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Shogun: Total War

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Shogun: Total War

Also known as: Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition, Shogun: Total War - The Mongol Invasion, Shogun: Total War - Gold Edition
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Publishers: Electronic Arts (US/EU), EA Square (JP)
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: September 21, 2000
Released in US: June 13, 2000 (Base), August 13, 2001 (Warlord), June 25, 2015 (Gold; Steam)
Released in EU: June 16, 2000 (Base), August 24, 2001 (Mongol), November 2, 2001 (Warlord), June 25, 2015 (Gold; Steam)

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Shogun Total War is the first step in the Total War franchise. Unlike later games, this one has a strong rebel army, and the cheating geishas.

Shogun: Total War

To do:
Find out if most of WE's content belongs here.

Region Zero

A placeholder area in Shogun (present in Medieval also) where rebels, and various other event objects are kept. It is controlled by the rebels by default, and it can be only accessed by using the ".conan." cheat or by other clan's file editing. Note however, that accessing region zero may cause a crash.


A face!
The flag was stolen by the rebels.

In normal gameplay, the rebels, like in all other TW games, are unplayable without modding or cheating. Using cheats or mods to play as them shows that they are basically unfinished unlike other rebels in later Total War titles; the rebels have features of a clan, a partially-functioning throne room, unused strings of Rebel alliances/sons, and very buggy/crashy features. The icon, on a normal clan shows their respective symbols. The rebels, however gets a placeholder face. Clicking on the icon may bring you to the Shimazu's throne room, or instead, may crash.

Bonus: You're getting their lands too. Side effect: This message will appear now and then.

Leftover strings imply that the rebels were to have functional heirs at one point of development.

The Rebel General's son has come of age and is ready to serve him. 
The Rebel General has been assassinated.
The Rebel General has been killed in battle.
The Rebel General has died from an illness.
After his defeat in battle The Rebel General had no escape and was forced to commit seppuku.
His son has taken over command of the Rebels.
That's one badass grandpa.

The above strings are stored near the other "Lord dies" strings. However, the "Died from an illness" string will never be loaded, as seen from the right.

His son has taken over command of the Rebels, but Rebel forces are paralysed for 1 year

This is impossible, as the rebels are not given heirs to begin with. The latter part of the string refers to an unused mechanic- It exists for all clans.

This region is claimed by Rebels and Bandits who you are allied to. Do you wish to break the alliance?

Now rendered impossible, thanks to the Warlord Edition; they were originally able to train agents but the developers removed the ability for rebels to make agents in Warlord Edition.

He is allied to the Rebels.

Unlike the previous string, which is normally impossible in only the WE, this is the case in all versions; the rebels' AI will never make Emissaries unless the player utilizes glitches or mods.

Various Other Strings

Strings related to Region Zero, natural disasters at all areas, and the European ships landing on land locations.

Interestingly, there's one joke(?) string intended to catch cheaters, but cannot be seen in-game even with trainers. There's no codes to attempt to cheat, regardless.


Shogun: Total War - The Mongol Invasion

To do:
Find out if Mongol Invasion expansion's unused content is the same in Warlord Edition re-release. Please merge the two when confirmed.

Gold Edition

A re-release with its expansion and the base game. It's basically Warlord Edition without the opening cinematic.

Bug Fixes:

  • The ability to "build" enemy builds was patched out in Gold; to do this, open up the build menu from your province and select an enemy piece.
  • The Steam release fixes the issue of main menu flickering, and Windows 8+ Compatibility.

Warlord Edition

A re-release with its expansion and the base game. It too unleashes several bugs and dummied-out content.

Mori 1530

This land was stolen from the Takeda.

The Mori, who is unavailable in this campaign year, can be made playable by reading a complex string to the 1530 data file.

PlaceDaimyo:: 15 2
SetStartDaimyo:: 2 0

Region 15, which is the Aki province, put a "2" where "5" was.

SetRegionOwner:: 15 2

The Mori will be playable after you save the file. Note: The Moris will be wiped out shortly, due to not having added any troops.

Unused Strings


Missed a blind spot!

In uncheated games, the enemy cannot target your ninjas and shinobis, but there are strings that can be loaded but are blank. Likewise, you cannot target enemy ninjas and shinobis without using "see all cheat" anyway. The game does loads the strings, but the resulting message ends up simply blank. A simple file edit (see image) can prove this.

