they don't attack, they will disappear eventually. It has an auto-Detect skill, and it will automatically attack all enemies within its range. It does 100 to 300 random damage, and it ignores enemy DEF.

  • A Plant Bottle is needed to activate the skill, it does not consume the item, and no towers are installed. The player simply looks at the direction of a monster, if any.


RO Removed Gd charisma.png Charisma


The guild master gains charisma through this skill. Guild members near the guild master gain increased HIT and FLEE rate.

RO Removed Gd gloryguild.png Glory of Guild


Permits the use of a guild emblem.

  • These Guild skills were previously implemented on iRO Sakray before it was omitted in 2005 for unknown reasons.

Removed Music


This was used in Yuno fields before being replaced with the music pieces Antique Cowboy and Big Guys Love This. TeMPotato never saw the light of day again, though it's still accessible through the game's BGM folder as Track 67.


A placeholder MIDI holiday theme that went unused sometime after it was replaced by SoundTemp songs. Even though it's in the game files, it's not an actual music piece from their composers - Gravity decided to use a free MIDI sample from westnet.com. The song was later made into a sound effect used when equipping the Christmas Musicbox and casting its bonus skill ALL_WEWISH, presumably as a christmas event item.

BGM Differences


Alpha Ver. Final

While the music is the same, the instruments used in the alpha version are different from the current version. Oddly enough, in Renewal when the city is destroyed by Satan Morroc, it uses a more slowed down pace of the earlier version rather than the finalized one.

I Miss You

Alpha Ver. Final

Alpha version has a more clearer quality than the final, with very little difference between the two. Some instruments and pitches were changed.


Alpha Ver. Final

Like "I Miss You", the early version is in high quality with some minor differences, channel enhancement, and pitch change.

Unimplemented Features

Time and Weather System

In the game files, there's a partially working Day/Night system, complete with non-functioning weather. The system would cycle between blazing hot weather, rain, snow, day and night to apparently create conditions that would give players advantages in some situations. Monsters also would spawn at certain times of the day depending on the season/weather. Only graphics remain; any code for special adjustments has been removed. However, a simplified bit of code remains to launch simplified effects for Rain, Maple leaves, Snow, Cherry Blossoms, Clouds, and Fireworks. These are used for seasonal events, such as putting Snow in Prontera during Christmas.

Ragnarök M: Eternal Love, the mobile semi-sequel, implemented this system almost exactly as intended: the random weather will give players buffs such as increasing Attack Speed or elemental damage, but the day/night effect is purely cosmetic and seems as random as the weather, rather than cycling.

Alignment System


In early development, the Alignment System was referred to as Temperament/Tendency and utilized four categories:

  • Righteous (R, a good and honest player)
  • Wicked (W, a hostile player)
  • Fame (F, exactly what it says)
  • Vulgar (V, opposite of Fame)

The Temperament system would be used to customize player character performance and would be accessible through a separate tab on a character's Status window. Points would be assigned to the categories in the Temperament window and players would be able to assign alignment points to other players as well. Players could begin using it by leveling up their Basic Skill to Level 8 as a Novice. Depending on a player's alignment, they could increase their item drop chance and receive Tendency penalties and bonuses.

The Tendency of a guild depends on the overall statistics of the guild members' individual Temperament (e.g. if the majority of guild members were of a Vulgar Temperament, then the guild's Tendency would lean towards said Temperament).

The Alignment System was implemented for some time with players earning "good" points for killing aggressive monsters and "bad" points for killing passive monsters. It was later taken out for unknown reasons, but remnants of the system remained in the UI long after the system was killed off. With the Renewal update, the Temperament tab in the Status window was finally removed. However, the Tendency box still remains on the Guild window. Whether a different alignment system will be implemented in the future or not is unknown. However, it is very likely the alignment system as originally planned will never see the light of day.


In the early days of when Ragnarok Online was free to play, there used to be a feature called "Apartment" which enabled players to have their own houses. Gravity decided to take out the apartment system and everything included in it from their regular data.grf when a group of hackers almost destroyed the company due to being extremely angry at Gravity's decision to make the game pay to play. pData.grf dated 22.05.2001 shows graphical assets of this feature located in data/texture/외부소품.

