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Red Dead Redemption 2

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Title Screen

Red Dead Redemption 2

Developer: Rockstar Games
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
Released internationally: October 26, 2018 (PS4/XB1), November 5, 2019 (Windows)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a retcon-filled prequel to the previous-gen console-exclusive Red Dead Redemption, covering the Van der Linde gang's desperate attempt for survival.

It's a good prequel if you can look past some serious gameplay flaws. the lore inconsistencies with the previous game, and the fact that the story mode keeps getting buggier with every update due to Rockstar's huge neglect of it.

To do:
Many things:
  • Unused Nuevo Paraiso leftover models from the first Red Dead Redemption, found only in the console versions' files.
  • Unused textures for Arthur's New Austin journal drawings. John also has cut drawings for all the Guarma animals and a Tennessee Walker, Shire, Rabbit, and Deer.
  • Grand Theft Auto V leftovers, and probably some unused props as the map priority code is still set to "medium".
  • GTA 6/Americas leftovers?
  • Unused text, including:
    • Arthur's journal entries for New Austin.
    • Scrapped interactions in Guarma.
    • Cut text involving finding Princess Isabeau and putting her in an Annesburg cell.
    • Bobcat-related text.
    • Horse paper forgers/fences in most cities.
    • Dishes.
    • A ferry that could sail to Guarma.
    • Frank Heck Dialogue and other text.
  • Way too many scrapped trinkets.
  • Unused Guarma relics.
  • Check the horses compendium photos and the fish compendium icon for cut ones. Also the green sea turtle may have an unused compendium photo (it can be studied, but it does not appear in the compendium.) Add the cut fish textures. Add pictures for all applicable cut animals.
  • Add pictures for all cut character outfits, models, etc.
  • Add videos and photos for the cut missions when applicable.
  • Add icons and pictures for all cut items.
  • Add pictures for Crow's Garlic and Salt Bush.
  • Add photos for the cut train cars and stagecoach.
  • Lots of cut audio for gang members, Dr. Higgins, Bessie Adair, Eliza, Arthur in New Austin, Rhesus Monkeys, the River Monster, baby bears, the Giant, and much, much, more.


History won't remember them.
Mexico. All's I'm sayin'.
Who needs treasure when there are trinkets for everything?
Poker and artifacts, bounty hunters from Boston and more.
Dutch has a plan. It's a good one.
This is going to take awhile to telegraph...
Everything from a camel to monkeys, and even the Loch Ness Monster.
A little bit of everything including rustling and chess.
A Blunderbuss? Is this a joke? What year is it?
This game had everything.

Unused Textures

Location Filename Texture
textures_0.rpf\textures\ui_textures.rpf\inventory_items.ytd provision_lost_relic
RDR2-provision lost relic.png

UI icon showing one of the Guarma "relics" of which their models are unused. There are no icons for the other three relics, so whether this icon was shared for all four of them is unknown.

Location Filename Texture
textures_0.rpf\textures\ui_textures.rpf\inventory_items.ytd provision_reading_glasses
RDR2-provision reading glasses.png

UI icon for reading glasses, a cut Valuable item that despite not being in the final game, is still mentioned in the camp ledger as something that gets donated by the Van der Linde gang.

Location Filename Texture
textures_0.rpf\textures\ui_textures.rpf\satchel_textures.ytd animal_bobcat
RDR2-animal bobcat.png

UI icon for a bobcat, an animal that is present in the first Red Dead Redemption but didn't make it into this game's vast amount of animals. There's also unused text relating to this cut animal.

Location Filename Texture
textures_0.rpf\textures\ui_textures.rpf\satchel_textures.ytd animal_shark_hammerhead
RDR2-animal shark hammerhead.png
textures_0.rpf\textures\ui_textures.rpf\satchel_textures.ytd animal_shark_tiger
RDR2-animal shark tiger.png

UI icons for two species of shark, both of which were cut but their models appear in the actual game, unseen due to being present in normally-unreachable parts of Guarma, and they can't be interacted with.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_animals.ytd animal_bobcat
RDR2-cmpndm animals-animal bobcat.png

The Animals Compendium selection icon for the cut bobcat animal.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd cmpndm_breach_cannon_photo RDR2-cmpndm breach cannon photo.png

A Weapons Compendium photo for the cannon seen at Fort Wallace during the mission "The King's Son". No selection icon for it can be found in the files.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd cmpndm_electrostatic_detector_photo RDR2-cmpndm electrostatic detector photo.png
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd weapon_kit_detector
RDR2-cmpndm weapons-weapon kit detector.png

Weapons Compendium photo and selection icon for the Electrostatic Detector used in the Stranger mission "A Bright Bouncing Boy - II".

