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Rings of Power (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Rings of Power

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: 1991
Released in EU: 1991

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Full frontal nudity

Rings of Power, Naughty Dog's first-ever console release, is an isometric role-playing game that was originally planned to be released for the PC, until EA decided that a Genesis version would be more profitable.

Alternate Splash Screen

RingsofPower-Naughty dog.png

Before starting the game, press and hold A + B + C + Down-Right + Start on the first controller, then press Right + A + B and begin the game. An alternative Naughty Dog logo splash screen will appear in which the attractive blonde woman goes topless.