RO Removed Apatment-00texture.png RO RemovedBankTexture.png RO RemovedCasinoTexture.png RO RemovedChurchTexture.png RO RemovedClubofficeTexture.png RO RemovedFace copyTexture.png RO RemovedGisaTexture.png RO RemovedJang2Texture.png RO RemovedPost-00Texture.png RO RemovedPron-s-emTexture.png RO RemovedPron-s-exhTexture.png RO RemovedPron-s-innTexture.png RO RemovedPron-s-mguTexture.png RO RemovedPron-s-off1Texture.png RO RemovedPron-s-off2Texture.png RO RemovedPron-s-prmonTexture.png RO RemovedPron-s-tool.png RO RemovedRealTexture.png RO RemovedRing-ga-01Texture.png RO RemovedTradecenter copyTexture.png RO RemovedWeapon-00Texture.png

Working ShirtRagnarok-online-removed-working-shirt.png GallabiyaRagnarok-online-removed-gallabiya.png RO RemovedCertificate Sprite.pngResident_certificate RO RemovedCertificate2.pngCertification_of_Business_register, Trading_License, Swordman's_Examinee_card, Swordsmans_License, Merchant_License, Receipt_of_Clothes could be related as well, although all of this remains undefined to their actual intentions, if any.

Interestingly, Ragnarök M: Eternal Love later revisited the idea of player housing in Episode 6.0: "Homeland System". In this implementation, players can also upgrade their homes and gain various bonuses to stats and discounts on gear enchantments.

3D Bosses

Gravity had a concept of making all boss-type monsters in 3D polygons, but the staff found it very difficult to implement such a thing due to being inexperienced with 3D modeling. Players who tested these monsters reported back that they had many issues with cell grid targeting, clipping, and even client crashes. So it got dumped in favor of 2D sprites.

It is worth noting that even though Zombie Dragon got wiped out clean, the other 3D monsters who were originally MVPs are still present in the game in the form of War of Emperium guardians, who allies you in battle if the castle belongs to your guild with a certain skill enabled, or is against you if a castle does not belong to your current guild and they have said skill enabled on their side.

Visual Shoes

Similar to how a user can have headgear in one of 3 slots, along with special looking weapons/shields it was originally planned for a user's shoes to have a different appearance as well. It's likely that the code for this was dropped because adding different sprites for different gears was already time-consuming enough (Only a few weapon and shield sprites exist currently, as well). It's possible that certain shoes were meant to leave different footprints, perhaps after stepping in water or when walking in soft areas such as desert sand. Later, the Stalker skill Chase Walker used the leftover code for footprint rendering. Images of various shoeprints still exists in the current database.

Dynamic Terrain

In Ragnarok Online, all terrain seems to stay the same. However, there is a removed item called the shovel(Ragnarok-online-unused-shovel.png) which was possibly usable to dig in terrain to discover items. Furthermore, code exists in the client that can process raising terrain, but not actually render it in any manner.


Familiar to those who play FPSes, there also exists unused code for handling skyboxes ingame. There were at least 2 types, a cube type and an elliptical version. The cubed version seems to be completely abandoned but would have allowed them to place a different texture on each vertex to see from the end of the map. Textures that are used for this by default are still referenced by the name effect/skybox_back/front/top/right/left.bmp but they may be lost to time or never made public. The elliptical version loaded a 3d actor, "skybox.rsm" and likely was projected against the map. It's possible that they removed the skyboxes from the game because it was too laggy. In lieu of this, they just set the render clearing color to something else depending on the map. If they wanted a map to look like it was floating in the sky, the clear color would be made into sky blue, otherwise, it'd just be black. There was also code related to the skyboxes that would cast lens flares onto the screen, based on where the Sun was set to be by the weather system. Fortunately, the good lord had mercy on us all.

Removed Sprites


Blossom is the only Kafra lady to have eight direction sprites, along with proper walking animations. All of 4w-f-kafra2 movements are disabled in-game as seen when a Game Master uses the command @disguise 423. Surprisingly, 4w-f-kafra2, when disguised, does have her standing angles presented when rotating the camera all around.

Removed Final
Ragnarok-online-unused-pupa.gif Ragnarok-online-pupa-used.gif

Pupa splitting in two halves when killed. While this animation is implemented as its moving sprite, Pupas aren't actually capable of moving. The animation is still viewable, but only if a GM changes a player's sprite to a Pupa. The used sprite has it crack with a lot of green slime coming out of its shell.

It can be triggered through player interaction with the Dead Branch item, which spawns a random monster from the database (including otherwise unused monsters!) when used, and will cause monsters otherwise immobile to have a very slow walking speed.


