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Roblox (Windows, Mac OS X)

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Developer: Roblox Corporation
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: 2005

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Template:Game in development/fr Template:WIP/fr Un jeu à double-ender où vous pouvez apprendre LUA et de construire des trucs créatifs en même temps! ROBLOX est tristement célèbre pour sa communauté pauvre, quantité excessive de dateurs en ligne, et la mauvaise modération.

To do:
  • Créer des pages prototypes pour le a récemment découvert la version 2007 du moteur de jeu, as well as the 2008 build.
    • We could also maybe document the crash canyon build that was released during the 2013 Virtual BLOXcon.
  • Separate website content from content that was actually integrated in the engine at some point.

Roblox est une plate-forme de création de jeux en ligne qui permet aux utilisateurs de concevoir leurs propres jeux et de jouer à un large éventail de types de jeux créés par le développeur ou d'autres utilisateurs.

Malgré son statut notoirement toxique dans d'autres communautés en ligne, le moteur de jeu lui-même est un exploit impressionnant, doté d'outils très puissants et flexibles qui permettent le développement sur toutes sortes de matériels.

Comme le moteur de jeu lui-même constantly reçoit constamment de nouvelles fonctionnalités et contenus, cet article se concentrera sur les fonctionnalités et les contenus supprimés du moteur de jeu au fil des années, ainsi que sur les versions très anciennes difficiles à trouver.


Roblox-Dhtml icon.png
Fonctions supprimées
fonctionnalités qui ont été supprimées du moteur de jeu
Roblox Character.png
Contenu supprimé
Fichiers supprimés complètement de Roblox
Roblox UnusedPluginIcon.png
Textures de studio inutilisées
Images incorporées dans Roblox Studio qui sont actuellement inutilisées.

Graphiques Inutilisés

Bien que ces graphismes ne soient pas utilisés par les développeurs actuels de Roblox, tout le monde peut les utiliser dans leurs jeux. Lorsque le jeu a reçu une énorme restauration d'interface utilisateur, de nombreux graphiques antérieurs à la restauration de l'interface utilisateur sont restés dans les fichiers du jeu.

Icône Tix Inutilisée

Bien que peu important, le jeu avait auparavant une autre devise appelée Tix, qui existe depuis 2007. La devise a été supprimée en 2016, laissant cette texture inutilisée.

Unused Faces

In an effort to phase away from their programmer art style, Roblox tried to propose new cartoony face styles and characters around 2012.
Due to the overwhelmingly negative community feedback, these face styles were scrapped (for the most part at least...), but they still remain uploaded on the catalog. The Sarge, Missy, and Max faces were shown in a post on the ROBLOX Blog.

Hack of April 2012 Faces

These faces were not officially made by Roblox, but were created by players, and released "officially" by the Roblox account during the hack of April 2012. Although the faces have been removed from the Catalog, the image files for them remain.

Face Name Face Image Link Image Description
c: https://www.roblox.com/library/76382977/c-Image RBLX-UnusedFaces-April2012Hack-c;.png It is actually quite terrifying. It stares into your soul, waiting to consume it.
hai guize derp https://www.roblox.com/library/76385103/hai-guize-derp-Image RBLX-UnusedFaces-April2012Hack-HaiGuizeDerp.png Not as terrifying as c:, but it is still disturbing.

Unused Meshes

In Roblox, meshes are models uploaded directly into the game with a specific ID and are usually used for making hats, gears, and other complex 3-D Materials. However, some appear to be completely unused.

Early Character Redesign

This appears to be an early attempt to redesign Roblox's character. The model was codenamed "John", (most likely named after John Shedletsky, the first employee and former creative director of Roblox) and it is fully-modeled. It was placed on the Roblox blog in 2007 with a texture, and the textures were recently found on 10/27/2017, leaving the opportunity to create a recreation of the model. For whatever reason, it has a scale that makes it very large. This is a demonstration. The mesh can be found here.

  1. https://www.roblox.com/library/12221423/fusedgirl-mesh

RobloxScreenShot02022016 185001856.png

Using the textures that were uploaded onto the site and fixing the UV maps on the mesh reveals some interesting things, namely that the hair texture was changed before it was uploaded onto the client and site. It's currently unknown if isolated versions of the limbs exist.



At one point, while badges were still in development, they were going to be a full-on customized mesh rather than just a shiny block with a circle-cropped image of whatever you uploaded as the icon on it. This texture seems to have been designed in such a way that it could be easily retextured by the player, however it's anyone's guess as to what was originally intended by the texture.


Two guesses that could be made is that either ROBLOX would automatically paste the image onto the indicated area, or, the player would have the option to texture it by themselves. It was probably scrapped because it seemed more practical to have a block with the image on it (and therefore more easily edited by the player) rather than have all badges automatically have a mesh such as this. Alternatively, it could also be inferred that ROBLOX didn't want to waste the time it would take to make an autogenerator for the aforementioned texture. Below is a mockup of what it would look like in-game with a badge texture.

ROBLOX-Badgeawarder mockup.PNG


ROBLOX-TreeMesh.png An tree mesh with an unknown purpose.