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd cmpndm_gatling_gun_photo RDR2-cmpndm gatling gun photo.png

A Weapons Compendium photo for the Gatling Guns found at Fort Mercer during the gang hideout there. No selection icon for it can be found in the files.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd cmpndm_maxim_gun_photo RDR2-cmpndm maxim gun photo.png

A Weapons Compendium photo for the Maxim Gun that's seen in multiple missions. No selection icon for it can be found in the files.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd cmpndm_moonshine_jug_photo RDR2-cmpndm moonshine jug photo.png
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd weapon_moonshinejug
RDR2-cmpndm weapons-weapon moonshinejug.png

Weapons Compendium photo and selection icon for the Moonshine Jug used in the mission "The Fine Joys of Tobacco".

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/cmpndm_weapons.ytd cmpndm_revolving_cannon_photo RDR2-cmpndm revolving cannon photo.png

A Weapons Compendium photo for the cannon that's seen at Cinco Torres during the mission "Hell Hath No Fury". No selection icon for it can be found in the files.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/sp_missions_5.ytd mission_ind2 RDR2-mission ind2.png

A mission image for the cut ind2 mission for Chapter 4.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/sp_missions_7.ytd mission_smg1 RDR2-mission smg1.png

A mission image for the cut smg1 Chapter 5 mission.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/sp_missions_16.ytd mission_rgun4 RDR2-mission rgun4.png

An image for the cut fifth gunslinger mission of the "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman" strand, which would've involved Frank Heck.

Location Filename Texture
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/sp_missions_22.ytd mission_irstrg RDR2-mission irstrg.png
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/sp_missions_22.ytd mission_irsuyr RDR2-mission irsuyr.png
textures_1.rpf/textures/ui/ui_pausemenu.rpf/sp_missions_22.ytd mission_irtret RDR2-mission irtret.png

Images for cut item requests. They have placeholder textures and were not updated to show in-game screenshots like the other requests. Two of these are for item requests that would've been given by Strauss and Trelawny, who don't have item requests in the final game. The reading glasses that Strauss would've requested are not in the final game. The image for the Susan request seen here is a different one from the one used in the actual game for her seasoning herbs request (named mission_irsuse), so whether this was a placeholder of that texture and was for some reason made a separate one or this was for a cut second request where she also asked for seasoning plants is unknown.

Unused Audio


Filename Audio Transcript
Arthur: Hey...
Arthur: Heeeey!
Arthur: Heeeeeeeeeey!
Arthur: Heeeeeeeey! Heeeeeeey!... Heeeeeeeey!
Arthur: I'm lost! I'm lost!... Ehhh, I'm lost!

An entirely unused audio container meant for "Lost and Not Quite Found", the Chapter 5 mission that is only a cutscene in the final game. It seems these quotes would've been for a cut gameplay sequence with Arthur in the water soon after the ship sinks.


Filename Audio Transcript
Arthur: *grunt*

An entirely unused audio container for a cut Chapter 1 mission that took place between "Enter, Pursued by a Memory" (WNT2) and "Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?" (WNT4), the only remaining quote in it is this one of Arthur making a grunting noise and which its context is unknown.


An unused "The Gilded Cage" mid-mission cutscene that was going to happen after a cut objective where Arthur went with Dutch to the Saint Denis tailor to get their suits for the mayor's house party. The subtitle file for it is also present, and the cutscene can be triggered in-game via mods.

Due to the ability to access New Austin as Arthur being for some reason restricted late in development, the second part of the side quests "A Test of Faith" and "A Fisher of Fish", both of which have unlocking conditions involving New Austin, can only be done by John in the Epilogue, leaving the Arthur versions of the cutscenes' audio unused.

Using mods on PC or certain glitches on the unpatched console versions, the player can collect all the dinosaur bones in New Austin as Arthur without getting one-hit killed by the invisible snipers. Mailing the bones will unlock the ability to visit Deborah and gain the Jawbone Knife with Arthur too.

The Arthur version of the opening cutscene audio for "A Fisher of Fish - II". Unlike "A Test of Faith - II", this mission cannot be unlocked with Arthur at all; even mailing all of the Legendary Fish as Arthur won't do anything.

While there is audio for the opening and ending cutscenes, there is no Arthur variation in the files for the mid-mission cutscene (internally named RCFSH_RSC3_MASTERED_ONLY.awc) that plays when arriving with Jeremy Gill to the fishing location.

The cut Chapter 4 that involved Charles leaving camp and then Arthur meeting him later to help free Eagle Flies' men, the only remaining quotes in it are two that would've led to the intro cutscene.

There exists a cutscene of Archer Fordham and Edgar Ross interrogating Sheriff Hanley, intended for the end credits sequence.

In this cutscene, John hands Jack a book at Beecher's Hope before walking out.

This cutscene would've occurred when Charles broke Arthur out from being imprisoned in Annesburg.