Fabre also have unused transition spritesǃ In the final game it will just stand there and turn into a Pupa, which seems very awkward at first sight.

Ragnarok-online-female-bug-birth.png Ragnarok-online-gtb-birth.png

Female Thief Bug and Golden Thief Bug have an unused animation where they give birth to Thief Bug Eggs. Unknown if this was ever used.

ROUnused ASkel Death.png ROUnused SSkel Death.png

Archer Skeleton and Soldier Skeleton have a frame of them laying dead in their sprite sheet. When killed, their body parts will always shatter.

Weapon Animation

Female Magician

RO Unused FemaleMageRod Bash.gif RO Unused FemaleMageRod Bash2.gif RO Unused FemaleMageRod Stance.gif

Female Magician has an attack that goes unused entirely. For what purpose this would've served is unknown.

Male Alchemist

RO UnusedMaleAlchemistRod ATK1.gif RO UnusedMaleAlchemistRod ATK2.gif

Female Alchemist

RO UnusedFemaleAlchemistRod Stance.gif RO UnusedFemaleAlchemistRod Stance2.gif RO UnusedFemaleAlchemist Rod ATK2.gif

A strange oddity. Alchemists have animations of attacking with a standard Rod. The class itself cannot equip staves by default, rendering these unused. Intriguingly, their class promotional art shows female Alchemist holding a Gentleman's Staff, so there is a possibility that conceptually, both genders of the Alchemist class could equip certain One-Handed Staffs before revoking the idea.


RO Moc cstl05 unusedPortraits.png

The texture itself is partially used, there are two images that went missing when Episode 12 was officially released. The middle portrait - Ojsten Kreutzer, and on the far right side - Elluard von Heinberg(Chapter 1 variant) - makes a cameo as they are main characters from Arcturusː The Curse and Loss of Divinity.

  • Elluard's portrait has never been used once in Ragnarok Online's lifespan.

RO unknown Mo-treehouse-9.png RO Unknown Mo-treehouse-10.png

A treehouse somewhere between Morroc and Prontera were revised and/or scrapped at some point in time. There is a model of the ground that would eventually lead up to a building, but the house seems to only have textures to them. A blueprint on the second image would visualize how it would look, had it come to fruition.

Unused HUD


A visual interface layout. Ojsten is used for testing purposes.

Alpha Sprites

RO-unused-acolyte-front-damage.png RO-unused-acolyte-damage-side.png RO-unused-acolyte-damage-back.png
RO-unused-swordsman-front.png RO-unused-swordsman-side.png RO-unused-swordsman-back.png

Whenever a character takes damage they always face diagonally left or right, rendering these sprites unused.


The interesting thing about this is that in normal gameplay when a character dies, their death sprites only display diagonal lower-left, lower-right, upper-left, and upper-right regardless of camera rotation. Here, it seems like all angles were covered, though the front, side, and back sprites never served their purpose.

RO-unused-hairanimations-thief-f-damage1.gif RO-unused-thief-alpha-damage2.gif

Thieves had a slightly different damaged stance. It was polished and cleaned up in the later versions of the game.

RO-early-emoticons-angry.gif RO-early-emoticon-exclamation.gif RO-early-emoticons-heart1.gif RO-early-emoticon-heart2.gif RO-early-emoticon-money.gif RO-early-emoticon-note.gif RO-early-emoticon-questionmark.gif RO-early-emoticons-scissors.gif RO-early-emoticon-silent.gif RO-early-emoticons-strong.gif RO-early-emoticons-wave.gif

Early Emotion icon List. All of them have been redrawn to fit the theme of the game. Note that the anger, exclamation point, and the heart bubbles are actually taken from another game called Arcturusː The Curse and Loss of Divinity, a project created by Gravity and Sonnori.

RO-unused-korean-text-sprite-ÇÕ°Ý.gif RO-alpha-mvp-win.gif RO-early-miss-updated.gif RO-Msg-alpha.gif RO-unused-critical.gif RO Unused Guard Image.gif

Leftover icons from alpha and beta. Replaced with newer icons. Guard was presumably used for Auto-Guard and other blocking skills but was not programmed in for unknown reasons.

Animated Hairstyles

Blank.png Animated Hairstyles
All those hair straws gone to waste from the alpha versionǃ

The default hairstyles had animations attached to the class sprites to match the attacking stances. This feature was scrapped for unknown reasons; presumably due to the original developer, lead developer and the artists leaving the team early on in the development of Ragnarok Online.

