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Robo Aleste

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Title Screen

Robo Aleste

Also known as: Dennin Aleste (JP)
Developer: Compile
Publishers: Compile (JP), Tengen (US), Sega (EU)
Platform: Sega CD
Released in JP: November 27, 1992
Released in US: August 1993
Released in EU: 1993

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Robo Aleste is a vertically scrolling shooter game featuring a robot mecha roaming around the Sengoku era feudal Japan.

Level Select

In the options menu, set the sound test to 3A and the difficulty to Hard. Now set CD-DA to the number of the desired level and press B+Start. The game will return to the title screen, now containing a continue option. Choose it to go to the selected level.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
Dennin Aleste title.png Robo Aleste Title.png Robo Aleste EU Title.png

Hidden Images

In the Japanese version's title screen, press Left, Up, Left, B, A to change screen. After that press these buttons to display hidden images.

Button Image
A Robo Aleste Hidden Image (1).png
B Robo Aleste Hidden Image (2).png
C Robo Aleste Hidden Image (3).png
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Other Differences

  • The game was made easier for the release outside of Japan. For example, Aleste's yellow homing orbs became much stronger and the steady increase in rank was toned down. The Japanese version had plenty of character dialogue stored as Red Book audio tracks on the disc, but many of these tracks ended up being unused. The respective dialogues simply appeared as text.
  • After beating the game, an Omake option will be unlocked in the option menu. In the Japanese version, there will be several images, but in the western versions, it just freezes the game.