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Roblox (Windows, Mac OS X)

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Desarrollado por: Roblox Corporation
Plataformas: Windows, Mac OS X
A la venta en todo el mundo desde: 2005

CopyrightIcon.png Este juego esconde créditos a los desarrolladores.
GraphicsIcon.png Este juego tiene gráficos sin usar.
ModelsIcon.png Este juego tiene modelos sin usar.
SoundIcon.png Este juego tiene sonidos sin usar.
DebugIcon.png Este juego contiene material de depuración.

<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
Este juego aún está en desarrollo continuo.
Ten en cuenta que datos de los que encuentras aquí, pueden cambiar en el futuro. Por favor, si vas a añadir algo, asegúrate de que no cambiará en un breve período de tiempo. ¡Si alguno de los contenidos se utiliza próximamente, eres totalmente libre de eliminarlo de aquí!
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  • It would also be worth documenting the leaked build of the ROBLOX Compute Cloud Service (RCCService), the server software.

}} Roblox is an online game creation platform that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by all kinds of users.

Despite having a notoriously toxic status in other online communities, the game engine itself is actually an impressive feat, featuring very powerful and flexible tools that allow for development across all sorts of hardware.

As the game engine itself is constantly receiving new features and content, this article will be focused on features and content that have been removed from the game engine over the years, as well as the really old builds that have been hard to come by.

Also, note that games created in the engine can use the textures and sounds listed here, therefore while unused in the CoreScripts and other official game engine code, they may be used in Roblox games.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info (untranslated)
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info (untranslated)
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Notes (untranslated)
Roblox-Dhtml icon.png
Removed Features
Features that have been removed from the game engine.
Roblox Character.png
Removed Content
Files that used to be inside Roblox and were completely removed.
Roblox UnusedPluginIcon.png
Unused Studio Textures
Images embedded in Roblox Studio that are currently unused.
Roblox Workspace Icon.png
Unused Website Content
Roblox website content that are currently unused.
Roblox Mesh Icon.png
Unused Meshes
Roblox meshes that are completely unused.


   <utterance><(0_0<) <(0_0)> (>0_0)> KIRBY DANCE</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo evalúa!</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 1 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 2 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 3 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 4 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 5 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 6 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 7 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 8 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 9 fuera de 10</utterance>
   <utterance>Lo doy 10 fuera de 10!</utterance>




Roblox Character.png


An earlier version of the Robux currency icon, which was replaced in 2019. Since then this texture has never been used.


Appears to be an early redesign for what would replace the older icon (seen above) for the Robux currency.

Clb robux 20.png



It seems like the player list icon for Roblox Premium (the membership that replaced Builders Club) was originally going to be a diamond, but it was replaced with a P.


This image is a gray square with rounded corners. It can be assumed that this is a 9-square image, which is used in Roblox development to give objects rounded corners, as up until recently, the GUI engine did not natively support rounded corners. The image was probably going to give the chat box rounded corners when the user is in VR, however, this wasn't used and the chat box is the same as the desktop and mobile chat box, with square corners.


The old Roblox logo (before its simplicity design in 2015) was included in the game files, which was used in a loading screen for about a week during 2014 this replaced the simple loading status text in the middle of the screen. Videos around the time have this loading screen, for example, this one. This was replaced with a much simpler loading screen, which only included the game's name and its creator.



As mentioned above, from 2014 to July 24, 2017, this spinner was the status indicator that appeared on the loading screen, it had "Loading..." written in the middle of it. It eventually became unused and a spinning Roblox logo took its place.


An icon for a microphone exists in the game's files. Roblox uses a different microphone icon for Voice Chat.



-- Creates the generic "ROBLOX" loading screen on startup
-- Written by ArceusInator & Ben Tkacheff, 2014


		// Filename: ServerStarterScript.lua
		// Version: 1.0
		// Description: Server core script that handles core script server side logic.


-- Creates all neccessary scripts for the gui on initial load, everything except build tools
-- Created by Ben T. 10/29/10
-- Please note that these are loaded in a specific order to diminish errors/perceived load time by user


	// Filename: BlockPlayerPrompt.lua
	// Version 1.0
	// Written by: TheGamer101
	// Description: Handles prompting the blocking and unblocking of Players.


-- ContextActionTouch.lua
-- Copyright ROBLOX 2014, created by Ben Tkacheff
-- this script controls ui and firing of lua functions that are bound in ContextActionService for touch inputs
-- Essentially a user can bind a lua function to a key code, input type (mousebutton1 etc.) and this


	// Filename: FriendPlayerPrompt.lua
	// Version 1.0
	// Written by: TheGamer101
	// Description: Can prompt a user to send a friend request or unfriend a player.