Unobtainable Items


There is an unused weapon category called 2H Mace. Other than having a size modifier, there is little to no information about it. Various Mace animations inside data/sprite/¸ùÅ©_h_³²(Male Monk) shows a second attack animation, implying that similar to the Assassin's dual weapon system, Monks could've performed a double attack using two Maces of different types.

RO Unused Monk M Club Animation.gif RO Unused Monk M Rod Animation.gif RO Unused Monk M GoldenMace Animation.gif

Balmung is a Two-Handed Sword wielded by former Korean Ragnarok Online staffer GOD-POING, who worked from the beginning of the game and left sometime after Open Beta. The Sword description isː "Sword wielded by mighty GOD-POING, the lawless heroine. INT + 20, LUK + 20. Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts)." Balmung has a level requirement of 49, sells for 10 Zeny (the default), starts off with 250 Attack and its property is Holy. It is worth noting that a duplicate sword is used in the game with identical description to the original Balmung, however, all the references to GOD-POING are gone, as someone replaced her name with a man called Siegfried. A Game Master can get this weapon by typing /item Balmung.

Angra Manyu Is a One-Handed Sword obtained through the GM command /item Angra_Manyu with the description "The Real Holy Cross". It is a Mace with a starter Attack of 200, granting 50 to all base stats, with no element property, and unable to be sold. Later releases on different international servers added custom bonuses to it, such as boosting ATK by 3800, and giving full lifesteal.

AddExtParam User VAR_ATTPOWER 3800
AddHPdrain 100 100
AddSPdrain 100 20
AddHealValue 200
ClassAddDamage CLASS_NONE Target 100
ClassAddDamage NPC_CLASS_BOSS Target 100
ClassAddDamage NPC_CLASS_GUARDIAN Target 100
EnableSkill WZ_STORMGUST 10
EnableSkill WZ_METEOR 10
EnableSkill WZ_VERMILION 10
EnableSkill GM_SANDMAN 1

Ahura Mazdah is a shield that can only be obtained through GM commands /item Ahura_Mazda. It starts off with 50 to all base stats, 100 DEF (making the wearer immune to physical damage), sells for 1 Zeny (instead of the default 10), and is equipable by any class. The description is "The Shield of all Shields". Ahura Mazdah is intended to only be wielded by Game Masters. The name is also a reference to a character from Arcturusː The Curse and Loss Of Divinity.

AddMeleeAttackReflect 100
AddRaceTolerace RACE_Human 95
EnableSkill ST_FULLSTRIP 5
EnableSkill HW_MAGICPOWER 10
NoJamstone 1
Condition EFFECTHaste 9999 100
Condition EFFECTEndure 9999 100

Angelic Wing Dagger is a Dagger with a level requirement of 50 and is only equipable by Novice and Super Novice. The description when trying to view the weapon is "Not much is known about the mysterious Angelic Wing Dagger...". The weapon was probably going to be included with the Angelic set but was scrapped for unknown reasons. Angelic Wing Dagger uses an early apple image as a placeholder.

Zeny Knife is a Dagger with a level requirement of 70. It had a custom attack sprite for knife attacks, the knife resembling a dollar sign. The description when trying to view the weapon is "A dagger that steals zeny from monsters upon their defeat.". The weapon gave a 40% chance of the user gaining 1 to 100 zeny each time a monster is killed with the knife equipped. Removed because of botting.

Blue Robe, Red Robe & White Robe(Ao Dai) are three traditional dresses. While they do have icons and portraits assigned to them, complete with armor descriptions attached to them, the robes cannot be properly called due to missing sprites, which leads to a resource failure. What this means is that as soon as you click on any of them the game will crash trying to locate sprites that do not concurrently exist in the database.

Variant 1(Blue Robe & Red Robe)

"A type of traditional outfit. It brings out the hidden powers of the wearer through its spiritual power.", "All Stats +5", "MDEF +5".

Variant 2(White Robe)

"A type of traditional outfit. It brings out the hidden powers of the wearer through its spiritual power.", "All Stats +3", "MDEF +5".

Ordinary Armor is a plain Wooden Armor of unknown usage. "An ordinary armor, nobody knows that it can be refined or not."