Father Visitor

This agent unit is mentioned only in the string files. According to what the strings are saying, it might have been like Medieval Total War's Pope system.

There is only ever one Father Visitor, the head of the Church in Japan. The first person to build 
him gets to use him until he dies. As an Emissary to Christian Daimyo he is unsurpassed, and can 
order them to accept alliances on pain of excommunication. They are however subject to Ninja attack, so it's 
not generally a long term appointment.
You are at peace with this Daimyo. Would you like to order an alliance under pain of Excommunication?
You are at war with this Daimyo. Would you like to order a ceasefire under pain of Excommunication?
The Father Visitor brings news from %s. He demands an audience.

Note that %s is replaced by the faction name.

Father vistor. Super Emissary. Christian Daimyo... ...cannot refuse his treaties. Use him as an emissary.

Unit description when viewed in map. To make it appear in-game, use "Makeunit:: 1 24" on "Starting in 1530.txt". This will give a "Father visitor" to the Shimazu clan. It uses the Priest's Model.

Medical School

This building is unused- Its building icon is displayed as "Placeholder", perhaps this building was removed during the beta phase of the base game. The feature sounds like how regenerating armies work in Shogun's sequel, Total War: Shogun 2. To make it appear in-game, use "MakeBuilding:: 1 41" on "Starting in 1530.txt". This will give the Shimazu Clan a Medical school. Changing the "41" to "42" or "43" will give the Famous and Legendary, respectably. The functions does not seem to work, though.

Unfortunately for the AI, they can't retrain units.
A Medical School trains doctors who work with armies in the field to reduce the proportion of 
casualties that succumb to their wounds. Only one school is required to provide for your entire 
domain. The school increases the rate tat which units recover from battle casualties.
Daimyos get a 100% rate regeneration regardless of state aside from death.
The Famous Medical School has mastered the traditional healing arts, and further improves the 
rate at which units are reinforced after suffering casualties
Drill Dojo?
The Legendary Medical school has researched new ways of treating the wounded, and maximises the speed at which a wounded man can return to his unit.

Interestingly enough, the Legendary Medical School uses the Drill Dojo's image.

Unused Sounds

To do:
Add the sound files of the Chōsokabe Clan; Figure out if the Chōsokabe should go towards base Shogun instead.

Chosokabe Clan

Motochika and Morichika not included.

The Chosokabe Clan was supposed to be playable in one point, as sound files of their emissaries remain in the program folder. To drive a point, in the Sengoku Jidal scenario intro video, there is a castle in Tosa province which is the place of the Chosokabe clan in real life. However, they are not completely removed- A clan is occupying their space. In this case, the rebels occupied them. To see the effect in the game, let us use "Starting at 1530.txt" as an example. Type this code above "Makeunit: 4 0", since it's the "beginning" of the rebel's forces.

Givedaimyo: 2 0

Note that they are still counted as the "Rebels".


The Daughter functions which was later used in Medieval Total War exists as sound files. There are no strings that gives their names, however.

Unused Movie

To do:
If the movie does not show in Mongol Invasion and Base game; rip the movie.

There is an unused movie depicting the geisha assassinating a general in a camp area. Normally, the regular general assassination video only depicts the geisha in a house.



  • Aside from the Custom battles, the game is able to create the Naginata and Heavy Calvary units without any armor rating, Normally, you would require an armory to create them- but this is a result on how the units are "Spawned" by the scenario file.
  • The AI will never build the Geisha House aside from using glitches or mods. Note the emphasis on "House".


  • The Hojos starts with a Golden palace- A dev has been sleeping on their job and labeled it as "47" instead of "49", since Mongol Invasion added two new buildings, bumping the building ID by two.


The Azais forgets they can use him on Nobunaga...
  • The Rebels cannot build agent units. However, the rebels have a Ninja, Abe Shigekane, in their service, and starts on Omi province.
  • The Takedas are given an Armory in their starting province (Kai). Aside from using the cheat ".Viagra.", you cannot build it without Iron deposits.

Mongol Invasion

  • The Mongols are a renamed Oda clan- This can be seen by a successful bribe from using an emissary. They will also spawn Oda clan heirs, even though you cannot see them normally. The same issue is for the Hojos- They will get their 1530 campaign heirs (minus their starting lord) within time. Unlike the Mongols, they can field them.
  • The Mongol Invasion campaign, if for some reason, hits 1530, the normal campaign settings (Portuguese/Dutch ships/Heirs) will play.