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Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)/Chao World

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This is a sub-page of Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast).

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This page is bare bones compared to what's known to be in there - Unused Toys, Animations etc.

Unobtainable Chao

While the game contains 20 unique types of Chao, only 10 (including downloadable Chao) can be obtained normally. Most of the unobtainable breeds are normally only ever seen in certain Chao Races, but can be seen in the Garden through cheats.

Two breeds of Chao go unused altogether, with no way of seeing nor obtaining them normally:

These are actually part of a group of three along with the Moon Chao. However, the Moon Chao wouldn't be rendered fully unobtainable (as it was available via download) until Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


The Chao Kindergarten was once planned to work very differently to the way it works in the final game, including having more online features and rooms that were ultimately left unused.

Black Market

It appears that the Black Market was originally going to be part of the game like in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, as opposed to a feature in the official website.

List of areas in the Chao Garden. Textures of the area. Black Market image.


Sa2kin cophot2.png This picture is mounted up on the wall inside the Chao Kindergarten, showing a playground that was supposed to be included in the Kindergarten. This picture was removed in the GameCube version.
le textures Textures extracted from within the game seem to match up with the picture from the Kindergarten, hinting that this may have been intended to be a playable area.
Why is it only in the PC version? Geometry discovered in the PC version. This shot shows what the area looks like when the extracted textures are applied to this geometry.


There was, at one point, going to be a Library. Its texture's file name is AL_STG_KINDER_PL_TEX.PRS, which may mean that you were able to access it from the Kindergarten.

Fully textured render.

ze library render. Another render of ze library.

Books Shelves and stuff.

In the Library, you would have been able to download or create new stories for Chao Adventure 2. While this was never fully implemented, Chao Adventure 2 still has the modular design needed to support multiple stories. The disc has one file (OSAMPO2S) representing a blank Chao Adventure 2 VMU program with no Chao or stories loaded, which is combined with the Chao data and story files. It's possible to run the blank program on a VMU without crashing, and it displays a message that no Chao is available. The disc has 10 story files, with two files for each language.

This is the library.
There are many kinds of books here.
Download a story for Chao
Adventure 2 that you've created.
Create a story for Chao Adventure 2
and upload it to the library.
Which story to download?
Download this story?
The story is saved to memory.
Would you like to upload this story?
Your story is saved in the library.
Download a story.
Upload a story.
Story editor information

Kindergarten Network

There is a lot of text related to online features for the Chao Kindergarten that didn't make it into the final game:

To use this service, you need to connect to the network. Connect to the network?
In order to access this room, connect to the network. Connect to the network?
In the corridor, you can use the START button in the menu to disconnect from the network.
This Chao is not registered for kindergarten. Register at the principal's office.
Welcome to Chao kindergarten! There are various fun rooms in Chao kindergarten
Connect to the network to access some of the rooms
If not connected to the network, you can only access the library, principal's office or Health Center
Also, the library text and adventure editor is available
If not connected to the network, you can only access the library, or Health Center. Connect to the network?
Start network registration
Network registration completed. Have fun at Chao kindergarten!
Disconnect from the network.
Are you sure?
Disconnect from the network? You don't need to be online to use this service.
You can disconnect from the network once.
Keep connection
Do not disconnect
Do not connect
Not enough free memory blocks.
Uploading...Upload is complete.
Upload failed.
Download is complete.
Download failed.
Do not remove the memory card or power down.
Send your chao to kindergarten?
Unable to search.
Are you sure you want to do this?
Search Result
<> result(s) found Chao's name.
Guardians name.
Registration date.
Search swimmer type.
Search flyer type.
Search runner type.
Search power type.
Select a Sever.
Select a chat room.
This chao has a password.
Enter password.
Next page.
Previous page.
Enroll your chao in kindergarten?
List of names.
Report card.
You can trade rare toys here.
Good boys and girls are here today.
You can leave your chao here.
If you leave your chao here, friends can take them home and care for them.
Tell us about your chao.
We got your chao.
You can take other chao home and raise it.
Who would you like to take home?
You got it.
Do you want to download this chao?
Do you want to download this item?
Do you want to leave your chao here?
Do you want to take this chao home?
This is a limited time special item.
Trade Agreement.
You have to leave it for 24 hours, do you want to leave your Chao?
You're late picking up your Chao.
Your Chao missed you.

Health Center

The Health Center in the Kindergarten has unused lines for a Chao's relationship with Amy, who isn't playable outside 2-Player mode.

Looks like this Chao likes Amy a lot
Looks like this Chao likes Amy
Looks like this Chao wants to be friends with Amy
Looks like this Chao doesn't like Amy
Looks like this Chao hates Amy

Unused Text

Item List

There is a list of Chao items that includes several entries for items not available in the final game, including a Coffin and Firecrackers:

Boom box
Wooden horse
Pail & shovel
Pogo stick
Heart fruit
Chao fruit
Hero fruit
Dark fruit
Smart fruit
Energy fruit
Peace fruit
Round fruit
Triangle fruit
Square fruit
Happy tree
Grow tree
Wither tree
Tasty tree
Tall tree
Rough tree
Vitality tree
Rare tree
Creepy tree
Wonder tree
Strong tree
Forbidden tree
Tasty seed
Tall seed
Rough seed
Vitality seed
Rare seed
Creepy seed
Wonder seed
Strong seed
Forbidden seed

Chao Camera

There are lines that suggest the player was once able to view their Chao through a different camera:

Camera help
Camera setting
Player's viewpoint
Chao Camera
Use D-pad to change camera angle.
Use Up/Down to zoom and R/L to change viewpoint.
Use the analogue thumb pad to get back to player's view point while the camera is on Chao.


There are a lot of unused audio files related to Chao and the Kindergarten. Several were used in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, but some are unused in all versions of the game.

For numerous unused Omochao voice clips related to Chao content, see here.

Audio Notes
Unused Kindergarten music found in CHAO_K_M2.ADX. A downsampled version is used for the radio, found in CHAO_G_RADICASE1.ADX.
Presumably for connecting. This is a shortened version of the above song.
Successful connection. Used in SA2B for leveling up.
Failed connection.
A jingle for unlocking a new garden. Since the other gardens are unlocked at the same time other jingles play (CHAO_G_BORN_D.ADX and CHAO_G_BORN_H.ADX), this isn't used.
Shorter version of the above.
An unused duplicate of CHAO_R_GATE_OPEN.ADX, the sound for starting a race.
Kindergarten singing sounds. SA2B uses these for the classroom, but they go unused in the original game since its classroom just uses the regular Kindergarten music.