Ru Blue & Ru Gold Weapon Series

Two weapon series went unused. They are functional for the most part, as they can be equipped by their respective classes. Each weapon has some sort of bonus stats to them. When spawning them in-game, they become an "Unknown Apple". Standing animation is misaligned with the avatar. From their description, it seems like a rental set a player could temporary borrow if they were a VIP member. Somehow, it was dropped late into development.

Item Icons & Portraits

To do:
There's still more icons. Investigate items such as Rotten Potion, Pink Herb etc.

RagnarokOnlineRemovedSmallSeed.png Small Seedsː Unknown what these would be used for.

Ragnarok-online-removed-horn.png Hornː Spoils from a monster. Like Amulet, it was redrawn to fit its name more.

Ragnarok-online-unused-goggle.png Ragnarok-online-removed-hair-band.png Back during alpha testing, certain headgears were actually attached to their respective classes. These modified headgears were melded into the class sprites itself. Thieves wore goggles, Merchants and Archers had hairbands, and Acolyte sprites had Biretta.

Ragnarok-online-removed-halberd.png Halberd, a One-Handed Sword equipable by Swordsman class. It was later redone as a different weapon, namely a Two-Handed Spear.


RORemovedMane of the BeastIcon.png Ragnarok-online-unused-hook.png RO Unknown DeadLeaf.png

RO RemovedShovel.png RO EarlyBambooPortrait.png RO Unknown RottenPotion.png RO RemovedDeadLeaf.png ROUnusedFabreDollPortrait.png RO Unused Gallabiya Portrait.png RO EmptyBabyBottle Portrait.png

RO Unknown PoisonPlant Portrait.png RO Unknown CopperLiquid Portrait.png RO Unknown Pione Portrait.png RO Unknown RoughDiamond Portrait.png RO AmphibianLegs Portrait.png RO Unknown Vibrio Portrait.png RO Removed MastelaTree Portrait.pngRO Unused MonsterAndCardCollection Portrait.png

Additionally, some miscellaneous items were renamedː


  • Scarlet Potion = Orange Potion
  • Flywing = Butterfly Wing
  • Butterfly Wing = Flywing
  • Leaf of Life = Yggdrasil Leaf


  • Two-Handled Sword = Two-Handed Sword
  • War-Hammer = Hammer
  • Two-Handleed-Axe = Two-Handed Axe
  • Lapier = Rapier
  • Cloth of the Lord = Lord's Clothes
  • Formal Dress = Formal Suit
  • Cloth of Thieves = Thief Clothes
  • Glitter Cloth = Glittering Jacket
  • Plate Armor = Full Plate
  • Leather Jacket = Jacket
  • Magic Coat = Mage Coat


  • Ivory Gemstone = Yellow Gemstone
  • Scarlet Gemstone = Red Gemstone
  • Cerulean Gemstone = Blue Gemstone
  • Sharpen Gill = Gill
  • Decayed Mouth = Horrendous Mouth
  • Kukre's Epidermis = Worm Peeling
  • Pigtail Ribbon = Daenggie
  • Sel = Scell

Some equipment had minor changes. Others were revampedː

Ragnarok-online-removed-mail-breaker.png > ROUsedMailBreakerComp.gif Mail Breaker, a One-Handed Sword that Swordsman could equip. The weapon itself was added later on as one of the potential rewards from the [Level 4 Weapons(Type 1)] quest. In addition to having a design overhaul, its portrait changed as well.

ROEarlyMail Breaker.png > RO Used MailBreaker Comparison.png

Ragnarok-online-removed-sword-breaker.png Sword Breaker, same case as above. The minor difference between then and now is a weight correction which was a whooping 1000 in the Alpha, to a more stabilized one of a 100 and a portrait change.

ROEarlyPortraitSword Breaker.png > ROUsedSwordBreakerComp.png

Ragnarok-online-removed-mask.png Mask > Flu Mask RagnarokOnlineFluMask2218Comp.gif

While identical in ID and retaining the same effect (10% Silence resistance) they both have different icons as well as item descriptions attached to them.

A mask rumored to have been worn by a romantic hero with an unknown fate. > A mask that is worn by people with the flu to prevent spreading sickness to others.

Shield icon and portrait were updated to reflect the new changes.

Ragnarok-online-removed-shield.png > RagnarokOnline2105Comp.gif

RO Early ShieldPortrait.png > RO UsedShieldPortrait Comparison.png

Goggles remain mostly the same, but with minor word swapping.

A pair of Goggles especially created for pilots to reduce impaired vision while riding at high speeds. > A pair of goggles designed for pilots in order to reduce vision impairment when traveling at very high speeds.

