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Splatoon 3/Unused Animations

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This is a sub-page of Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 has many unused animations leftover in the 1.0.0 release of the game, including some animations that could hint to additional content in the future.


SPL3 TestAnimIcon.png
Test Animations
Come on, shake your body, baby, do the conga
SPL3 FistBumpIcon.png
Fist Bump Animations
All of that work for some sweet fist bumps... I kneel...



An unused Anarchy Splatfest animation for Shiver. Frye and Big Man have no such equivalent. Notably, it seems this animation was scrapped early on, as it only has the major poses mapped out.

SPL3 Shiver NewsJoy.gif


An exact copy of News_Special, except for the hair, which is oddly posed directly upwards. It is unknown what it could've been used for. This animation was removed from the files at some point.

SPL3 Shiver GreetingZuizui.gif


An exact copy of News_Special_Ed, except for the hair, which is oddly posed directly upwards. This animation is meant for holding the pose after she completes the above animation. This animation was removed from the files at some point.

SPL3 Shiver GreetingZuizui Ed.gif

100x Photo

The animations in the 100x/333x battle "commemorative photo" had beta animations in 1.0.0 before being properly integrated into the game in 2.0.0. These range in quality, with some looking almost completely similar to their final counterparts and others looking very unfinished.

SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi01.gif SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi01 Union.gif
SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi02.gif SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi04 Union.gif
SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi03.gif SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi02 Union.gif
SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi04.gif SPL3 Wait Fes RidingMikoshi03 Union.gif

Splatoon 2 Leftovers

Pearl and Marina

Pearl and Marina can be scanned into Photo Mode or interacted with using amiibo functionality, but have many unused animations carried over from Splatoon 2. This includes the animations used for Splatfests, Inkopolis News, and "Tstance."

Removed Specials Animations

Many Splatoon 2 animations can be found in the files, being carryovers from the previous game. This includes most animations for the Splatoon 2 specials such as Bubble Blower and Ink Armor, which lack assets of any kind.

Locker customizations


The barricade locker decoration items Fig_Bunker01 and Fig_Bunker02 have six unused animations each. These animations have varying frame lengths but contain no actual animation, instead instantly placing the bumpers at a -90° angle. These seem to be blanked out remainders of being copied over from the full-size barricade models Obj_Bunker01 and Obj_Bunker02, as those have actual animations under the same animation names.

SPL3 Bunker01 animation.png SPL3 Bunker02 animation.png

Placeholder texture pattern animations

The locker decoration items which are variants of a base model (eg. the squid friends) have their alternate texture variants handled through texture pattern animations. Several locker decoration items contain texture pattern animations set with several placeholder 8x8 black squares alongside their standard textures, suggesting they were intended to have variants, but currently do not. As such, the relevant texture pattern animation appears broken. Each of these decorations has five unused placeholder textures. These items are:

  • The ST-G2TS electric guitar decoration
  • The mango juice box decoration
  • The aqua water bottle decoration
  • The purple loose-leaf binder