CoreScripts\CoreScripts\GamepadMenu.lua & GamepadMenuOld.lua

		Filename: GamepadMenu.lua
		Written by: jeditkacheff
		Version 1.1
		Description: Controls the radial menu that appears when pressing menu button on gamepad

--NOTICE: This file has been branched! If you're implementing changes in this file, please consider also implementing them in the other


	This script controls the gui the player sees in regards to his or her health.
	Can be turned with Game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Health,false)
	Copyright ROBLOX 2014. Written by Ben Tkacheff.


		Filename: NotificationScript2.lua
		Version 1.1
		Written by: jmargh
		Description: Handles notification gui for the following in game ROBLOX events
			Badge Awarded
			Player Points Awarded
			Friend Request Recieved/New Friend
			Graphics Quality Changed


		Filename: PerformanceStatsManagerScript.lua
		Written by: dbanks
		Description: Handles performance stats gui.


		// Filename: PurchasePromptScript2.lua
		// Version 1.0
		// Release 186
		// Written by: jeditkacheff/jmargh
		// Description: Handles in game purchases


	// FileName: Topbar.lua
	// Written by: SolarCrane
	// Description: Code for lua side Top Menu items in ROBLOX.


		// Filename: VehicleHud.lua
		// Version 1.0
		// Written by: jmargh
		// Description: Implementation of the VehicleSeat HUD

		<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
[[File:Roblox Shoulder fired rocket.ogg|300px]]

	Author: @spotco
	This script creates sounds which are placed under the character head.
	These sounds are used by the "LocalSound" script.
	To modify this script, copy it to your "StarterPlayer/StarterCharacterScripts" folder keeping the same script name ("Sound").
	The default Sound script loaded for every character will then be replaced with your copy of the script.



	<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
[[File:Roblox victory.ogg|300px]]

	This script runs locally for the player of the given humanoid.

	<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
[[File:Roblox flashbulb.ogg|300px]]


	The Playing/TimePosition properties of Sound objects bypass FilteringEnabled, so this triggers the sound

	<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">
[[File:Roblox snap.ogg|300px]]


	This script is optimized to reduce network traffic through minimizing the amount of property replication.



	// FileName: ControlScript.lua
	// Version 1.1
	// Written by: jmargh and jeditkacheff
	// Description: Manages in game controls for both touch and keyboard/mouse devices.
	// This script will be inserted into PlayerScripts under each player by default. If you want to
	// create your own custom controls or modify these controls, you must place a script with this
	// name, ControlScript, under StarterPlayer -> PlayerScripts.
	// Required Modules:


	// FileName: MasterControl
	// Version 1.0
	// Written by: jeditkacheff
	// Description: All character control scripts go thru this script, this script makes sure all actions are performed

Debug Information

The game has couple of debugging tools built in which can be enabled and disabled on command.

Key Combination Result Screenshot
Shift+F1-Shift+F7 (Ctrl+F1-Ctrl+F7 on older versions) Shows various things about the game like the physics engine. Can't be interacted with.

F1 shows general information. F2 shows graphics information. F3 shows network information. F4 shows performance information. F5 shows a cutdown version of F4. F6 shows a modified microprofiler that is configured to work with Roblox. F7 shows the 'Performance Stats' (also can be enabled in the game's options).

The information that these pages shows differs based on platform.

RBLX ClassicDebug.png

Roblox 2017CDebug.png

ROBLOX 2008CDebug.png

F9 or typing /console into chat Shows the game's Lua script logs, to determine what is going on in the background. Intended for game developers to debug their games online.

Log shows the log of the client, which shows script errors and debug logs produced by the individual game scripts. Game developers also see the 'Server' tab, which allows them to see the output of the server console, and run Lua code on the game server as it is running.

Memory allows developers to see what individual features (such as textures, physics) and game scripts are using the most memory. Game developers also see the 'server' tab which allows developers to see the same information on the server.

Network (game owners only) allows developers to see what HTTP requests the client & server are making to external servers.

Scripts (game owners only) allows developers to see how much time (a.k.a CPU %) each server script is using.

DataStores (game owners only) allows developers to see the amount of DataStore calls made for each method.

ServerStats (game owners only)) allows developers too see the average ping and data throughput for the server.

ActionBindings (game owners only) allows the developers to see what keybindings created using the ContextActionService

ServerJobs (game owners only) is similar to ServerStats how it is more focused on internal Roblox functions.

MicroProfiler (game server only) allows developers to enable MicroProfiler on the client, and also record a ServerProfile which is a flame chart, which is stored as a HTML file on the clients computer

RBLX LoggerDebug.png

The F1-F7 debug menus were the only remnants of Roblox's legacy hard-coded GUI system, from the ages prior to late 2009. These were changed in 2018 to use a different GUI system, that serves the same purpose.
Almost all of the old built-in UI elements have been removed from the engine, in favor of using the publicly accessible, Lua player GUIs.