Wooden Armor received a minor description change.

Armor constructed out of wood. > A simple set of armor carved out of solid wood.

Gemmed Sallet

RORemovedJewel Helm.png > RO Used For GemmedSallet Comparison.png

A jeweled headdress that wards off harmful magic.

A mystery had surrounded this piece of equipment for years. Gemmed Sallet's current item description never matched its visuals. This is because the portrait of Jeweled Helm is the real version of Gemmed Sallet. A Sallet is a combat helmet. The name itself is a pun of a helmet being full of jewels, which the current version is not. Perhaps there was some sort of mix up when redesigning the item, or they forgot to update the description? Either way, Jeweled Helm ended up being discarded.

Ring of Flame Lord

There's two different Ring of Flame Lord accessories with identical backgrounds.

The power of a fire spirit king resides in this ring. The power of the spirit flows through you when you equip this ring. It can be paired with the Ring of Resonance. STR +2, VIT +1, ATK +15. Reduces damage taken from Fire element attack by 10%. Has low chance of auto casting All kind of Skills when attacking. Ring of Resonance The chance of auto casting increases. > A ring imbued with the power of the fire spirit king, which can be used to strengthen the wearer's weapon. This ring forms a matching set with the Ring of Resonance. VIT +1, STR +2 ATK +15. Reduces damage taken from Fire element attack by 10%. Adds a chance of autocasting various skills with each physical attack. When worn with the Ring of Resonance, this ring adds the Auto Spell ability.

Ring of Resonance

Same case as the Ring of Flame Lord.

The pair to the Ring of Flame Lord. The two rings resonate togeather, and its said that their abilities are strengthened. > A ring that resonates with the Ring of Flame Lord: together, they form a matching set.

Item Changes

Ragnarok-online-removed-scarlet-jewel.png Ragnarok-online-removed-skyblue-jewel.png Ragnarok-online-removed-wine-colored-jewel.png Ragnarok-online-removed-azure-jewel.png Ragnarok-online-removed-blue-jewel.png Ragnarok-online-removed-golden-jewel.png

These items eventually turned into birthstones.

Some healing items were changed completely or removed. These are the known removed items from an earlier design. Some of these items may have been changed into misc items for the final game, so it can be assumed that normal enemies were meant to drop healing items. The fact that many of them had similar effects (or none designed) is probably related to their removal.

  • Ragnarok-online-early-amulet.png Charms - Removed Curse
  • Ragnarok-online-removed-mini-hammer.pngSmall Hammer - Removed Petrify
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedBlueCandy.pngBlue Candy - Unknown
  • Tree Root - Healed about 10 HP
  • RagnarokOnline OldTongue of Reptiles.pngReptile Tongue - Healed about 10 HP
  • Scorpion Tail - Removed Poison
  • Plant Stem - Removed Poison
  • RagnarokOnlineUnusedLegMeat.pngFrog Legs - Heal about 30 HP
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedCreepyEyeBalls.pngCreepy Eye - Unknown
  • RORemovedVinylPlasticBag.pngPaper Plastic Bag - Unknown
  • Scale Stem / Stalks
  • Old Wood Carving - Heal about 10-20 SP
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedFrogEggs.pngFrog Al (Tadpole Egg?)
  • Ragnarok-online-unused-black-potion.png Black Potion / Potion of Mystics - Claimed to double user's speed (attack or movement is unclear)
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedSilverTablet.pngSilver Tablet - Lowered SP consumption by 50%
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedWhitePowder.pngWhite Powder - Prevented Poison status
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedWingIcon.pngFairy Wings/Ragnarok-online-unused-golen-powder.pngGolen Powder - Prevented Petrify status
  • Mermaid Scales/RagnarokOnlineSilverPowder.pngSilver Powder - Prevented Silence status
  • RORemovedRoundMushroom.pngRound Mushroom/Mushroom Mushroom - Make the user's head better? (Need a korean translator to truly understand this!)
  • RORemovedGorgMushroom.pngGorgeous Mushroom/Poisonous Mushroom - Improve user's "fitness"
  • RORemovedBlackMushroom.pngBlack Mushroom/Ganoderma Mushroom - Improved user's "strength"
  • RagnarokOnlineUnusedSpice.pngSpice - Kept enemies from aggressively targeting the user - likely was used for the rogue Gangster's Paradise skill.
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedRedPill.pngRed Capsule/Optic Nerve Irritation Enhancer - Stimulates the optic nerve? Possibly increased Hit.
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedBluePills.pngBlue Capsule/Whole Body Optic Filter - Made the whole body transparent to light? Possibly increased Flee.
  • RagnarokOnlineRemovedGrnPill.pngGreen Capsule/Forbidden Evolution Agent - Turned the user into a monster?
  • RagnarokOnlinePinkHerb.pngPink Herb - User returned to the pure state ??
  • Nameless Card - ??

