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Raiden Trad (SNES)

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Title Screen

Raiden Trad

Also known as: Raiden Densetsu (JP)
Developers: Micronics, Copya System
Publishers: Toei Animation (JP), Electro Brain (US)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: November 29, 1991
Released in US: April 1992

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Unused Text

Starting Stage

Both the Japanese and North American versions contain the string STARTING STAGE, but no programming was found that loads it.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Raiden Densetsu SNES-title.png Raiden Trad SNES-title.png

Options Menu

In the JP version's options menu, there is an additional option to select between 0 to 3 continues, defaulting to 3. In the US version, this option was removed, and the game gives you only one continue in a 1P game, or none in a 2P game.

Raiden Densetsu SNES-options.png Raiden Trad SNES-options.png

Bug Fixes

Two bugs in the original JP release were fixed in the US version:

  • At the end of a stage, when the player's ship starts automatically moving towards the center of the screen, it is still possible to take damage.
  • If one of the players in a 2P game has received a Game Over, they will still be awarded bonus points at the end of each stage.