Unused Sounds

File Name Description Sound File
bfsl-minifigfoots2.mp3 A low quality walking sound.
Rubber band.wav A low quality version of the slingshot sound.
Kid saying Ouch.wav A low quality sound of a kid saying "Ouch". It might be an early death sound.
glassbreak.wav A loud sound effect of glass breaking.
Kerplunk.wav A "kerplunk" sound.
Launching rocket.wav An unused rocket launcher sound effect. This sound eventually was used for multiple Admin-made tools.
Shoulder fired rocket.wav Another unused rocket launcher sound effect.
victory.wav The "Ta-Da!" sound effect from Windows 3.1. This was used in around 2010 and it played whenever you collected a badge.
flashbulb.wav A short bumping sound.
snap.wav A loud snap.

Developer Credits

In several game scripts, developer credits are present.

To do:
Get the other scripts here.


-- Creates the generic "ROBLOX" loading screen on startup
-- Written by ArceusInator & Ben Tkacheff, 2014


		// Filename: ServerStarterScript.lua
		// Version: 1.0
		// Description: Server core script that handles core script server side logic.


-- Creates all neccessary scripts for the gui on initial load, everything except build tools
-- Created by Ben T. 10/29/10
-- Please note that these are loaded in a specific order to diminish errors/perceived load time by user


	// Filename: BlockPlayerPrompt.lua
	// Version 1.0
	// Written by: TheGamer101
	// Description: Handles prompting the blocking and unblocking of Players.


-- ContextActionTouch.lua
-- Copyright ROBLOX 2014, created by Ben Tkacheff
-- this script controls ui and firing of lua functions that are bound in ContextActionService for touch inputs
-- Essentially a user can bind a lua function to a key code, input type (mousebutton1 etc.) and this


	// Filename: FriendPlayerPrompt.lua
	// Version 1.0
	// Written by: TheGamer101
	// Description: Can prompt a user to send a friend request or unfriend a player.

CoreScripts\CoreScripts\GamepadMenu.lua & GamepadMenuOld.lua

		Filename: GamepadMenu.lua
		Written by: jeditkacheff
		Version 1.1
		Description: Controls the radial menu that appears when pressing menu button on gamepad

--NOTICE: This file has been branched! If you're implementing changes in this file, please consider also implementing them in the other


	This script controls the gui the player sees in regards to his or her health.
	Can be turned with Game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Health,false)
	Copyright ROBLOX 2014. Written by Ben Tkacheff.


		Filename: NotificationScript2.lua
		Version 1.1
		Written by: jmargh
		Description: Handles notification gui for the following in game ROBLOX events
			Badge Awarded
			Player Points Awarded
			Friend Request Recieved/New Friend
			Graphics Quality Changed


		Filename: PerformanceStatsManagerScript.lua
		Written by: dbanks
		Description: Handles performance stats gui.


		// Filename: PurchasePromptScript2.lua
		// Version 1.0
		// Release 186
		// Written by: jeditkacheff/jmargh
		// Description: Handles in game purchases


	// FileName: Topbar.lua
	// Written by: SolarCrane
	// Description: Code for lua side Top Menu items in ROBLOX.


		// Filename: VehicleHud.lua
		// Version 1.0
		// Written by: jmargh
		// Description: Implementation of the VehicleSeat HUD

		// TODO:
			Once this is live and stable, move to PlayerScripts as module


	Author: @spotco
	This script creates sounds which are placed under the character head.
	These sounds are used by the "LocalSound" script.
	To modify this script, copy it to your "StarterPlayer/StarterCharacterScripts" folder keeping the same script name ("Sound").
	The default Sound script loaded for every character will then be replaced with your copy of the script.



	Author: @spotco

	This script runs locally for the player of the given humanoid.

	This script triggers humanoid sound play/pause actions locally.


	The Playing/TimePosition properties of Sound objects bypass FilteringEnabled, so this triggers the sound

	immediately for the player and is replicated to all other players.


	This script is optimized to reduce network traffic through minimizing the amount of property replication.



	// FileName: ControlScript.lua
	// Version 1.1
	// Written by: jmargh and jeditkacheff
	// Description: Manages in game controls for both touch and keyboard/mouse devices.
	// This script will be inserted into PlayerScripts under each player by default. If you want to
	// create your own custom controls or modify these controls, you must place a script with this
	// name, ControlScript, under StarterPlayer -> PlayerScripts.
	// Required Modules:


	// FileName: MasterControl
	// Version 1.0
	// Written by: jeditkacheff
	// Description: All character control scripts go thru this script, this script makes sure all actions are performed

Debug Information

The game has couple of debugging tools built in which can be enabled and disabled on command.

Key Combination Result Screenshot
Ctrl+Shift+F1-Ctrl+Shift+F7 Shows various things about the game like the physics engine. Can't be interacted with.

F1 shows general information F2 shows graphics information F3 shows network information F4 shows performance information F5 shows a cutdown version of F4 F6 shows a modified microprofiler that is configured to work with Roblox. F7 shows the 'Performance Stats' (also can be enabled in the games options)

RBLX ClassicDebug.png
F9 or typing /console into chat Shows the game's Lua script logs, to determine what is going on in the background. Intended for game developers to debug their games online. If you own the game, you can access a Server Logs menu which allows you to type Lua commands while the game is running. RBLX LoggerDebug.png

Interestingly enough, the F1-F7 debug menus are the only remnants remaining of Roblox's legacy hard-coded UI system, from the ages prior to late 2009.
Almost all of the old built-in UI elements have been removed from the engine.