Some items are altered from their final state. Some are minor changes, such as HP healing amount changing, or were adjusted based on the evolution of the game.

  • Green Potion - Cure Poison and Petrify, later changed to Poison, Silence, Blind, and Confusion.
  • Holy Water - Prevent the user from Curse effect, later changed to heal Curse
  • RagnarokOnlineOldBeserkPotion.pngStrengthening/Champion Potion - User STR+5 for 10 minutes (likely took the spot of Berserk Potion)
  • RagnarokOnlineOldAwakeningPotion.pngAwakening/Intelligence Potion - User INT+5 for 10 minutes
  • RagnarokOnlineOldConcPotion.pngConcentration/Spirit Potion - User DEX+5 for 10 minutes

Card System

Players of the game are familiar with the card system, where monsters drop by an unnecessarily low chance a card which can be slotted into equipment of different types. Originally, there were 6 types of cards, with unknown purposes. Those are Monster Cards, Weapon Cards, Tarot Cards, Job Cards, Magic Cards, and Order Cards.

  • Monster cards were comprised of the original monsters, from Poring to Baphomet.
  • Tarot Cards were comprised of Tarot cards, such as The Sun, The Star, etc. Each one would grant the user up to about 5 different base stats.
  • Job Cards would work the same way as Tarot cards, but the status granted would be related to the job type. It's worth noting that some of the jobs never came to the game such as Berserker, Mimic, and Kanji? Card.
  • Weapon Cards were all named for different types of equipment (not just weapons), but had no effects.
  • Magic Cards were named for different element attributes but had no effects.
  • Order cards were named for unknown properties such as Arrows, Celery, and Recovery, but also had no documented effects.

It's worth noting in addition, the game later changed all armors to have 0 or 1 card slot, but these pre-alpha armors were documented having multiple slots.

Unused Monsters

Previously, these cards could only be obtainable from a consumable item called Old Card Album. However, in Episode 12, they were permanently removed from the card pool.

There are unimplemented monsters who only have internal names: TEST_EGG(1003) Chocho, Kobold_4(1136) Kobold_5(1137) Soldier Andre(1171) Soldier Deniro(1172), acc_skeli and Soldier Piere(1173) They use Chonchon as a placeholder sprite. Filamentous uses a Horn as their spritesheet. While all of them have an .act file, it is empty.

These monsters cannot be spawned naturally as they lack a proper entry to the database. Their entries are not set or they are empty, so they are skipped by default.



An early version of Marc. While identical in appearance, their standing position and death sprites are different. For example, Marc will spin before dying, whereas Seahores will simply fall to the side.

Seahores Marc
Ro-alpha-seahores-death.gif RO-compare-marc-death.gif
MonsterID 1043

Level 18
HP 772 | SP 0
EXP112 | JobEXP 0

Range 1 Cell
ATK 95~103
DEF 15 | MDEF 7

STR 17 | AGI 1
VIT 1  | INT 1  
DEX 1  | LUK 1

Range Sight = 10

Size = Small

Race N/A
Element N/A

Mode 1
Walking Speed = 200
ADelay 1500 | Amotion 800 | DMotion600

(Drop Table)

8 separate apples.


Ragnarok-online-unused-were-wolf.gif RO Were wolf attack unused.gif ROUnusedWere wolf dmg.gif

A werewolf-like monster. Its .act file is present in data.grf, which shows that this monster is partially completed as its attacking, hit, and death sprites are animated properly. It is commonly speculated that this monster may be an early version of Atroce due to its similar appearance and attack stance, as well as its sound effects, with the exception of its death, is almost identical to Atroce. His card used to exist but was removed somewhere along the way during development.

MonsterID 1022

Level 28
HP  6600 | SP 0
EXP 1813 | JOBEXP 0

RANGE 1 Cell
ATK 280~343
DEF 15|MDEF 10

STR 1 |AGI 22
VIT 30|INT 1
DEX 55|LUK 32

Sight Range = 10
Size = Medium
Race N/A
Element N/A

Walking Speed = 200
ADelay 800 | AMotion 768 | DMotion 652

(Drop Table) 

Claw of Wolf | Leather | Meat
Arbalest     | Apple   | Apple
Apple        | Apple

(MVP Rewards)
Shield | Two-Hand Axe | Apple


Ragnarok-online-unused-raptice.gif RO-unused-raptice-walking-left.gif RO-removed-raptice-attack.gif RO-unused-raptice-dead.gif

Raptice has been lingering in the game files since the start. It was on the list of monsters to be released with Episode 3(Comodo) but ended up being scrapped. Despite being unused, its .act file is present and functional. Raptice have a sprite set such as walking, attacking, getting hurt, and dying. Raptice also had a card although it is empty.

MonsterID 1027

Level 17
HP 600 | SP 0
EXP 100| JobEXP 0
Range 1 Cell
ATK 55 ~ 70
DEF 5  | MDEF 10
STR 5  | AGI 20
VIT 20 | INT 0
DEX 28 | LUK 10

Sight Range 10~12

Size = Small
Race N/A
Element N/A
Mode 1
Walking Speed = 200
ADelay 2000 | AMotion 600 | DMotion 600

(Drop Table)

Apple | Banana | Apple 
Apple | Apple  | Apple
Apple | Apple



An early Zombie-type monster was removed once the game was fully released. They were commonly spotted in Prontera Dungeon B3. They may have been replaced with Ghoul. Its .act file is still present and functioning.

Zombie Dragon


There used to be a 3D boss called Zombie Dragon(1181) that was present in .grf models between 2004 and 2005. This was the first 3D model MVP tested temporarily by gravity, after the successful use of 3D models for War of Emperium guardians. Originally planned to be the MVP for the Magma Dungeon outside of Juno, it was internally scrapped, most likely due to production costs and gameplay issues. There is little to no solid information about this monster other than a screenshot, in which an Assassin encounters this mob in Payon Dungeon 3. Gravity has removed all the content from the game, and speculation around the boss continues almost 20 years later.

Mime Monkey

RO Mime monkey Idle1.gif RO Mime monkey Idle2.gif RO Unused Mime monkey Walk1.gif RO Unused Mime monkey Walk2.gif RO Unused Mime monkey Atk1.gif RO Unused Mime monkey Atk2.gif RO Unused Mime monkey Hurt1.gif RO Unused Mime monkey Hurt2.gif RO Unused Mime monkey dead1.gif RO Unused Mime monkey dead2.gif

A monster from Ayothaya. Mime Monkey is commented out between Tamruan and Kraben, suggesting that it was intended to spawn in ayo_dun02.

Hidden Cards


Val Kiwi images were actually used at some point in 2010, where the Korean staffers replaced already existing images with badly drawn pictures as a part of an April Fool's event quest. It has since gone unused.



This Munak picture was censored, altered, and even banned from using it in-game. It was then replaced with a more updated cartoony art style of Munak walking in a desert full of Porings.

RO Unused SorryCard.png

Placeholder for cards with no art in them.

Inaccessable Areas


Louyang Dungeon 3 seems to have an area where you could go up some stairs leading to the top of a wall but was dropped somewhere in development.


Priest_job is a map that goes unused entirely, as all Undead Priest trials go through the map prist_job.

Regional Differences

Ragnarok-online-orc-warrior-smoking.gif Unused Orc Warrior back.gif

Orc Warriors have a smoking animation in their sprite sheet that was removed from the international version. The smoking effect still exists in-game, but because their sprites for that action were removed, they use the default standing position when taking damage while taking a drag of a cigarette. In the Korean version, this sprite functions as intended.

Isis, a half naked female snake-like monster, is censored in some official versions of Ragnarok Online by covering her skin with a silver breastplate. It is currently unknown as of why, although one can speculate it may be of religious reasons in certain regions.

Tombstone Messages

Tombstones in various areas of Ragnarok Online have messages in them. Although the textures are used, it is impossible to read the contents without modifying the game, or by extracting the texture in question.

RO Hidden TombMessage1.png

the 2000 years.

gravity now face leemyungjin.


you can do it.

tombaega(?) frontier.

the birth and death,



- lee -

RO Hidden TombMessage2.png

Sappbo at the Whark Rocks 1997

Computer Generated

Record of Lodoss War 1995



Jeremy A. Engleman.